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The Wrath: A Paranormal Goth... - Kristina Schram

The Wrath: A Paranormal Goth...Kristina Schram

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When a cryptic letter arrives from Evalina Filmore’s two aunts, she travels to England to find out what they want, figuring this will be the chance to experience the romantic adventure she has so often read about in her beloved gothic novel… more

The Wrath: A Paranormal Gothic Romance
Kristina Schram
Mischief Maker Media , English
British Weights and Measures... - Charles Moore  Watson

British Weights and Measures...Charles Moore Watson

British weights and measures as described in the laws of England from Anglo-Saxon times (1910)

British Weights and Measures as Described in the Laws of England from Anglo-Saxon Times
Charles Moore Watson
Certaine Considerations Upon... - Sir Roger  Twysden, John Mit...

Certaine Considerations Upon...Sir Roger Twysden, John Mit...

The valuable treatise which is now for the first time committed to the press is the work of one of the most laborious and judicious antiquaries that the seventeenth century produced. Many of our countrymen, of various ranks and in various b… more

Certaine Considerations Upon the Government of England
Sir Roger Twysden, John Mitchell Kemble


Our mother was once present at a meeting where there was talk of ancestry and heredity. One of the speakers dwelt largely upon the sins of the fathers. He drew stern pictures of the vice, the barbarism, the heathenism of the “good old times… more

amazon.com , English
Expiation - E. Phillips Oppenheim

ExpiationE. Phillips Oppenheim

A Novel of England and our canadian dominion.”A man may have a fine wit and a vulgar soul; intelligence fit to illuminate our age and a spirit capable of disgracing it; this man, great by his mind, may be a wretch at heart” —LACORDAIRE.

E. Phillips Oppenheim
TARDIS Eruditorum - An Unaut... - Philip Sandifer

TARDIS Eruditorum - An Unaut...Philip Sandifer

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This second volume of collected and expanded posts from the popular blog TARDIS Eruditorum offers a critical history of the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who. Steadily tracking the developing story of Doctor Who from its beginning to the … more

TARDIS Eruditorum - An Unauthorized Critical History of Doctor Who Volume 2: Patrick Troughton
Philip Sandifer
God's Good Man - Marie Corelli

God's Good ManMarie Corelli

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An excerpt:It was May-time in England.The last breath of a long winter had blown its final farewell across the hills,—the last frost had melted from the broad, low-lying fields, relaxing its iron grip from the clods of rich, red-brown eart… more

God’s Good Man
Marie Corelli
Handling Death and Bereaveme... - David Charles-Edwards

Handling Death and Bereaveme...David Charles-Edwards

This is a uniquely invaluable book which tackles how death and bereavement can affect the workplace. It is a sensitive and constructive text for dealing with issues that touch all working lives.

Handling Death and Bereavement at Work
David Charles-Edwards
Routledge , English
Chish and Fipps - Sharon King, Mike King

Chish and FippsSharon King, Mike King

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A fictional depiction of the life and mischief of four girls in 1930s UK, When Grace gets attacked by her uncle she seeks help from her friends. No one likes her uncle Lennie, so will she be the one that gets to him first or will someone el… more

Chish and Fipps
Sharon King, Mike King
Sharon and Mike King , English
Diversity Management in the ... - Anne-marie Greene, Gill Kirton

Diversity Management in the ...Anne-marie Greene, Gill Kirton

A comprehensive and critical review of the global scholarly literature on diversity, this book presents findings from original UK-based research involving in-depth organizational case studies, interviews, observation and documentary data fr… more

Diversity Management in the UK: Organizational and Stakeholder Experiences (Routledge Research in Employment Relations)
Anne-marie Greene, Gill Kirton
Routledge , English
Rough Cider - Peter Lovesey

Rough CiderPeter Lovesey

It is World War II and American soldiers stationed in rural England have made friends, especially with the local girls. After a dance to celebrate the pressing of the apples into cider, the resentment of the local men leads to violence and … more

Rough Cider
Peter Lovesey
Soho Crime , English
The Executive Agency Revolut... - Oliver James

The Executive Agency Revolut...Oliver James

This is the first book length assessment of the executive agency revolution in UK central government, part of the New Public Management, with 65 percent of civil servants now working in agencies. The “Next Steps” reformers’ public interest … more

The Executive Agency Revolution in Whitehall: Public Interest Versus Bureau-Shaping Perspectives
Oliver James
Palgrave Macmillan , English
The Classic Works of Algerno... - Algernon Charles Swinburne

The Classic Works of Algerno...Algernon Charles Swinburne

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The Age of Shakespeare Atalanta in Calydon A Study of Shakespeare
A Midsummer Holiday and Other Poems Chastelard, A Tragedy
Songs before Sunrise The Tale of Balen Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England

The Classic Works of Algernon Charles Swinburne
Algernon Charles Swinburne
A Company of Thieves (The Jo... - David  Pilling

A Company of Thieves (The Jo...David Pilling

Life has not been kind to Eustace Folville since the fall from power of his patrons, Mortimer and Isabella. Ambushed and almost murdered in his home, he decides the time has come to gather together the most dangerous outlaws in England and … more

A Company of Thieves (The John Swale Chronicles Book 6)
David Pilling
Musa Publishing , English
High-Performance Computing -

High-Performance Computing

This volume constitutes the only record of three years work of the UK High Performance Computing Initiative, established in November 1994 to support and ensure the efficient and effective exploitation of the T3D and future generations of… more

High-Performance Computing
Springer , English
SARA to the Second Power - B... - Peggy McGee

SARA to the Second Power - B...Peggy McGee

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In a sequel to “Sara the Psychic Sleuth”, Sara continues to assist others through her psychic gifts in “Sara to the Second Power”. Sara makes every attempt to be a normal teenage girl involved in sports, in which she excels, while a buddin… more

SARA to the Second Power - Book 2 of the Psychic Sara series
Peggy McGee
The Leprechaun Way - R.A. Mitchell

The Leprechaun WayR.A. Mitchell

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In England, there is an enchanted wood, which is owned by Lady Lock. Lady Lock is a good witch, and she has made the wood a sanctuary for all magical creatures, even to giving boy leprechauns sanctuary against the girls of their own spe… more

The Leprechaun Way
R.A. Mitchell
Booktango , English
Metric Made Me Sick (But I'm... - John Frewen-Lord

Metric Made Me Sick (But I'm...John Frewen-Lord

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Think metric’s hard and that it would just go away? Then this book is for you! The world is metric whether we like it or not. Learn how I survive - and occasionally even prefer - in what was an alien metric world when the UK switched to pre… more

Metric Made Me Sick (But I’m Better Now) (UK Edition)
John Frewen-Lord
The Arts in Early England V2 - G B Brown

The Arts in Early England V2G B Brown

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Ecclesiastical architecture in England from the Saxons to the Norman Conquest. Roman and Celtic sources of ecclesiastical buildings, foreign influences, types and features of Saxon churches and architectural standards of Saxon buildings. Or… more

The Arts in Early England V2
G B Brown
Fostering Now: Messages from... - Ian Sinclair

Fostering Now: Messages from...Ian Sinclair

What are the consequences of fostering for children, their carers and their birth families? What are the best ways of recruiting, retaining and supporting foster carers? What are the most important elements of a successful placement? Can fo… more

Fostering Now: Messages from Research
Ian Sinclair
Jessica Kingsley , English