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Stonewall Jackson And The Am... - G. F. R. Henderson

Stonewall Jackson And The Am...G. F. R. Henderson

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Illustrated with 10 unique illustrations.Before the great Republic of the West had completed a century of independent national existence, its political fabric was subjected to the strain of a terrible internecine war. That the true cause of… more

Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War (Illustrated)
G. F. R. Henderson
Swinging Titties - Sarita Villarreal

Swinging TittiesSarita Villarreal

Swinging TittiesVirginia’s titties are swinging just a few inches from her lover Pascal’s face as she rides his cock in his car just off the Highway.

Swinging Titties
Sarita Villarreal
Daddy Substitute 9 (Daddy Su... - Ada O'Flaherty

Daddy Substitute 9 (Daddy Su...Ada O'Flaherty

If you like a to watch a barely-legal girl claimed by the voracious need of her “daddy,” a man longing to see her belly filled with his child… then this is your story. Mr. Ryan’s world is falling apart as he’s faced with a future that doe… more

Daddy Substitute 9 (Daddy Substitute Chronicles)
Ada O’Flaherty
Ada O’Flaherty , English
The Virginia X - Keith Nichols

The Virginia XKeith Nichols

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Adventure and intrigue are unexpected consequences when two young men decide to explore a derelict ship. What they find in the bowels of the old craft lead them on a dangerous flight from a gang of ruthless thugs out to cover up a murder. U… more

The Virginia X
Keith Nichols
Red Lipstick Journals - June... - Kharisma Rhayne, Keta Diablo...

Red Lipstick Journals - June...Kharisma Rhayne, Keta Diablo...

You have entered a state of RED where your inhibitions fall away.A unique group of writers with vivid imaginations, not so innocent curiosity and a plethora of sultry erotic tales offers up a sample of each taste, delights to make your toes… more

Red Lipstick Journals - June 2011 (Red Lipstick Journals Edition)
Kharisma Rhayne, Keta Diablo, Dakota Trace, Brindle Chase, Amy Romine, Blak Rayne, Jacquline George, Dena Celeste, Katrina Nicola
Red Lipstick Journals , English
The plantation Negro as a fr... - Philip Alexander Bruce

The plantation Negro as a fr...Philip Alexander Bruce

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The plantation Negro as a freeman; observations on his character, condition, and prospects in Virginia (1889)

The plantation Negro as a freeman; observations on his character, condition, and prospects in Virginia (1889)
Philip Alexander Bruce
Red Lipstick Journals - April 2011 - Amy Romine, Mystee Blackwood...

Red Lipstick Journals - April 2011Amy Romine, Mystee Blackwood...

Referred to as, “As shot in the arm to blogs,” and “Hot, Sizzling…” You have entered a state of RED where your inhibitions fall away.A unique group of writers with vivid imaginations, not so innocent curiosity and a plethora of sultry ero… more

Red Lipstick Journals - April 2011
Amy Romine, Mystee Blackwood, Keta Diablo, Jacqueline George, Dakota Trace, Dena Celeste, Cara Bristol, Bindle Chase, Blak Rayne, Kharisma Rhayne
Red Lipstick Journals , English
The Highest Peak - Kathy Lee Pair

The Highest PeakKathy Lee Pair

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….The Highest Peak is a powerful and captivating memoir of a woman’s determination to push past the obstacles that should have defeated her.
There is no doubt that Virginia truly saw things differently than other people. Her intuition… more

The Highest Peak
Kathy Lee Pair
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
The Great Ark - T. C. Driver

The Great ArkT. C. Driver

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A book of Fiction dedicated to changing the Civil Commitment Laws in Virginia

The Great Ark
T. C. Driver
A complete history of the Un... -  Frederick Butler

A complete history of the Un... Frederick Butler

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2. “That the establishing a standing army in this colony, in time of peace, is an invasion of natural rights.” 3. “That a standing army is hot known as a part of the British constitution.” 4. “That the sending an armed force into this co… more

A complete history of the United States of America
Frederick Butler
Supervision of rural schools... - Jackson  Davis

Supervision of rural schools...Jackson Davis

In this paper I speak chiefly of work in Virginia which has come under my personal observation. Reports from teachers in the states farther south show that a change equally as great is being wrought there.

Supervision of rural schools for Negroes (1913)
Jackson Davis
Homecoming (A Finn McCoy Par... - Scott Langrel

Homecoming (A Finn McCoy Par...Scott Langrel

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Finn McCoy is a paranormal handler. He handles things that ordinary paranormal investigators can’t or won’t, and he often ends up cleaning up behind them.

For fifteen years, McCoy has turned his back on his hometown of Shallow Springs, Vir… more

Homecoming (A Finn McCoy Paranormal Thriller #1)
Scott Langrel
It's Never Enough (Virginia ... - Marsha Casper Cook

It's Never Enough (Virginia ...Marsha Casper Cook

Contemporary Erotic Romance This complete Collection includes all three of the stories. Every Man Wants Her It’s Never Enough Stepping Up Her Game

Meet Virginia Templeton and have some fun. Having had a setback in her life she was fo… more

It’s Never Enough (Virginia Templeton Stories Book 2)
Marsha Casper Cook
Michigan Avenue Media Inc. , English
Along The Way - Wayne Gore

Along The WayWayne Gore

Short Stories and poetry A small boy growing up in the mountains of Virginia during the Forties and the Fifties humerous and honest

Along The Way
Wayne Gore
A Century of Science and Oth... - John Fiske

A Century of Science and Oth...John Fiske

Dear Tom,—It has long been my wish to make you the patron saint or tutelar divinity of some book of mine, and it has lately occurred to me that it ought to be a book of the desultory and chatty sort that would remind you, in your present ex… more

A Century of Science and Other Essays
John Fiske
Childhood Memories - Mary Noble Jones

Childhood MemoriesMary Noble Jones

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A recollection about growing up in rural Virginia during the 1940s and 1950s. From the unusual conditions of her birth, as related by her father, through her childhood years and when she became a child bride.

Childhood Memories
Mary Noble Jones
Righter Publishing Company, Inc , English
Gypsy (Yellow Silk Dreams) - Jacqueline George

Gypsy (Yellow Silk Dreams)Jacqueline George

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Down a disused Devon lane, Virginia discovers John, a handsome gypsy living in a traditional horse-drawn caravan, an idyllic piece of Old England. He has a dog and a horse, and makes baskets for a living, but there is more to him than first… more

Gypsy (Yellow Silk Dreams)
Jacqueline George
Q~Press , English
Zombies Among Us - Richard Palmer

Zombies Among UsRichard Palmer

A beautiful spring day turns into a nightmare for residents of a small town. The walking dead have filled the streets and one man must take action if he wants to save his life and his family. After convincing himself that he really did see … more

Zombies Among Us
Richard Palmer
Revenge of the Living (Virgi... - Jason Henry

Revenge of the Living (Virgi...Jason Henry

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The world has changed and not for the better, there are three kinds of people in the world, the living dead, those who are trying to rebuild and those who want to take what they never could. Ian and his new friends must rescue women and ch… more

Revenge of the Living (Virginia is for Zombies Book 2)
Jason Henry
A Wreath of Virginia Bay Lea... - James Barron Hope

A Wreath of Virginia Bay Lea...James Barron Hope

A Wreath of Virginia Bay Leaves by Hope

A Wreath of Virginia Bay Leaves Poems of James Barron Hope Latest Edition
James Barron Hope