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Stonewall Jackson And The Am... - G. F. R. Henderson

Stonewall Jackson And The Am...G. F. R. Henderson

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Illustrated with 10 unique illustrations.Before the great Republic of the West had completed a century of independent national existence, its political fabric was subjected to the strain of a terrible internecine war. That the true cause of… more

Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War (Illustrated)
G. F. R. Henderson
Swinging Titties - Sarita Villarreal

Swinging TittiesSarita Villarreal

Swinging TittiesVirginia’s titties are swinging just a few inches from her lover Pascal’s face as she rides his cock in his car just off the Highway.

Swinging Titties
Sarita Villarreal
Paul and Virginia (Translate... - Bernadin de Saint-Pierre

Paul and Virginia (Translate...Bernadin de Saint-Pierre

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Paul and Virginia

Paul and Virginia (Translated) (French Edition)
Bernadin de Saint-Pierre
Daddy Substitute 4 (Daddy Su... - Ada O'Flaherty

Daddy Substitute 4 (Daddy Su...Ada O'Flaherty

If you like to watch a barely legal, recently virgin, extremely newly ripe young girl put on all fours and made to moan, whimper and beg as she takes a cock up her “back door” for the first time… then this is your story.Virginia has been … more

Daddy Substitute 4 (Daddy Substitute Chronicles)
Ada O’Flaherty
Ada O’Flaherty , English
Journals of the Road Book 1: Autumn - J Rose

Journals of the Road Book 1: AutumnJ Rose

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After a restructuring of our world in the near future, a few brave souls fight on in the name of freedom. Journal 1 is part of V’s story- a regular girl trying to bolster the resistance in Virginia and NC while she avoids capture and Zombie… more

Journals of the Road Book 1: Autumn
J Rose
Dragon Ridge Publishing , English
Supervision of rural schools... - Jackson  Davis

Supervision of rural schools...Jackson Davis

In this paper I speak chiefly of work in Virginia which has come under my personal observation. Reports from teachers in the states farther south show that a change equally as great is being wrought there.

Supervision of rural schools for Negroes (1913)
Jackson Davis
The Pastor's Virgin Sister (... - Paloma Eroti

The Pastor's Virgin Sister (...Paloma Eroti

When Virginia (18) is almost raped, she runs home to be comforted by her mature step-brother, Pastor Robert. Only it seems Pastor Robert can’t keep his hands off his step-sister’s virgin body either.A story of temptation, pseudo-incest and … more

The Pastor’s Virgin Sister (Pseudo-Incest and Breeding)
Paloma Eroti
With Lee in Virginia - G. A. Henty

With Lee in VirginiaG. A. Henty

With Lee in Virginia: a story of the American Civil War by G. A. Henty

With Lee in Virginia
G. A. Henty
Cuando Aprendas a Amarme (Sp... - Kelly Dreams

Cuando Aprendas a Amarme (Sp...Kelly Dreams

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Todo lo que Nickolas necesitaba se encontraba en la enorme plantación de Virginia dónde el clan Tygarian se había instalado. Como segundo de la manada y administrador de la propiedad poseía su propio espacio, la compañía femenina nunca le f… more

Cuando Aprendas a Amarme (Spanish Edition)
Kelly Dreams
Kelly Dreams , Spanish
Soul Mates - Marilyn Lee

Soul MatesMarilyn Lee

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Some people love once for all time.Long ago on a Virginia plantation, Carlee had her mother, her home, and the boy she loved, Trey Brandauer, snatched from her when she was sold. Clinging to the promise Trey made to find her again, Carlee v… more

Soul Mates
Marilyn Lee
Marilyn Lee Unleashed , English
A Captain in the Ranks - George Cary Eggleston

A Captain in the RanksGeorge Cary Eggleston

This story is intended to supplement the trilogy of romances in which I have endeavored to show forth the Virginian character under varying conditions.”Dorothy South” dealt with Virginia life and character before the Confederate war.

A Captain in the Ranks
George Cary Eggleston
Whispers In The Dark - Denise P Jeffries

Whispers In The DarkDenise P Jeffries

When your dreams become nightmares, there’s only one thing to do… run.Dominique Rue’s partner’s blood stained her hands. For ten years they worked together and she refused to admit the true feelings she had for him. Now he is dead.Her life … more

Whispers In The Dark
Denise P Jeffries
Tease Publishing LLC , English
To Have and To Hold - Mary Johnston

To Have and To HoldMary Johnston

A Story of Virginia in Colonial Days. A best selling romance in 1900 that has twice been made into a movie.

To Have and To Hold
Mary Johnston
Life in the Country Vol 5 - Gwen Boyd

Life in the Country Vol 5Gwen Boyd

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This is a historical narrative and family history of four Rucker brother and their descendants who came over the mountains from Virginia to Middle Tennessee before 1800. There are pictures of their ancestral homes that are still standing, 2… more

Life in the Country Vol 5
Gwen Boyd
Gwen Boyd aka Gwendolyn Hopkins Boyd , English
Black Women Deserve Better - C W

Black Women Deserve BetterC W

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The book that will turn the Black community on its head!Black men are continuously being taught to disrespect, dishonor, and disregard the Black woman. The ugly, heartbreaking results manifest themselves with the “baby mama” epidemic, video… more

Black Women Deserve Better
Outskirts Press , English
Living Out of the Box (On The Edge) - Kallysten

Living Out of the Box (On The Edge)Kallysten

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The very first time Virginia spent a night with the vampire Anando, she couldn’t have begun to imagine all the sensual and sexual games she would experience with him. She also couldn’t have imagined that she would fall in love with him, or … more

Living Out of the Box (On The Edge)
Alinar Publishing , English
Ride Or Die Chick III (Ride ... - J.M. Benjamin

Ride Or Die Chick III (Ride ...J.M. Benjamin

Imagine being the product of one of the most notorious Bonnie & Clyde couples to ever terrorize the state of Virginia.Imagine your father choosing death over life in prison because he thought he had no reason to live.Imagine your mother try… more

Ride Or Die Chick III (Ride Or Die Chick Series)
J.M. Benjamin
A New Quality Publishing , English
A Wreath of Virginia Bay Lea... - James Barron Hope

A Wreath of Virginia Bay Lea...James Barron Hope

A Wreath of Virginia Bay Leaves by Hope

A Wreath of Virginia Bay Leaves Poems of James Barron Hope Latest Edition
James Barron Hope
A History of Slavery in Virginia - James Curtis Ballagh

A History of Slavery in VirginiaJames Curtis Ballagh

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A look at Virginia’s history of owing slaves.Originally published 1902.

A History of Slavery in Virginia
James Curtis Ballagh
Out of the Box 5 (On The Edge) - Kallysten

Out of the Box 5 (On The Edge)Kallysten

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The temptation to return to the club and to Anando was too strong. Despite her better judgment, despite the risks to her heart, Virginia goes back to see her lover. He agrees to the rules she sets easily enough, but those same rules, once t… more

Out of the Box 5 (On The Edge)
Alinar Publishing , English