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SARA to the Second Power - B... - Peggy McGee

SARA to the Second Power - B...Peggy McGee

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In a sequel to “Sara the Psychic Sleuth”, Sara continues to assist others through her psychic gifts in “Sara to the Second Power”. Sara makes every attempt to be a normal teenage girl involved in sports, in which she excels, while a buddin… more

SARA to the Second Power - Book 2 of the Psychic Sara series
Peggy McGee
The Leprechaun Way - R.A. Mitchell

The Leprechaun WayR.A. Mitchell

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In England, there is an enchanted wood, which is owned by Lady Lock. Lady Lock is a good witch, and she has made the wood a sanctuary for all magical creatures, even to giving boy leprechauns sanctuary against the girls of their own spe… more

The Leprechaun Way
R.A. Mitchell
Booktango , English
Fostering Now: Messages from... - Ian Sinclair

Fostering Now: Messages from...Ian Sinclair

What are the consequences of fostering for children, their carers and their birth families? What are the best ways of recruiting, retaining and supporting foster carers? What are the most important elements of a successful placement? Can fo… more

Fostering Now: Messages from Research
Ian Sinclair
Jessica Kingsley , English
Icy Revelations - Megan Bailey

Icy RevelationsMegan Bailey

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A short story about a mysterious death, set during the recent blizzard conditions that gripped the south of England early in 2010.

Icy Revelations
Megan Bailey
Boatingdreams 5 - Trevor martin

Boatingdreams 5Trevor martin

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Novice sailors circumnavigating the UK, no nowledge of sailing at all.

Boatingdreams 5
Trevor martin
Working Class Chavs Indulge ... - Robert Neilson

Working Class Chavs Indulge ...Robert Neilson

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This collection of erotic stories describes what happens when groups of working class men (known as chavs in the UK) get horny with their mates. Even though they may be married or normally interested in sex with girls, they are usually up f… more

Working Class Chavs Indulge In Bareback Anal Sex With Their Mates
Robert Neilson
Writerprint , English
Christowell : A Dartmoor Tale - Richard Doddridge  Blackmore

Christowell : A Dartmoor TaleRichard Doddridge Blackmore

In the fresh young vigour of an April sun, the world has a cheerful aspect, and is doubly bright, and vastly warmer, when beheld through good flint-glass. Especially while the east winds hold, which never now forget to hold the spring of En… more

Christowell : A Dartmoor Tale
Richard Doddridge Blackmore
Boatingdreams 3 - Trevor Martin

Boatingdreams 3Trevor Martin

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Sailing and circumnavigation of the UK with no knowledge of boats or sailing.Doing it all on a budget.

Boatingdreams 3
Trevor Martin
Richard III In Plain and Sim... - William Shakespeare

Richard III In Plain and Sim...William Shakespeare

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Richard III depicts the Machiavellian rise to power and subsequent short reign of Richard III of England. It’s tragic; it’s historical; and, if you don’t get Shakespearean English, it probably doesn’t make any sense!. Let BookCaps help with… more

Richard III In Plain and Simple English (A Modern Translation and the Original Version)
William Shakespeare
BookCaps Study Guides , English
Beatlemania! The Real Story ... - Martin Creasy

Beatlemania! The Real Story ...Martin Creasy

Between 1963 and 1965 The Beatles undertook six amazing UK tours and along the way met many fans whose memories of these encounters tell the real story of what actually happened when the Fab Four hit the road. It was loud, chaotic and as ex… more

Beatlemania! The Real Story of the Beatles UK Tours 1963-1965
Martin Creasy
Omnibus Press , English
The Hum - Stephen Austen, S.P. Austen

The HumStephen Austen, S.P. Austen

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In the summer of 1982 a strange sound permeated large portions of England. Thousands of people reported it, but no explanation of the sound was ever put forward. It permeated the atmosphere with a continuous humming sound and has remained a… more

The Hum
Stephen Austen, S.P. Austen
Stephen Austen , English
A Sense of Justice - James McGowan Scully

A Sense of JusticeJames McGowan Scully

The “Friend of James Fund” is sharing, the profits with “guide dogs for the blind” who will receive 40%. “The Strathclyde Teen challenge” will also receive 40%, to help to continue their wonderful work with the young. The friend of James wi… more

A Sense of Justice
James McGowan Scully
Cowboy - Lance Manley

CowboyLance Manley

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For mature readers.Cow·boy /kouboi/2. An adventurous hero.3. A person who is reckless or careless.4. Someone who disregards rules that most people obey and is considered irresponsible.From the 1970s to 2013.Reflections upon UK society.From … more

Lance Manley
Hospitable England in the se... - Richard Henry Dana

Hospitable England in the se...Richard Henry Dana

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Hospitable England in the seventies; the diary of a young American, 1875-1876 (1921)

Hospitable England in the seventies; the diary of a young American, 1875-1876 (1921)
Richard Henry Dana
Vanity Fair - William Makepeace Thacheray

Vanity FairWilliam Makepeace Thacheray

Satire of 18th century life in England.

Vanity Fair
William Makepeace Thacheray
Really Rude Rhymes - Hugh Janus

Really Rude RhymesHugh Janus

My rhymes are rude but never crude,In simple couplets written,Some might say they border lewd,The naughtiest poems in Britain.If you want sweet romantic stuff,Then folks I’d have to say,These will leave you in a huff,So please, move swift a… more

Really Rude Rhymes
Hugh Janus
JEALOUSY - How to Kill It Be... - Kelly White

JEALOUSY - How to Kill It Be...Kelly White

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Jealousy is a poison to a Lover-Partner relationship. It can be slow acting or fast acting. Sometimes it results in violence.In time, jealousy often also results in a relationship termination.There are at least two parties to every jealousy… more

JEALOUSY - How to Kill It Before It Kills Your Relationship
Kelly White
Rhetoric and Poetry in the R... - Donald Lemen Clark

Rhetoric and Poetry in the R...Donald Lemen Clark

In this essay I undertake to trace the influence of classical rhetoric on the criticisms of poetry published in England between 1553 and 1641. This influence is most readily recognized in the use by English renaissance writers on literary c… more

Rhetoric and Poetry in the Renaissance
Donald Lemen Clark
The Short and Fascinating Ta... - Sabrina Darby

The Short and Fascinating Ta...Sabrina Darby

Wanted:A beautiful young woman—preferably one with no connections, who won’t ask too many questions—to spend two weeks in the North of England with an obstinate, aloof, and utterly handsome man.Must love dogs, fixing up crumbling castles, … more

The Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina Whitcombe (Avonimpulse Historical Romance)
Sabrina Darby
Avon Impulse , English
The Garden of Secrets - B Francis Horton

The Garden of SecretsB Francis Horton

After the loss of her parents due to a cholera breakout, A young child is sent to England to live with her Uncle. She learns the story of her late Aunt and her beloved private garden that consumed many hours of her day and was the location … more

The Garden of Secrets
B Francis Horton