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Guitar Chords Beginners Refe... - Thomas Cowan

Guitar Chords Beginners Refe...Thomas Cowan

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This book is a beginners guide and contains all the tabs you need to need to know to begin and practice your guitar tab/chords theory. Included with each tab is a rating on the difficulty and a photo for you to copy and compare every chord … more

Guitar Chords Beginners Reference Guide - for kindle, iphones, ipads, and ipods.
Thomas Cowan
So When Are We Going To Talk... - Jake Bell III

So When Are We Going To Talk...Jake Bell III

These are notes from the popular podcast (A Brotha Speaks) available on Itunes and Youtube. This is information that is for the Brothers and Sister and Others who would like to not only dialogue but to engage and actively participate in the… more

So When Are We Going To Talk About It? (A Brotha Speaks)
Jake Bell III
My Roommate Lola - August Renfelt

My Roommate LolaAugust Renfelt

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Last night Teddy got drunk, and got involved with a beautiful, seductive transvestite named Lola.

Unfortunately she filmed it all.

Now, for the next two weeks, Teddy must play the perfect boyfriend. If he fails, he ends up an overnight se… more

My Roommate Lola
August Renfelt
More Views Please - 21 Secre... - Mick Michaels

More Views Please - 21 Secre...Mick Michaels

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Rank Your YouTube Videos At #1 For Multiple Keywords! More Views Please, The 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1 is the no-fluff guide to getting any of your YouTube videos to rank #1 for not just one keyword, but for dozens… more

More Views Please - 21 Secrets For Getting Any YouTube Video To Rank #1
Mick Michaels
Web Core Media Publishing , English
Tubifex - C.E.L. Welsh

TubifexC.E.L. Welsh

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Jack’s just trying to make it through another day when a mysterious email from an old friend sets him investigating a YouTube video of a strange, unknown life form. The “thing in the sewer” becomes an obsession that haunts his dreams and dr… more

C.E.L. Welsh
C.E.L. Welsh , English
The Six Figure Videographer - Kris Simmons

The Six Figure VideographerKris Simmons

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Get Closer to Achieving Financial Success in the Video Production Business Starting Today! This ebook walks you through my experiences in all facets of running a successful video production company which has resulted in a six-figure income … more

The Six Figure Videographer
Kris Simmons
KRE8 Enterprises , English
On the Dubious Account of th... - Anthony Robinson

On the Dubious Account of th...Anthony Robinson

What started out as a self-made movie or two (yes, they still can be found in Youtube by searching the keywords Pheng Iu), turned out to be a comedy novel! A big fan of Friends, Anthony tried to translate his movie script into a writing in … more

On the Dubious Account of the Fictitious Pheng Iu by John Batam
Anthony Robinson
How to Get Gigantic Traffic ... - An Trinh

How to Get Gigantic Traffic ...An Trinh

This ebook contains 2 parts, in which show you simple methods to answer 2 questions: 1. How to Get Over 50,000 Youtube Views/Likes/Subs/Comments/Favs After 24 Hours?2. How to Get Gigantic Traffic From YouTube and Pump Up Your Affiliate Sale… more

How to Get Gigantic Traffic From YouTube and Pump Up Your Affiliate Sales?
An Trinh
YouTube For Dunces - Chatel Musgrove

YouTube For DuncesChatel Musgrove

All About YouTube

YouTube For Dunces
Chatel Musgrove
YouTube - 6 Hot YouTube Domi... - Keith Dougherty

YouTube - 6 Hot YouTube Domi...Keith Dougherty

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YouTube is one of the best places to get FREE online marketing traffic. Is your business using it right? These simple 6 tricks will have you tapping into the millions and millions of people who are on YouTube each and everyday. Anyone ca… more

YouTube - 6 Hot YouTube Domination Tricks for Getting Business
Keith Dougherty
Movie Making: How to film an... - Eric Dahlin

Movie Making: How to film an...Eric Dahlin

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$2.99 for a limited time.This is what they didn’t teach you at the Camera store. Want to become a better movie maker? What do you have to do to improve? Do you need to learn the basics? Or refine your skills? This is the book for y… more

Movie Making: How to film and create great cinematography!
Eric Dahlin
Eric Dahlin , English
How To Get More YouTube Video Views - Emily Green

How To Get More YouTube Video ViewsEmily Green

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How To Get More YouTube Video Views is a guide to getting your YouTube video to go viral. Are you tired of your YouTube video getting no views and not being found? Follow thing simple and easy tricks to get your YouTube in front of more peo… more

How To Get More YouTube Video Views
Emily Green
We-Think: Mass innovation, n... - Charles Leadbeater

We-Think: Mass innovation, n...Charles Leadbeater

Society is no longer based on mass consumption but on mass participation. New forms of collaboration - such as Wikipedia and YouTube - are paving the way for an age in which people want to be players, rather than mere spectators, in the pro… more

We-Think: Mass innovation, not mass production
Charles Leadbeater
Profile Books , English
The 3rd Sunday of Every Mont... - Lyn Murray

The 3rd Sunday of Every Mont...Lyn Murray

What do you do with a wayward cemetery? A cemetery that just suddenly and inexplicably appears - right out of the blue? What do you do? The same thing the unfortunate townsfolk do … nothing. Nothing at all. Except, perhaps, wait. But for … more

The 3rd Sunday of Every Month (The Mystery of White Rose Cemetery) & MORE!
Lyn Murray
Golden Panda Publishing , English
How to Dominate Your Online ... - Kanth Miriyala, Vishal Srivastava

How to Dominate Your Online ...Kanth Miriyala, Vishal Srivastava

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Dominate Your Niche on YouTube and Google With Video Marketing

We have helped dozens of small businesses dominate their niche on YouTube and Google and make a lot of money with video marketing.

We’ll show you how you can do it for your s… more

How to Dominate Your Online Niche & Make Money with Video Marketing
Kanth Miriyala, Vishal Srivastava
Qikest, A Gyantra Imprint , English
No-Knead Oatmeal Bread - Art... - Steve Gamelin

No-Knead Oatmeal Bread - Art...Steve Gamelin

Making no-knead bread is as easy as making a bowl of Campbell’s soup. Ah… I heard what you were thinking. But think about it. If you’re going to make a bowl of Campbell’s soup you have to stir it… if you make no-knead bread you have to stir… more

No-Knead Oatmeal Bread - Artisan Bread with Steve
Steve Gamelin
No-Knead Oatmeal & Whole Whe... - Steve Gamelin

No-Knead Oatmeal & Whole Whe...Steve Gamelin

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This cookbook is an excerpt from “My Complete No-Knead Bread Cookbook”. It is intended for those who only want a portion at a lower cost. The cookbook includes… the detail and abbreviated recipe for country white (the most common no-knead… more

No-Knead Oatmeal & Whole Wheat Bread: From the Kitchen of Artisan Bread with Steve
Steve Gamelin
The Magic - Darran York

The MagicDarran York

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The Magic’ is the opening story to the notorious collection Thirteen Volume One.Despite being only two pages long, it is regarded as the most terrifying short story ever written.Worth the money? Yes. Don’t believe us? Watch any of the nu… more

The Magic
Darran York
Easkey Castle Books , English
Prosperity Affirmations: A 1... - The Brain Garage

Prosperity Affirmations: A 1...The Brain Garage

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This short book contains 10 days of affirmations covering the basic laws of prosperity. Each day is dedicated to a different topic; each topic contains from 21-52 affirmations spoken in order. Each of the topics has been separately produced… more

Prosperity Affirmations: A 10-Day Course (As seen on YouTube)
The Brain Garage
Book 1:  Candles (The Non-El... - Ron Brown

Book 1: Candles (The Non-El...Ron Brown

This book, Candles, is our first adventure in The Non-Electric Lighting Series. The series is aimed at people who want to survive whatever it is that Mother Nature throws at us next – blizzards, blackouts, or Carrington events.

This is a s… more

Book 1: Candles (The Non-Electric Lighting Series)
Ron Brown
R&C Publishing , English