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Excellence Killed the Church... - Dr. Shawn M. Greener

Excellence Killed the Church...Dr. Shawn M. Greener

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Fair warning and disclaimer; you might become quite angry while reading this book. So many speakers and authors nuance and adjust for political correctness what they think and feel you may have become anesthetized by their gumdrops and lo… more

Excellence Killed the Church!: How Mediocrity is Destroying America.
Dr. Shawn M. Greener
AuthorHouse , English
What Men Live By and Other T... - Leo Tolstoy

What Men Live By and Other T...Leo Tolstoy

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What Men Live By and Other Tales [with Biographical Introduction]

What Men Live By and Other Tales [with Biographical Introduction]
Leo Tolstoy
Digireads.com , English
The Four Sublime States: The... - David Tuffley

The Four Sublime States: The...David Tuffley

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The Four Sublime States were a subject very dear to the heart of the Buddha. He spoke of them often. A person can achieve rebirth in a Brahma realm through the practice and attainment of the Four Sublime States; unconditional love, compass… more

The Four Sublime States: The Brahmaviharas: Contemplations on Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy & Equanimity
David Tuffley
Altiora Publications , English
Introducing Valjeanne Jeffer... - K. Leslie Graves

Introducing Valjeanne Jeffer...K. Leslie Graves

Despite the regular communication disruptions from the solar flares, spaceships continued to arrive at the twin space station. With the mining escalating on Earth Moon Colony One there was money to be made. The free miners mixed regularly w… more

Introducing Valjeanne Jeffers as “The Teller” - Episode 8 (SOAP OPERA SCI-FI LOVE, MURDER AND LUST)
K. Leslie Graves
Modified - Richard Carradine

ModifiedRichard Carradine

Miosotis and Baby are BioNation modified females, created especially to fulfil the special requirements of the punters. Life is reasonably acceptable, they turn their tricks, they get fed and have shelter, until the night when gunmen break … more

Richard Carradine
W&H Publishing , English
The Greek pastoral poets -  Theocritus

The Greek pastoral poets Theocritus

(…)”ee the Muses gain, Thou, shepherd! shalt a stall-fed lamb obtain; But if it rather please the tuneful Nine(…)”.

The Greek pastoral poets
7 Myths About Aquaponics: An... - Michelle Booth

7 Myths About Aquaponics: An...Michelle Booth

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Is Aquaponics For You?If you have ever tried to keep tropical fish – or even the odd goldfish – you may be put off trying aquaponics due to the problems you’ve experienced. Perhaps you had a kitchen windowledge like a chemist’s shop, with m… more

7 Myths About Aquaponics: An introduction to growing plants and fish together
Michelle Booth
AquaponicWorld , English
Of Nod:  A Poetic Novel - Mark Murray

Of Nod: A Poetic NovelMark Murray

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This book’s language is intensely poetic and hypnotic in nature. A story about the loss and regaining of innocence; but, more to the point, a literary novel concerning the life-journey of a man with schizophrenia and how he is able to find… more

Of Nod: A Poetic Novel
Mark Murray
Faithfully Fit - Laura Barr, Claire Cloninger

Faithfully FitLaura Barr, Claire Cloninger

Fed up with overeating? All strung out from yo-yo-dieting? Maybe it’s time for a new approach. Faithfully Fit is not a diet, not an exercise plan. It won’t tell you how much you ought to weigh or what your heart rate should be or how many m… more

Faithfully Fit
Laura Barr, Claire Cloninger
Thomas Nelson , English
Violet and Silver - Crymsyn Hart

Violet and SilverCrymsyn Hart

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Fed up with feeding candy to zombie fairy princesses, Celeste takes a stroll in the local graveyard. Under the full moon, her hidden power calls to Tristan. Once in his arms, Celeste realizes he is not what he seems to be. Tristan has been… more

Violet and Silver
Crymsyn Hart
Purple Sword Publications, LLC , English
Fed Up - 30 Hour Famine

Fed Up30 Hour Famine

In Fed Up teens will experience the passion that comes from loving their neighbors as themselves. Based on the concepts learned and implemented at the worldwide 30 Hour Famine youth events (where teens get sponsored to go 30 hours without f… more

Fed Up
30 Hour Famine
Thomas Nelson , English
Hell's Rising: Book 1: Dawn of Evil - Ralph Jones

Hell's Rising: Book 1: Dawn of EvilRalph Jones

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Scientists at a top government research laboratory, engineer a revolutionary viral agent that could herald the end of psychotic illness. However, following an accidental outbreak its unexpected side effects are soon realised. It opens the d… more

Hell’s Rising: Book 1: Dawn of Evil
Ralph Jones
Ralph Jones , English


A volume like the present hardly requires the formality of a preface. It is the continuation of a series already published, and, like that, aims at applying the highest standard of Morality and Religion to the phases of every-day life. In o… more

Kara's Quest: One Last Lay - Wende Salsito

Kara's Quest: One Last LayWende Salsito

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Kara moved out west to start her life over, to become a nice good girl after being a dirty slut for so long. She meets a man, gets married and then feels as if she is drying out.Fed up with her marriage, she sets out to find the last good f… more

Kara’s Quest: One Last Lay
Wende Salsito
Paleo Recipes For Kids: Pale... - Elle Jean Pierre

Paleo Recipes For Kids: Pale...Elle Jean Pierre

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Paleo Recipes For Kids: Paleo Recipes That Kids Absolutely Love.

How do you get kids to eat healthy? Try whipping up something from the pages of this recipe book.

The paleo kids recipe book features a collection of dishes that easily com… more

Paleo Recipes For Kids: Paleo Recipes That Kids Absolutely Love. (Paleo Kids Series)
Elle Jean Pierre
Ready Recipe Books , English
Occupy This Novel!: A Politi... - Maelstrom Wordsley

Occupy This Novel!: A Politi...Maelstrom Wordsley

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When characters who rarely have a role in novels decide that they are fed up with the status quo and begin to Occupy the works of authors, they have the simple goal of starting a conversation. The protesting characters are united in their d… more

Occupy This Novel!: A Political Parable of Upheaval (Occupy This Series! Book 1)
Maelstrom Wordsley
Theonosis Publishing , English
20 Productivity Boosting Met... - Chance Yoshi

20 Productivity Boosting Met...Chance Yoshi

Are You Fed Up Because You Don’t Have A Clue How To To Be More Productive?Have A Look At “20 Productivity Boosting Methods For The Positive Mind”Increase your effectiveness and save hours everyday!In This Report, You Will Discover: — Get R… more

20 Productivity Boosting Methods For The Positive Mind - Increase Your Effectiveness And Save Hours Everyday!
Chance Yoshi
Side Dishes: Bean and Pea Re... - Alexander Marriot

Side Dishes: Bean and Pea Re...Alexander Marriot

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Presenting you, the 10 greatest bean and pea recipes ever. Some might be basic, some might be more advanced, and tastes might be subjective; Fed up with the usual bean and pea meals? Then try every recipe we present here.We don’t publish a … more

Side Dishes: Bean and Pea Recipes - The 10 Greatest Bean and Pea Recipes Ever
Alexander Marriot
14 Fun Facts About Dodo Bird... - Caitlind Alexander

14 Fun Facts About Dodo Bird...Caitlind Alexander

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I know you’ve never seen a live one, but how much do you know about dodo birds?What color were their beaks? Where did dodo birds live?Did they like the forest, the grasses or the beach?How old is the dodo bird?Why did the dodo bird eat so m… more

14 Fun Facts About Dodo Birds: A 15-Minute Book (15-Minute Books 38)
Caitlind Alexander
LearningIsland.com , English
Bitter Things - Andrew Valentine

Bitter ThingsAndrew Valentine

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In a city of dark secrets and pulsing sexuality, a young couple makes a grisly discovery that awakens an ancient evil.Suddenly an enthralling woman who captivates and ensnares enters their lives. Who is this temptress? And what is the creat… more

Bitter Things
Andrew Valentine
National Writers Press, Inc. , English