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  • Fremantle Freya - Sean MacUisdin

    Fremantle FreyaSean MacUisdin

    Alexander ‘Sikunder’ Armstrong, seventeen and newly arrived on the colony of Samsāra, some twenty light years from Earth, learns his chosen trade in the United Nations Off-World Legion, usually with tears in his eyes and a scream in his thr… more

    Becstar owns Fremantle Freya 3 years ago
  • Karen's Best Friend - Laura Jane Leigh

    Karen's Best FriendLaura Jane Leigh

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    Karen is a young widow, still mourning her husband ten months after his death. Financial difficulties force her to work long hours at a job she hates. The one bright spot in her life is her little daughter, Cindi. One morning, Karen decide… more

    Becstar owns Karen's Best Friend 3 years ago
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