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Geek Fantasy Novel - E. Archer

Geek Fantasy NovelE. Archer

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What happens when a science geek and magic collide?Be careful what you wish for. Really. Because wishes are bad. Very bad. They can get you trapped in fantasy worlds full of killer bunny rabbits, evil aunts, and bothersome bacteria, for exa… more

Geek Fantasy Novel
E. Archer
Scholastic Press , English
Ten Reasons the New Kindle 3... - Stephen Windwalker

Ten Reasons the New Kindle 3...Stephen Windwalker

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Excerpted from Kindle Nation Daily’s Complete User’s Guide to Your New Kindle 3 or Kindle Wi-Fi. Chapter 1: Ten Reasons the New Kindle 3 or Kindle Wi-Fi is a Must if You Love to Read … And a Few Minor Drawbacks5,000 words, August 23, 2010… more

Ten Reasons the New Kindle 3 or Kindle Wi-Fi is a Must if You Love to Read … And a Few Minor Drawbacks (Excerpts from Kindle Nation Daily’s Complete … Your New Kindle 3 or Kindle Wi-Fi Book 1)
Stephen Windwalker
Kindle Nation Daily , English
Crazy in Love - Julia Talbot

Crazy in LoveJulia Talbot

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Keaton is kind of a city wolf, in love with his coffee shops and his Wi-Fi. Dakota tries to convince Keaton how dangerous it is to be so close to non-shifters, but it’s not until Keaton is captured and taken to an asylum that he realizes ho… more

Crazy in Love
Julia Talbot
Torquere Press, Inc. , English
Skype For Dummies - Loren Abdulezer, Susan Abdul...

Skype For DummiesLoren Abdulezer, Susan Abdul...

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See how to use Skype for secure chats and connect SkypeOut and SkypeIN. Here’s the fun and easy way (r) to understand all the hype about Skype and make this cool alternative communication system work for you! You’ll get great advice about h… more

Skype For Dummies
Loren Abdulezer, Susan Abdulezer, Howard Dammond
For Dummies , English
FATHER (The Vampire Diner Book 1) - Vikki Lawrence

FATHER (The Vampire Diner Book 1)Vikki Lawrence

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The last time you walked into a diner, did you even suspect that the owners could be watching you? Analyzing your order? Checking you for drug or alcohol abuse? Sizing up how delicious your blood might be?

Maybe you should.

Driven by a ne… more

FATHER (The Vampire Diner Book 1)
Vikki Lawrence
Rosemary Ridge Books , English
The Beginner's Guide to the ... - Harbor City Apps

The Beginner's Guide to the ...Harbor City Apps

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This manual will help you learn how to use and make the most of your new Kindle Paperwhite. Perfect for the user unfamiliar with technology to quickly maximize use of their new device! Learn quickly all the most important functions and fe… more

The Beginner’s Guide to the Kindle Paperwhite
Harbor City Apps
Harbor City Apps , English
Using The Kindle Fire HD: Th... - Little Pearl

Using The Kindle Fire HD: Th...Little Pearl

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The Complete Guide To Becoming The Master Of Your New Kindle Fire HD! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Kindle Fire HD. In this accessible yet thorough guide you will learn everything you need to know to effectively use the world’s best… more

Using The Kindle Fire HD: The Everything-You-Need-To-Know Guide
Little Pearl
Little Pearl Publishing , English
Take Control: Android Rooting Guide - Alexander Cordova

Take Control: Android Rooting GuideAlexander Cordova

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Have you ever thought about rooting your phone? Would you have any idea where to start? Here’s a guide for Android users that explains in detail everything you need to know about rooting your phone or tablet. Rooting your device essentially… more

Take Control: Android Rooting Guide
Alexander Cordova
Holy Bible - World English Bible

Holy BibleWorld English Bible

This version of the World English Bible is designed to be read on your Kindle device or app.- Easily navigate to any book from the table of contents- The words of Jesus are in red on apps / devices that support color- Click on references or… more

Holy Bible
World English Bible
Gillis Mountain Publishing , English
The Hackers Cookbook: The Ul... - Jason Nigel

The Hackers Cookbook: The Ul...Jason Nigel

Have you always wanted to be an amateur hacker, but didn’t know how? This book will get you started. It’s a beginners guide to basic computer and video game hacks, and is intended for people with no prior experience. In this edition of the … more

The Hackers Cookbook: The Ultimate Book of Hacks, Mods, and Computer Tricks
Jason Nigel
Mod Press , English
Grandma's Guide to New Fangl... - Anna MacDonald

Grandma's Guide to New Fangl...Anna MacDonald

Do you sometimes think that the younger generation speak a different language? Do you struggle to keep up with all the new technology that is now being used just about everywhere? Rest assured, you’re not alone! It seems that every day ther… more

Grandma’s Guide to New Fangled Technology - helping you to become “Tech Savvy”
Anna MacDonald
Play Sudoku on your Kindle -... - Robert Edison

Play Sudoku on your Kindle -...Robert Edison

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Play Sudoku on your Kindle - Vol 1 of 3 (10 Sudoku Games)
Robert Edison
Kindle Gamer , English
My iPad mini (My...) - Gary Rosenzweig

My iPad mini (My...)Gary Rosenzweig

Covers iOS 6 Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPad mini photos that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into iPad mini problems or limitations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPad mini. Full-color, s… more

My iPad mini (My…)
Gary Rosenzweig
Que Publishing , English
Private Travel Abroad all pr... - Tatsuhiko Kadoya

Private Travel Abroad all pr...Tatsuhiko Kadoya

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「海外個人旅行 全手順マニュアル」 LCC・スマホ時代の海外旅行術 - 個人旅行編 -

■[ 海外個人旅行の準備 ]■□■□■□■□■

[ 国際キャッシュカードの準備 ]  ・新生銀行  ・楽天銀行  ・スルガ銀行  ・シティバンク銀行 [ パスポートの申請・取得手順 ]  (1) 必要書類を集める  (2) 窓口で申請する  (3) 窓口で受け取る  ●[ パスポートの英語 ] [ ビザの申請・取得 ]  アメリカのビザ  アメリカ以外の国のビザ [ イエローカ… more

Private Travel Abroad all procedures Manual: - LCC / SMARTPHONE era - (Japanese Edition)
Tatsuhiko Kadoya
CRAFTec Art Japan , Japanese
How to Connect ANY Televisio... - Sonia

How to Connect ANY Televisio...Sonia

Many well known brands of televisions force the buyers to buy their branded dongles to connect the televisions with the home Wi-Fi network. This is a marketing strategy of these big companies, to make few more bugs with every sale of televi… more

How to Connect ANY Television (TV) With Internet without Any Branded Wi-Fi Dongle
Samsung Galaxy Tab Survival ... - Toly K

Samsung Galaxy Tab Survival ...Toly K

This Samsung Galaxy Tab manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to do everything with your Samsung Galaxy Tab FASTER. You will also unlock hidden secrets of your Galaxy Tab such as how to download FREE games and FREE eBooks and sen… more

Samsung Galaxy Tab Survival Guide - Step-by-Step User Guide for Galaxy Tablet: Getting Started, Downloading FREE eBooks, Using eMail, Photos and Videos, and Surfing Web (Mobi Manuals)
Toly K
MobileReference , English
Upload - Collin Tobin

UploadCollin Tobin

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Someone’s always watching.

All Jay wants is a wi-fi hotspot and a few hours away from his father, whose behavior has gotten erratic since Jay’s mother died last year. But Jay’s solo hobby of hotspot hunting makes him a witness to a violen… more

Collin Tobin
Red Adept Publishing , English
Wi-FiTM, BluetoothTM, Zigbee... - Houda Labiod, Hossam Afifi, ...

Wi-FiTM, BluetoothTM, Zigbee...Houda Labiod, Hossam Afifi, ...

Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth™, ZigBee™ and WiMax™ will provide a complete and detailed description of the recent wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and WiMAX. These technologies are considered to be important topics in the teleco… more

Wi-FiTM, BluetoothTM, ZigbeeTM and WiMaxTM
Houda Labiod, Hossam Afifi, Costantino Santis
Springer Netherlands , English
New Testament, Psalms and Pr... -

New Testament, Psalms and Pr...

This version of the World English Bible is designed to be read on your Kindle device or app.- Easily navigate to any book and chapter from the table of contents- Easily jump to the next or previous chapter - The words of Jesus are in red on… more

New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs (World English Bible)
Alex Cameron , English
101 Google Android Tips, Tri... - Jeff Walters

101 Google Android Tips, Tri...Jeff Walters

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The Android OS is everywhere; computers, eReaders, cars, and of course phones. If you don’t have a device with Android, there’s a good chance you will very soon. This book is not a manual; it is intended as a quick guide to features and app… more

101 Google Android Tips, Tricks and Tweaks
Jeff Walters