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The Autobiography of Satan (... - William Glasser

The Autobiography of Satan (...William Glasser

From the moment of his first emergence as a single spark in the dimness of prehistory, to the more enlightening force into which he has evolved across the full span of human existence, Satan, as he now clearly illustrates, has been urging h… more

The Autobiography of Satan (Authorized Edition)
William Glasser
Ashley and the Dairy Farm - Madison Laine

Ashley and the Dairy FarmMadison Laine

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When shy curvy Ashley attracts the attention of handsome Patrick, she thinks she is luckiest girl in the world and vows she will do anything to remain his girlfriend. When Patrick invites her to his family’s dairy farm, she is shocked to f… more

Ashley and the Dairy Farm
Madison Laine
Madison Laine , English
Inside the Fed: Monetary Pol... - Stephen H. Axilrod

Inside the Fed: Monetary Pol...Stephen H. Axilrod

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Stephen Axilrod is the ultimate Federal Reserve insider. He worked at the Fed’s Board of Governors for more than thirty years and after that in private markets and as a consultant on monetary policy. With Inside the Fed, he offers his uniq… more

Inside the Fed: Monetary Policy and Its Management, Martin through Greenspan to Bernanke
Stephen H. Axilrod
The MIT Press , English
Joy in Service. Forgetting, ... - GEORGE T. PURVES

Joy in Service. Forgetting, ...GEORGE T. PURVES

This is one of the sentences that dropped from the lips of Christ,which let us into his personal spiritual life and in some measure laybare his mind. To be permitted thus to share his confidence is one ofour greatest privileges. Viewing him… more

Joy in Service. Forgetting, and Pressing Onward. Until the Day Dawn
Jagged Little Edges - Lorelie Rozzano

Jagged Little EdgesLorelie Rozzano

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Jagged Little Edges. That’s how it had felt for her as long as she could remember. Like cuts, coming first in words as they tore little pieces of her innocence, trust and self worth, evolving into the physical form with a smack to the head… more

Jagged Little Edges
Lorelie Rozzano
Rebel Ink Press, LLC , English
Excellence Killed the Church... - Dr. Shawn M. Greener

Excellence Killed the Church...Dr. Shawn M. Greener

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Fair warning and disclaimer; you might become quite angry while reading this book. So many speakers and authors nuance and adjust for political correctness what they think and feel you may have become anesthetized by their gumdrops and lo… more

Excellence Killed the Church!: How Mediocrity is Destroying America.
Dr. Shawn M. Greener
AuthorHouse , English
Monah Lisa's Testimonial Tears - Lisa Ayers

Monah Lisa's Testimonial TearsLisa Ayers

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The title of this book should speak for itself. To make these words fair and plain so that you the reader would understand a woman being persecuted, mentally and physically abused, and also fed up at the same time. Decided to express and te… more

Monah Lisa’s Testimonial Tears
Lisa Ayers
Xlibris , English
What Men Live By and Other T... - Leo Tolstoy

What Men Live By and Other T...Leo Tolstoy

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What Men Live By and Other Tales [with Biographical Introduction]

What Men Live By and Other Tales [with Biographical Introduction]
Leo Tolstoy
Digireads.com , English
Get Up and RUN - Alan Seel

Get Up and RUNAlan Seel

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The aim of this book is to spur you on to get up and run. Especially if you have never ran before. Sometimes it is good to force yourself up to make the effort. Many think about running but never get up off their couch to actually see what … more

Get Up and RUN
Alan Seel
29 Years a Slave. 29 Years a... - Henry Clay Bruce, Robert Pickering

29 Years a Slave. 29 Years a...Henry Clay Bruce, Robert Pickering

The author offers to the public this little book, containing his personal recollections of slavery, with the modest hope that it will be found to present an impartial and unprejudiced view of that system. His experience taught him that all … more

29 Years a Slave. 29 Years a Free Man. Henry Clay Bruce, 1836-1902
Henry Clay Bruce, Robert Pickering
Run Aways - Wim C

Run AwaysWim C

At seventeen, Max is fed up with his life at home. His dad has left. His mother is always mad at him. His summer is ruined and he decides it’s time to make it on his own, on the streets. He meets a girl who has been living on the street… more

Run Aways
Wim C
Wim C , English
Money Online: Make Money Onl... - Steven Mark

Money Online: Make Money Onl...Steven Mark

Are You Fed Up Because You Don’t Have A Clue About Making Money Online?Have A Look At “Make Money Online Positive Action Plan”Mighty Ways To Cash In On The Net With A Proven Blueprint!With the strategies that I’m about to let you in on , yo… more

Money Online: Make Money Online Positive Action Plan. Mighty Ways To Cash In On The Net With A Proven Blueprint
Steven Mark
TRANSFORM YOURSELF: Water He... - Rose Peters

TRANSFORM YOURSELF: Water He...Rose Peters

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Water form various sources do not form identical crystalline forms and the most beautiful and perfectly formed crystals emerge from water influence by the balance and beauty of beautiful and good thought and emotional content. Harmonious m… more

TRANSFORM YOURSELF: Water Heals Through Thought and Emotion (The Self Help Series Book 2)
Rose Peters
Boom and Bust Banking: The C... - David Beckworth

Boom and Bust Banking: The C...David Beckworth

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Exploring the forceful renewal of the boom-and-bust cycle after several decades of economic stability, this book is a research-based review of the factors that caused the 2008 recession. It offers cutting-edge diagnoses of the recession and… more

Boom and Bust Banking: The Causes and Cures of the Great Recession
David Beckworth
Independent Institute , English
A Simple Way to a Magical Li... - Jane Everman

A Simple Way to a Magical Li...Jane Everman

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Today people are looking for a way to live the life they were meant to. We’re no longer satisfied to just accept our supposed role, or work ourselves to an early grave. We love to have friends and family near us and to feel wanted. But abov… more

A Simple Way to a Magical Life: How using the Law of Attraction can help your life seem almost Magical!
Jane Everman
Jane Everman , English
30 Daily Tips to Lose Weight - Alexandria Ingham

30 Daily Tips to Lose WeightAlexandria Ingham

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Are you fed up with trying diet after diet and never getting there? Maybe you’ve lost the weight but never found a way to keep it off. Most of the time it is due to our habits. By changing them, it is possible to lose weight but you need to… more

30 Daily Tips to Lose Weight
Alexandria Ingham
How to go From Freezer to Lunch Box - Rose Hala

How to go From Freezer to Lunch BoxRose Hala

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ASK YOURSELF :Are you fed up with preparing school lunches amidst the morning chaos? Do you struggle to fill school lunch boxes while getting ready for work yourself? Do you have children with special dietary needs and/ or allergies?Are you… more

How to go From Freezer to Lunch Box
Rose Hala
Rose Hala , English


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GOALS & DREAMS is designed for people who have come to a point in their life where they are fed up with the frustration of not reaching desired goals, feel that they cannot seem to stay focused on goals or find themselves chasing someone el… more

A.I. Metam
Windstream Partners, LLC - Publishing Division , English
Spirit Animals Book 3: Blood Ties - Garth Nix, Sean Williams

Spirit Animals Book 3: Blood TiesGarth Nix, Sean Williams

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The adventure continues in this third book in the New York Times bestselling series.Erdas is a land of balance. A rare link, the spirit animal bond, bridges the human and animal worlds. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan each have this gift-a… more

Spirit Animals Book 3: Blood Ties
Garth Nix, Sean Williams
Scholastic Inc. , English
Bloodroom (The Bloodroom Series) - Naima Haviland

Bloodroom (The Bloodroom Series)Naima Haviland

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Turn to me, Natalie. His mental call to her was dangerous, of course. Dangerous for him. Dangerous for her too, but she was in danger, anyway.Vampires were fed by one source and unified by one law: Protect the secret of their true existence… more

Bloodroom (The Bloodroom Series)
Naima Haviland
PH Press , English