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  • Collide - J. R. Lenk

    CollideJ. R. Lenk

    Average wait: 197d, 6h

    Being bisexual is cool now—unless you’re a boy. Or so it seems to invisible fifteen-year-old Hazard James. But when he falls in with bad apple Jesse Wesley, Hazard is suddenly shoved into the spotlight. Jesse and his friends introduce him t… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Collide 2 years ago
    Very, very good. Realistic. Feels autobiographical. Harder edged. Highly recommended.Waiting4hisNext
  • Parker - Stephanie Macneil

    ParkerStephanie Macneil

    Average wait: 22d, 4h

    The secret came out a few years ago: Parker Knight is gay. Now Parker is sixteen, and everyone has either embraced it, does not care, or has forgotten—everyone except for Dylan Baker. He is determined to make Parker’s life miserable. Parker… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Parker 2 years ago
    I enjoyed this YA novel. Ages felt off. (16, but feel 14) Maybe Canada vs. US. Worth the read.
  • Andy Squared - Jennifer Lavoie

    Andy SquaredJennifer Lavoie

    Average wait: 4h

    Seventeen-year-old twins, Andrew and Andrea Morris, have always been close. They share everything—from their friends to a room—and they both enjoy star positions on their high school’s soccer teams. All’s right with the twins…or is it?Whe… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Andy Squared 2 years ago
    good, solid gay YA
  • Exiled to Iowa. Send Help. A... - Chris O'Guinn

    Exiled to Iowa. Send Help. A...Chris O'Guinn

    1 rating
    Average wait: 57d, 16h

    This is the story of me, Collin Murray, a bright, witty and charming L.A. teen who is cruelly transported to a small town in Iowa by parents who delight in my suffering. It tells the tale of my struggles against such obstacles as flannel, p… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Exiled to Iowa. Send Help. And Couture 3 years ago
    Enjoyable YA gay tale. Well worth the read.
  • Gravitational Attraction - Angel Martinez

    Gravitational AttractionAngel Martinez

    1 rating

    A mysterious distress call draws the crew of the Hermes to what appears to be an empty, drifting ship. Empty that is, except for the blood and gore-spattered corridors and one lone survivor locked in a holding cell. Drawn to the handsome, t… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Gravitational Attraction 3 years ago
    Full-featured sci-fi adventure. Well worth the read.
  • Primal Desire (Children of S... - lupa garneau

    Primal Desire (Children of S...lupa garneau

    1 rating

    After a century of vengeance, Nexhan, clan leader of the Rune Fangs returns home to find his people teetering on the edge of extinction. Still plagued by his past and sense of failure, he has closed himself off from even his closet friends…. more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Primal Desire (Children of Shairobi) 3 years ago
    Pretty good and emotionally complex, if not heavy on plot. Could have used a good proofreader.
  • Falling Off The Face Of The Earth - JF Smith

    Falling Off The Face Of The EarthJF Smith

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 3d, 22h

    After his big-shot life in New York tragically falls apart, James Montgomery returns to his small hometown in south Georgia a defeated and broken man. All he has left is his mother to help him heal and regain his confidence before he’s read… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Falling Off The Face Of The Earth 3 years ago
    a kind-hearted and generous book (tho it's not succinct nor is it erotica)
  • Cethe - Becca Abbott

    CetheBecca Abbott

    1 rating
    Average wait: 18d, 3h

    Human-like, but not human, the nara ruled Tanyrin for centuries. The most feared among them were their naragi, sorcerers whose power was all but invincible. Not until the coming of Arami Lothlain, King of Tanyrin and Blessed of Loth, did th… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Cethe 3 years ago
    complex and involving and worth the effort of getting into the story."
  • I Was An Alien Cat Toy - Ann Somerville

    I Was An Alien Cat ToyAnn Somerville

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 38d, 9h

    Temin crash lands on an unexplored planet and gets up front and personal with the natives – who are giant felines. Survival will mean making some unlikely alliances - and some most unusual friendships.

    tomlendle added a soundbite about I Was An Alien Cat Toy 3 years ago
    The story is really engaging and well-written (despite the awful title).
  • The Love Thing - Chris Delyani

    The Love ThingChris Delyani

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 4d, 18h

    A 21st-century reworking of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” set in San Francisco with a gay twist. Twenty-two-year-old Greg DeAngelis moves west to escape his overbearing father, who’s pressuring him to enter law school, and his poetr… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Love Thing 3 years ago
    Very good. Seriously authentic. Frequently funny. Much like The Cranberry Hush. I recommend it.
  • To Adam With Love (Gray Zone... - Adrienne Wilder

    To Adam With Love (Gray Zone...Adrienne Wilder

    1 rating

    A Gray Zone Novel

    Adam’s mother brought him as a child to the Gray Zone, the no man’s land between the crumbling city and the Dens where the Kin—the dragons—and Lesser-Breds—their mixed-blood offspring—live. He was different, not complete… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about To Adam With Love (Gray Zone Book 1) 3 years ago
    fully realized sci-fi, with the focus on the story, not the sex. I'd spend more time w/characters
  • Daron's Guitar Chronicles: V... - Cecilia Tan

    Daron's Guitar Chronicles: V...Cecilia Tan

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 1h

    It’s the summer of 1987, and Daron Marks is trying to make it big. His band is starting to attract attention from major labels, which is good, but his own attention too often strays to the band’s lead singer, Ziggy. Daron already struggles … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume Two 3 years ago
    There's the artificial feel of why don't they just say what they feel. But he is screwed up. Love it
  • Daron's Guitar Chronicles: V... - Cecilia Tan

    Daron's Guitar Chronicles: V...Cecilia Tan

    4 ratings
    Average wait: N/A

    Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Coming out and coming of age in the days of AIDS, MTV, Reaganomics, and Just Say No.

    Daron Marks is a young guitar player with a dream, make it big like the guys he grew up idolizing in New Jersey—or at lea… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One 3 years ago
    Really good in a loose sort of way. Loose ends hang out all over the place in an appealing way.
  • Wrestling with Desire - D.H. Starr

    Wrestling with DesireD.H. Starr

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 45d, 5h

    Derek Thompson is a senior, a wrestler, and has a secret. He’s gay.Scott Thayer is a new student who has just moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts from Iowa. On the first day of school Derek and Scott meet and their lives change in an instant…. more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Wrestling with Desire 3 years ago
    Pretty good. The characters are worth caring about by the end.
  • Caught Off Base - J.M. Snyder

    Caught Off BaseJ.M. Snyder

    1 rating
    Average wait: 13h

    In my novel, “Stepping Up to the Plate,” we meet Angelo Echevarria, AKA “Ange.” Half Hispanic, half black, Ange is a young, sexy thug on whom Stacy’s always had a crush. He wants Stacy to pull himself out of the gutter and get his life on t… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Caught Off Base 3 years ago
    Decent enough. Cute enough. Just short.
  • Conflict of Interest - J.M. Snyder

    Conflict of InterestJ.M. Snyder

    Average wait: 2h

    On a whim, Alex signs up to volunteer with an outreach program at a local youth shelter. When Father Nate calls him and asks him to work with Jamie as a big brother, Alex envisions a little kid he’ll pal around with. What he doesn’t expect … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Conflict of Interest 3 years ago
    Serviceable erotic romance.
  • Crushed - J.M. Snyder

    CrushedJ.M. Snyder

    1 rating
    Average wait: 4h

    Once the star of his high school basketball team, Nathan Gayle has played the field for years. Now in his twenties, he’s getting tired of one night stands and heated hook-ups with strangers; he wants something more. Was that asking too much… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Crushed 3 years ago
    Odd characterizations. Interesting, if not complex or fully believable.
  • The Zero Knot - K.Z. Snow

    The Zero KnotK.Z. Snow

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 142d, 4h

    Eighteen-year-old Jess Bonner is casting off pretense—and, with it, some friends from his past who aren’t particularly trustworthy. In just a few months he’ll be starting college, and it’s time for him to admit the truth: he’s gay, not bi, … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Zero Knot 3 years ago
    Serviceable young love, with a dose of melodrama thrown in.
  • Cake: A Blood Nation Novel (... - Derekica Snake

    Cake: A Blood Nation Novel (...Derekica Snake

    4 ratings
    Average wait: 83d, 12h

    To be loved by a vampire… I’ve been called many names in my day. Most of them weren’t flattering but they were true. I was a right unholy bastard. Eighteen months ago, I was a fat, nasty, legally blind, computer programmer who decided to … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Cake: A Blood Nation Novel (Volume 1) 3 years ago
    Complex and detailed. Mostly fun. A compelling narrative. I'm looking forward to part 2.
  • Stick - Andrew Smith

    StickAndrew Smith

    1 rating

    Fourteen-year-old Stark McClellan (nicknamed Stick because he’s tall and thin) is bullied for being “deformed” - he was born with only one ear. His older brother Bosten is always there to defend Stick. But the boys can’t defend one another … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Stick 3 years ago
    heartbreakingly good YA. Definitely worth buying.
  • Tale of Two Summers - Brian Sloan

    Tale of Two SummersBrian Sloan

    1 rating

    08:06 p.m. Saturday 07.29.06 You are in L-O-V-E. Notice how I have no hesitation spelling it. At all. Reason? That was just the wildest entry you’ve posted! Ever….You are so seeing the world through the eyes of L-O-V-E. A ten-year best … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Tale of Two Summers 3 years ago
    Fun read. Better writing than usual. Characters are likable and quirky, the plot less so.
  • Marked (Northern Shifters Book 1) - Joely Skye

    Marked (Northern Shifters Book 1)Joely Skye

    15 ratings

    Marked as prey, Alec refuses to fall for a werewolf. Until he’s forced to turn to Liam for protection. Alec Ryerson carries a scar over his heart and scars on his psyche, ugly reminders of a nightmare that still doesn’t seem quite real. Eve… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Marked (Northern Shifters Book 1) 3 years ago
    I enjoyed it. Pretty good for what it is.
  • Paris A to Z (Coda Series Book 5) - Marie Sexton

    Paris A to Z (Coda Series Book 5)Marie Sexton

    7 ratings
    Average wait: 40d, 21h

    Part of the Coda Series Sequel to The Letter Z Zach Mitchell and his lover Angelo Green are headed to Paris (along with their Coda friends Matt and Jared) to attend Jon and Cole’s wedding. Matt will have to face Jared’s former lover, and An… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Paris A to Z (Coda Series Book 5) 3 years ago
    A bit of Parisian pastry, light and fluffy and delicious mostly. Effective.
  • Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville

    Zero at the BoneJane Seville

    10 ratings
    Average wait: 11d, 12h

    After witnessing a mob hit, surgeon Jack Francisco is put into protective custody to keep him safe until he can testify. A hitman known only as D is blackmailed into killing Jack, but when he tracks him down, his weary conscience won’t allo… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Zero at the Bone 3 years ago
    Too loose really. Would pack a bigger punch if more concentrated. More complex than the usual, tho.
  • The Heart of Texas - RJ Scott

    The Heart of TexasRJ Scott

    8 ratings

    Riley Hayes, the playboy of the Hayes family, is a young man who seems to have it all: money, a career he loves, and his pick of beautiful women. His father, CEO of HayesOil, passes control of the corporation to his two sons; but a stipulat… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Heart of Texas 3 years ago
    Chock full of melodrama. Way over the top. But the writing is quite good.
  • Love Is In The Title - RJ Scott

    Love Is In The TitleRJ Scott

    1 rating

    Luke requests songs for the late show with Roscoe. Songs that mean something to him and the people around him. Lately he has been requesting songs for the boy he watches from afar. The gorgeous dark haired blue eyed captain of the football … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Love Is In The Title 3 years ago
    A short story, pretty saccharine.
  • Outfield Menace (Gay Youth C... - Mark A. Roeder

    Outfield Menace (Gay Youth C...Mark A. Roeder

    1 rating
    Average wait: 4h

    Outfield Menace is the tale of Kurt, a fifteen-year-old baseball player, living in a small, 1950s, Indiana town. During a confrontation with Angel, the resident bad boy of Blackford High School, Kurt attacks Angel, earning the wrath of the … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Outfield Menace (Gay Youth Chronicles) 3 years ago
    Loads of drama and melodrama. Some parts are really good. Others are simplistic and only bearable.
  • A Secret Edge - Robin Reardon

    A Secret EdgeRobin Reardon

    1 rating
    Average wait: N/A

    I love the long distance run, when you feel like you’re about to die…and then you reach this place where you feel like there are no boundaries for you anywhere…In many ways, Jason Peele is like any other teenager. He hits the books,… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about A Secret Edge 3 years ago
    Very likable. A bit clunky at times and maybe a little unrealistically optimistic.
  • The Evolution of Ethan Poe - Robin Reardon

    The Evolution of Ethan PoeRobin Reardon

    1 rating
    Average wait: < 1h

    In the space of a few months, sixteen-year-old Ethan Poe’s life has become a complicated mix of facts, theories, and hypotheses. Things he knows beyond doubt: his parents are divorcing, his older brother Kyle is exhibiting alarming behavior… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Evolution of Ethan Poe 3 years ago
    Another really very good book. Some slow didactic parts, clogging up a quite involving story.
  • Sprout - Dale Peck

    SproutDale Peck

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 1d, 2h

    When Sprout and his father move from Long Island to Kansas after the death of his mother, he is sure he will find no friends, no love, no beauty. But friends find him, the strangeness of the landscape fascinates him, and when love shows up … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Sprout 3 years ago
    Excellent YA gay book, with a very memorable title character and excellent writing.
  • Dominion of the Eth (Wings Book 2) - J. C. Owens

    Dominion of the Eth (Wings Book 2)J. C. Owens

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 107d, 12h

    The collar would stay, for Rylis would never free Tamrin…

    Childhood memories of the Eth did no justice to what Rylis Tanyan would encounter in the depths of the Teeathun forest. But what he had treasured before had betrayed him, and now he… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Dominion of the Eth (Wings Book 2) 3 years ago
    Not perfect or anything, but engaging for most of it.
  • Wings - J. C. Owens

    WingsJ. C. Owens

    3 ratings

    Genre: LGBT FantasyAnyar, a black-winged young guard, could only be accused of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He captures the attention of a commanding, beautiful white-winged prince of the enemy, Vanyae, and is swept away into… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Wings 3 years ago
    Hot, but not exactly deep.
  • Tech Support - Jet Mykles

    Tech SupportJet Mykles

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 2h

    Aaron is a whiz with computers but horrible with people. Painfully shy, it’s sometimes all he can do to communicate when he’s face to face with anyone. The fact that he has unusually red hair and gorgeous green eyes only makes it worse beca… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Tech Support 3 years ago
    Bare bones geek erotica.
  • The Cranberry Hush: A Novel - Ben Monopoli

    The Cranberry Hush: A NovelBen Monopoli

    12 ratings

    1 Bestseller in Kindle Store Gay & Lesbian Fiction, May 2011Vince Dandro might be going through the quietest quarter-life crisis of all time. He lives alone, works at a comic book shop, and has a crush on his coworker he can’t seem to act … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Cranberry Hush: A Novel 3 years ago
    Great, great, great! Buy it, read it, love it. (A novel, not a romance.)
  • Diving in Deep - K.A. Mitchell

    Diving in DeepK.A. Mitchell

    9 ratings
    Average wait: 83d, 12h

    You never forget your first time. Cameron Lewis loves his job as an instructor/trainer for a water safety firm that inspects water parks. He gets to travel from March through September, always moving on to something different. When a strang… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Diving in Deep 3 years ago
    Tries to be more complex, but it didn't really add up very well for me.
  • Collision Course - K.A. Mitchell

    Collision CourseK.A. Mitchell

    32 ratings

    Immovable object? Meet the irresistible force. Paramedic Aaron Chase doesn’t have anything against love. It just comes with a lot of responsibility, like when he had to raise his sister and brothers after their drug-addicted mom took off fo… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Collision Course 3 years ago
    Interesting and fairly complex, if pretty claustrophobic. Oh, and the cover is all wrong.
  • Rounding Third - Walter G. Meyer

    Rounding ThirdWalter G. Meyer

    1 rating

    Rounding Third is the story of Rob Wardell, a seventeen-year old who feels like he doesn’t quite fit in anywhere—not at home, not at school and not on the baseball field. The small, shy boy stays on the high school baseball team only to pl… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Rounding Third 3 years ago
    Font issue? But emotionally involving, even if some of the emotional shifts aren't convincing.
  • The Boy Next Door - Kate McMurray

    The Boy Next DoorKate McMurray

    4 ratings

    When Lowell moves back to his hometown to take care of his ailing mother, the last person he expects to see living in the house next door is his childhood friend Jase, grown up now and more attractive than ever. Jase had starred in many of … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Boy Next Door 3 years ago
    Well-meaning, but a bit clunky and sentimental for me.
  • Adam (Adam Series) - Anthony McDonald

    Adam (Adam Series)Anthony McDonald

    2 ratings

    Adam is a delightful sixteen-year-old who does well in school and spends his spare time practicing the cello. Or that’s what his parents think. But there is another side to him, which comes to the fore when he falls for a labourer called Sy… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Adam (Adam Series) 3 years ago
    Well written. Heavy infatuation w/nature. Very believable, except every male falls in love with him.
  • Love for Hire - Anna Marie May

    Love for HireAnna Marie May

    1 rating
    Average wait: 39d, 9h

    Hustler and art aficionado Jayden Collins doesn’t expect much out of life, so when rich playboy Matt Archer not only saves his life but offers to pay him to pretend to be his boyfriend, it seems too good to be true. The guarded, cautious Ja… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Love for Hire 3 years ago
    Bare bones, with stereotypical characters and plot.
  • Nineteen - A.J. Mars

    NineteenA.J. Mars

    1 rating

    Ezra is nineteen, going to college in his blue-collar hometown, and still living with his mother. It’s all very ordinary… but Ezra is gay, and “ordinary” isn’t really what he wants or needs. The romantic in him yearns for a story-book kind … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Nineteen 3 years ago
    well-written short story, if mostly a cliché
  • Lord of the Trash - Sarah MacManus

    Lord of the TrashSarah MacManus

    5 ratings
    Average wait: 6h

    When spinster Army nurse Dana Bailey inherits her slightly odd teenage brother, Sam, she wonders if she’s up to raising him. But when the man who broke Sam’s heart, the magnetically handsome Sean Gordon appears out of the blue, Dana finds t… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Lord of the Trash 3 years ago
    A rather goo long short story. I would spend more time here.
  • Campus Cravings: Incoming Freshman - Carol Lynne

    Campus Cravings: Incoming FreshmanCarol Lynne

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 97d, 10h

    Book thirteen in the Campus Cravings SeriesThree years ago, Chet Sloan left a promising job as Offensive Line Coach at the University of Arizona in an effort to put distance between himself and an Incoming Freshman. Bobby Ray Sikes first ca… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Campus Cravings: Incoming Freshman 3 years ago
    Endearing, if skimpily written.
  • Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan

    Boy Meets BoyDavid Levithan

    3 ratings

    This is the story of Paul, a sophomore at a high school like no other: The cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl (she now prefers Infinite Darlene and is also the star quarterback), and the gay-straigh… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Boy Meets Boy 3 years ago
    Fun. Especially by the end. I cared about the characters, even when they were a little skimpy.
  • Without Reservations (With o... - J. L. Langley

    Without Reservations (With o...J. L. Langley

    29 ratings
    Average wait: < 1h

    Sometimes love just catches you by the tail…Chayton Winston is a veterinarian. He is also a werewolf. Much to his Native American parents chagrin, he has always dreamed of a fair-haired, Caucasian mate. However, he never imagined his mate w… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Without Reservations (With or Without series Book 1) 3 years ago
    Well written.
  • Accidentally His - Shawn Lane

    Accidentally HisShawn Lane

    4 ratings
    Average wait: 25d, 7h

    Kirk Matheson rides the bus to work several times a week, intrigued by the attractive and quiet bespectacled man he typically sits behind. One day when the bus crashes during a storm, Kirk finally meets the shy stranger, Elijah Cartwright, … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Accidentally His 3 years ago
    Skimpy. Well enough written though.
  • Out of the Pocket - Bill Konigsberg

    Out of the PocketBill Konigsberg

    2 ratings

    Star quarterback Bobby Framingham, one of the most talented high school football players in California, knows he?s different from his teammates. They?re like brothers, but they don?t know one essential thing: Bobby is gay. Can he still be o… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Out of the Pocket 3 years ago
    Starts off a bit slow, but finishes strong. The writing is good if not great.
  • Tipping the Balance (A CalPa... - Christopher Koehler

    Tipping the Balance (A CalPa...Christopher Koehler

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 313d, 8h

    A CalPac Crew Novel

    Between his job as a Realtor and his home renovation business, Drew St. Charles is in over his head. What he really needs is a licensed contractor to oversee his projects, and Drew knows just the man for the job: Brad … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Tipping the Balance (A CalPac Crew Novel Book 2) 3 years ago
    It sort of departs from reality about halfway through, then recovers somewhat by the end.
  • Force of Law - Jez Morrow

    Force of LawJez Morrow

    7 ratings
    Average wait: 49d, 8h

    When a Lamborghini Diablo car pulls into the quick oil change shop on Cleveland’s west side, Tom Russell work immediately assumes this is his old lover, Wells, a beautiful, wealthy, east side snob, come back to torment him. But it’s worse. … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Force of Law 3 years ago
    Cleanly written. Believable characters, if not richly drawn.
  • Primal Passions (Lost shifte... - Stephani Hecht

    Primal Passions (Lost shifte...Stephani Hecht

    12 ratings
    Average wait: 25d, 22h

    Jacyn had always considered himself a pretty normal guy. Little did he know that he couldn’t be more wrong. Attacked by a group of gunmen, he suddenly finds himself shot at, kidnapped and chained to a wall. Not exactly the kind of day a nor… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Primal Passions (Lost shifter Book 1) 3 years ago
    The writing is better than average. The story telling is not, really.
  • I'll Run Away For The Holidays - Stephani Hecht

    I'll Run Away For The HolidaysStephani Hecht

    1 rating
    Average wait: 1d, 3h

    Scott Cooper has never liked the holidays. So when his best friend, Madison, asks him to travel to her childhood home to celebrate Christmas, he can’t refuse fast enough. Scott doesn’t even get along with his own family, so the last thing h… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about I'll Run Away For The Holidays 3 years ago
    The characters are likable and silly, but there's not much else to it.
  • Offside Pass (Blue Line Hock... - Stephani Hecht

    Offside Pass (Blue Line Hock...Stephani Hecht

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 142d, 16h

    At one time Devon Canton and his two brothers were the talk of the NHL. Set to become the next superstars of the sport, they had lucrative contracts and numerous endorsements within their reach. Then the bottom fell out of their world and e… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Offside Pass (Blue Line Hockey Book 1) 3 years ago
    The writing is rushed and skimpy. The characters and plot are better.
  • Ashton And Justice - Stephani Hecht

    Ashton And JusticeStephani Hecht

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 5d, 0h

    When his domineering brother drags him to a college party, Justice expects only to have yet another boring night out. So he’s both shocked and intrigued when he catches the eye of a cute, mysterious stranger named Ashton. Just as the men … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Ashton And Justice 3 years ago
    Well, the writing is clean at least.
  • Geography Club (The Russel M... - Brent Hartinger

    Geography Club (The Russel M...Brent Hartinger

    2 ratings

    Book 1 in the Russel Middlebrook Series.Now a feature film starring Scott Bakula and Nikki Blonsky! The first book in the Russel Middlebrook Series.Russel Middlebrook is convinced he’s the only gay kid at Robert L. Goodkind High School. The… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Geography Club (The Russel Middlebrook Series Book 1) 3 years ago
    Likeable story of high schoolers. Writing and story are ok, nothing special.
  • Unacceptable Risk (Hidden Wo... - Kaje Harper

    Unacceptable Risk (Hidden Wo...Kaje Harper

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 341d, 1h

    Simon Conley was born a werewolf, making him one of a tiny minority in a sea of vanilla humans. The safety of the pack lies in absolute secrecy, sometimes violently enforced. In a species where pack-members are born and not made, being gay … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Unacceptable Risk (Hidden Wolves Book 1) 3 years ago
    Far better than the cover. Accomplished. Better writing than the usual were fare.
  • Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green, David Levithan

    Will Grayson, Will GraysonJohn Green, David Levithan

    5 ratings

    One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two teens—both named Will Grayson—are about to cross paths. As their worlds collide and intertwine, the Will Graysons find their lives going in new and unexpected directions, building to… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Will Grayson, Will Grayson 3 years ago
    Very good YA. Memorable and quirky characters. Heart warming.
  • A Strong Hand - Catt Ford

    A Strong HandCatt Ford

    7 ratings
    Average wait: 31d, 18h

    Nicholas Sayers, needing money for college, takes a job as assistant to infamous photographer Damian Wolfe. It’s just taking pictures, right? Wrong. While Nick has never questioned what kind of man he is or what he truly wants in life, work… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about A Strong Hand 3 years ago
    Very hot bdsm love story.
  • The Screwed Up Life of Charl... - Drew Ferguson

    The Screwed Up Life of Charl...Drew Ferguson

    Average wait: 2h

    Sometimes, it’s just easier to think I’m not the freak. I’m just in an alien world. . .Being Charles James Stewart, Jr., AKA Charlie the Second, means never “fitting in.” Tall, gangly and big-eared, he could be a poster boy for teenage ge… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Screwed Up Life of Charlie The Second 3 years ago
    Very good. Engaging. So engaging, it's heartbreaking. The writing is very good also.
  • City Falcon - Feliz Faber

    City FalconFeliz Faber

    2 ratings

    Winner of third place for Best LGBT Cover in the 2011 Rainbow Awards.

    Honorable Mention for Gay Debut Novel in the 2011 Rainbow Awards.

    Honorable Mention for Gay Contemporary Romance in the 2011 Rainbow Awards.

    New York, 1994

    What on … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about City Falcon 3 years ago
    Interesting premise. Not bad, but less than good.
  • Jump First - Charles Edward

    Jump FirstCharles Edward

    4 ratings

    For Heath, the star highlight of every week is attending his writers’ group meeting. The leader, Marguerite May, writes romance novels, and not just any kind: The dude/dude kind that are so freakin hot, Heath gets embarrassed to critique th… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Jump First 3 years ago
    Naive-ish. Limited, but cute.
  • Missing Aaron - Kenn Dahll

    Missing AaronKenn Dahll

    Average wait: 13h

    In this sequel to Soaring with a Hawk, Dirk, an eighteen year old son of pioneers, is devastated when his hero, Aaron, flees with an Indian brave after being caught in a compromising sexual situation. Dirk transfers his admiration to Aaron… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Missing Aaron 3 years ago
    Short and sketchy.
  • Special Delivery - Heidi Cullinan

    Special DeliveryHeidi Cullinan

    8 ratings

    Sam Keller knows he’ll never find the excitement he craves in Middleton, Iowa—not while he’s busting his ass in nursing school and paying rent by slaving away in a pharmacy stockroom. But before his mother died, he promised her he’d grow up… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Special Delivery 3 years ago
    Interesting and odd mix of growing up into adulthood and kink. Not always believable. Never boring.
  • Word on a Wing - Jamie Craig

    Word on a WingJamie Craig

    1 rating

    Young, directionless Casey Eller is the perfect bait for a trap Sheriff Kirkland’s been laying for fifteen years. On Christmas Eve, he uses Casey to stage incriminating photos of the most powerful man in town, a brutal sadist who takes his … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Word on a Wing 3 years ago
    No clue what title means. Quite good. Older dom, younger sub. Tightly focused on the relationship
  • Sand & Water - Shae Connor

    Sand & WaterShae Connor

    4 ratings
    Average wait: 228d, 12h

    Widower John McConnell gets along fine raising his daughter on Georgia’s Tybee Island, though he wouldn’t exactly say he’s happy. Haunted by the memory of his dead wife, John hasn’t considered dating again until he meets Bryan Simmons in th… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Sand & Water 3 years ago
    Appealing characters stuck is a slowly developing situation.
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

    The Perks of Being a WallflowerStephen Chbosky

    9 ratings

    Read the cult-favorite coming of age story that takes a sometimes heartbreaking, often hysterical, and always honest look at high school in all its glory. Now a major motion picture starring Logan Lerman and Emma Watson, The Perks of Being … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Perks of Being a Wallflower 3 years ago
    Very good writing. Excellent characters. Involving. A few nagging loose ends. Worth the purchase.
  • Freaks In Love - T. A. Chase

    Freaks In LoveT. A. Chase

    1 rating
    Average wait: 3h

    James lives in Triad City, working for the West Side Crime Association and hiding a secret that could get him killed. When his boss and the other associations’ leaders are assassinated, James has no choice but to return to the one place he … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Freaks In Love 3 years ago
    Underdeveloped. The ending feels like a cop out really.
  • A Change of Tune - JM Cartwright

    A Change of TuneJM Cartwright

    Johnny Rayne has had enough - enough of being at the top of the rock music industry for the last decade, enough of constant touring and recording. He wants something more — just something very different. Moving to a farm in West Virginia, … more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about A Change of Tune 3 years ago
    Sketchy. Cartoonish.
  • The Vast Fields of Ordinary - Nick Burd

    The Vast Fields of OrdinaryNick Burd

    2 ratings

    It’s Dade’s last summer at home, and things are pretty hopeless. He has a crappy job, a “boyfriend” who treats him like dirt, and his parents’ marriage is falling apart. So when he meets and falls in love with the mysterious Alex Kincaid, D… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Vast Fields of Ordinary 3 years ago
    Very well written with memorable characters. Ending is sort of like life.
  • Yakuza Pride (The Way of the... - H.J. Brues

    Yakuza Pride (The Way of the...H.J. Brues

    4 ratings
    Average wait: 174d, 12h

    When yakuza underboss Shigure Matsunaga meets Kenneth Harris at a boring social event, he’s surprised to find himself attracted to the blond gaijin with the mismatched eyes. Shigure is even more pleased when he discovers Ken not only speaks… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Yakuza Pride (The Way of the Yakuza Book 1) 3 years ago
    Better and more textured than most romances.
  • Blind Passion - Penny Brandon

    Blind PassionPenny Brandon

    1 rating

    Genre: LGBT ParanormalAttraction for Adam was not a handsome face, a striking smile, or beautiful eyes, but a scent that would drive him to distraction or a voice that could make his heart beat faster. When the combination of the two walked… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Blind Passion 3 years ago
    Reasonably good. The sex is pretty tedious though.
  • Rescued (Southwestern Shifte... - Bailey Bradford

    Rescued (Southwestern Shifte...Bailey Bradford

    3 ratings

    Book one in the Southwestern Shifters Series.When Gabriel Staley rescues a magnificent black wolf, he has no idea that destiny has just turned up the heat and brought him his mate, sexy shapeshifter Mika Blackwell.Gabriel Staley was used to… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Rescued (Southwestern Shifters Series Book 1) 3 years ago
    Not very impressive.
  • Forgotten Song - Ally Blue

    Forgotten SongAlly Blue

    Average wait: 2h

    Genre: LGBT SuspenseYou don’t expect the love of your life to literally fall at your feet. Ben Carson sure as hell didn’t. But when a mysterious stranger passes out cold at Ben’s feet after a street fight, Ben knows right away that this cou… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Forgotten Song 3 years ago
    Melodrama, but mostly fun and sweet. Pretty solid writing.
  • Oleander House: Bay City Par... - Ally Blue

    Oleander House: Bay City Par...Ally Blue

    9 ratings

    Putting his life and sanity on the line—for a man beyond his reach. Bay City Paranormal Investigations, Book 1 Sam Raintree’s experience with things he can’t explain isn’t the only reason his new job as a paranormal investigator is a perfec… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Oleander House: Bay City Paranormal Investigations, Book 1 3 years ago
    Okay. Nothing special. This first one anyway.
  • The Vampire's Boy - Theda Black

    The Vampire's BoyTheda Black

    Average wait: 1d, 0h

    Levi is a vampire, villain and tragedy, a monster made rather than born. He was only a teen when another vampire went rogue and turned him. He’s obsessed with his first victim, Jared, who survived the attack.Jared is in love with his best f… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Vampire's Boy 3 years ago
    Likeable characters. But limited story telling.
  • Cutting Cords (Cutting Cords... - Mickie B. Ashling

    Cutting Cords (Cutting Cords...Mickie B. Ashling

    1 rating
    Average wait: 153d, 3h

    When Sloan Driscoll and Cole Fujiwara become reluctant roommates, neither man is willing to share too much. Sloan is instantly attracted to Cole but knows it’s a hopeless cause; Cole has a steady girlfriend. But one night they share a joint… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Cutting Cords (Cutting Cords Series Book 1) 3 years ago
    great cover. Good story and characters. I wish the writing was better though.
  • The Price of Falling - Melanie Tushmore

    The Price of FallingMelanie Tushmore

    1 rating

    Mike Miller thought he was an average high school student. Your all-American, football playing, middle class kid. He didn’t mind being normal and fitting in, until new student Jason Reilly showed up. What was it about Jason that was so magn… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about The Price of Falling 3 years ago
    really engaging, well developed first half, and object of desire. The rest not as much. recommended
  • A Scout is Brave - Jay Hawke

    A Scout is BraveJay Hawke

    2 ratings

    Set in the late 1990s in the months following the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, “A Scout is Brave,” tells the coming-of-age story of 14-year-old Joshua Ishkoday, a part Native American boy coming to terms with his sexual orientation. Jo… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about A Scout is Brave 3 years ago
    In desperate need of editing, but I loved the story all in all.
  • Marked Yours (Sentries Book 1) - Elizabeth Noble

    Marked Yours (Sentries Book 1)Elizabeth Noble

    1 rating
    Average wait: 2d, 23h

    Sentries: Book One

    Three hundred years ago, natural disaster reformed the face of North America, and the people who lived in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains would never be the same.

    Now, the master/slave bond in New Colorado has bec… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Marked Yours (Sentries Book 1) 3 years ago
    I really liked this one. Sci-fi. Sweet guys. A touch of Dom/Sub.
  • Chemistry - Lewis DeSimone

    ChemistryLewis DeSimone

    1 rating

    When first they meet, Neil and Zach discover a sexual and emotional chemistry that cannot be denied. Then, as mental illness consumes one, each must grow, repair himself, and work to become stronger and more independent to ultimately conque… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Chemistry 3 years ago
    Very good, but very emo.
  • Call Me by Your Name: A Novel - André Aciman

    Call Me by Your Name: A NovelAndré Aciman

    1 rating

    Call Me by Your Name is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents’ cliff-side mansion on the Italian Riviera. Unprepared for the consequences of their attraction, at… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Call Me by Your Name: A Novel 3 years ago
    Amazing writing. Heart-wrenching story.
  • Angel: 1089 (Heaven Corp) - C.C. Bridges

    Angel: 1089 (Heaven Corp)C.C. Bridges

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 16d, 10h

    When this deal breaks, Heaven will fall.Heaven Corp, Book 1Catching two demon burglars is routine for Gabriel 1089, who’s one cog in an army of cybernetically modified humans protecting the sky city of Heaven. Until two turns into a twenty-… more

    tomlendle added a soundbite about Angel: 1089 (Heaven Corp) 3 years ago
    Unique. Involving. I hope for more.
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