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The Woodman: a romance of th... - G P R James

The Woodman: a romance of th...G P R James

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A romance of the times of Richard III in England.Volume I of III.Originally published 1849.

The Woodman: a romance of the times of Richard III V1
G P R James
The Cross Of Caster (The Rox... - J.J. Ashton

The Cross Of Caster (The Rox...J.J. Ashton

Aisling and Roxy are on their way to England for some well deserved fun at the Renaissance Festival. But bad luck always seems to follow them.

Noah and Izayah are charged with finding the Cross of Caster but need the help of a Guardian and… more

The Cross Of Caster (The Roxy and Aisling Show Book 1)
J.J. Ashton
Jill Price , English
The Paradise Mystery - J. S. Fletcher

The Paradise MysteryJ. S. Fletcher

American tourists, sure appreciators of all that is ancient and picturesque in England, invariably come to a halt, holding their breath in a sudden catch of wonder, as they pass through the half-ruinous gateway which admits to the Close of … more

The Paradise Mystery
J. S. Fletcher
Leechdoms, wortcunning, and ... - Thomas Oswald Cockayne

Leechdoms, wortcunning, and ...Thomas Oswald Cockayne

Volume 3 of Leechdoms, wortcunning, and starcraft of early England : being a collection of documents, for the most part never before printed, illustrating the history of science in this country before the Norman conquest (1864)

Leechdoms, wortcunning, and starcraft of early England : being a collection of documents, for the most part never before printed, illustrating the history of science Vol 3
Thomas Oswald Cockayne
knitting pattern - KP221  - ... - ShiFio's Patterns

knitting pattern - KP221 - ...ShiFio's Patterns

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Sizes: Preemie 0-3 mths 3-6 mths Length 16” (41cms) 20” (54cms) 24” (61cms) Width 22” (56cms) 26” (66cms) 30” (76cms) Requirements USA light worsted (3), UK double knitting, AU 8ply Cocoon Main (white) 2o… more

knitting pattern - KP221 - Pleated baby Cocoon 3 sizes
ShiFio’s Patterns
Life and Un-Death in the Civil War - LFA Turppa

Life and Un-Death in the Civil WarLFA Turppa

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Though Civil War has put Britain’s Daughter at odds, a small band of survivors must work together to ride the world of her newest enemy: zombies.

Life and Un-Death in the Civil War
LFA Turppa
The Seed Farm - Ruby Lord

The Seed FarmRuby Lord

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This is a revised edition re-edited 31/07/2013.

The storyline really draws you in and it is one of those books you think about when you’re not reading it. I love the idea of a fertility farm, it is so far out there and unthought of that … more

The Seed Farm
Ruby Lord
Mary Barton - Elizabeth Gaskell

Mary BartonElizabeth Gaskell

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A moving account of poverty set in 1840s Manchester, Gaskell’s first novel follows the young and beautiful Mary Barton, daughter of a factory worker, who is eventually caught up in the class struggle of her time. She attracts the attention … more

Mary Barton
Elizabeth Gaskell
Digireads.com , English
Across the Spanish Main : A ... - Harry Collingwood

Across the Spanish Main : A ...Harry Collingwood

The heroes of the story are two boys from Devon, a county in the south-west of England. They set off with a view to repairing the fortunes of the family of one of them, by chasing and capturing Spanish treasure ships.

Across the Spanish Main : A Tale of the Sea in the Days of Queen Bess
Harry Collingwood
Harry Collingwood , English


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A collection of political blog entries, satirical and serious, reflecting UK politics and news from March to August 2012.

Richard L Wiseman
Strategic Questions in Food ... -

Strategic Questions in Food ...

Strategic Questions in Food and Beverage Management’ examines both enduring and topical issues in the field. Written in a clear, accessible and distinctive style, this is a comprehensive text for all areas of Food and Beverage, Hospitality… more

Strategic Questions in Food and Beverage Management (Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism)
Routledge , English
Proofreading UK Primary Scho... - Mark Campbell

Proofreading UK Primary Scho...Mark Campbell

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A concise, informative guide to proofreading UK primary school reports, this book will enable you to produce better, clearer reports and avoid having to correct them before they are sent out to parents. Just a few minutes spent reading this… more

Proofreading UK Primary School Reports: The one-stop guide to perfecting your school report
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell , English
A Pair of Blue Eyes -Thomas Hardy - Thomas Hardy

A Pair of Blue Eyes -Thomas HardyThomas Hardy

excerpt from the book…The following chapters were written at a time when the craze forindiscriminate church-restoration had just reached the remotest nooksof western England, where the wild and tragic features of the coasthad long combine… more

A Pair of Blue Eyes -Thomas Hardy
Thomas Hardy
For Camelot's Honor: Book Tw... - Sarah Zettel

For Camelot's Honor: Book Tw...Sarah Zettel

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A quest of hidden shadows, old gods, and immense power—and the battle for Britain continues!Elen believed nothing could withstand her retribution against her family’s killer. The daughter of a Welsh chieftain, Elen would wield her growing p… more

For Camelot’s Honor: Book Two of The Paths to Camelot Series (Prologue Fantasy)
Sarah Zettel
Prologue Books , English
The Adventures of Timmy- Los... - Cindy Belford

The Adventures of Timmy- Los...Cindy Belford

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Grab The Free Audio version of my best selling Title “Goldie The Black Cat That Wasn’t Really Black”==> http://cindybelfordbooks.com/free-books.htmlTimmy was lost in the jungle. He doesn’t know how he got there but he needs to get out fast…. more

The Adventures of Timmy- Lost in The Jungle ( Best Children Book )
Cindy Belford


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Evidence points to on-going underachievement amongst White Working Class young people in the UK.

This book offers a challenge to the norm.

It offers the example of one school which has shown what a good job looks like.

ADDRESSING WHITE WORKING CLASS UNDERACHIEVEMENT - Its not rocket science! (White underachievement Book 2)
karamat iqbal
Forward Publishers , English
Poem: The Neigh, Neigh Burgers - Warren Brown

Poem: The Neigh, Neigh BurgersWarren Brown

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A poem about the horse meat being sold by supermarkets in Britain as beef. This “beef” has been found in lasagne and in burgers being sold in several supermarkets in Britain.

Poem: The Neigh, Neigh Burgers
Warren Brown
Warren Brown , English
Little Dorrit (Oxford World'... - Charles Dickens, Harvey Pete...

Little Dorrit (Oxford World'...Charles Dickens, Harvey Pete...

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Highly regarded today as one of the greatest novels in English literature, Little Dorrit presents both a scathing indictment of mid-Victorian England and a devastating insight into the human condition. Examining the many social and mental … more

Little Dorrit (Oxford World’s Classics)
Charles Dickens, Harvey Peter Sucksmith
OUP Oxford , English
Ready, Steady, Cook 365: A r... - Various

Ready, Steady, Cook 365: A r...Various

Ready Steady Cook is Britain’s favourite cookery programme and this book showcases 365 simple seasonal recipes, one for every day of the year.From light summer bites such as a Orange, Watercress and Melon Salad, to Smoky Sausage Cassoulet, … more

Ready, Steady, Cook 365: A recipe for every day of the year
BBC Digital , English
Knitting Pattern - KP239 - O... - ShiFio's Patterns

Knitting Pattern - KP239 - O...ShiFio's Patterns

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Measures 16” (40cm) x 12” (30cm) Requirements USA light worsted (3), UK double knitting, AU 8ply Knitting needles 3 / 3.75mm, 2 pairs 2½oz / 70g main (brown) M 1¾oz / 50g contrast 1 (beige) C1 1¾oz / 50g contrast 2 (cream) C2 ¾oz / 20g … more

Knitting Pattern - KP239 - OWL CUSHION
ShiFio’s Patterns