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  • May Day (Murder-by-Month Mys... - Jess Lourey

    May Day (Murder-by-Month Mys...Jess Lourey

    3 ratings
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    Minneapolitan Mira James has been taking it easy since college graduation—too easy. Due to a dead-end job and a cheating boyfriend, the Twin Cities have lost their charm, and Mira decides to begin a new life in rural Battle Lake. Right awa… more

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  • The Lacuna - Barbara Kingsolver

    The LacunaBarbara Kingsolver

    3 ratings

    In The Lacuna, her first novel in nine years, Barbara Kingsolver, the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Poisonwood Bible and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, tells the story of Harrison William Shepherd, a m… more

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