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Discovery of the Creator's T... - Pieter Voges

Discovery of the Creator's T...Pieter Voges

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A multimedia eBook with almost 3 hours of video available from Youtube. It shows how a study into the credibility of the Creation Week, the Biblical Flood and the Sign of Jonah reveals misunderstandings, and solves the enigmas. It further l… more

Discovery of the Creator’s Time Sequences
Pieter Voges
Prosperity Affirmations: A 1... - The Brain Garage

Prosperity Affirmations: A 1...The Brain Garage

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This short book contains 10 days of affirmations covering the basic laws of prosperity. Each day is dedicated to a different topic; each topic contains from 21-52 affirmations spoken in order. Each of the topics has been separately produced… more

Prosperity Affirmations: A 10-Day Course (As seen on YouTube)
The Brain Garage
Super-Clusters-Vocab - Mike Ternoey

Super-Clusters-VocabMike Ternoey

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Mike Ternoey
Mr. Mike , English
Blue Water Red Blood: former... - Jed Maitland-Carter

Blue Water Red Blood: former...Jed Maitland-Carter

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The story of the few who had the courage to make their lives matter, who spilled their blood. The call of honor is heard by those who hold duty above life. Prologue & Chapter One on YouTube.

Blue Water Red Blood: formerly epublished as “The Shaman’s Bargain” (Blue Water Red Blood Volumes Book 1)
Jed Maitland-Carter
Secure Group, Inc. , English
Become A YouTube Partner - H... - Stephen Hornsby

Become A YouTube Partner - H...Stephen Hornsby

Dozens of tips on how to become a Youtube partner. Wondering why you would want to become a Youtube partner? Book contents include:-What is a Youtube partner and why should I become one?The benefits of being a partner - it’s more than money… more

Become A YouTube Partner - How To Join The YouTube Elite
Stephen Hornsby
Optimize YouTube For Maximum... - james andrews

Optimize YouTube For Maximum...james andrews

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In this book you will learn valuable tips and secrets on optimizing YouTube not found anywhere else on the internet. You will learn exactly how to use AdSense and YouTube together to begin making money today. I have been using these methods… more

Optimize YouTube For Maximum Revenue: Make Money With YouTube
james andrews
A cabinet makers guide to ve... - craig pierce

A cabinet makers guide to ve...craig pierce

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Third Edition. This is an excellent book for the beginner or professional woodworker. This edition contains several topics as well as new photos not included in previous editions. New topics covered include, a new chapter on veneering compl… more

A cabinet makers guide to veeneering techniques third edition
craig pierce
Craig H. Pierce , English
Do We Want To Be King Again?... - Jake Bell III

Do We Want To Be King Again?...Jake Bell III

These are notes from the popular podcast (A Brotha Speaks) available at itunes and Youtube. This is information for those who would like to not only dialogue but to actively participate in the needed changes in Black America.

Do We Want To Be King Again? (A Brotha Speaks)
Jake Bell III
What Does the Fox Say? - Ylvis, Christian Løchstøer

What Does the Fox Say?Ylvis, Christian Løchstøer

Do you know what the fox says? Based on the hugely popular YouTube video with more than 200 million views, this picture book is packed full of foxy fun.Dog goes woof. Cat goes meow. Bird goes tweet and mouse goes squeak… But what does the f… more

What Does the Fox Say?
Ylvis, Christian Løchstøer
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers , English
Painting Sunflowers in Water... - Barbara Barrett

Painting Sunflowers in Water...Barbara Barrett

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Watercolour is the perfect medium for painting flowers. In this book, Barbara guides you through the step by step techniques and processes required to paint these magnificent blooms. This is a practical guide which provides photographic r… more

Painting Sunflowers in Watercolor (Artist’s Guide to Painting)
Barbara Barrett
Barbara Barrett , English
More Views Please - 21 Secre... - Mick Macro

More Views Please - 21 Secre...Mick Macro

Rank Your YouTube Videos At #1 For Multiple Keywords! More Views Please, The 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1 is the guide to getting any of your YouTube videos to rank #1 for not just one keyword, but for dozens and even… more

More Views Please - 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1
Mick Macro
REZZnet , English
Learn How to Housebreak Your... - Braden Kent

Learn How to Housebreak Your...Braden Kent

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The goal of Learn How to Housebreak Your Puppy or Dog is to teach you the most effective ways of training your first puppy or dog. The methods offered in this book work for dogs of any age. The only way to housebreak your dog efficiently is… more

Learn How to Housebreak Your Puppy or Dog
Braden Kent
We-Think: Mass innovation, n... - Charles Leadbeater

We-Think: Mass innovation, n...Charles Leadbeater

Society is no longer based on mass consumption but on mass participation. New forms of collaboration - such as Wikipedia and YouTube - are paving the way for an age in which people want to be players, rather than mere spectators, in the pro… more

We-Think: Mass innovation, not mass production
Charles Leadbeater
Profile Books , English
3D Affirmations to Improve Y... - The Brain Garage

3D Affirmations to Improve Y...The Brain Garage

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This title contains the scripts to 11 of our most popular affirmations programs as seen on YouTube. You can read them to yourself, or read as you lsiten along, or even record them in your own voice! We encourage you to purposely choose the … more

3D Affirmations to Improve Your Life NOW (as seen on YouTube)
The Brain Garage
YouTube For Dunces - Chatel Musgrove

YouTube For DuncesChatel Musgrove

All About YouTube

YouTube For Dunces
Chatel Musgrove
Tips and Tricks for Making M... - Joe Ambrose

Tips and Tricks for Making M...Joe Ambrose

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New eBook created to help you get more subscribers on YouTube, more views and overall more money!!10 pages long2491 words.Learn how I made £100 over 6 weeks starting from 0 subscribers! Thanks for viewing and hopefully you will end up buyin… more

Tips and Tricks for Making Money on Youtube
Joe Ambrose
Joe Ambrose , English
Attachment: A Study Guide fo... - Janet Mycroft

Attachment: A Study Guide fo...Janet Mycroft

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This Study Guide: • Is suitable for students sitting their exam in 2015 • Uses straight-forward vocabulary as much as possible • Explains vocabulary you might not understand • Includes enough detail to get you an A grade in the exam • Doesn… more

Attachment: A Study Guide for AQA(A) AS Psychology
Janet Mycroft
World's Easiest Sweet Roll R... - Steve Gamelin

World's Easiest Sweet Roll R...Steve Gamelin

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If you like sweet rolls… you’ll love this cookbook. What makes it so special is the method. No-kneading… Mother Nature does the kneading for you. No-yeast proofing… instant yeast does not need to be proofed in warm water prior to usin… more

World’s Easiest Sweet Roll Recipes (No Mixer… No-Kneading… No Yeast Proofing): From the Kitchen of Artisan Bread with Steve
Steve Gamelin
On the Dubious Account of th... - Anthony Robinson

On the Dubious Account of th...Anthony Robinson

What started out as a self-made movie or two (yes, they still can be found in Youtube by searching the keywords Pheng Iu), turned out to be a comedy novel! A big fan of Friends, Anthony tried to translate his movie script into a writing in … more

On the Dubious Account of the Fictitious Pheng Iu by John Batam
Anthony Robinson
Hauntings True Ghost Stories - Thomas Nwafor

Hauntings True Ghost StoriesThomas Nwafor

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A book which is packed full of spine chillings stories. All are real accounts from the individuals who witnessed the occurrences themselves. If you wish to frighten the life out of yourself, your friends or family then this is the book for … more

Hauntings True Ghost Stories
Thomas Nwafor