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  • By Surprise - Alyssa Turner

    By SurpriseAlyssa Turner

    2 ratings
    Average wait: 267d, 22h

    Sex that’s twice as good, love that’s three times stronger.When Jodi returned to Burlington after a nasty divorce, broke and without a much needed place to sculpt, she never expected to bump into Paxton, her best friend from growing up. Wit… more

    Kristen K added a soundbite about By Surprise 3 years ago
    Wish it was longer! I love the dynamics of a trio
  • Going All In (Three of a Kin... - Jess Dee

    Going All In (Three of a Kin...Jess Dee

    12 ratings
    Average wait: < 1h

    The higher the stakes, the harder they fall—in love. Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are tearing her apart. She’s in love with two of her fellow card players, and much as she’d like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man, she wo… more

    Kristen K added a soundbite about Going All In (Three of a Kind Book 1) 3 years ago
    I really like Dee as a writer. I like how she is not afraid of MM interaction in her books!
  • Exotic Indulgence (Bandicoot... - Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper,...

    Exotic Indulgence (Bandicoot...Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper,...

    5 ratings
    Average wait: 21h

    It’s time for an indulgence, or two…or three. Bandicoot Cove, Book 1There’s something magical about Bandicoot Cove. It’s where Kylie Sullivan’s dream of managing a luxury, five-star resort is about to come true. And it’s where people tend t… more

    Kristen K added a soundbite about Exotic Indulgence (Bandicoot Cove Book 1) 3 years ago
    I really liked this book! Just had to get the others in the series!
  • Bluebeard's Wife - Selena Kitt

    Bluebeard's WifeSelena Kitt

    3 ratings
    Average wait: 19d, 20h

    I could be a little obsessive, but when I found myself searching his Internet history for any remnants of porn, even I knew I was crossing a line.


    What … more

    Kristen K added a soundbite about Bluebeard's Wife 3 years ago
    A decent book. Good (hot) FF contact, which isn't typical for a ménage book.
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