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The QuiltTimothy J. Paterson

When Vanessa received the quilt, she was very disappointed. She was expecting something more valuable. Would the quilt drive a wedge between Vanessa and her mother? This is the story about a Mother’s love, and a daughter’s discovery of what… more

The Quilt
Timothy J. Paterson

Wedding Heat: Lickity Split ...Giselle Renarde

Average wait: N/A

Bridesmaids Shonette and Kristen are definitely not a couple. They’ve been sleeping together pretty much forever and they don’t date other people, but still… the last thing they want is for people to think they’re lesbians.The girls tell e… more

Wedding Heat: Lickity Split (Lesbian Threesome Erotica)
Giselle Renarde
eXcessica Publishing , English

Taught By Him: The Billionai...Kimberly D. Carter

Average wait: N/A

Now fascinated by her boss’s bondage bedroom tactics, twenty-two year old Vanessa can’t help but want to learn more about him and from him. He is dark, handsome and a master dominator. And she is intrigued by this older man who seems to kno… more

Taught By Him: The Billionaire Series (Book 2) (A BDSM Erotic Romance)
Kimberly D. Carter

Pegging His Virgin AssMallorie Griffin

Stephen has a secret - a naughty secret. He just got a dildo to use on himself, but his girlfriend Vanessa discovers it, and leaves in what he thinks is a fit of anger. Little does he know, she returns later, with a HUGE surprise for him. F… more

Pegging His Virgin Ass
Mallorie Griffin

Punished: A mother's cruelty...Vanessa Steel

‘Punished’ is the inspiring true story of an unusual little girl, Vanessa, whose childhood was devastated by torture and abuse at the hands of her sadistic mother. Vanessa was nearly destroyed until she discovered a secret that ultimately s… more

Punished: A mother’s cruelty. A daughter’s survival. A secret that couldn’t be told.
Vanessa Steel
Harper Element , English

Public Sex Stories: Exhibiti...Nickie Dean

Average wait: N/A

Four short and very sinful fiction stories of exhibitionist sex and voyeurism.This collection starts with a tale of a poolside game of Truth or Dare the leads to underwater oral, girl-on-girl, and more.In the second tale of exhibitionist se… more

Public Sex Stories: Exhibitionist Sex & Voyeurism (Exhibitionism Sex Stories)
Nickie Dean
Robert Payne Publishing , English

Analternative (3-Pack Bundle)Saffron Daughter

Some women love it. The rest simply don’t get it.This is a steamy bundle of 3 sizzling tales of alternative intercourse. Included in the bundle are three stories about girls who either like it ‘in the back’, or discover that they do. These … more

Analternative (3-Pack Bundle)
Saffron Daughter

Firecracker Takes Aim - Fire...Megan Flint

Average wait: N/A

Trixie Harridan can’t keep her worlds apart. It turns out the two men she’s been sleeping with work together.Erik hired Cy as a masseuse at his fitness center and Trixie is afraid that talk around the water cooler will reveal her to be the … more

Firecracker Takes Aim - Firecracker #4 (Erotic Romance)
Megan Flint
Pixie Juice Press , English

Dominated By Him: The Billio...Kimberly D. Carter

Average wait: N/A

Twenty-Two year old Vanessa is a model desperate for a job so she turns to the first thing that will pay her bills. Being the public face of an Oil and Energy company. Only this time around, she’s bitten off more than she can chew as she me… more

Dominated By Him: The Billionaire Series (Book 1) (A BDSM Erotic Romance)
Kimberly D. Carter

Dirty Secret AffairsChloe Smith

All work and no play is never fun. Vanessa and Jared have never thought of anything else except their jobs—which happen to be two opposing secret agencies. But when they meet up in a very unusual way and are forced to go into hiding togethe… more

Dirty Secret Affairs
Chloe Smith

The Pledge Mistress and the ...Fran Diaz

Average wait: N/A

Pledge leader Vanessa didn’t like it when I showed up to the sorority pool party in a sexy bikini. “Do you think Delta girls are whores?”. After that, I was on her radar for the evening. When things started to heat up, I was squarely in he… more

The Pledge Mistress and the Pony Bitch: An FFM Public Sex Sorority Hazing Story
Fran Diaz
Polaris Erotica Publishing , English

Virginia WolfKyo Maclear

When Virginia wakes up feeling “wolfish,” her sister, Vanessa, tries to cheer her up. After treats, funny faces and other efforts fail, Vanessa begins to paint a glorious mural depicting the world of the sisters’ imagination. Will it help l… more

Virginia Wolf
Kyo Maclear
Kids Can Press , English

Sweet Melody (Sugar)Lennell Davis

Average wait: N/A

The power structure that has held the vampire together for 1000’s of years has been broken and in the vacuum Alik and June struggle to maintain the vail, while Vanessa and Sam learn what it means to be Vampire.

Sweet Melody (Sugar)
Lennell Davis
Lennell Davis , English

SaraEric Nelson

Average wait: N/A

Sara and Vanessa are soul mates. They are inseparable and often live in their own little world with happy memories. Their friendship is precious. However, when Sara goes off to college and leaves Vanessa behind a true crisis develops that t… more

Eric Nelson

Vanessa Seduced By Her Best ...Hope Parsons

When Vanessa heads over to help her friend Stef plan a party, she doesn’t expect her longtime girlfriend to suddenly want to share! That’s exactly what happens, though, a husband share ménage a trois with her first ever lesbian sex, bondag… more

Vanessa Seduced By Her Best Friend and Her Husband: A Reluctant BDSM MFF Threesome Short
Hope Parsons
Happy Endings Erotica Publishing , English

Emerald Seduction (Jewels of...Lila Pearce

Anya finally finds a diversion from the sorry state of her love life—her best friend Vanessa is in town for three weeks on a vacation that was strongly suggested by her boss. However, Vanessa is not the carefree, cavalier-with-her-heart fr… more

Emerald Seduction (Jewels of Desire)
Lila Pearce
Purple Sword Publications LLC , English

Vanessa Seduced By Her Best ...Hope Parsons

Average wait: N/A

When Vanessa heads over to help her friend Stef plan a party, she doesn’t expect her longtime girlfriend to suddenly want to share! That’s exactly what happens, though, a husband share ménage a trois with her first ever lesbian sex, bondag… more

Vanessa Seduced By Her Best Friend and Her Husband: A FFM Threesome Short with Bondage
Hope Parsons
Polaris Erotica Publishing , English

El trabajo de Tim (Spanish Edition)Elizabeth Laban

El Trabajo de Tim cuenta la historia de Tim Macbeth, un chico albino de diecisiete años que comienza a asistir a la Irving School. Tim no tiene ningún interés en hacer amigos, pero un día conoce a Vanessa, la chica más guapa del instituto y… more

El trabajo de Tim (Spanish Edition)
Elizabeth Laban
Ediciones B , Spanish

Handcuffed By Him: The Billi...Kimberly D. Carter

Thirty-one year old Brian has been dominating twenty-two year old Vanessa in the bedroom for a week now, teaching her things she never knew existed. And she is hooked. Enough to even try handcuffs and other kinds of toys the likes of which … more

Handcuffed By Him: The Billionaire Series (Book 3) (A BDSM Erotic Romance)
Kimberly D. Carter

Trying Something NewSaffron Daughter

Well,” he said, shakily. “Don’t ask me how I know, but I know we’ll need lubricant.” ”You’ve done this before?”  ”Um, no, I’ve just watched lots of porn.” Vanessa’s boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and she wants to surprise him. He’s al… more

Trying Something New
Saffron Daughter