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Viral Infections of the Gast...

Chronicling the latest scientific advances in the field of diarrheal research, this comprehensive and thoroughly updated Second Edition details the etiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, immunology, and immunoprophylaxis of gastroenteri… more

Viral Infections of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Second Edition: 10 (Infectious Disease and Therapy)
CRC Press , English

Flesheaters and Bloodsuckers...HC Hammond

Harold is an apathetic vampire in a world where creatures of the night are second-class citizens. With a living, breathing girlfriend and a small territory in the city, Harold has enough blood to fly under the radar…Until he messes up and… more

Flesheaters and Bloodsuckers Anonymous
HC Hammond
Firelands Publishing , English

Herpes and Nutrition - How t...Gary Hamilton

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This is the first book to bring you the author’s personal experiences of how to be outbreak-free by using everyday foods and nutrients. It is estimated that approximately 30 million Americans are carriers of the herpes virus. It lies dorman… more

Herpes and Nutrition - How to be out-break free without drugs
Gary Hamilton

Common Sense on the Net and CloudJohn Brooks

With the gold rush to store and backup data online we tend to listen to others that make a living in the industry and ignore common sense, placing our data as well as personal information at risk. This book is simply written as a quick one … more

Common Sense on the Net and Cloud
John Brooks

Murder on the BayouJP Struck

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This is a mystery of what could be called ‘fictional murders’ by Bayou Folk lure, slayings. Bayou folk lore mixed with actual murders will leave you shaking your head trying to figure out the questions and details of how and why they happe… more

Murder on the Bayou
JP Struck
JP Struck , English

No Computer Viruses (Volume)J Lynn

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No anti-virus software needed. Why pay for big name licensed Anti-virus software if it is not needed? Tested and proven system makes protecting your computer a snap while traveling on the Internet.

No Computer Viruses (Volume)
J Lynn


When a deadly influenza virus threatens all of humankind, can a virologist who encounters many obstacles on his path to a cure be successful, and if so, at what price?

This is a love story … a deep love for another human being and a … more


Plant Virus-Host Interaction...

Plant Virus-Host Interaction contains cutting-edge research in plant molecular virology, including pathogenic viroids and transport by insect vectors, interference with transmission to control viruses, and synergism, with pivotal coverage o… more

Plant Virus-Host Interaction: Molecular Approaches and Viral Evolution
Academic Press , English

The R33PR VirusNathan Barnes

Enjoy the end of the world through the eyes of a desk-bound civil servant.Nathan is a middle-aged father and husband working as a police dispatcher for the campus police of a large university in Richmond, Virginia. During late night working… more

The R33PR Virus
Nathan Barnes
KnightWatch Press , English

The Amazon Strain (Silhouett...Katherine Garbera

MEET DR. JANE MILLER, VIRUS HUNTERHer research indicated that a deadly new virus had surfaced in the heart of the Amazon. And Jane’s own legendary virus-hunting father might be infected. But no one paid attention to her data. In fact, after… more

The Amazon Strain (Silhouette Bombshell)
Katherine Garbera
Silhouette Bombshell , English

Raven HillJ.D. Gallagher

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Zack Willard is facing life in prison for a double murder.

A virus runs riot through the streets of Limerick city. Chaos ensues as law and order breaks down. Medical services become overworked and cease to function as the flu-like virus … more

Raven Hill
J.D. Gallagher

Infectious Diseases and Subs...Herman Friedman, Thomas W. K...

The influence of many drugs of abuse – licit and illicit – on immune function has been examined extensively in recent years. Many such substances, including marijuana, cocaine, morphine, and nicotine, have been shown to enhance the disease … more

Infectious Diseases and Substance Abuse (Infectious Agents and Pathogenesis)
Herman Friedman, Thomas W. Klein, Mauro Bendinelli
Springer , English

The Meme Machine (Popular Science)Susan Blackmore

What is a meme? First coined by Richard Dawkins in The Selfish Gene, a meme is any idea, behavior, or skill that can be transferred from one person to another by imitation: stories, fashions, inventions, recipes, songs, ways of plowing a fi… more

The Meme Machine (Popular Science)
Susan Blackmore
Oxford University Press, USA , English

Pete The Nerd's Virus Remova...Pete Moulton

Remove viruses. malware, and spyware from your computer in one hour for $1 using this book. You can easily save you $50 and speed up your computer following the step by step cookbook virus removal procedure for everyday users in the book. … more

Pete The Nerd’s Virus Removal For Everyday Users (Pete The Nerd’s Help for Everyday Users )
Pete Moulton

Media Virus!Douglas Rushkoff

The most virulent viruses today are composed of information. In this information-driven age, the easiest way to manipulate the culture is through the media. A hip and caustically humorous McLuhan for the ‘90s, culture watcher Douglas Rushko… more

Media Virus!
Douglas Rushkoff
Ballantine Books , English

Zombie Games (Origins)Kristen Middleton

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Seventeen-year-old Cassandra Wild thought that living in the chaos of her mother’s home daycare and dealing with new feelings for Bryce, her martial arts instructor, was a struggle until her world turned upside down. When an untested vaccin… more

Zombie Games (Origins)
Kristen Middleton
Dark Shadows Publishing , English

Surviving the Zombie Apocaly...Alex Newton

Terrorists have unleashed a death sentence upon the world and Bill Jones must react quickly or face the possibility of losing his family! Can he get everyone safely out of Chicago and to their safe location? Is he as prepared as he thought … more

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: The Bill Jones Story)
Alex Newton

The Zombies: Volume OneMacaulay C. Hunter

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They were six average teenagers … until Sombra C.

Schools are closed. Thousands of sick people are locked in confinement points to die. Vigilante soldiers are pacing the streets. A mutation of a common cold virus has resulted in the de… more

The Zombies: Volume One
Macaulay C. Hunter

Virus Structure: 64 (Advance...

This volume covers the full spectrum of modern structural virology. Its goal is to describe the means for defining moderate to high resolution structures and the basic principles that have emerged from these studies. Among the topics covere… more

Virus Structure: 64 (Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology)
Academic Press , English

The PC Security Handbook - P...Future Publishing

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The latest and smartest anti-virus software is essential. That’s a given. You’d be mad to venture out onto the internet with out it, a firewall and all the rest. We’re of the belief you shouldn’t leave your security to software alone though… more

The PC Security Handbook - Part 1 (PC Plus Presents…)
Future Publishing
Future Publishing , English