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Bitter Nothings (Mystery) - Vicki Tyley

Bitter Nothings (Mystery)Vicki Tyley

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Half her family have been murdered in their beds. Her father is the prime suspect. And things are about to get a whole lot worse…

Graphic designer Dervla Johns wakes one … more

Bitter Nothings (Mystery)
Vicki Tyley
Patmay Press , English
Suspense Magazine, April 2010 - Mark Billingham, Clive Cussl...

Suspense Magazine, April 2010Mark Billingham, Clive Cussl...

Suspense Magazine April 2010 Edition features interviews with Clive Cussler, Mark Billingham, Peter Robinson and Barry Maitland. Introducing new author Vicki Tyley and featuring photographer Eric Oswald, On Location at Boston Commons along … more

Suspense Magazine, April 2010
Mark Billingham, Clive Cussler, Vicki Tyley, Barry Maitland, Peter Robinson
Sleight Malice (Mystery) - Vicki Tyley

Sleight Malice (Mystery)Vicki Tyley

2 ratings
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In perfect Vicki Tyley fashion, ‘Sleight Malice’ entertains and stuns its readers.” Lit Fest MagazineSLEIGHT: use of dexterity or cunning, especially so as to deceive.MALICE: the intention or desire to do evil; ill will.One cold Melbourne… more

Sleight Malice (Mystery)
Vicki Tyley
Patmay Press , English
The Indie Journey: Secrets t... - Scott Nicholson, J.A. Konrat...

The Indie Journey: Secrets t...Scott Nicholson, J.A. Konrat...

The e-book era has launched thousands of writing careers and holds tremendous promise for future growth. Here’s how one author went from self-publishing his first e-book to becoming a full-time author in a little more than a year. While off… more

The Indie Journey: Secrets to Writing Success
Scott Nicholson, J.A. Konrath, Zoe Winters, Vicki Tyley, Vincent Zandri, Guido Henkel, Lon Shapiro
Haunted Computer Books , English
Crime Beat - Scott Nicholson

Crime BeatScott Nicholson

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Crime doesn’t pay…but neither does journalism. DRM-free.


When John Moretz takes a job as a reporter in the Appalachian town of Sycamore Shade, a crime wave erupts that boosts circulation and leaves people u… more

Crime Beat
Scott Nicholson
Haunted Computer Books , English
Disintegration: A Mystery Thriller - Scott Nicholson

Disintegration: A Mystery ThrillerScott Nicholson

3 ratings

Identical twins vie for a family empire built on deceit, cruelty, and dark secrets—and one woman stands between them while another waits in the shadows.DISINTEGRATION(Revised March 2011. Includes alternate ending. DRM-free)When a mysteriou… more

Disintegration: A Mystery Thriller
Scott Nicholson
Haunted Computer Books , English
Suspense Magazine June 2012 - Anthony Franze, Donald Allen...

Suspense Magazine June 2012Anthony Franze, Donald Allen...

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Our June 2012 issue features exclusive interviews with Erik Larson, Justin Scott, Don Mann and debut authors Shannon Dittemore and Stephanie Jaye Evans. Check out the sneak peeks at new releases from Alan Jacobson (“Hard Target”), Jeremy Ro… more

Suspense Magazine June 2012
Anthony Franze, Donald Allen Kirch, CK Webb, Erik Larson, Stephanie Jaye Evans, Shannon Dittemore, Justin Scott, Don Mann
The Skull Ring: A Mystery Thriller - Scott Nicholson

The Skull Ring: A Mystery ThrillerScott Nicholson

6 ratings
Average wait: 2h

Julia Stone’s past comes creeping back when she discovers a strange silver ring, and three men want to help her—but choosing the wrong one could cost not only her heart but her soul.THE SKULL RINGDr. Pamela Forrest is determined to bring J… more

The Skull Ring: A Mystery Thriller
Scott Nicholson
Haunted Computer Books , English
Mystery Dance: Three Novels - Scott Nicholson

Mystery Dance: Three NovelsScott Nicholson

MYSTERY DANCE: An omnibus edition containing more than 200,000 words. Features the complete text of the #1 bestselling mystery and suspense novel Disintegration, The Skull Ring, Crime Beat, a short story, a bonus deleted chapter from Disint… more

Mystery Dance: Three Novels
Scott Nicholson
Haunted Computer Books , English
Fortress of Ephemera: A Goth... - Eric Christopherson

Fortress of Ephemera: A Goth...Eric Christopherson

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The year is 1919 and the place New York City. A one-armed WWI veteran spends the night inside the mansion of a wealthy hoarder and lives to tell about it—from a room in Bellevue Hospital’s psychiatric ward.Miles Trenowyth returns from the … more

Fortress of Ephemera: A Gothic Thriller
Eric Christopherson
The Skull Ring (A Screenplay) - Scott Nicholson

The Skull Ring (A Screenplay)Scott Nicholson

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The author’s original screenplay adaptation of this bestselling suspense novel THE SKULL RING. DRM-free and 99 cents for a limited time, featuring a new, improved, and tougher Julia Stone and an invitation to make your own casting recommend… more

The Skull Ring (A Screenplay)
Scott Nicholson
Haunted Computer Books , English
The Julia Stone Collection - Scott Nicholson

The Julia Stone CollectionScott Nicholson

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A chilling, suspense-filled psychological thriller.” —Vicki Tyley, Thin BloodBonus edition. Features the complete revised novel, the author’s original feature-length screenplay adaptation, and an essay. DRM-free.––––––––—… more

The Julia Stone Collection
Scott Nicholson
Haunted Computer Books , English