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My Name Is Not Angelica - Scott O'Dell

My Name Is Not AngelicaScott O'Dell

In this historical novel set in the Virgin Islands of 1733, Raisha escapes from her Dutch “owners” in time to witness the mass suicide of her fellow slaves, who prefer death to recapture.

My Name Is Not Angelica
Scott O’Dell
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
Deirdre, the Oyster's Pearl ... - Jonnie Comet

Deirdre, the Oyster's Pearl ...Jonnie Comet

What’s an intelligent teenager do upon deciding to leave home? Deirdre’s answer is to wander the world on her own terms, surviving on wits, wiles, and will power. But it’s not as easy as that!

Deirdre, the Oyster’s Pearl —Volume Two of th… more

Deirdre, the Oyster’s Pearl (Deirdre, the Wanderer Book 2)
Jonnie Comet
Surf City Source media group , English
The Angel of St. Thomas - Peter Prellwitz

The Angel of St. ThomasPeter Prellwitz

The US Virgin Island of St. Thomas holds a glow of beauty and timeless grace. Beneath that, though, lies an anguished past of destroyed lives, enslavement, and endless attacks by nature itself. The people of St. Thomas are desperately in ne… more

The Angel of St. Thomas
Peter Prellwitz
Double Dragon Publishing , English
The Upstart - William Jerome Johnson

The UpstartWilliam Jerome Johnson

This book is a true story of a wonderful Black man and his family. The man who came from St. Thomas Virgin Island in the early 1920s and settled in Sheffield Alabama where he married a beautiful wife and brought a stylish home during a time… more

The Upstart
William Jerome Johnson
AuthorHouse , English
Frommer's Portable Virgin Islands - Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince

Frommer's Portable Virgin IslandsDarwin Porter, Danforth Prince

Frommer’s Portable Guides offer all the detailed information and insider advice of a Frommer’s Complete Guide—but in a concise, pocket-sized format. This compact guide to the Virgin Islands is perfect for the traveler making a short visit … more

Frommer’s Portable Virgin Islands
Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince
Frommers , English
The Professor - Mi'Chelle Dodson, Suprina Frazier

The ProfessorMi'Chelle Dodson, Suprina Frazier

Average wait: 6h

RE-RELEASE Desperate to finish college, take care of her sickly little brother, and help her family out of poverty, Aurelia Bunting returns to the very thing that she hates – exotic dancing. She needs all the money she can get now aft… more

The Professor
Mi’Chelle Dodson, Suprina Frazier
Bridges & Channels Enterprises , English
A Time to Rejoice - Errol M George

A Time to RejoiceErrol M George

Peter Jones is more than your average teenager who loves to play football and work with his father on his farm. He is also a very inquisitive young man whose curiosity brings him to a point where he is faced with the choice of his lifetime … more

A Time to Rejoice
Errol M George
Errol George , English
Taboo Fun in the Sun! (BBW f... - Dira Slate

Taboo Fun in the Sun! (BBW f...Dira Slate

Vicky is going to a resort in the Virgin Islands, and she’s about to meet Brandon, the man she grew up with for the first time in years. Despite the fact that their relationship has faded after he left to go to college, she harbors a forbid… more

Taboo Fun in the Sun! (BBW first time forbidden pregnancy erotica)
Dira Slate
Romantic Escapes in the Virg... - Paris Permenter, John Bigley

Romantic Escapes in the Virg...Paris Permenter, John Bigley

Average wait: N/A

Romance and the Caribbean go hand in hand. How could they not, with sunny days, sultry nights, perfect beaches, tropical splendor, and more fun than could be had in a lifetime? Undecided on which island would best suit you? Find your dream … more

Romantic Escapes in the Virgin Islands
Paris Permenter, John Bigley
Hunter Publishing , English
Angels of Christmas: Blessin... - M.M. Snyder

Angels of Christmas: Blessin...M.M. Snyder

MORNING PRAYERS NIGHT PRAYERS Epiphany Blessing of Gold EPIPHANY Blessing of Gold Frankincense and Myrrh BENEDICTIO AURI, THURIS ET MYRRHAE IN FESTO EPIPHANIAE Prayers of Christmas Inspirations Christmas to EpiphanyInspirations Christmas … more

Angels of Christmas: Blessing of The New Year Volume Two (Angels of Christmas Blessing of the New Year)
M.M. Snyder
Lulu Press Europe Canada USA , English
Caribbean Charter Captain - Wayne Adao

Caribbean Charter CaptainWayne Adao

Average wait: N/A

Hundreds of thousands of people vacation in the Virgin Islands each year. Some stay on cruise ships, others at resorts. The luckiest go cruising aboard private yachts with captains and crew who cater to their every need. This is the story o… more

Caribbean Charter Captain
Wayne Adao
Wayne Adao , English
Angels of Christmas The Epiphany - M.M. Snyder, SHUTTERSTOCK

Angels of Christmas The EpiphanyM.M. Snyder, SHUTTERSTOCK

BOOKTRAVELThe Epiphany Story978-0-557-26111-6 ISBNPAPERBACK LULU PRESS EUROPE CANADA USAThe Prayer for TravelersCarribean IslandIndiaSt. ThereseBritish Virgin Islands

Angels of Christmas The Epiphany
Lulu Press Europe Canada USA , English
Take Me to My Paradise: Tour... - Colleen Ballerino Cohen

Take Me to My Paradise: Tour...Colleen Ballerino Cohen

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) markets itself to international visitors as a paradise. But just whose paradise is it? Colleen Ballerino Cohen looks at the many players in the BVI tourism culture, from the tourists who leave their graffiti… more

Take Me to My Paradise: Tourism and Nationalism in the British Virgin Islands
Colleen Ballerino Cohen
Rutgers University Press , English
Sex stories gay :Volume 1 (F... - G. Simon

Sex stories gay :Volume 1 (F...G. Simon

New! Sex stories gay is a collection of five short stories about straight men who find themselves drawn to each other in unexpected ways.these stories cover a wide range of gay erotic themes.The collection includes 5 stories (varying from 4… more

Sex stories gay :Volume 1 (Five gay stories tales)
G. Simon
Island Fantasies:Truth in Travel - Annette Phillips

Island Fantasies:Truth in TravelAnnette Phillips

Island Fantasies depicts the realities of social interactions in America’s Paradise, the Virgin Islands and the world of situational events that occur on the sunny, sandy islands called “Home” to many who flock there in hopes to fill their … more

Island Fantasies:Truth in Travel
Annette Phillips
AuthorHouse , English
The Mampoo Tree - Thomas Wright

The Mampoo TreeThomas Wright

A suspense filled action adventure novel that explores the convoluted relationships between government, organized crime and the drug trade. A UNICOM agent is tortured and killed. As his partner and wife search for the reason for his death… more

The Mampoo Tree
Thomas Wright
iUniverse , English
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait - Toni Zobin

Good Things Come To Those Who WaitToni Zobin

John, divorced and sixty years old, has accepted his plight in life and realizes there are things he wanted to accomplish but never will. He wins millions of dollars and decides to make the most of his remaining life. He purchases an estate… more

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Toni Zobin
Mark Well My Words - Sr. Liston Monsanto

Mark Well My WordsSr. Liston Monsanto

Average wait: N/A

This book offers a treasure trove of information. It was inspired by what may be the only totalitarian government under the American flag and designed to act as a benefactor for the disadvantaged people of the Virgin Islands. There is not… more

Mark Well My Words
Sr. Liston Monsanto
Authorhouse , English
Michael Hawk and The Virgin ... - Dan Streib

Michael Hawk and The Virgin ...Dan Streib

Average wait: N/A

When Hawk’s latest lady is taken to the Virgin Islands for a ride she didn’t expect, he ends up discovering an international white slave trade. As soon as he gets hot on their tracks, the CIA tries to derail his search. But in the face of k… more

Michael Hawk and The Virgin Stealers (The Breakneck Hawk Action Series Book 12)
Dan Streib
Love's Redemption - Niambi Brown  Davis

Love's RedemptionNiambi Brown Davis

Average wait: N/A

Anita Webber just passed her bar exams. In celebration, she is vacationing in the Virgin Islands, a trip that is a gift from her aunt. There she finally meets the man of her dreams—suave, handsome, successful entrepreneur, Jeffrey Cole. The… more

Love’s Redemption
Niambi Brown Davis
Arrow Publications , English