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Mind Control Manual: Importa... - Dr. David Mc Dermott

Mind Control Manual: Importa...Dr. David Mc Dermott

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Having doubts about your group? Have you been following the ideas of a group for months and years, but something in your life is not working? Maybe you are realizing that you have run out of money, or you are having problems in your relatio… more

Mind Control Manual: Important concepts about mind control, cults and psychopaths
Dr. David Mc Dermott
Kiss the Salon Goodbye! Tips... - Daisy Haywood

Kiss the Salon Goodbye! Tips...Daisy Haywood

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Curious about coloring your hair at home but too nervous to try?Fed up with expensive, time consuming salon appointments?This short, easy to follow guide offers step-by-step instructions on how you can color your hair at home-with confidenc… more

Kiss the Salon Goodbye! Tips to Color Your Hair Like the Pros [without the “pro” pricetag]
Daisy Haywood
E-Books for Women , English
Head (A Pathway from Hell- C... - David Lewry

Head (A Pathway from Hell- C...David Lewry

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Once the author sobered up, Head finds him struggling to maintain daily life. Early sobriety found David becoming more aware everyday of what drove and fed his illness and what his illness really means. He finds his life, or what he thought… more

Head (A Pathway from Hell- Channel of the Broken Gun, Head, Empty)
David Lewry
His Will Publishing , English
The First Epistle of Clement... - Melissa Brewer

The First Epistle of Clement...Melissa Brewer

FYI: This ebook is over 500 pages long! The Apostolic Fathers are here understood as filling up the second century of our era. Irenæus, it is true, is rather of the sub-apostolic period; but, as the disciple of Polycarp, he ought not to be … more

The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians
Melissa Brewer
LittleWhiteEbook.com , English
Breast Feeding is Best for Babies - Niche Marketing Girls

Breast Feeding is Best for BabiesNiche Marketing Girls

Getting Started With Breast FeedingWhen you hold your baby for the first time in the delivery room, you should put his lips to your breast. Although your mature milk hasn’t developed yet, your breasts are still producing a substance known… more

Breast Feeding is Best for Babies
Niche Marketing Girls
Walking the Narrow Road: Mar... - Josh Kilen

Walking the Narrow Road: Mar...Josh Kilen

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Life’s not easy being a Christian, holding to Christ’s ideals, and still running a profitable business. In fact, as Christians we are held to higher standards and hamstrung in ways that our secular counterparts would never understand. Where… more

Walking the Narrow Road: Marketing and Spiritual Instruction for Christians in Business
Josh Kilen
Cantonfield Publishing , English
Pampered Little Girl - Lauren Kay

Pampered Little GirlLauren Kay

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Vicky made a promise to her boyfriend; she swore she would cut back on her spending. They want to share a life together, but she needs to learn to grow up. For an adult, this should just be a matter of cutting back.Vicky can’t handle it.Sin… more

Pampered Little Girl
Lauren Kay
Pink Leash Publishing , English
Author unknown - Greg Benner

Author unknownGreg Benner

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Are you on a fast track to nowhere, running from life’s alligators, watching your dreams vaporize, spinning out of control, or crashing into yourself head-on? Are you fed up with Mondays, easy-believisms, shallow relationships, self-help bo… more

Author unknown
Greg Benner
Xulon Press , English
A Dream of Ropes and Chains ... - JJ Argus

A Dream of Ropes and Chains ...JJ Argus

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Alex was shy and uncomfortable around people. Her sex drive, however, was very high, and so she had a very active sex life, if only with herself. No one at work could have imagined the number of sex toys she had, or the wild fantasy life sh… more

A Dream of Ropes and Chains (Modern Erotic Library)
JJ Argus
Million Dollar Author: HOW T... - Julian Michaels

Million Dollar Author: HOW T...Julian Michaels

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Discover how to transform yourself from the working man, to the rich man. Let money work for YOU instead of the other way around. Everyday, men and women drag themselves to jobs they either hate or are fed up with to the point where it’s ta… more

Million Dollar Author: HOW TO MAKE ONE MILLION IN ONE YEAR ON AMAZON KINDLE: Become a millionaire on Amazon Kindle
Julian Michaels
Julian Michaels , English
7 Days To Raising A Money Sm... - Guei Fong Chen

7 Days To Raising A Money Sm...Guei Fong Chen

If you Want Your Teenager to Completely Understand the Secrets of Money? You Can’t Afford To Miss This Ebook! Dear Fellow Parent, You and I have never met, but I believe we share a common bond. The desire for our teenager to be successful. … more

7 Days To Raising A Money Smart Teen,Teach Your Kids The Concept Of Money The Smart Way!
Guei Fong Chen
The Pressures on American Mo... - Thomas Havrilesky

The Pressures on American Mo...Thomas Havrilesky

This book provides pathbreaking statistical evidence on when the Administration tried to influence monetary policy and when the Federal Reserve did and did not respond. This revised edition provides the first statistical evidence on why … more

The Pressures on American Monetary Policy
Thomas Havrilesky
Springer , English
Cabin Fever - B.M.Bower - B.M.Bower

Cabin Fever - B.M.BowerB.M.Bower

There is a certain malady of the mind induced by too much of onething. Just as the body fed too long upon meat becomes a prey tothat horrid disease called scurvy, so the mind fed too long uponmonotony succumbs to the insidious mental ailmen… more

Cabin Fever - B.M.Bower
Wilderness Ways(Annotated) - William Joseph Long

Wilderness Ways(Annotated)William Joseph Long

Wilderness WaysThe following sketches, like the “Ways of Wood Folk”, are the result of many years of personal observation in the woods and fields. They are studies of animals, pure and simple, not of animals with human motives and imaginati… more

Wilderness Ways(Annotated)
William Joseph Long
Bedeviled: A Dark Breed Novel - Sable Grace

Bedeviled: A Dark Breed NovelSable Grace

“Kyana brings a new dimension to the ranks of kick-ass heroines…I’m looking forward to more of her adventures.”—New York Times bestselling author Alyssa DayEnter a nightmare world where Dark Breeds—Vampyre, demons, and shapeshifters—war wit… more

Bedeviled: A Dark Breed Novel
Sable Grace
Avon , English
101 Simple Ways to Eliminate... - Dr. Waynes

101 Simple Ways to Eliminate...Dr. Waynes

Are you fed up with your frequent headache pain?Headaches can stop you from doing all the things you love. Seeing friends, playing with the kids… even trying to watch your favorite television shows.And just think of how unwelcome headache… more

101 Simple Ways to Eliminate , Stop And Prevent Your Headaches And Migraines Without Resorting To Drugs (Learn How To Make the Agonizing Pain of Headaches Disappear)
Dr. Waynes
Burning Her Skin: Erotic Story - Nick Carter

Burning Her Skin: Erotic StoryNick Carter

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Before Elizabeth leaves the FED she wants to give Amanda a gift she knows she’s been wanting for a very long time. With Brackner…

Burning Her Skin: Erotic Story
Nick Carter
Govella Publishing , English
The Best Russian Short Stories - A.P. Chekhov, N.V. Gogol, I....

The Best Russian Short StoriesA.P. Chekhov, N.V. Gogol, I....

The Queen of Spades by A.S. PushkinThe Cloak by N.V. GogolThe District Doctor by I.S. TurgenevThe Christmas Tree and the Wedding by F.M. DostoyevskyGod Sees the Truth, But Waits by L.N. TolstoyHow a Muzhik Fed Two Officials by M.Y. Saltykov… more

The Best Russian Short Stories
A.P. Chekhov, N.V. Gogol, I.N. Potapenko, F.M. Dostoyevsky, M. Gorky, L.N. Andreyev, M.P. Artzybashev, A.I. Kuprin, V.G. Korolenko, M.Y. Saltykov
ManyBooks.net , English
Get the Hell Out! How to Gai... - L. W. Francisco III

Get the Hell Out! How to Gai...L. W. Francisco III

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After twenty-three years in ministry, I have a passion to see the body of Christ experience what I believe is the right of every believer, and that is to live an abundant life in the here and now. The fact of the matter is, God wants His ch… more

Get the Hell Out! How to Gain the Kingdom Mentality and Begin Living an Abundant Life
L. W. Francisco III
St. Paul Press , English
Lost in LaLa Land - Jerrice Owens, Aaron Bebo, R...

Lost in LaLa LandJerrice Owens, Aaron Bebo, R...

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Champion reader LaTonya Garrett leads an all-star team of writers in a sensual, mind blowing, erotic anthology of romance, drama, and a mix of street fiction. Welcome to LaLa Land where dreams, daydreams, and nightmares can all come true. … more

Lost in LaLa Land
Jerrice Owens, Aaron Bebo, Rani Jones, Marie Norfleet, Shawn Hicks, Clark Williams, Elois Thames, Jamal Harrington, Gerald Johnson, John Cratic