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Ghosts of Washington: The Ha... - Jeffrey Fisher

Ghosts of Washington: The Ha...Jeffrey Fisher

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This guide offers information on the haunted hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts that are located in the state of Washington. Each location includes information on its history, and the spirit(s) believed to haunt the property.

Ghosts of Washington: The Haunted Hotels, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts
Jeffrey Fisher
Origins: Book 1 of the Desti... - Jack Monroe

Origins: Book 1 of the Desti...Jack Monroe

Five teenagers. Each normal, yet each unique. So, what happens when a mysterious man shows up on each of their doorsteps with an offer that they all feel like they’ve been waiting for?

While in the forest covered and mountainous state of W… more

Origins: Book 1 of the Destined Series
Jack Monroe
Comanche Massacre (The Pony ... - Chet Cunningham

Comanche Massacre (The Pony ...Chet Cunningham

They killed for a living and died for a price. The Comanches had been pushed too far by the government in Washington, driven to anger by the whiskey traders and formed into a deadly fighting force by the cold blooded gun runners. THE PONY S… more

Comanche Massacre (The Pony Soldiers Book 2)
Chet Cunningham
Wolfpack Publishing , English
Dangerous Deeds - Frank Cobb

Dangerous DeedsFrank Cobb

A heavy fog pressed down upon the city of Washington. To the boy watching it from the vantage point of the window in the top floor of the apartment in which he stood, it spread as mysterious and as sodden as a flood, enveloping streets, par… more

Dangerous Deeds
Frank Cobb
The Siege of Washington: A S... - Francis Colburn Adams, Jacob...

The Siege of Washington: A S...Francis Colburn Adams, Jacob...

EXCERPTS:“…each man ran for his life, the excitement increasing at every step, until the race became general; and in this way it was kept up until our grand army of gallant militiamen reached the forts, when they breathed freer and felt saf… more

The Siege of Washington: A Shocking Play-by-Play Account of the Crucial Days that Almost Ended the United States of America as We Now Know It!!! (annotated)
Francis Colburn Adams, Jacob Tudor Baruch
The Bargaining - Carly Anne West

The BargainingCarly Anne West

The Shining meets The Conjuring in this scary and suspenseful novel “akin to old Stephen King novels” (School Library Journal).The fact that neither of her parents wants to deal with her is nothing new to Penny. She’s used to being discusse… more

The Bargaining
Carly Anne West
Simon Pulse , English
G. Washington: Master Mason - Allen E. Roberts

G. Washington: Master MasonAllen E. Roberts

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This is one of the few books which approaches the man from a human interest standpoint. Here we learn what the man was really like—how his friends, neighbors, soldiers, and statesmen regarded him. The author has let Washington tell his own… more

G. Washington: Master Mason
Allen E. Roberts
Macoy Publishing & Masonic Supply Co., Inc. , English
Works of Booker T. Washington - Booker T. Washington

Works of Booker T. WashingtonBooker T. Washington

Works of Booker T. Washington256Three classic works by Booker T. Washington with an active table of contents. Works include:Future of the American NegroNegro ProblemUp From Slavery: An Autobiography

Works of Booker T. Washington
Booker T. Washington
Golgotha Press , English
Man on the Box (7 Books) (An... - Harold MacGrath

Man on the Box (7 Books) (An...Harold MacGrath

A gay romance of Washington today, carried off with admirable dash and spirit, and with just enough tragedy to give point to the comic touch. The hero masquerades as a coachman, takes service in his lady’s livery, becomes involved in a dipl… more

Man on the Box (7 Books) (Annotated Edition)
Harold MacGrath
Balustrade (The Carnal Stair... - Mark Henry

Balustrade (The Carnal Stair...Mark Henry

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A couple on the verge of divorce begrudgingly agree to an unorthodox marital retreat. Despite warnings and portents, Hilary and Jack travel to the remote Washington scablands, braving a strange religious demonstration to arrive at Balustrad… more

Balustrade (The Carnal Staircase Book 1)
Mark Henry
Celebrate Bird Song and Expl... - USDA Forest Service

Celebrate Bird Song and Expl...USDA Forest Service

Welcome to the fifth annual Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest- a weekend celebration to enjoybirdsong and the natural world! Th e Leavenworth,Washington area features spectacular habitats,ranging from snow-capped mountains to sunnyponderosa pine… more

Celebrate Bird Song and Explore the Natural World: Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest
USDA Forest Service
Delly's Erotic Delights Epis... - Colin Archer

Delly's Erotic Delights Epis...Colin Archer

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This book contains descriptive sexual material and is for Adults OnlyA short story, the first in a series. Delwyn has spent the last decade building a successful vineyard. Her best friend badgers her into a vacation with clear instructions … more

Delly’s Erotic Delights Episode One: Amanda’s Chardonnay Tasting
Colin Archer
AbbottKingPublishing.com , English
All Roads Lead Me Back to You - Kennedy Foster

All Roads Lead Me Back to YouKennedy Foster

an unlikely romance between a Washington rancher and an illegal Mexican immigrant whom she rescues one snowy night. When a saddled horse shows up riderless at Alice Anderson’s snowed-in ranch, she knows someone’s in danger—no one could sur… more

All Roads Lead Me Back to You
Kennedy Foster
Pocket Books , English
Washington - Danielle Mays

WashingtonDanielle Mays

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Who needs daytime television? In a small town there is enough drama and adventure to go around! Washington is a small town with enough unique residents to keep things interesting. This is some of their stories first hand witnessed, with … more

Danielle Mays
Booktango , English
Storming the Castle - Richard Fernandez

Storming the CastleRichard Fernandez

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It is a pamphlet describing how gradually yet irresistibly, Washington became the dominated by a party of incumbents. Whether they are Democrat or Republican, politicians have now become a permanent class in the capital, existing along with… more

Storming the Castle
Richard Fernandez
Checkmating the Plots of For... - LAURA DENT CRANE

Checkmating the Plots of For...LAURA DENT CRANE

The Automobile Girls at Washington Checkmating the Plots of Foreign Spies!This classic novel is reprinted and brought back to life. Written in 1913 it has all the ingredients of a spellbinding tale of international intrigue, secret plots, h… more

Checkmating the Plots of Foreign Spies!
Headroom , English
Art is the Lie (A Vanderbie ... - Courtney Cook Hopp

Art is the Lie (A Vanderbie ...Courtney Cook Hopp

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A chance meeting, splashed against the bold and disjointed colors of Picasso, leaves CeeCee Vanderbie reeling as she comes face to face with a grandmother she’s never met, triggering the release of a family’s long tradition of visions.

Pai… more

Art is the Lie (A Vanderbie Novel Book 1)
Courtney Cook Hopp
How to Break Free of the Dra... - Janae B Weinhold PhD, Barry ...

How to Break Free of the Dra...Janae B Weinhold PhD, Barry ...

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Recognizing the impact of Drama Triangle dynamics in your life may knock your socks off, or even turn your shoes around. After reading this book, we can guarantee that the way you see the world around you will never be the same. You’ll be a… more

How to Break Free of the Drama Triangle & Victim Consciousness
Janae B Weinhold PhD, Barry K Weinhold PhD
CICRCL Press , English
Black History (Booker T. Was... - Keith Wagner

Black History (Booker T. Was...Keith Wagner

As you travel this great nation, it is no accident you will see a lot of schoolsgiven the name of Booker T. Washington. That is because this great blackeducator and leader set the standard and carved out a new path in theyears right after t… more

Black History (Booker T. Washington)
Keith Wagner
Keith Wagner , English
The City of Numbered Days - Francis Lynde

The City of Numbered DaysFrancis Lynde

It was not characteristic of Brouillard—the Brouillard Grislow knewbest—that he should suffer the purely technical talk of dams andreservoirs, bed-rock anchorages, and the latest word in concretestructural processes to languish and should… more

The City of Numbered Days
Francis Lynde