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Swinging Titties - Sarita Villarreal

Swinging TittiesSarita Villarreal

Swinging TittiesVirginia’s titties are swinging just a few inches from her lover Pascal’s face as she rides his cock in his car just off the Highway.

Swinging Titties
Sarita Villarreal
Stonewall Jackson And The Am... - G. F. R. Henderson

Stonewall Jackson And The Am...G. F. R. Henderson

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Illustrated with 10 unique illustrations.Before the great Republic of the West had completed a century of independent national existence, its political fabric was subjected to the strain of a terrible internecine war. That the true cause of… more

Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War (Illustrated)
G. F. R. Henderson
The master of Warlock; a Vir... - George Cary Eggleston

The master of Warlock; a Vir...George Cary Eggleston

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The master of Warlock; a Virginia war story ([1903])

The master of Warlock; a Virginia war story ([1903])
George Cary Eggleston
On the Inside (Holy Ghost Tales) - Charmaine T. Davis

On the Inside (Holy Ghost Tales)Charmaine T. Davis

SHORT STORYA boy helps his father dig in the early 1800s in Virginia.

On the Inside (Holy Ghost Tales)
Charmaine T. Davis
Saltcedar Publications , English
Red Lipstick Journals -August 2011 - Keta Diablo, Brindle Chase, ...

Red Lipstick Journals -August 2011Keta Diablo, Brindle Chase, ...

Welcome to the Red Lipstick Journals. We’re glad you stopped by.Referred to as, “As shot in the arm to blogs,” and “Hot, Sizzling…” You have entered a state of RED where your inhibitions fall away.A unique group of writers with vivid imag… more

Red Lipstick Journals -August 2011
Keta Diablo, Brindle Chase, Jacqueline George, Amy Romine, Dena Celeste, Dakota Trace, Kharisma Rhayne, Blak Rayne
Red Lipstick Journals , English
Daddy Substitute 9 (Daddy Su... - Ada O'Flaherty

Daddy Substitute 9 (Daddy Su...Ada O'Flaherty

If you like a to watch a barely-legal girl claimed by the voracious need of her “daddy,” a man longing to see her belly filled with his child… then this is your story. Mr. Ryan’s world is falling apart as he’s faced with a future that doe… more

Daddy Substitute 9 (Daddy Substitute Chronicles)
Ada O’Flaherty
Ada O’Flaherty , English
Virginia by the Numbers - Im... - EJ  Craig, John Craig

Virginia by the Numbers - Im...EJ Craig, John Craig

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Virginia by the Numbers is a look at Virginia’s statistics from a new perspective. From Longitude and Latitude of every city within her borders, we can determine not just distance, but personality, flavor, ambiance. Virginia holds many amaz… more

Virginia by the Numbers - Important and Curious numbers about Virginia and her cities (States by the Numbers Book 46)
EJ Craig, John Craig
Books to Believe In , English
Bodybuilder - Ruby Llewellyn

BodybuilderRuby Llewellyn

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Virginia just knows the fantastically built man at her gym must have used steroids to have gotten such a marvelous physique. When Randy insists he’s never juiced, Virginia decides there’s just one way he can prove it. After all, everybody… more

Ruby Llewellyn
MotsErotica , English
Ride Or Die Chick III (Ride ... - J.M. Benjamin

Ride Or Die Chick III (Ride ...J.M. Benjamin

Imagine being the product of one of the most notorious Bonnie & Clyde couples to ever terrorize the state of Virginia.Imagine your father choosing death over life in prison because he thought he had no reason to live.Imagine your mother try… more

Ride Or Die Chick III (Ride Or Die Chick Series)
J.M. Benjamin
A New Quality Publishing , English
Black Cat Appreciation Day: ... - Rikki's Refuge

Black Cat Appreciation Day: ...Rikki's Refuge

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Did you know there was such a thing as Black Cat Appreciation Day? Black cats have been maligned throughout history as evil and bad luck. We at RIkki’s Refuge say Enough! In honor of Black Cat Appreciation day, help us celebrate the beauty … more

Black Cat Appreciation Day: Their Stories 2013
Rikki’s Refuge
Foundation of Government - John Adams

Foundation of GovernmentJohn Adams

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In 1776 George Wythe of Virginia asked Adams to draw up a plan of government. This letter was the reasoned reply of Adams.

Foundation of Government
John Adams
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English


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A brief look at the impact of war on civilians living around Manassas based on first person narratives and family histories.During the four years of the Civil War, twenty six major battles and four hundred smaller engagements were fought in… more

Charles A. Mills
Apple Cheeks Press , English
The free Negro in Virginia, ... - John Henderson Russell

The free Negro in Virginia, ...John Henderson Russell

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The free Negro in Virginia, 1619-1865. 212 Pages.

The free Negro in Virginia, 1619-1865
John Henderson Russell
Cuando Aprendas a Amarme (Sp... - Kelly Dreams

Cuando Aprendas a Amarme (Sp...Kelly Dreams

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Todo lo que Nickolas necesitaba se encontraba en la enorme plantación de Virginia dónde el clan Tygarian se había instalado. Como segundo de la manada y administrador de la propiedad poseía su propio espacio, la compañía femenina nunca le f… more

Cuando Aprendas a Amarme (Spanish Edition)
Kelly Dreams
Kelly Dreams , Spanish
Out of the Box 5 (On The Edge) - Kallysten

Out of the Box 5 (On The Edge)Kallysten

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The temptation to return to the club and to Anando was too strong. Despite her better judgment, despite the risks to her heart, Virginia goes back to see her lover. He agrees to the rules she sets easily enough, but those same rules, once t… more

Out of the Box 5 (On The Edge)
Alinar Publishing , English
Treasure Legends of Virginia - Charles A. Mills

Treasure Legends of VirginiaCharles A. Mills

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The history of Virginia told through treasure tales about pirates, Indians, Revolutionary War heroes and Civil War raiders. The full text of the famous Beale Treasure cipher is included along with some sixty other legends.

Treasure Legends of Virginia
Charles A. Mills
Apple Cheeks Press , English
The Virginia X - Keith Nichols

The Virginia XKeith Nichols

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Adventure and intrigue are unexpected consequences when two young men decide to explore a derelict ship. What they find in the bowels of the old craft lead them on a dangerous flight from a gang of ruthless thugs out to cover up a murder. U… more

The Virginia X
Keith Nichols
Some emigrants to Virginia :... - William Glover Stanard

Some emigrants to Virginia :...William Glover Stanard

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Some emigrants to Virginia : memoranda in regard to several hundred emigrants to Virginia during the colonial period whose parentage is shown or former residence indicated by authentic records.

Some emigrants to Virginia : memoranda in regard to several hundred emigrants to Virginia during the colonial period whose parentage is shown or former residence indicated by authentic records
William Glover Stanard
Red Lipstick Journals - June... - Kharisma Rhayne, Keta Diablo...

Red Lipstick Journals - June...Kharisma Rhayne, Keta Diablo...

You have entered a state of RED where your inhibitions fall away.A unique group of writers with vivid imaginations, not so innocent curiosity and a plethora of sultry erotic tales offers up a sample of each taste, delights to make your toes… more

Red Lipstick Journals - June 2011 (Red Lipstick Journals Edition)
Kharisma Rhayne, Keta Diablo, Dakota Trace, Brindle Chase, Amy Romine, Blak Rayne, Jacquline George, Dena Celeste, Katrina Nicola
Red Lipstick Journals , English
One True Love (Siren Publish... - Gina Duncan

One True Love (Siren Publish...Gina Duncan

[Siren Allure: Erotic Historical Romance] Virginia is determined not to let anything keep Mathias away. Not their parents, not an ocean, and not even Mathias’s own vow never to love again. First, she has to find a way to bring him home, and… more

One True Love (Siren Publishing Allure)
Gina Duncan
Siren Publishing , English