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Childhood, Youth And Social ... -

Childhood, Youth And Social ...

The English language version of proceedings of a bilateral UK/FRG conference held at Philipps Universitaet, Marburg. The theme of this conference was the examination of childhood and youth as life-stages in the context of contemporary socia… more

Childhood, Youth And Social Change: A Comparative Perspective
Routledge , English
You Can Be Debt Free - Sobaca

You Can Be Debt FreeSobaca

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Learn how to CONTROL YOUR DEBT and REBUILD YOUR FINANCES with this expertly written and timely eBook. Discover how the system preys on the unwary and vulnerable and learn how to recognise the warning signs and avoid the pit falls that lead… more

You Can Be Debt Free
Sobaca Limited , English
The Living Capital of the Un... -  J. S. Nicholson

The Living Capital of the Un... J. S. Nicholson

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The Living Capital of the United Kingdom

The Living Capital of the United Kingdom
J. S. Nicholson
Witchcraft in Tudor and Stua... - Alan MacFarlane

Witchcraft in Tudor and Stua...Alan MacFarlane

This is a classic regional and comparative study of early modern witchcraft. The history of witchcraft continues to attract attention with its emotive and contentious debates. The methodology and conclusions of this book have impacted not o… more

Witchcraft in Tudor and Stuart England
Alan MacFarlane
Routledge , English
Crime Control Community -

Crime Control Community

Community-based crime control has become one of the principal policy responses to crime and disorder across western societies, and is regarded now as one of the keys to successful crime prevention and reduction. The aim of this book is to b… more

Crime Control Community
Willan , English
The Rise and Fall of the Eng... - Outhwaite/Helmholz

The Rise and Fall of the Eng...Outhwaite/Helmholz

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The first history of ecclesiastical jurisdiction in England that covers the period up to the removal of principal subjects inherited from the Middle Ages. Probate, marriage and divorce, tithes, defamation, and disciplinary prosecutions invo… more

The Rise and Fall of the English Ecclesiastical Courts, 1500-1860 (Cambridge Studies in English Legal History)
Cambridge University Press , English
Outlaws in Medieval and Earl... - John C. Appleby, Paul Dalton

Outlaws in Medieval and Earl...John C. Appleby, Paul Dalton

With some notable exceptions, the subject of outlawry in medieval and early-modern English history has attracted relatively little scholarly attention. This volume helps to address this significant gap in scholarship, and encourage further … more

Outlaws in Medieval and Early Modern England: 5
John C. Appleby, Paul Dalton
Ashgate , English
American Girls with Huge Boo... - Sam Jones

American Girls with Huge Boo...Sam Jones

The Massive, Sexiest Boobs Of United Kingdom, The Most amazing Boobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 See them AllI have put 7 editions see them all for full satisfaction.

American Girls with Huge Boobs - Part 2
Sam Jones
Apostle of Camelot: An Essen... - Andrew Mather

Apostle of Camelot: An Essen...Andrew Mather

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Did Paul bring the Grail story to Britain and end his days as Merlin?

Day by day we live in hope of a better, happier existence. Discover today the origins of the most powerful forces that guide and constrain us, and experience for yoursel… more

Apostle of Camelot: An Essene Camelot Novel: Book 1
Andrew Mather
Story of the Wild West and C... - Buffalo Bill

Story of the Wild West and C...Buffalo Bill

This large volume was published in 1888 and because of its size I divided the book into two volumes.The first volume contains the story of the lives of Daniel Boone, David Crockett and Kit Carson.Volume II is the autobiography of Buffalo Bi… more

Story of the Wild West and Camp-Fire Chats (Volume I) (Illustrated)
Buffalo Bill
Downton Abbey: The Unofficia... - TVCaps

Downton Abbey: The Unofficia...TVCaps

Downton Abbey has quickly become an international sensation. Viewers across the world have fallen in love with the characters. The Guinness Book of World Record has called it the most critically acclaimed show on TV.This guide will help you… more

Downton Abbey: The Unofficial Guide to Season Three


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A doctor and his girlfriend are charged with the murder of his wife, as they were trying to abscond from UK. His girlfriend had changed her appearance into a boy, so he is mistaken as a doctor’s son and both are locked up in the same prison… more

A Guide To Becoming a Myster... - James McGregor

A Guide To Becoming a Myster...James McGregor

A Guide To Becoming A Mystery Shopper in the UK By James McGregorA practical hands on book by someone who has done it all before and not just copied a few tips from others books.An in-depth study of the UK mystery shopping by someone who ha… more

A Guide To Becoming a Mystery Shopper in the UK
James McGregor
Howards End - E. M. Forster

Howards EndE. M. Forster

Howards End is a novel by E. M. Forster, first published in 1910, about social and familial relations in turn-of-the-century England. Howards End is considered by some to be Forster’s masterpiece.

Howards End
E. M. Forster
Start Classics , English


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Most of us have gone through periods of excitement and trauma in our lives which other people are unaware of. Perhaps they would be shocked if they knew, perhaps not? This is the story of a group of lady friends of a certain age from a cer… more

1500 Questions in Psychiatry... - Albert Michael, Ben Underwood

1500 Questions in Psychiatry...Albert Michael, Ben Underwood

This title is directed primarily towards postgraduate trainees in psychiatry preparing for examinations such as the MRCPsych. It contains 1525 questions with answers, explanations and references - ideal for self-testing before exams. The qu… more

1500 Questions in Psychiatry: For the MRCPsych (MRCPsy Study Guides)
Albert Michael, Ben Underwood
Churchill Livingstone , English
Of Lizards and Knights - Terry Cope

Of Lizards and KnightsTerry Cope

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What happens when a young lizard named Neut learns he has the ability to become a powerful wizard? Epic adventure of comic proportions! When he teams up with Dahn, who hopes to join the knights of Camelot, things become even more unbelievab… more

Of Lizards and Knights
Terry Cope
Terry Cope , English
V for Vendetta #1 - Alan Moore

V for Vendetta #1Alan Moore

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In a post-nuclear world, Great Britain has emerged as a Fascist state. When young Evey Hammond is saved by a mysterious masked stranger, she is pulled into his quest to fight back and overthrow the government.

V for Vendetta #1
Alan Moore
DC , English
A Historical Account of the ... - Rahul Patel

A Historical Account of the ...Rahul Patel

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Great Britain as we know it today is one of the most developed nations. At it’s core is the British monarchy. This book explores how the monarchy developed and was influenced by various peoples. It identifies all the key figures of England,… more

A Historical Account of the English and British Monarchy: Part 1: Early Beginnings to the Defeat of Guthrum
Rahul Patel
Rahul Patel , English
The Shorter Poems (Penguin C... - Edmund Spenser, Richard Mccabe

The Shorter Poems (Penguin C...Edmund Spenser, Richard Mccabe

Although he is most famous for The Faerie Queene, this volume demonstrates that for these poems alone Spenser should still be ranked as one of England’s foremost poets.Spenser’s shorter poems reveal his generic and stylistic versatility, hi… more

The Shorter Poems (Penguin Classics)
Edmund Spenser, Richard Mccabe
Penguin , English