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After All - Dan Robi

After AllDan Robi

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God, Clowns and Rock Bands, What more could you want?

After All
Dan Robi
The Brain Advantage: Become ... - Madeleine L. Van Hecke, Lisa...

The Brain Advantage: Become ...Madeleine L. Van Hecke, Lisa...

Business leaders are in charge. They are in charge of people, of budgets, of production lines. Most leaders also believe that they are in charge of their greatest resource—their own brain. But how true is that? The more we understand about … more

The Brain Advantage: Become a More Effective Business Leader Using the Latest Brain Research
Madeleine L. Van Hecke, Lisa P. Callahan, Brad Kolar, Ken A. Paller
Prometheus Books , English
Unfinished Sentences: 450 Ta... - Les Christie

Unfinished Sentences: 450 Ta...Les Christie

In the best-selling footsteps of Would You Rather … ?, What If … ?, and Have You Ever … ? comes Unfinished Sentences — another collection of sometimes lighthearted, sometimes poignant, and always provocative discussion starters … more

Unfinished Sentences: 450 Tantalizing Unfinished Sentences to Get Teenagers Talking and Thinking (Quick Questions)
Les Christie
Zondervan/Youth Specialties , English
Vendetta (Legend of the Ir'I... - Connie Suttle

Vendetta (Legend of the Ir'I...Connie Suttle

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Aedan always knew when something was wrong. Adele sat at the kitchen island, staring at her hands. Ashe had never seen her so defeated. “What is it?” Aedan sighed as he took a seat beside Adele.

This.” Adele pulled the letter from the dr… more

Vendetta (Legend of the Ir’Indicti Book 4)
Connie Suttle
Connie Suttle , English
Self Discovery (Short Story) - Don De Lene

Self Discovery (Short Story)Don De Lene

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There comes a time in a person’s life when you ask yourself, ‘What’s it all about?’ ‘What am I doing here?’, ‘Where am I going?’ It certainly happened to me. I have clear recollections of raising these questions with friends and family ye… more

Self Discovery (Short Story)
Don De Lene
What's For Dinner? 2 - Randy Wilson

What's For Dinner? 2Randy Wilson

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Learning how to cook continues in the second book of “What’s For Dinner” 2 More complicated cooking directions that just the basic which was covered in the first book. This book gets into some still easy, but serious cooking and helps you … more

What’s For Dinner? 2
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson , English
How to Host a 24-Hour Movie ... - John Oleszkiewicz

How to Host a 24-Hour Movie ...John Oleszkiewicz

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In this booklet, you’ll learn why you would ever willingly watch 24 straight hours of movies, how to pick the movies you’ll actually watch, and how to organize and hold a successful movie marathon in your house. You’ll also get a bunch of r… more

How to Host a 24-Hour Movie Marathon
John Oleszkiewicz
The Big Green House of Publishing , English
Reign: The Beginning - David J. Keyser

Reign: The BeginningDavid J. Keyser

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This book is about the Millennial Reign found in the Bible. The author does not pretend to actually describe in this book what the millennial reign will be like or to predict the time for the beginning of those 1,000 years. This is all fict… more

Reign: The Beginning
David J. Keyser
Reign: The Millennium - David J. Keyser

Reign: The MillenniumDavid J. Keyser

This book is about the Millennial Reign found in the Bible. The author does not pretend to actually describe in this book what the millennial reign will be like or to predict the time for the beginning of those 1,000 years. This is all fict… more

Reign: The Millennium
David J. Keyser
The Situated Self - J. T. Ismael

The Situated SelfJ. T. Ismael

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J. T. Ismael’s monograph is an ambitious contribution to metaphysics and the philosophy of language and mind. She tackles a philosophical question whose origin goes back to Descartes: What am I? The self is not a mere thing among things—bu… more

The Situated Self
J. T. Ismael
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Crawlspace - Troy Seate

CrawlspaceTroy Seate

The forbidden desire to be with a virtual stranger can be powerful. In this tale of strange bedfellows; one above ground, one beneath it, a homeless man has sunk about as low as he can go before seeking refuge beneath the living quarters of… more

Troy Seate
Whispers Publishing , English


”“What am I supposed to do with my life?”“Little did Rich Hayes imagine that on a beautiful October afternoon in 2001 he’d get the answer to the question he’d been asking most of his life. Along with that answer would come an explanation o… more

WHAT GOD TOLD ME TO TELL YOU: The Three Essential Truths of Your Existence (Guaranteed Dogma-Free!)
Richard Hayes
iUniverse , English
Iron Fitness - Craig Wallace

Iron FitnessCraig Wallace

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If you are a seasoned workout veteran or new to the idea of working out, there is a lot information you are going to need to know when it comes to fitness. “Iron Fitness” will guide you through very important information you are going want … more

Iron Fitness
Craig Wallace
Craig Wallace , English
What's For Dinner? Cookbook:... - Gooseberry Patch

What's For Dinner? Cookbook:...Gooseberry Patch

The most-asked question has finally been answered! What’s for Dinner? cookbook has scrumptious recipes for casseroles, slow cooking, grilling, meatless meals, dinner for 2 and more, like horseradish pot roast, shepherd’s pie, zesty macaroni… more

What’s For Dinner? Cookbook: Fix-it-fast recipes plus quick-as-a-wink tips for making everyday dinners delightful! (Everyday Cookbook Collection)
Gooseberry Patch
Gooseberry Patch , English
The North Indian Cookbook: 3... - Shelina Mann

The North Indian Cookbook: 3...Shelina Mann

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THE NORTH INDIAN COOKBOOK comes with 30 AUTHENTIC and EXCITING RECIPES for you to try and enjoy in your very own kitchen.

This book covers Understanding N… more

The North Indian Cookbook: 30 Authentic & Exciting Recipes
Shelina Mann
The Guy Tip - Ethan Michael Carter

The Guy TipEthan Michael Carter

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One Guy’s Take on What it Takes to Be a Man

The Guy Tip
Ethan Michael Carter
Ethan Michael Carter , English
Student Loans Don't Have to Bite - Student Loan Instructor.com

Student Loans Don't Have to BiteStudent Loan Instructor.com

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What’s the Deal about Student Loans?There are advantages and disadvantages to borrowing student loans for a college education. Many students just sign a bunch of official looking papers while in college only to find after leaving school the… more

Student Loans Don’t Have to Bite
Student Loan Instructor.com
Fruits of Labor, LLC , English
What if Einstein Was Wrong?:... - Brian Clegg, Jim Al-Khalili

What if Einstein Was Wrong?:...Brian Clegg, Jim Al-Khalili

‘What if…?’ are the two words that sow the seeds for human speculation, experimentation, invention, evolution, revolution, revision and change. Consider the consequences of travelling back to the future or exploring the past. What if we d… more

What if Einstein Was Wrong?: Asking the Big Questions about Physics (What If?)
Brian Clegg, Jim Al-Khalili
Ivy Press , English
How to Heal After Heartbreak... - Chris Gottschalk

How to Heal After Heartbreak...Chris Gottschalk

Whether it’s because of trust issues, a bad fight, or bad sex, or you can’t put your finger on where it went wrong, breaking up is never easy. It leaves you sad, lost, confused, angry, or just plain lonely. You may even feel like you cannot… more

How to Heal After Heartbreak: How to Recover from a Breakup and Get Your Hopes and Dreams Back
Chris Gottschalk
Atlantic Publishing Group Inc , English
Cooking Tips: 365 Quick Cook... - Samantha Smart

Cooking Tips: 365 Quick Cook...Samantha Smart

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Have you ever wondered:If there’s an easier way to clean fresh spinachWhat size eggs should you useWhat to do about those dark and crusted baking sheetsHow you can make your cookies chewierHow long to cook a boiled eggHow much one cup of dr… more

Cooking Tips: 365 Quick Cooking Tips and Hints, Kitchen Tips, and Food Tips
Samantha Smart