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Peace, Love and War - Tom Cornett

Peace, Love and WarTom Cornett

Three erotic romance short stories taking place during the World War two Era. The first story is about a young soldier who meets a young German woman after the war. He falls into an erotic situation that remains a mystery for life. The s… more

Peace, Love and War
Tom Cornett
Aunt Jane's Nieces in The Re... - Edith Van Dyne

Aunt Jane's Nieces in The Re...Edith Van Dyne

This is the story of how three brave American girls sacrificed the comforts and luxuries of home to go abroad and nurse the wounded soldiers of a foreign war.I wish I might have depicted more gently the scenes in hospital and on battlefield… more

Aunt Jane’s Nieces in The Red Cross(Annotated)
Edith Van Dyne
El Zahir (Spanish Edition) - Paulo Coelho

El Zahir (Spanish Edition)Paulo Coelho

A famous author lives with his wife, Esther, who was a war correspondent, until one day she disappears without a trace. He believes he has been abandoned by Esther, who turns into a Zahir, who according to Islamic tradition is someone who d… more

El Zahir (Spanish Edition)
Paulo Coelho
Gold Editora , Spanish
Works of Archibald Forbes - Archibald Forbes

Works of Archibald ForbesArchibald Forbes

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2 works of Archibald ForbesBritish war correspondent (1838-1900)This ebook presents a collection of 2 works of Archibald Forbes. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected.Table of Contents:Camps, Quarters,… more

Works of Archibald Forbes
Archibald Forbes
The Perfect Library , English
Wrestle Me - Mysty McPartland

Wrestle MeMysty McPartland

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While filling in time before she is reassigned back overseas, Chetney helps a friend out and interviews a wrestler. The moment she sets eyes on him knows she’s in huge trouble. The sexual tension between them can’t be denied. Though not int… more

Wrestle Me
Mysty McPartland
Secret Cravings Publishing , English
The V Unit - Max Vos

The V UnitMax Vos

Average wait: 43d, 8h

Only a select few in the human world knew of the existence of the V Unit, a small group of highly trained Marines - who happened to be vampires.

And it would have stayed that way.

But when events in the vampire world threatened the stabil… more

The V Unit
Max Vos
Max Vos, Inc. , English
War and the Future - H. G. Wells

War and the FutureH. G. Wells

H. G. Wells examines his view of the early part of World War I in this book. The United States has not yet entered the war. His view of the war at this time is best described in his own words:”One of the minor peculiarities of this unpreced… more

War and the Future
H. G. Wells
Quiet Vision , English
An American Nomad: A Road Tr... - Stephen Braxton Thompson

An American Nomad: A Road Tr...Stephen Braxton Thompson

This is the adult-oriented alternate version of the well-received original book, published in 2013, now focusing heavily on the actual road trip, and includes a selection of photographs taken along the way.The author spent more than three d… more

An American Nomad: A Road Trip in Search of America: Alternate Version
Stephen Braxton Thompson
The Divine Storyteller: Dial... - William McCandless

The Divine Storyteller: Dial...William McCandless

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For fans worldwide of author Nevil Shute, The Divine Storyteller offers a new viewpoint on the novelist’s life during the years 1944 to 1955 and the ideas that shaped his widely popular books. Written as a series of imagined, present-tense … more

The Divine Storyteller: Dialogues with Nevil Shute
William McCandless
Touchwood Press , English
South African Memories - Lady Sarah Wilson

South African MemoriesLady Sarah Wilson

Life in British South Africa before and during the Boer War (1899-1902) written by Lady Sarah Wilson a war correspondent.

South African Memories
Lady Sarah Wilson
Beneath the Surface - Suzanne Perazzini

Beneath the SurfaceSuzanne Perazzini

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Jo has the darkest of secrets in her past, which drives her to seek out the most traumatic of hotspots in the world as a war correspondent so she never has the time to confront what she did. A fellow reporter, Craig, accompanies her into wa… more

Beneath the Surface
Suzanne Perazzini
Flanders - The Poppy Chronic... - Claire Rayner

Flanders - The Poppy Chronic...Claire Rayner

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It is 1911. At sixteen, Poppy is becoming a woman herself, and she can appreciate that the Suffragette Movement seems to promise a fairer future for all women. Then in 1914 The First World War breaks out and brings catastrophic loss and suf… more

Flanders - The Poppy Chronicles Book 2
Claire Rayner
MP Publishing Limited , English
The World is a Carpet: Four ... - Anna Badkhen

The World is a Carpet: Four ...Anna Badkhen

An unforgettable portrait of a place and a people shaped by centuries of art, trade, and war.In the middle of the salt-frosted Afghan desert, in a village so remote that Google can’t find it, a woman squats on top of a loom, making flowers … more

The World is a Carpet: Four Seasons in an Afghan Village
Anna Badkhen
Riverhead , English
A Different Sin - Rochelle Hollander Schwab

A Different SinRochelle Hollander Schwab

Average wait: < 1h

THE NOVEL THAT HAS BEEN HAILED ASTHE QUEER GONE WITH THE WIND.” As the country hurtles toward Civil War, David Carter finds employment as an artist for a New York illustrated paper - and becomes the lover of a fellow newsman. Stricken wit… more

A Different Sin
Rochelle Hollander Schwab
Orlando Place Press , English
Richard Harding Davis - The ... - Richard Harding Davis

Richard Harding Davis - The ...Richard Harding Davis

Richard Harding Davis (1864-1916), one of the most famous American newspaper correspondents of his time, fought in the battle of Las Guásimas on June 24, 1898, during the Spanish-American War. It was the first major fight for the American t… more

Richard Harding Davis - The Rough Riders at Guasimas
Richard Harding Davis
EMBRACED (Em and Yves Book 3) - Darlene Jones

EMBRACED (Em and Yves Book 3)Darlene Jones

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Abby is convinced the clickings she hears in the fillings of her teeth are messages from aliens. She tells herself that’s crazy, but asks one of her students, computer nerd Curtis, to help her decipher the code. A secret code from aliens is… more

EMBRACED (Em and Yves Book 3)
Darlene Jones
Family Matters - Joan Kilby

Family MattersJoan Kilby

From darkness to light…Marc Wilde once prided himself on living up to his last name. He was a respected foreign war correspondent and former champion snowboarder, but his life took a brutal twist when a bomb blast in the Middle East landed … more

Family Matters
Joan Kilby
Harlequin Superromance , English
The Vision: A World War II S... - Robert Blake

The Vision: A World War II S...Robert Blake

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Jared Matthews is embarking on a journey which started with a well-deserved furlough from his duties as a foreign war correspondent and pilot during World War II. Everything changes for him after experiencing a vision which seems to portray… more

The Vision: A World War II Soldier’s Quest to Discover the Meaning of His Dreams and the Power of His Destiny
Robert Blake
InspiringVoices , English
Song of the Wolf - Scott C.S. Stone

Song of the WolfScott C.S. Stone

From the mixed blood of his white father and his Cherokee ancestors, John Dane is a born warrior who finds his niche when he joins the Unites States Marines and goes to fight in Korea. Here, he learns to unleash his violent instincts fighti… more

Song of the Wolf
Scott C.S. Stone
iUniverse , English
Jack London: The Man Who Cre... - The Editors of  New Word City

Jack London: The Man Who Cre...The Editors of New Word City

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In his day, Jack London was the most famous and best-paid writer in the United States. In the tradition begun by Mark Twain, London was a self-invented celebrity - a dashing, romantic adventurer, often in the news. His many vocations includ… more

Jack London: The Man Who Created White Fang
The Editors of New Word City
New Word City, Inc. , English