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Rescue in Grand Teton National Park - Anne Collins Walker

Rescue in Grand Teton National ParkAnne Collins Walker

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A plane crashes into Sheep’s Mountain in Wyoming. The park rangers rush to the rescue, but Meg’s dad won’t let her go with him. She is furious and rushes out into the park, breaking the rules and running into danger. Then she finds herself … more

Rescue in Grand Teton National Park
Anne Collins Walker
Anne Collins Walker , English
Biohazard - Honoria Ravena

BiohazardHonoria Ravena

Hunted by his people, the shapeshifter, Jayden, sheds his human skin after escaping his execution. 200 years later he’s still on the run. When he’s attacked in the remote woods in Wyoming, the last thing he expects is to be saved by a human… more

Honoria Ravena
Breathless Press , English
Max and Me, the beginning - Randy Stensaas

Max and Me, the beginningRandy Stensaas

And this is how it all began, Just two crazy kids thrown together and growing up in the 60’s of Wyoming.

Max and Me, the beginning
Randy Stensaas
The New Western Home - Chase Reynolds Ewald, Photog...

The New Western HomeChase Reynolds Ewald, Photog...

Homes that exemplify sensitive renovation and preservation of the region’s past.The New Western Home proves that environmentally responsible and regionally appropriatechoices can encompass cutting-edge designs and materials and that high en… more

The New Western Home
Chase Reynolds Ewald, Photography by Audrey Hall
Gibbs-Smith , English
Ride a Cowboy: Save a Horse - Honey Jans

Ride a Cowboy: Save a HorseHoney Jans

Savanna Brown returns to Wyoming to save the reputation of the cowboy she ran away from on their wedding night. She makes the ranch owner an offer he can’t refuse if he wants to hang onto his ranch. She’ll pretend to come back to him until … more

Ride a Cowboy: Save a Horse
Honey Jans
Red Rose Publishing , English
Rod and Staff (A Short Story) - R.S. Guthrie

Rod and Staff (A Short Story)R.S. Guthrie

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After the death of his estranged, teenage son, a man returns to the mountain stream of his beloved Wyoming to reconcile with a God he has long since forsaken. This is a story of staggering loss–of the guilt, anguish, and disbelief a paren… more

Rod and Staff (A Short Story)
R.S. Guthrie
R.S. Guthrie , English
Rocky's Mountains - D. Jean Quarles

Rocky's MountainsD. Jean Quarles

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Laura, travels to Wyoming looking to experience the mountains. She finds work at Alma’s, a small bar/diner filled with quirky characters. In this setting, Laura is drawn to Rocky, the cook who appears one day. While Laura is obsessed with R… more

Rocky’s Mountains
D. Jean Quarles
Rocky Mountain Creative Publishers , English
Max and Me, A day in the kitchen - Randy Stensaas

Max and Me, A day in the kitchenRandy Stensaas

Nothing like two young dumb Wyoming boys to try to cook. Pancakes and cakes, yum yum. To bad they didnt turn out..

Max and Me, A day in the kitchen
Randy Stensaas
Within the Soul Lies the Grail - Carl Fowler

Within the Soul Lies the GrailCarl Fowler

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Even though he doesn’t remember them, Jodruth Ford has lived many lives. As he approaches the end of his present life—that of an isolated school teacher in the Wyoming wilderness—vague memories of other lives, from his primordial beginni… more

Within the Soul Lies the Grail
Carl Fowler
Carl Fowler , English
A Cowboy's Charm - Brandi Michaels

A Cowboy's CharmBrandi Michaels

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Rylan and Callie both believe the other has done them wrong. When Callie returns to the Mastersons’ Wyoming ranch to help her extended family in a time of crisis, she and Rylan quickly realize that the desire they’ve always shared hasn’t be… more

A Cowboy’s Charm
Brandi Michaels
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Longarm Giant 29: Longarm an... - Tabor Evans

Longarm Giant 29: Longarm an...Tabor Evans

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Longarm Giant 29: Longarm and the Railroad War (Longarm Giant (Unnumbered))
Tabor Evans
Jove , English
William MacLeod Raine-  Wyom... - William MacLeod Raine

William MacLeod Raine- Wyom...William MacLeod Raine

An Excerpt from the book-An automobile shot out from a gash in the hills and slipped swiftly downto the butte. Here it came to a halt on the white, dusty road, whileits occupant gazed with eager, unsated eyes on the great panorama thatstret… more

William MacLeod Raine- Wyoming, a Story of the Outdoor West.
William MacLeod Raine
One Woman's Courage - Barbara Sue Sweetwood

One Woman's CourageBarbara Sue Sweetwood

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Her mother died when she was young, her father died in a suspicious hunting accident. At the age of seventeen, she struggles to save their Wyoming ranch when she receives a marriage proposal. Sadness turns to excitement and then to terror a… more

One Woman’s Courage
Barbara Sue Sweetwood
Sunflower Prairie Publications , English
Wyoming Gold (Cheyenne Springs) - Tom Roulstone

Wyoming Gold (Cheyenne Springs)Tom Roulstone

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Western adventure and romance. A young Irishman inherits a gold mine in Wyoming and almost looses his fortune to a con man. But during the surprise ending truth and love triumph!

Wyoming Gold (Cheyenne Springs)
Tom Roulstone
The Virginian - Owen Wister

The VirginianOwen Wister

The Virginian a horseman of the plains. A wild West story that revolves around a county war in Wyoming. Ranchers dispute over cattle rustling.

The Virginian
Owen Wister
Lone Star 06 - Wesley Ellis

Lone Star 06Wesley Ellis

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Lone Star 06
Wesley Ellis
Jove , English
Never Surrender - Deanna Jewel

Never SurrenderDeanna Jewel

Kate is haunted by a recurring dream of mountains and a warrior on horseback who beckons to her but never gets close before she wakes up. He leaves her with a need to find out who and where he is. While on vacation in Wyoming, she meets a m… more

Never Surrender
Deanna Jewel
BookLocker.com, Inc. , English
Open Ground - Blair Smith

Open GroundBlair Smith

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After bullies harass William, he moves to Wyoming to live with his father. Later that summer, his father is falsely accused of a crime and jailed. William mountain-bikes across Wyoming to stay with his aunt — applying the knowledge his fat… more

Open Ground
Blair Smith
SmithLiterary.Com , English
The Pursued - Tony Masero

The PursuedTony Masero

Some Old Friends Die Hard1890 – Wyoming. The Pursued, separated by time, money and bad memories.Its been over thirty years since Powers Brent has seen them all but he answers the call anyway.Promising to make good the bad they did, Powers m… more

The Pursued
Tony Masero
Solstice Publishing , English
Rough Country for Coyotes - Oliver Starr

Rough Country for CoyotesOliver Starr

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Two brothers, 17 coyotes, and the barren Wyoming countryside set the stage for this surprising and poignant short story.

Rough Country for Coyotes
Oliver Starr
Oliver Starr , English