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  • Phantom Touch - Cindy Jacks

    Phantom TouchCindy Jacks

    1 rating

    Erika leads a quiet life—at least in the real world. But her alter-ego, Little Lottie, is a singer at a local club and engages in a wild online romance. For months she’s been communicating with a mysterious man, known only to her as the Pha… more

    DMM added a soundbite about Phantom Touch 3 years ago
    Secret admirer hides his identity from his crush. He uses music to start an online relationship.
  • Lucky Charms - Marie Rochelle

    Lucky CharmsMarie Rochelle

    1 rating

    What happens when a man finally decides he wants to go from best friend to lover? Is it possible to make that big step with your female buddy without ruining the friendship? Patrick Kaye hopes so. Computer programmer designer Jada Michaels … more

    DMM added a soundbite about Lucky Charms 3 years ago
    Sweet romantic story between coworkers. Quiet guy tries to win over his female coworker.
  • Love Script: Deluxe Edition - Tiffany Ashley

    Love Script: Deluxe EditionTiffany Ashley

    4 ratings
    Average wait: 187d, 15h

    To get the deal … he’ll need her help.Determined to land a huge advertising account for his company, Nicolas Sinclair gets a LITTLE carried away and tells the potential client he’s married and about to celebrate his first anniversary. Now, … more

    DMM added a soundbite about Love Script: Deluxe Edition 3 years ago
    One of my favorites. Great story, likeable characters, and leaves you wanting more.
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