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After All - Dan Robi

After AllDan Robi

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God, Clowns and Rock Bands, What more could you want?

After All
Dan Robi
The Brain Advantage: Become ... - Madeleine L. Van Hecke, Lisa...

The Brain Advantage: Become ...Madeleine L. Van Hecke, Lisa...

Business leaders are in charge. They are in charge of people, of budgets, of production lines. Most leaders also believe that they are in charge of their greatest resource—their own brain. But how true is that? The more we understand about … more

The Brain Advantage: Become a More Effective Business Leader Using the Latest Brain Research
Madeleine L. Van Hecke, Lisa P. Callahan, Brad Kolar, Ken A. Paller
Prometheus Books , English
Unfinished Sentences: 450 Ta... - Les Christie

Unfinished Sentences: 450 Ta...Les Christie

In the best-selling footsteps of Would You Rather … ?, What If … ?, and Have You Ever … ? comes Unfinished Sentences — another collection of sometimes lighthearted, sometimes poignant, and always provocative discussion starters … more

Unfinished Sentences: 450 Tantalizing Unfinished Sentences to Get Teenagers Talking and Thinking (Quick Questions)
Les Christie
Zondervan/Youth Specialties , English
Keys to the Deeper Life - A. W. Tozer

Keys to the Deeper LifeA. W. Tozer

Table of Contents:

No Revival without Reforrmation The Deeper Life: What Is It? Gifts of the Spirit: Are They for Us Today? How To Be Filled with the Spirit

Keys to the Deeper Life
A. W. Tozer
Chariot eBooks , English


In this book you will find useful resources to use in your classroom. All resources are Literacy based. Save your the time of creating your own resources by printing whats available in this book.Included are reciprocal reading cards, cause … more

T Kilic
Vendetta (Legend of the Ir'I... - Connie Suttle

Vendetta (Legend of the Ir'I...Connie Suttle

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Aedan always knew when something was wrong. Adele sat at the kitchen island, staring at her hands. Ashe had never seen her so defeated. “What is it?” Aedan sighed as he took a seat beside Adele.

This.” Adele pulled the letter from the dr… more

Vendetta (Legend of the Ir’Indicti Book 4)
Connie Suttle
Connie Suttle , English
Self Discovery (Short Story) - Don De Lene

Self Discovery (Short Story)Don De Lene

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There comes a time in a person’s life when you ask yourself, ‘What’s it all about?’ ‘What am I doing here?’, ‘Where am I going?’ It certainly happened to me. I have clear recollections of raising these questions with friends and family ye… more

Self Discovery (Short Story)
Don De Lene
What If? Changing Your Life ... - Jim Young

What If? Changing Your Life ...Jim Young

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WHAT IF…?, Changing Your Life to Fit Your Truth, takes the reader to new depths of discerning life purpose and meaning through spiritual discernment. An array of spiritually related topics are posed, including a lead statement intended to … more

What If? Changing Your Life to Fit Your Truth
Jim Young
iUniverse , English
What's For Dinner? 2 - Randy Wilson

What's For Dinner? 2Randy Wilson

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Learning how to cook continues in the second book of “What’s For Dinner” 2 More complicated cooking directions that just the basic which was covered in the first book. This book gets into some still easy, but serious cooking and helps you … more

What’s For Dinner? 2
Randy Wilson
Randy Wilson , English
What Can I Do When It Rains?... - Editors of the American Heri...

What Can I Do When It Rains?...Editors of the American Heri...

Houghton Mifflin’s popular Good Beginnings series of board books introduces two new titles for 2004, each of them published in English-only and bilingual English-Spanish editions. Continuing the engaging series format, these delightful book… more

What Can I Do When It Rains? / ¿Qué puedo hacer cuando llueve? (Good Beginnings)
Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
How to Host a 24-Hour Movie ... - John Oleszkiewicz

How to Host a 24-Hour Movie ...John Oleszkiewicz

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In this booklet, you’ll learn why you would ever willingly watch 24 straight hours of movies, how to pick the movies you’ll actually watch, and how to organize and hold a successful movie marathon in your house. You’ll also get a bunch of r… more

How to Host a 24-Hour Movie Marathon
John Oleszkiewicz
The Big Green House of Publishing , English
The Appeal of Fruitfulness - Pamela Iannello

The Appeal of FruitfulnessPamela Iannello

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Want to be truly appealing? Then Miss Pam’s series of 14 devotionals that give deep insight into the fruits of the Spirit is for you. Here ladies learn how they can have the lasting appeal of fruitfulness in their hearts and homes straight … more

The Appeal of Fruitfulness
Pamela Iannello
CreateSpace , English
Reign: The Beginning - David J. Keyser

Reign: The BeginningDavid J. Keyser

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This book is about the Millennial Reign found in the Bible. The author does not pretend to actually describe in this book what the millennial reign will be like or to predict the time for the beginning of those 1,000 years. This is all fict… more

Reign: The Beginning
David J. Keyser
Reign: The Millennium - David J. Keyser

Reign: The MillenniumDavid J. Keyser

This book is about the Millennial Reign found in the Bible. The author does not pretend to actually describe in this book what the millennial reign will be like or to predict the time for the beginning of those 1,000 years. This is all fict… more

Reign: The Millennium
David J. Keyser
The Family Disaster Preparat... - Brian Henderson

The Family Disaster Preparat...Brian Henderson

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Finally, there’s a breakthrough new book made for people who are determined to sail though the next natural disaster or a plain old emergency.And if you have a family or loved ones living with you—This is a MUST Read!This book covers everyt… more

The Family Disaster Preparation Handbook: Know What To Do in an Emergency
Brian Henderson
The Situated Self - J. T. Ismael

The Situated SelfJ. T. Ismael

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J. T. Ismael’s monograph is an ambitious contribution to metaphysics and the philosophy of language and mind. She tackles a philosophical question whose origin goes back to Descartes: What am I? The self is not a mere thing among things—bu… more

The Situated Self
J. T. Ismael
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Living with Passion:  How to... - Mace Grace

Living with Passion: How to...Mace Grace

Most everything above has to do with your ability to LIVE WITH PASSION in your life. If you’ve ever secretly thought that you are MORE than what you represent now, if you really want to actively “live with passion” you just might want eval… more

Living with Passion: How to Make Every Moment Count
Mace Grace
FIERCE CREATURES! (What Am I... - S. Holmer

FIERCE CREATURES! (What Am I...S. Holmer

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This work consists of a series of short poems that asks young readers, “What Am I?”. The answer is revealed along with a photograph of the “fierce creature”. S. Holmer is also the author of SUPERFRUIT! another “What Am I?” book:http://www… more

FIERCE CREATURES! (What Am I? Book Book 1)
S. Holmer
Altin Publishing Corp. , English
Fourteen Inches to Peace: Se... - David Mutchler and Elizabeth Beau

Fourteen Inches to Peace: Se...David Mutchler and Elizabeth Beau

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Time and again we hear reports from readers and students of our programs that “This is ‘It.’ This is what I’ve been looking for all these years. This is what I’ve long sought but until now have not been able to find.”“It” is the subject of … more

Fourteen Inches to Peace: Seven Simple Steps to Move from Your Head to Your Heart
David Mutchler and Elizabeth Beau
BalboaPress , English
Crawlspace - Troy Seate

CrawlspaceTroy Seate

The forbidden desire to be with a virtual stranger can be powerful. In this tale of strange bedfellows; one above ground, one beneath it, a homeless man has sunk about as low as he can go before seeking refuge beneath the living quarters of… more

Troy Seate
Whispers Publishing , English