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Valentine's Day In Mommy's Pussy - Innella Debden

Valentine's Day In Mommy's PussyInnella Debden

On Valentine’s Day, Mickey’s step mom is driving him to work when she decides that she wants his cock in her pussy. There is no time to drive back home so they park the car just off the road and have sex in and around the car. They are at r… more

Valentine’s Day In Mommy’s Pussy
Innella Debden
Cupid's Curse - Joel M. Andre

Cupid's CurseJoel M. Andre

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On Valentine’s Day, a young vampire learns that love isn’t always easy. Even as the love between her and the boy she likes grows, she learns that the darkness inside of her can’t be controlled. This is a short story prequel to, Valley Vampi… more

Cupid’s Curse
Joel M. Andre
Darkcountry Publications , English
Post Me Your Love - David L Dawson

Post Me Your LoveDavid L Dawson

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A lonely woman called Valentine Day has the surprise of her life on Valentine’s Day.A short story.

Post Me Your Love
David L Dawson
The Pink, It Burns - Karenna Colcroft

The Pink, It BurnsKarenna Colcroft

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An upsetting Valentine’s Day encounter triggers memories from Dyer’s past, but leads to a deepening of his acquaintance with Myles.

On Valentine’s Day, Dyer’s usual morning routine of buying coffee at the shop near his job is disrupted whe… more

The Pink, It Burns
Karenna Colcroft
From Your Secret Admirer (Ki... - Debora Day

From Your Secret Admirer (Ki...Debora Day

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Every Valentine’s Day for the past twenty years, Alex has received a gift from a secret admirer. Every year Alex hopes to finally learn the identity of his admirer, but the only clue he has to work with is the messy handwriting in which the… more

From Your Secret Admirer (Kiss Me Quick)
Debora Day
Less Than Three Press , English
Lights Out, Valentine (Valen... - Neil Plakcy

Lights Out, Valentine (Valen...Neil Plakcy

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South Beach hairstylist Ryan hates Valentine’s Day. But will this day of roses and chocolates end with him giving his heart away to his favorite client once the lights go out? Only Cupid knows!

Lights Out, Valentine (Valentine’s Day 2012 from MLR Press)
Neil Plakcy
MLR Press,LLC , English
Cheating on Valentine's Day - Cami Starr

Cheating on Valentine's DayCami Starr

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Will and Cece have hit a rough patch in their marriage, but Will’s plans for Valentine’s Day aim to turn things around. However, things take a very wild and unexpected turn when his wife suddenly gets sick…===============================… more

Cheating on Valentine’s Day
Cami Starr
Steamvent Publishing , English
Valentine's Day: I Love You - Gary Dickinson

Valentine's Day: I Love YouGary Dickinson

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Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered about its origins? Was there someone actually called Valentine and do you imagine him to be a true romantic?

What is expected of you for Valentine’s day? Do you buy a gift and if you do, what should … more

Valentine’s Day: I Love You
Gary Dickinson
Babymouse #5: Heartbreaker - Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm

Babymouse #5: HeartbreakerJennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm

AHHH, VALENTINE’S DAY! Babymouse loves Valentines Day! A day for pink hearts! Flowers! Candy! School dances and romance … sweetromance! WAIT! Romance? Ew! And what’s this about a school dance? Does that mean Babymouse needs a date? Uh-o… more

Babymouse #5: Heartbreaker
Jennifer L. Holm, Matthew Holm
Random House BFYR , English
Waiting (Kiss Me Quick Book 3) - Erica Kealey

Waiting (Kiss Me Quick Book 3)Erica Kealey

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Ten years ago, Rez met the love of his life on Valentine’s day. For ten years he’s waited for phone calls, texts, emails, or the brief visits and stolen moments of time before his lover is taken away again. Ten years to the day he has waite… more

Waiting (Kiss Me Quick Book 3)
Erica Kealey
Less Than Three Press , English
Valentine's Day JOKEs (Holid... - Kira Airheart, Liz Airheart

Valentine's Day JOKEs (Holid...Kira Airheart, Liz Airheart

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Valentine’s Day Jokes and Riddles with funny pictures to make kids laugh. My 8 year old daughter and I wrote this book to celebrate her Valentine’s Day.Toddlers and 6-12 year olds will love the funny pictures and the chance to get in on the… more

Valentine’s Day JOKEs (Holiday Jokes Book 1)
Kira Airheart, Liz Airheart
Liz & Kira Airheart , English
All Night Long: 7 Stories - JT Holland

All Night Long: 7 StoriesJT Holland

From JT Holland comes another collection of stories, including 1 novella and 6 short stories, each from a different series, for a total of more than 45,000 words!

Includes: The Pornstar Next Door Two Girls For Every Guy Forcing The Issue H… more

All Night Long: 7 Stories
JT Holland
Forever Smut Publications , English
A Friend In Need (first time gay) - Kali Lowe

A Friend In Need (first time gay)Kali Lowe

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Jeremy, the ladies’ man, is trying to help Tim find a date for Valentine’s Day. But nothing seems to go right for Tim, and it looks like he’s going to be alone again. Jeremy, always a supportive friend, decides more drastic action is needed… more

A Friend In Need (first time gay)
Kali Lowe
Kali Lowe , English
Cupid's Reward - Savannah Reardon

Cupid's RewardSavannah Reardon

Average wait: N/A

Rick unites couples on a daily basis. It’s his job. He’s Cupid. Unlike what the myth perpetuates, Rick actually works every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. When he’s not on the job, he lives among the humans and practices being one of the… more

Cupid’s Reward
Savannah Reardon


Average wait: N/A

Do you want to be different this Valentine’s Day?Are sick of exchanging the same bouquet of flowers and candy with your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?Do you want save time in brainstorming an original and creative Valentine’s Day gift for yo… more

Romantic Recipes To Surprise... - Chris Cooker

Romantic Recipes To Surprise...Chris Cooker

Valentine’s day does not have to be just once in a year. If you want to bring the spark back from a long-term relationship, now is the time with one of the recipes presented in this cookbook. If you are in the early stages of your relations… more

Romantic Recipes To Surprise Your Partner
Chris Cooker
Valentine's Day: The Pirate'... - Moose Malone

Valentine's Day: The Pirate'...Moose Malone

Valentine’s Day is all about love, kissing, cupids, flowers and now a kissing curse. Join the shipmates as they discover that all things are not as they appear and love can solve problems and even break a curse.For less than the price of mo… more

Valentine’s Day: The Pirate’s Kissing Curse (Pirates Holiday’s)
Moose Malone
Summit Springs Publishing , English
Anti-Valentine: A Survival G... - Abigail Luftig

Anti-Valentine: A Survival G...Abigail Luftig

Average wait: N/A

For some people, Valentine’s Day is the happiest day of the year. For the rest of us, it’s twenty-four hours of misery and angst. There are countless guides out there on how to make Valentine’s Day wonderful and special. This is a guide on … more

Anti-Valentine: A Survival Guide For The Rest Of Us
Abigail Luftig
Abigail Luftig , English
My Funny Valentina (A Sexy, ... - Kelly Curry

My Funny Valentina (A Sexy, ...Kelly Curry

A short, sexy, ’So Scintillating’ novella…Stash Karas hated Valentine’s Day.  He’d met Valentina on Valentine’s Day after all.  She’d left him on Valentine’s Day too.  To top it off, he’d just learned they’d had a baby he knew nothing abo… more

My Funny Valentina (A Sexy, Scintillating Novella)
Kelly Curry
A Valentine Picture book for... - Sujatha Lalgudi

A Valentine Picture book for...Sujatha Lalgudi

Average wait: N/A

A Lovely Day (Greek) - A Valentine Picture book for Children in GreekKevin has a surprise planned for Valentine’s Day. He has a gift for everyone!There are many people who make our life special. This book is about taking a moment to appreci… more

A Valentine Picture book for Children in Greek
Sujatha Lalgudi
Armo Infomedia Pvt Ltd , English