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Valentine's Day In Mommy's Pussy - Innella Debden

Valentine's Day In Mommy's PussyInnella Debden

On Valentine’s Day, Mickey’s step mom is driving him to work when she decides that she wants his cock in her pussy. There is no time to drive back home so they park the car just off the road and have sex in and around the car. They are at r… more

Valentine’s Day In Mommy’s Pussy
Innella Debden
The Pink, It Burns - Karenna Colcroft

The Pink, It BurnsKarenna Colcroft

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An upsetting Valentine’s Day encounter triggers memories from Dyer’s past, but leads to a deepening of his acquaintance with Myles.

On Valentine’s Day, Dyer’s usual morning routine of buying coffee at the shop near his job is disrupted whe… more

The Pink, It Burns
Karenna Colcroft
Cupid's Curse - Joel M. Andre

Cupid's CurseJoel M. Andre

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On Valentine’s Day, a young vampire learns that love isn’t always easy. Even as the love between her and the boy she likes grows, she learns that the darkness inside of her can’t be controlled. This is a short story prequel to, Valley Vampi… more

Cupid’s Curse
Joel M. Andre
Darkcountry Publications , English
Post Me Your Love - David L Dawson

Post Me Your LoveDavid L Dawson

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A lonely woman called Valentine Day has the surprise of her life on Valentine’s Day.A short story.

Post Me Your Love
David L Dawson
Married to Murder: The Bizar... - William Webb

Married to Murder: The Bizar...William Webb

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Most women would kill to find the Perfect Man…but what happens when the perfect man is a killer? For the ladies profiled in this book, not even murder, rape and robbery could stand between them and the men that they love. In this book we … more

Married to Murder: The Bizarre and True Accounts of People Who Married Murderers
William Webb
Absolute Crime , English
Your Valentine - Daniel Errico

Your ValentineDaniel Errico

Rhyming Valentine’s Day messages from famous pairs.”Dear Outer Space, You’re the Trip!Your Biggest Fan, The Rocket Ship”Words: 121

Your Valentine
Daniel Errico
Pajama Publishing , English
VINTAGE VALENTINES: Valentin... - Paul K. Stevens

VINTAGE VALENTINES: Valentin...Paul K. Stevens

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VINTAGE VALENTINES: Valentine’s Day Cards, Customs, Legends & Poetry (Vintage Memories) 50 beautiful Vintage Valentine’s Day cards Romantic poetry Ancient Valentine’s Day customsLegends of CupidHistory of Saint ValentineLove divinationsRoma… more

VINTAGE VALENTINES: Valentine’s Day Cards, Customs, Legends & Poetry (Vintage Memories)
Paul K. Stevens
Daddy is my Valentine (Taboo... - Jocelyn Riske

Daddy is my Valentine (Taboo...Jocelyn Riske

When Sara and her handsome step-father both get jilted on Valentine’s Day, the only solution is to spend the evening together. When the wine starts to flow and the inhibitions start to fade, they are forced to realize that everything they a… more

Daddy is my Valentine (Taboo Breeding Erotica)
Jocelyn Riske
Jocelyn Riske , English
Valentine's Day is...  The S... - KidsPlay

Valentine's Day is... The S...KidsPlay

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Fun picture book for kids about the story of Saint Valentine!

Great way to explain kids what Valentine’s Day is and why it is celebrated on February 14.

Valentine’s Day is… The Story of Saint Valentine (Picture Book for Kids)
Valentine Visit - Allison Heather

Valentine VisitAllison Heather

Angie visits her widowed stepfather to stay with him for few months. Her affection and love for the man she has adored all her life now starts to resurface in a different incarnation. She wishes to look him as a man who has been alone for a… more

Valentine Visit
Allison Heather
Allison Heather , English
Last Minute Love Letters: Ho... - Daphne Dangerlove

Last Minute Love Letters: Ho...Daphne Dangerlove

Do you want to give your love the ultimate gift?Whether you are celebrating a special occasion like an Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or a Birthday, a love letter is always the perfect gift.This guide will show you exactly how to write a love… more

Last Minute Love Letters: How You Can Write a Love Letter in No Time Flat
Daphne Dangerlove
Dangerlove Productions , English
Whipped Cream and Handcuffs - Shiloh Walker

Whipped Cream and HandcuffsShiloh Walker

Average wait: 39d, 20h

Tessa was all set. She was engaged to marry the perfect man. He was rich, great looking, and a doctor. Then, on Valentine’s Day, the gift basket came. Filled with handcuffs, naughty toys, and the like.Not long after that the letters started… more

Whipped Cream and Handcuffs
Shiloh Walker
Ellora’s Cave , English
Love is in the Air: A Valent... - Lily Hammer

Love is in the Air: A Valent...Lily Hammer

Average wait: N/A

This is a Valentine’s Day story book that features lovely rhyming couplets and adorable pictures. This book is for that special lady in your life, from her special man.

Love is in the Air: A Valentine’s Day Story from Him to Her
Lily Hammer
Love is in the Air: A Valent... - Lily Hammer

Love is in the Air: A Valent...Lily Hammer

Average wait: N/A

This is a Valentine’s Day story book that features lovely rhyming couplets and adorable pictures. This book is for that special man in your life, from his special lady.

Love is in the Air: A Valentine’s Day Story from Her to Him
Lily Hammer
Bob The Valentine - Jaime Johnesee

Bob The ValentineJaime Johnesee

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Dating is dead difficult. It’s even worse when you’re undead. Bob is back and this time he’s celebrating Valentine’s Day. February fourteenth is the perfect time to ask a crush out on a date, even if your luck runs more toward that of a dis… more

Bob The Valentine
Jaime Johnesee
Visionary Press Collaborative , English
The Worst-Case Scenario Surv... - David Borgenicht, Joshua Piv...

The Worst-Case Scenario Surv...David Borgenicht, Joshua Piv...

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The authors of the best-selling The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook are back—and they’ve brought a date. Whatever your own dating nightmares are, take it from the professionals, things can get worse. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, … more

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Dating and Sex
David Borgenicht, Joshua Piven, Jennifer Worick
Chronicle Books LLC , English
LIVE THE FANTASY:An Erotic T... - Collette Thomas

LIVE THE FANTASY:An Erotic T...Collette Thomas

Average wait: N/A

A trilogy of hot over the top stories that will help you celebrate that very special occasion. Happy Birthday, Honey!Happy Anniversary, Honey!Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey

LIVE THE FANTASY:An Erotic Tale of Pleasure
Collette Thomas
Top 25 Valentine's Day Gifts... - April Toche

Top 25 Valentine's Day Gifts...April Toche

Knowing what to get that special someone makes Valentine’s Day that much more special. Read reviews of some of the top gifts for Valentines Day for women.

Top 25 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women
April Toche
Little Lovebug and the Searc... - Kari Brimhall

Little Lovebug and the Searc...Kari Brimhall

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Little Lovebug is excited to give her Grandma a special card for Valentine’s Day. But on the way home from school she loses the Valentine! Join her on her journey as she searches for the lost Valentine, makes new friends and gets into some … more

Little Lovebug and the Search for Grandma’s Valentine
Kari Brimhall
I Need You: A Valentine's Anthology - Vera Roberts

I Need You: A Valentine's AnthologyVera Roberts

Average wait: N/A

Three couples. Three stories. Valentine’s Day. BDSM.

I Need You: A Valentine’s Anthology
Vera Roberts
Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment , English