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The Cabin/Episode Nine - Evelyn M. Byrne

The Cabin/Episode NineEvelyn M. Byrne

Things are getting weirder. Jack has now found the woman Stephanie replaced. And she looks a lot like an older version of Stephanie.

The Cabin/Episode Nine
Evelyn M. Byrne
White Bird Publications, LLC , English
A Single Choice (Stephanie Book 1) - Juliet Ashwell

A Single Choice (Stephanie Book 1)Juliet Ashwell

Average wait: N/A

Stephanie has grown up with the idea that she will marry a Mormon in their temple. A chance encounter makes her wonder whether ideals or happiness are more important.This short novel (just over 37,000 words) is the first in a new series, wh… more

A Single Choice (Stephanie Book 1)
Juliet Ashwell
Juliet Ashwell , English
To Get With Stephanie - Ray  Sostre

To Get With StephanieRay Sostre

Olivia has had this attraction with her new neighbor Stephanie, ever since she moved in. She wanted to find ways to tell Stephanie how she feels, but she wasn’t sure if Stephanie shared the same feelings as her. When the opportunity is pres… more

To Get With Stephanie
Ray Sostre
AfterDark Press , English
The Somnian II (Book Two Abs... - Jennifer Foor

The Somnian II (Book Two Abs...Jennifer Foor

Jesse gave his own life to close the portals to hell and save everyone on earth, including his girlfriend Stephanie. He used his abilities to make her forget she was a Nephilim, and that she and Jesse were ever in love. He did that to prote… more

The Somnian II (Book Two Absum) (The Somnian Series 2)
Jennifer Foor
JMF , English
The Writer's Secret - Ann Michelle

The Writer's SecretAnn Michelle

Average wait: N/A

Loren had no idea what he was getting into when his agent suggested he write transvestite fiction. Nor did he realize how eagerly his wife Stephanie would embrace the idea of feminizing her husband. How far would they go?

42,600 words

The Writer’s Secret
Ann Michelle
My Husband Loves to Watch (v... - Bianca Lee

My Husband Loves to Watch (v...Bianca Lee

Average wait: N/A

There was a time where Stephanie couldn’t imagine being with anyone other than the one she loved. But once she got a taste for being pleasured by other men, she found herself aching for these opportunities for her loyal husband to watch. Af… more

My Husband Loves to Watch (voyeur cuckold erotica)
Bianca Lee
Bianca Lee , English
The Sacrificial Wood (The Fa... - Darryl S. Markowitz

The Sacrificial Wood (The Fa...Darryl S. Markowitz

Average wait: N/A

Seemingly trapped forever with everything raging against Vaughn, crushing his spirit, Vaughn feels his anger steadily grow. Faced with the decision to allow himself to be utterly debased and survive, or fight and die, he chooses to fight.St… more

The Sacrificial Wood (The Faithwalker Series)
Darryl S. Markowitz
Faithwalker Publishing , English
Caught By Daddy - Morgan Taylor

Caught By DaddyMorgan Taylor

It was only a week after her step dad bought Stephanie’s first computer that he had suspicions she was up to no good. Every time he came into her room she would minimize the screen and turn beet red.When he asked her what she was up to Step… more

Caught By Daddy
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor , English
Stephanie's Castle (Stephani... - Susanna Hughes

Stephanie's Castle (Stephani...Susanna Hughes

Average wait: N/A

Stephanie felt a rush of cool air and saw a flight of steep winding stone steps leading down into the cellars of the castle…Of all the lovers who helped waken Stephanie’s slumbering sexuality, Devlin was the most memorable. One evening sh… more

Stephanie’s Castle (Stephanie’s BDSM Adventures Book 2)
Susanna Hughes
Chimera eBooks , English
Tell Me No Lies (Urban Books) - Nikki- Michelle

Tell Me No Lies (Urban Books)Nikki- Michelle

Average wait: N/A

Chyanne Johnson has finally gotten her act together. After all of the drama that ensued when she discovered that Aric McHale—her former boss, lover, and father to her son—was married, Chyanne has found a man to call her own. She has it made… more

Tell Me No Lies (Urban Books)
Nikki- Michelle
Urban Renaissance , English
The Cabin/Episode Eleven - Evelyn M. Byrne

The Cabin/Episode ElevenEvelyn M. Byrne

Jack didn’t think things couldn’t get any crazier. But now, Stephanie’s sister has come into the picture. And to make matters worse, Joe has agreed to take her to see her sister.

The Cabin/Episode Eleven
Evelyn M. Byrne
White Bird Publications, LLC , English
My New Life in Diapers Book ... - Madeline De Hywis

My New Life in Diapers Book ...Madeline De Hywis

Average wait: N/A

Petey is back at it again. He can’t seem to stop finding himself in the company of dominant women wherever he goes. His dominant motherly wife Stephanie is taking him on the trip of his life, to her mothers for 2 weeks! Unknown to Petey, a … more

My New Life in Diapers Book 7 - A Trip to the Mother-in-Law’s
Madeline De Hywis
De Hywis Publishing , English
FORBIDDEN TOUCH (Taboo Inter... - Lola Minx, Ivana Cox

FORBIDDEN TOUCH (Taboo Inter...Lola Minx, Ivana Cox

Average wait: N/A

When 18 year old Stephanie accidentally walks in on the Big Black Man of the House the beautifully blonde vixen realizes she might have feelings she can’t really explain… Now, she’s given him a chance to have everything that he wants, ha… more

FORBIDDEN TOUCH (Taboo Interracial Pregnancy)
Lola Minx, Ivana Cox
All Desires Press , English
Chacune son Rêve (French Edition) - Daniel Lesueur

Chacune son Rêve (French Edition)Daniel Lesueur

Je vais écrire ces choses. Je ne puis pas faire autrement. Le secret professionnel m’interdit de les révéler à qui que ce soit au monde. Mais ce que j’ai vu, ce que j’ai entendu, ce que j’ai accompli, la responsabilité que j’assume,—tout ce… more

Chacune son Rêve (French Edition)
Daniel Lesueur
One More Tomorrow - Shirley Martin

One More TomorrowShirley Martin

Average wait: N/A

Destined to live in darkness, Galan must defeat the evil Moloch to regain mortality and win the love of the mortal woman, Stephanie.   Review: “An intriguiging tale of two lovers destined to be together.” Romantic Times

One More Tomorrow
Shirley Martin
Books We Love , English
Love in Tiny Spaces: Nothing... - Gale London

Love in Tiny Spaces: Nothing...Gale London

Wedged into a cramped store dressing room, Paula and her college roommate are growing increasingly aroused as they watch each other trying on sexy outfits.When the sexual tension finally reaches critical levels, the horny girls give in to t… more

Love in Tiny Spaces: Nothing But Naughty (Kinky Lesbian Erotica)
Gale London
Touch Me, Daddy (Daddy's Lit... - Jenna Lynn

Touch Me, Daddy (Daddy's Lit...Jenna Lynn

Jenna’s naughty short stories are for Adults Only (18+) with extreme graphic content. 18 year old Stephanie is scared her foster parents are going to kick her out now that she’s legal. But her daddy sticks up for her and makes her feel s… more

Touch Me, Daddy (Daddy’s Little Girl)
Jenna Lynn
Jenna Lynn Erotica , English
Intimate Desires - Celeste Carrara

Intimate DesiresCeleste Carrara

Average wait: N/A

Stephanie is almost forty and her life hasn’t turned out the way she planned. That doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up and wallow in her misfortunes. She has fantasies, wild fantasies and she decides it’s time to make them come true. Lucky … more

Intimate Desires
Celeste Carrara
Hazed And Chained - Raine Storm

Hazed And ChainedRaine Storm

Walking home from Cheerleading practice Stephanie never could have known what was coming next. Abducted and tortured at the hands of a sadistic man wanting revenge for the hazing of his only daughter, Stephanie fights to survive, hoping to … more

Hazed And Chained
Raine Storm
Boy Bangs MILF - Lola  Fox

Boy Bangs MILFLola Fox

2 ratings

Recently dumped by her husband for a younger woman, Stephanie is left to wallow in her misery. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though. She isn’t one to let a little thing like a goddamn divorce keep her down. Not when she’s relaxing in the co… more

Boy Bangs MILF
Lola Fox
Summerhouse Publishing , English