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FSpace Roleplaying Federatio... - Martin Rait

FSpace Roleplaying Federatio...Martin Rait

FSpaceRPG is a science fiction roleplaying game in the classic mould. This seventh issue of the magazine includes material for universe 3 and the start of universe 4 of FSpaceRPG. Articles in this issue include: Intelligent Life Corporatio… more

FSpace Roleplaying Federation Times issue 7, December 1994
Martin Rait
FSpace Publications , English
Your Newborn & You  Guide To... -

Your Newborn & You Guide To...

Are planning for a baby? Are you a new mom-to-be? Or have you just given birth to a little one? Babies are all so precious little beings. And you need be extra-careful since they are so fragile and sensitive. They need to be fed, bathed, c… more

Your Newborn & You Guide To A Happy Parenting
Mind Control Manual: Importa... - Dr. David Mc Dermott

Mind Control Manual: Importa...Dr. David Mc Dermott

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Having doubts about your group? Have you been following the ideas of a group for months and years, but something in your life is not working? Maybe you are realizing that you have run out of money, or you are having problems in your relatio… more

Mind Control Manual: Important concepts about mind control, cults and psychopaths
Dr. David Mc Dermott
Built For Me (A New Era) - Holly Love

Built For Me (A New Era)Holly Love

Brian is a robotics genius, and he’s been slaving away at his newest creation: a sexy young girl named Era. He meticulously adjusts every detail until she is perfect, calibrated to satisfy anyone to the fullest with her tight young body. E… more

Built For Me (A New Era)
Holly Love
Kiss the Salon Goodbye! Tips... - Daisy Haywood

Kiss the Salon Goodbye! Tips...Daisy Haywood

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Curious about coloring your hair at home but too nervous to try?Fed up with expensive, time consuming salon appointments?This short, easy to follow guide offers step-by-step instructions on how you can color your hair at home-with confidenc… more

Kiss the Salon Goodbye! Tips to Color Your Hair Like the Pros [without the “pro” pricetag]
Daisy Haywood
E-Books for Women , English
Head (A Pathway from Hell- C... - David Lewry

Head (A Pathway from Hell- C...David Lewry

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Once the author sobered up, Head finds him struggling to maintain daily life. Early sobriety found David becoming more aware everyday of what drove and fed his illness and what his illness really means. He finds his life, or what he thought… more

Head (A Pathway from Hell- Channel of the Broken Gun, Head, Empty)
David Lewry
His Will Publishing , English
Disgusting Dave and the Farting Dog - Jim Eldridge

Disgusting Dave and the Farting DogJim Eldridge

Meet Dave. He’s disgusting - everyone says so. Even his mum is fed up with him examining his nose pickings. So now Dave’s got a challenge: if he can avoid doing anything disgusting for a week, he gets a £20 reward. He thinks he can do it. … more

Disgusting Dave and the Farting Dog
Jim Eldridge
Hodder Children’s Books , English
Showtime - Caitlyn Willows

ShowtimeCaitlyn Willows

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If not separate vacations, separate cabins will be just as good for four frustrated, fed-up wives. But when they find the husbands peeping, they decide to show them what they really want, need, and crave. Hold on to your…uhm…hats, guys…. more

Caitlyn Willows
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Live The Life You want - Lyndie Solomon

Live The Life You wantLyndie Solomon

Are you living the life you want and deserve? Too many of us are living the life we think we should instead of living the life we want. It is so easy to follow the crowd and go along with what you’ve been fed over the years.What if you chos… more

Live The Life You want
Lyndie Solomon
Ancient Rome: City Planning ... - O. F. Robinson

Ancient Rome: City Planning ...O. F. Robinson

An innovative work that traces the development of the public works, services and specialised law that was needed to maintain and run Ancient Rome. The book incorporates and develops previous historical and topographical research.

Ancient Rome: City Planning and Administration
O. F. Robinson
Routledge , English
Vitalis: Resurrection - Jason Halstead

Vitalis: ResurrectionJason Halstead

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Vitalis: Resurrection is book 2 in the Vitalis seriesVitalis is more than just a new world outside the fringes of Terran space, Vitalis is greater than anything humanity has ever encountered. And it’s getting fed up.The time has come for hu… more

Vitalis: Resurrection
Jason Halstead
Novel Concept Publishing LLC , English
Red Sky Stories: Origins - Kendra Lacy

Red Sky Stories: OriginsKendra Lacy

Neither prequel nor sequel but something in between, Red Sky Stories: Origins provides answers to the some of the most tantalizing questions from Red Sky Burning. Who is Linda the Rotter? What are the Rotters? How did the Redburn Plague sta… more

Red Sky Stories: Origins
Kendra Lacy
Morbid Curiosity - Deborah Leblanc

Morbid CuriosityDeborah Leblanc

Average wait: < 1h

It seemed like the answer to Haley’s prayers. The most popular girl in her high school promised Haley that her life would change forever if she only performed certain dark rituals. And if Haley can convince her twin sister to participate, t… more

Morbid Curiosity
Deborah Leblanc
Chicken Money: How to Make F... - Homer W. Jackson

Chicken Money: How to Make F...Homer W. Jackson

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Have you ever wondered how farmers fed their chickens before the advent of commercial food? Surely, chickens have been kept for eggs since long before someone stood to profit from providing their feed. This extremely informative book, pub… more

Chicken Money: How to Make Farm Flocks Profitable [ILLUSTRATED]
Homer W. Jackson
Donegal Fairy Stories - Seumas MacManus

Donegal Fairy StoriesSeumas MacManus

The Amadan’s step-mother was always afraid of him beating her children, he was growing so big and strong. So to keep him from growing and to weaken him, she had him fed on dough made of raw meal and water, and for that he was called “The Am… more

Donegal Fairy Stories
Seumas MacManus
Landscaping - 50 Landscaping... - Oisin Murphy

Landscaping - 50 Landscaping...Oisin Murphy

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Landscaping can seem like a difficult thing to do especially when you’re a beginner. So how can you turn that tired looking garden of yours into a oasis that you can be proud of and make neighbours jealous. But where should you start first,… more

Landscaping - 50 Landscaping Tips For Beginners
Oisin Murphy
How To Grow Delicious Tomato... - TR Hirst

How To Grow Delicious Tomato...TR Hirst

Would You Like To Learn How To Grow Delicious Tomatoes?In this book you’ll learn expert strategies to grow delicious tomatoes. No fluff. Just actionable - EASY - advice based on years of expert gardening experience.What’s Inside:How To Grow… more

How To Grow Delicious Tomatoes - An Easy Garden Guide
TR Hirst
The Succubus Prey - Robert Mathews

The Succubus PreyRobert Mathews

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Val can take any form to give men pleasure. She has fed on the lives of men for eons without regret. Now it is her that has become the prey and her life will be forever changed.If you enjoy this one please check out Three Naughty Nymphs o… more

The Succubus Prey
Robert Mathews
Lavish (Beyond his Control E... - Lord Koga

Lavish (Beyond his Control E...Lord Koga

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Though he could not see his erotic beauty, Hunter’s fingers fed upon her, interpreting the sharp rounds of her flesh to his mind, allowing him to see her beauty with his touch. The sharp curves of her body spread out before him in the darkn… more

Lavish (Beyond his Control Erotic Series)
Lord Koga
Veenstra Publishing , English
Breezy (G Street Chronicles ... - Mz. Jetson

Breezy (G Street Chronicles ...Mz. Jetson

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Candace’s life is good until she makes the mistake of sleeping with her best friend’s man, Breezy. Shortly after he moves in, he quickly shows her his true colors. He’s controlling, abusive, and his sex game isn’t everything her best friend… more

Breezy (G Street Chronicles Presents)
Mz. Jetson
G Street Chronicles , English