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Become A YouTube Partner - H...Stephen Hornsby

Dozens of tips on how to become a Youtube partner. Wondering why you would want to become a Youtube partner? Book contents include:-What is a Youtube partner and why should I become one?The benefits of being a partner - it’s more than money… more

Become A YouTube Partner - How To Join The YouTube Elite
Stephen Hornsby

Polished GamerEric Allen

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Do you love playing video games? Want to share that passion with the world?Gaming videos are a big deal right now. Look at the top YouTube channels and you will see a large part of them are all about gaming, and they are all making money. H… more

Polished Gamer
Eric Allen
Eric Allen , English

How to Bake No-Knead Bread i...Steve Gamelin, Beth Gamelin

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No Dutch oven… no problem. This cookbook will expand the world of no-knead bread making… stimulate your imagination… and please your pallet… with recipes and techniques that will allow you to bake no-knead bread in the open oven and… more

How to Bake No-Knead Bread in a Skillet… or anything else your little old heart desires.: From the Kitchen of Artisan Bread with Steve
Steve Gamelin, Beth Gamelin

Master English in 12 Topics:...Jenny Smith

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Lots of intermediate English speakers tend to get trapped using the same vocabulary over and over again. They often only speak about subjects they know the words for and avoid anything outside of their ‘comfort zone’…. more

Master English in 12 Topics: Over 200 intermediate words and phrases explained
Jenny Smith

Book 1: Candles (The Non-El...Ron Brown

This book, Candles, is our first adventure in The Non-Electric Lighting Series. The series is aimed at people who want to survive whatever it is that Mother Nature throws at us next – blizzards, blackouts, or Carrington events.

This is a s… more

Book 1: Candles (The Non-Electric Lighting Series)
Ron Brown
R&C Publishing , English

Super-Clusters-VocabMike Ternoey

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Mike Ternoey
Mr. Mike , English

The MagicDarran York

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The Magic’ is the opening story to the notorious collection Thirteen Volume One.Despite being only two pages long, it is regarded as the most terrifying short story ever written.Worth the money? Yes. Don’t believe us? Watch any of the nu… more

The Magic
Darran York
Easkey Castle Books , English

Learn How to Housebreak Your...Braden Kent

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The goal of Learn How to Housebreak Your Puppy or Dog is to teach you the most effective ways of training your first puppy or dog. The methods offered in this book work for dogs of any age. The only way to housebreak your dog efficiently is… more

Learn How to Housebreak Your Puppy or Dog
Braden Kent

More Views Please - 21 Secre...Mick Michaels

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Rank Your YouTube Videos At #1 For Multiple Keywords! More Views Please, The 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1 is the no-fluff guide to getting any of your YouTube videos to rank #1 for not just one keyword, but for dozens… more

More Views Please - 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1
Mick Michaels
Web Core Media Publishing , English

Backdraft - The Secret Life ...H.M. Ward

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Volume 2 in the TRYSTAN SCOTT Serials by NY Times Bestselling Author H.M. Ward When Mari realizes that Trystan is the internet megastar, Day Jones, she can’t speak. Every time she listens to his song, it l… more

Backdraft - The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #2
H.M. Ward
Laree Bailey Press , English

No-Knead Oatmeal Bread - Art...Steve Gamelin

Making no-knead bread is as easy as making a bowl of Campbell’s soup. Ah… I heard what you were thinking. But think about it. If you’re going to make a bowl of Campbell’s soup you have to stir it… if you make no-knead bread you have to stir… more

No-Knead Oatmeal Bread - Artisan Bread with Steve
Steve Gamelin

Painting Sunflowers in Water...Barbara Barrett

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Watercolour is the perfect medium for painting flowers. In this book, Barbara guides you through the step by step techniques and processes required to paint these magnificent blooms. This is a practical guide which provides photographic r… more

Painting Sunflowers in Watercolor (Artist’s Guide to Painting)
Barbara Barrett
Barbara Barrett , English

Money Matters: Program Yours...Fiona McCallion

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Money Matters - Money and the Law of AttractionDo you know why your colleague is better paid and more successful than you, even though you’re much nicer and work harder than he does? How come he gets a pay rise and you’re asked to take a cu… more

Money Matters: Program Yourself to Make More Money
Fiona McCallion

Children's book: I will fly ...Elan Ezra

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Would you like to inspire your kid? - You can! This is a picture book about Joel, the fish who wanted to fly. Will he succeed?

A simple story for young children. The story is an inspiration children book, about making our dream come true…. more

Children’s book: I will fly - the green fin fish story (Kids 3-8 story)
Elan Ezra

Making Money Online as a You...Mario Devonshire

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This book covers the basics of YouTube and how to use it to become a YouTube partner to make money online. It also showcases using different marketing techniques to gain the views you need to become a Partner.

Making Money Online as a YouTube Partner
Mario Devonshire
Paper Mind Publishing , English

TubifexC.E.L. Welsh

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Jack’s just trying to make it through another day when a mysterious email from an old friend sets him investigating a YouTube video of a strange, unknown life form. The “thing in the sewer” becomes an obsession that haunts his dreams and dr… more

C.E.L. Welsh
C.E.L. Welsh , English

Attachment: A Study Guide fo...Janet Mycroft

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This Study Guide: • Is suitable for students sitting their exam in 2014 • Uses straight-forward vocabulary as much as possible • Explains vocabulary you might not understand • Includes enough detail to get you an A grade in the exam • Doesn… more

Attachment: A Study Guide for AQA(A) AS Psychology
Janet Mycroft

Hauntings True Ghost StoriesThomas Nwafor

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A book which is packed full of spine chillings stories. All are real accounts from the individuals who witnessed the occurrences themselves. If you wish to frighten the life out of yourself, your friends or family then this is the book for … more

Hauntings True Ghost Stories
Thomas Nwafor

The 3rd Sunday of Every Mont...Lyn Murray

What do you do with a wayward cemetery? A cemetery that just suddenly and inexplicably appears - right out of the blue? What do you do? The same thing the unfortunate townsfolk do … nothing. Nothing at all. Except, perhaps, wait. But for … more

The 3rd Sunday of Every Month (The Mystery of White Rose Cemetery) & MORE!
Lyn Murray
Golden Panda Publishing , English

Discovery of the Creator's T...Pieter Voges

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A multimedia eBook with almost 3 hours of video available from Youtube. It shows how a study into the credibility of the Creation Week, the Biblical Flood and the Sign of Jonah reveals misunderstandings, and solves the enigmas. It further l… more

Discovery of the Creator’s Time Sequences
Pieter Voges