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From Machair to Mountains: A... - Michael Parker Pearson

From Machair to Mountains: A...Michael Parker Pearson

South Uist in the Outer Hebrides has some of the best preserved archaeological remains within Britain and even further afield. Three distinct ecological zones - grassland machair plain, peaty blackland and mountains - each bear the impri… more

From Machair to Mountains: Archaeological Survey And Excavation in South Uist (Sheffield Environmental and Archeaological Research Campaign in the Hebrides)
Michael Parker Pearson
Oxbow , English
Birthright, The (Song of Aca... - Janette Oke, T. Davis Bunn

Birthright, The (Song of Aca...Janette Oke, T. Davis Bunn

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The Thread Binding Them Together As Sisters Is All Too Fragile…The bittersweet reunion of the Robichaud family and the Harrows in the land of the Acadians has brought two mothers and two daughters full circle. They rekindle those early bo… more

Birthright, The (Song of Acadia Book #3)
Janette Oke, T. Davis Bunn
Bethany House Publishers , English
123 things to do that are be... - Nick Evans

123 things to do that are be...Nick Evans

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Your life may be long … or it may be short. It’s certain that you will not know which, until the final moment. If you think that’s gloomy, just remind yourself that the average adult in the UK spends 28 hours per week or 4 hours per day w… more

123 things to do that are better than watching TV (365 No TV)
Nick Evans
Nick Evans Publishing , English
Roadkill: Four Nasty Stories - Jonathan Broughton

Roadkill: Four Nasty StoriesJonathan Broughton

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Four nasty stories set on the south coast of England. An old prostitute gets her revenge, an elderly vampire goes hunting in daylight: a dodgy psychic fleeces his client, and a young man is consumed by guilt.

Roadkill: Four Nasty Stories
Jonathan Broughton
The Saxons - Nicky Stuart Verra

The SaxonsNicky Stuart Verra

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The Saxons were England’s first ruling dynasty. Here are offered profiles for each of the Saxon monarchs. This is a suitable guide for educational reference or simply general interest.

The Saxons
Nicky Stuart Verra
Nicky Stuart Verra , English
Museums and Design Education - Beth Cook, Rebecca Reynolds,...

Museums and Design EducationBeth Cook, Rebecca Reynolds,...

How can museum educators and higher education tutors enhance the way HE students use museums? There are many examples in the UK of museums and universities working together in productive and innovative ways, but these relationships tend to … more

Museums and Design Education
Beth Cook, Rebecca Reynolds, Catherine Speight
Ashgate , English
Child Abuse: 40 (Issues Today) - Lisa Firth

Child Abuse: 40 (Issues Today)Lisa Firth

Experts have estimated that up to one child in ten is abused in the UK. These children may suffer neglect, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. This book looks at abuse in its different forms, provides information on how victims are identif… more

Child Abuse: 40 (Issues Today)
Lisa Firth
Independence Educational Publishers , English
Search For Fox Hunting Red (... - Billie Hinton

Search For Fox Hunting Red (...Billie Hinton

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Two donkeys own and operate a little shoppe that sells colors. Rafer and Redford must go out in the world in search of the perfect shades and hues for their stock. This time they’re almost out of red, and their adventure leads them to Engl… more

Search For Fox Hunting Red (Little Shoppe of Colors, 1)
Billie Hinton
November Hill Press , English
The 'Great Orion' - Frank Frankfort Moore

The 'Great Orion'Frank Frankfort Moore

Excerpt:THE PRICE OF A DEGREE.HAVE been induced to undertake the narrative of the adventures I met with during the eleven months that I was absent from England, and I hope that I shall succeed in interesting even those boys who have never h… more

The ‘Great Orion’
Frank Frankfort Moore
The Diary of a Provincial Lady - E M Delafield

The Diary of a Provincial LadyE M Delafield

When Diary of a Provincial Lady was first published in 1933, critics on both sides of the Atlantic greeted it with enthusiasm. This charming, delightful and extremely funny book was named by booksellers in England the o.p. novel most deserv… more

The Diary of a Provincial Lady
E M Delafield
An A-Z of British Culture - Nicky Stuart Verra

An A-Z of British CultureNicky Stuart Verra

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This fun but informative book is a short guide to British Culture. It is not an encyclopaedia of all things British but instead is a guide to certain aspects of British Culture. It is designed to be a fun-read, and also makes for a nice gif… more

An A-Z of British Culture
Nicky Stuart Verra
Nicky Stuart Verra , English
Our Resident Birds and How T... - E F M Elms

Our Resident Birds and How T...E F M Elms

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Recognizing resident birds of Great Britain.Originally published 1921.

Our Resident Birds and How To Know Them
E F M Elms
Our Migrant Birds and How To... - E F M Elms

Our Migrant Birds and How To...E F M Elms

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Recognizing migratory birds of Great Britain.Originally published 1922.

Our Migrant Birds and How To Know Them
E F M Elms
Celebrating the Quaker Way - Ben Pink Dandelion

Celebrating the Quaker WayBen Pink Dandelion

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This pocket-sized book celebrates the Quaker way and affirms the wonderful riches of the Quaker tradition in Britain, and the Quaker ‘Liberal tradition’ more widely. It is a book for Quakers rather than about them. It talks of ‘us’ and ‘we’… more

Celebrating the Quaker Way
Ben Pink Dandelion
Quaker Books , English
Busker Domons life consultat... - Hideaki Domon

Busker Domons life consultat...Hideaki Domon

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日本人初のロンドン地下鉄演奏許可書(バスキング・ライセンス)取得者であり、英国滞在10年間の全生活費をギター1本で稼ぎだした「魂のバスカー土門秀明」による、英国限定のガチンコ人生相談!英国日本人社会のタブーや、常識を覆す珍回答に在英日本人も大困惑(大迷惑?)。現英国在住者はもちろん、これから英国に旅立つ人、かつて英国に住んでた人も必読。もはやギター仙人と化した「バスカー土門」の魂の回答が、君のハートに直撃だっ!***お悩みリスト***英国人の彼氏が冷たいんですぅー。なぜ日本人… more

Busker Domons life consultation (Japanese Edition)
Hideaki Domon
Philosophy For Dummies, UK Edition - Martin Cohen

Philosophy For Dummies, UK EditionMartin Cohen

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Confused by metaphysics? In a muddle with aesthetics? Intimidated by Kant? Then look no further! Philosophy For Dummies, UK Edition is a complete crash-course in philosophical thought, covering key philosophers, philosophical history and th… more

Philosophy For Dummies, UK Edition
Martin Cohen
For Dummies , English
Tim's English History - William  Pitt

Tim's English HistoryWilliam Pitt

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This is the entire history of England according to Tim.

Tim’s English History
William Pitt
M-Y Books Ltd , English
Homes of family names in Gre... - Henry Brougham Guppy

Homes of family names in Gre...Henry Brougham Guppy

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Homes of family names in Great Britain. 676 Pages.

Homes of family names in Great Britain
Henry Brougham Guppy
Crome Yellow - Huxley Aldous

Crome YellowHuxley Aldous

Along this particular stretch of line no express had ever passed. All the trains—the few that there were—stopped at all the stations. Denis knew the names of those stations by heart. Bole, Tritton, Spavin Delawarr, Knipswich for Timpany, We… more

Crome Yellow
Huxley Aldous
pubOne.info , English
The Difference Between Socce... - T.J. Lutgring

The Difference Between Socce...T.J. Lutgring

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When Madison Parker stepped off a plane into England, she had only three things in mind; relaxing, spending time with her best friends and forgetting the wreck she called a love life. As her holiday unfolds, however, she finds that not ever… more

The Difference Between Soccer and Football (1)
T.J. Lutgring