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Windkill - R.A. Buehre

WindkillR.A. Buehre

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Lights and cameras invade a desolate valley in Wisconsin when the show Scared to Death sends a family to search for ghosts on live television. What starts as a titillating adventure quickly becomes fear and terror when the ghosts tear the f… more

R.A. Buehre
ANGLIN' - David Brasko

ANGLIN'David Brasko

A short story of three misfits who reunite to seek a little peace of mind on a fishing trip. Continuing their quest for the elusive Musky, they travel up to the north woods of Wisconsin. A tongue in cheek look at every day life, they encoun… more

David Brasko
Madison Women Remember:: Gro... - Sarah White

Madison Women Remember:: Gro...Sarah White

Madison is Wisconsin’s capital city and the “land of the four lakes.” Since the city’s founding 150 years ago, rich and poor have lived in close proximity surrounded by the beautiful lakes, a fact that has played a role in the city’s aspira… more

Madison Women Remember:: Growing Up in Wisconsin’s Capital
Sarah White
Arcadia Publishing , English
Haunted Places in Wisconsin ... - Steve Davis

Haunted Places in Wisconsin ...Steve Davis

Every haunted place in the state of Wisconsin is right here. This books contains everything you need to start ghost hunting right now. From places to maps to equipment.

Haunted Places in Wisconsin (complete list of haunted places & history in Wisconsin and how to ghost hunt)
Steve Davis
Changing Paths: 4 (Lusting Wild) - Marilu Mann

Changing Paths: 4 (Lusting Wild)Marilu Mann

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Book 4 of the Lusting Wild series.Harmony, Moon-Denied, is unable to shift to animal form. She swallows her pride to return to her Pack for her daughter’s sake. The moody teenager might be Moon-Called—a true shapeshifter. Now Harmony fights… more

Changing Paths: 4 (Lusting Wild)
Marilu Mann
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc , English
Tomahawk'd - Diane S Bauden

Tomahawk'dDiane S Bauden

At a Wisconsin resort, Jackson and Erin meet as children forming a bond that is continued through letters even after the summer ends. Their adolescence is turbulent and it finds them separated from each other until an emergency in Jack’s li… more

Diane S Bauden
Intaglio Publications , English
Legend of Loon Lake - Rick (Boots) Gordon

Legend of Loon LakeRick (Boots) Gordon

An intimate look into a special Wisconsin resort reveals the personality of some north woods anglers.

Legend of Loon Lake
Rick (Boots) Gordon
Trafford Publishing , English
Tales Told in the Dark - Jack Lehman

Tales Told in the DarkJack Lehman

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Four haunting short stories of Wisconsin by one of the state’s most popular writers.

Tales Told in the Dark
Jack Lehman
Zelda Wilde Publishing , English
Mother Bessie's 7 pairs week... - Adolph Barr

Mother Bessie's 7 pairs week...Adolph Barr

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Mother Bessie’s 7 pairs weekly follow-ups for Pick-3The Weekly Pair’s follow-ups system using Saturday evening numbers only.. Master Followers Chart SamplersExampler#3327hLet’s say if Wisconsin had on June 01,2013 the number was 933If we br… more

Mother Bessie’s 7 pairs weekly follow-ups for Pick-3
Adolph Barr
Adolph Barr , English


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Master Followers Chart

Sister Sarah’s 14 Numbers for 12 days Follow-ups for Pick-3

Master Followers Chart Samplers


Step#1 Let’s say if Wisconsin had on Jan 01,2014 the number was 83… more

Adolph Barr
Adolph Barr , English
Fleeing The Jurisdiction - Gerald Hansen

Fleeing The JurisdictionGerald Hansen

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It’s danger on the high seas for the Barnetts, but will it come from the authorities, Mother Nature or family Flood?

In Wisconsin six years ago, Ursula Barnett accidentally defrauded her local church of thousands. The statute of limitation… more

Fleeing The Jurisdiction
Gerald Hansen
Mint Books , English
Always Coming Home - Denise Longrie

Always Coming HomeDenise Longrie

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A year after her return home to Wisconsin, Melissa is alone again. Life is good. She has good friends, a bit of land in a quiet place and a job she likes. Her family is far enough away they don’t intrude. One night, as she’s chasing what sh… more

Always Coming Home
Denise Longrie
Rushed: The Unseen - Brian Harmon

Rushed: The UnseenBrian Harmon

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When Eric catches sight of Creek Bend, Wisconsin’s most famous missing person, his mundane morning of running errands rapidly erupts into a chaotic search for mysterious, hidden places scattered throughout his own hometown. Along the way, h… more

Rushed: The Unseen
Brian Harmon
Brian Harmon , English
Madison Murphy, Wisconsin Weirdo - Jessica Gleason

Madison Murphy, Wisconsin WeirdoJessica Gleason

Meet Madison Murphy, a curvaceous Wisconsin girl with a love for cheese, football and hibernating during the frigid winters. She was a beer swilling Packer fan until the day she gave into the nagging of her friends, went on a blind date wit… more

Madison Murphy, Wisconsin Weirdo
Jessica Gleason
Champagne Books , English
Wisconsin: Picture Book (Edu... - Planet Collection

Wisconsin: Picture Book (Edu...Planet Collection

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Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?As a part of the Planet Collection, “WISCONSIN” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Wisconsin. Toddlers and babies will love loo… more

Wisconsin: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection 129)
Planet Collection
Planet Collection , English
Cash-N-Pocket's daily 12 pai... - Adolph Barr

Cash-N-Pocket's daily 12 pai...Adolph Barr

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CASHINPOCKET’S DAILY 12 PAIRS FOLLOW-UPSMaster Followers Chart Cash-N-Pocket’s daily 12 pairs follow-ups for Pick-4Master Followers Chart SamplersExampler#3327hStep#1Let’s say if Wisconsin had on June 01,2013 the number was 7230Step#2If we … more

Cash-N-Pocket’s daily 12 pairs follow-ups for Pick-4
Adolph Barr
Adolph Barr , English
It Happened in Wisconsin (It... - Michael Bie

It Happened in Wisconsin (It...Michael Bie

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From Wisconsin’s “discovery” by a French explorer who was hopelessly lost to a dramatic assassination attempt on Teddy Roosevelt, from the legendary shooting of a Green Bay Packer coach’s dog to a tragic bombing in the 1960s, It Happened in… more

It Happened in Wisconsin (It Happened In Series)
Michael Bie
TwoDot , English
Mother Bessie's 16 pairs wee... - Adolph Barr

Mother Bessie's 16 pairs wee...Adolph Barr

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Mother Bessie’s 16 pairs weekly follow-ups for Pick-4The Weekly Pair’s follow-ups system using Saturday evening numbers only.. Master Followers Chart SamplersExampler#3327hLet’s say if Wisconsin had on June 01,2013 the number was 7230If we … more

Mother Bessie’s 16 pairs weekly follow-ups for Pick-4
Adolph Barr
Adolph Barr , English
Wisconsin by the Numbers - I... - EJ Craig, John Craig

Wisconsin by the Numbers - I...EJ Craig, John Craig

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Wisconsin by the Numbers is a look at Wisconsin’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Wisconsin holds many a… more

Wisconsin by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Wisconsin and her cities (States by the Numbers Book 49)
EJ Craig, John Craig
Books to Believe In , English
Hunting for Pheasant - Daniel Marcou

Hunting for PheasantDaniel Marcou

A short essay on pheasant hunting in Wisconsin.

Hunting for Pheasant
Daniel Marcou