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  • Naked Bootleg: 1 (Gridiron Lovers) - Ann Jacobs

    Naked Bootleg: 1 (Gridiron Lovers)Ann Jacobs

    1 rating

    Book 1 in the Gridiron Lovers series.When Bobby Anthony, rookie quarterback, signs a multi-million dollar contract with the Memphis Maulers, hot passes aren’t the only thing on his immediate horizon. In a world where money is no object and … more

    Anna added a soundbite about Naked Bootleg: 1 (Gridiron Lovers) 37 weeks ago
    Free on Ellora's Cave website right now
  • Tainted Purity: 1 (Fallen Gods) - Lorie O'Clare

    Tainted Purity: 1 (Fallen Gods)Lorie O'Clare

    Average wait: N/A

    Book 1 in the Fallen Gods eries. There is nothing worse than a goddess who doesn’t know she is one. Eternal life and powers so strong they can change a man’s existence are hidden from Bridget, lost in centuries of forgotten memories.Bridget… more

    Anna added a soundbite about Tainted Purity: 1 (Fallen Gods) 37 weeks ago
    Free from Ellora's Cave website right now
  • Perfumed Heat (Heat, Book One) - Judy Mays

    Perfumed Heat (Heat, Book One)Judy Mays

    Average wait: N/A

    The start of the Heat series!Since the death of his mate, Artemis Gray has desired no other to take her place. Then Moira Archer, a human, enters his life. Her rich, earthy scent, combined with the perfume she wears, entice’s him. The werew… more

    Anna added a soundbite about Perfumed Heat (Heat, Book One) 42 weeks ago
    Free for 2 weeks (not sure when it started...) at ellorascave.com
  • Redial 1-800-Sex4You - Chris Tanglen, Michele Bardsley

    Redial 1-800-Sex4YouChris Tanglen, Michele Bardsley

    Average wait: N/A

    ” A night of passionate, kinky sex with a total stranger…in a completely safe environment. That’s the allure of 1-800-SEX4YOU. With all the comforts of a five-star hotel, guaranteed anonymity and toys galore, it is the ultimate in carnal ma… more

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    Free for 2 weeks (not sure when it started...) at ellorascave.com
  • Waiting for You - Shey Stahl

    Waiting for YouShey Stahl

    4 ratings

    Updated for editing on 7/22/2013This book contains adult language and sexual situations. Not suitable for anyone under eighteen.Bailey Gray is tired of her perfectly planned life. Everything about her life has been organized and lived out… more

    Anna added a soundbite about Waiting for You 1 year ago
    Plagarized (see http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/725602734 for explanation).
  • The Other Side of the Fence - Zack Morrissette, Stephen Nixon

    The Other Side of the FenceZack Morrissette, Stephen Nixon

    1 rating
    Average wait: N/A

    Jack was a slacker. He never amounted to much or was good at anything. Life was passing him by and he was powerless to stop it. Then the dead rose and the world ended. Jack found himself cursed with the distinction of being a survivor. Now … more

    Anna added a soundbite about The Other Side of the Fence 1 year ago
    Blurb made me laugh, so I got this but it was actually pretty depressing. It was a decent story tho.
  • Fallen Star Series (Books 1-3) - Jessica  Sorensen

    Fallen Star Series (Books 1-3)Jessica Sorensen

    Average wait: 80d, 2h

    Books 1-3 of the Fallen Star Series. In Book One, The Fallen Star, eighteen year-old Gemma’s life has never been normal. Up until recently, she has been incapable of feeling emotion. And when she’s around Alex, the gorgeous new guy at schoo… more

    Anna added a soundbite about Fallen Star Series (Books 1-3) 1 year ago
    Was unable to accept the lend because item is under review?
  • Alone Time (Visits to Petal Book 1) - Lauren Dane

    Alone Time (Visits to Petal Book 1)Lauren Dane

    1 rating
    Average wait: < 1h

    Visits to Petal, Part 1It’s date night in Petal, Georgia, and Nathan, Matt and Shane have some long-awaited alone time with their women and they’re not about to let that opportunity go. Warning: This free story is bonus material for readers… more

    Anna added a soundbite about Alone Time (Visits to Petal Book 1) 2 years ago
    Publication date will be September 4, 2012.
  • The Druid Series 1: Reapers - Marata Eros

    The Druid Series 1: ReapersMarata Eros

    5 ratings

    The Druid Series 1,Reapers, is dark, paranormal erotica which may contain disturbing scenes, marginal/forced consent sex, and graphic violence. It is intended for a mature 18+  adult audience.                                                … more

    Anna added a soundbite about The Druid Series 1: Reapers 3 years ago
    Isn't really a romance... not even really a stand-alone story. Mostly feels like setup for the rest.
  • Never So Beautiful (Erotic E... - Angel Ovlust

    Never So Beautiful (Erotic E...Angel Ovlust

    1 rating
    Average wait: N/A

    A few months ago, Alison was horribly disfigured in a tragic car accident that took with it her beauty queen status. Determined to run away from every reminder of her former life in an attempt to dull the pain, she tries to force her boyfri… more

    Anna added a soundbite about Never So Beautiful (Erotic Excitement Collection Book 1) 3 years ago
    Not very hot but sweet.
  • His Fifteenth Victim - Betty Carlton

    His Fifteenth VictimBetty Carlton

    1 rating
    Average wait: < 1h

    Brad an assassin who decides at the last minute his latest victim doesn’t deserve to die. Instead he will take her prisoner until he is able to sort out what the truth is surrounding her. Once convinced something is wrong, he goes in to a p… more

    Anna added a soundbite about His Fifteenth Victim 3 years ago
    Decent story but desperately in need of an editor.
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