Lendle. The easiest, fastest, fairest, and best way to lend and borrow Kindle™ books.

Tell us what you own

Once you sign up for Lendle, you’ll want to tell us which Kindle™ books you own. Search for your Kindle™ books using our search tool, and select “I own it” next to the titles you own.

Borrow a book

Now you’re ready to borrow books. You may search for the book you’re looking for, or use our Available Now page to find great books. When you find a book you’re interested in, click the “Borrow” button to request it.

Lend a book

If a fellow Lendler requests a book you own, you’ll get a notification asking if you want to lend it. When you lend a book, the borrower will have it for 14 days, and then it will be automatically returned to your Kindle™.

Understanding requests

Lendle can't work if people aren't willing to lend books. When you join the site and tell us what books you own, you are given two borrow requests. As you lend books, you'll get more borrow requests. As long as you're lending, you'll always be able to borrow.

A word on privacy

Borrowing a book from a fellow Lendler requires us to give them your e-mail address. We take your privacy seriously and promise to only give your e-mail address to a Lendler who has committed to lend you a book you requested.