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Freedom of Information: Loca... - Richard A. Chapman

Freedom of Information: Loca...Richard A. Chapman

Since the UK’s Freedom of Information Act of 2005, which allows public right of access to information held by public authorities, considerable evidence has accumulated about the ways in which the Act has been applied in the interests of dem… more

Freedom of Information: Local Government and Accountability
Richard A. Chapman
Ashgate Publishing Limited , English
Gypsy Boy on the Run - Mikey Walsh

Gypsy Boy on the RunMikey Walsh

This is the incredible story of a boy who escaped from a secret world.Mikey is a Romany Gypsy and grew up living in a caravan on sites across the UK. He adored his family and the rich and vibrant Romany culture he’d inherited. Eventually th… more

Gypsy Boy on the Run
Mikey Walsh
Hodder , English
The Wrath: A Paranormal Goth... - Kristina Schram

The Wrath: A Paranormal Goth...Kristina Schram

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When a cryptic letter arrives from Evalina Filmore’s two aunts, she travels to England to find out what they want, figuring this will be the chance to experience the romantic adventure she has so often read about in her beloved gothic novel… more

The Wrath: A Paranormal Gothic Romance
Kristina Schram
Mischief Maker Media , English
England (Annotated) (Large T... - Charles Dudley Warner

England (Annotated) (Large T...Charles Dudley Warner

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England (Annotated)Edited by Wild Birch

England (Annotated) (Large Type Print)
Charles Dudley Warner
Bastard Killer - Martyn Thompson

Bastard KillerMartyn Thompson

In a small village in the North of England, vengeance is about to be unleashed. Nothing will stop him.

Beaten. Humiliated. Abused. Raped.

How far will one boy go to exact his revenge?

This is the story of Nick.

Bastard Killer
Martyn Thompson
Home Fires Burning: The Grea... - Gavin Roynon

Home Fires Burning: The Grea...Gavin Roynon

A moving account of how Britain coped with the ravages of the First World War on the Home Front.

Home Fires Burning: The Great War Diaries of Georgina Lee
Gavin Roynon
The History Press , English
Unnoticed in the Casual Ligh... - Tijana Stojkovic

Unnoticed in the Casual Ligh...Tijana Stojkovic

Larkin’s poems are often regarded as falling somewhere between the traditional ‘plain’ and the more contemporary ‘postmodern’ categories. This study undertakes a comprehensive linguistic and historical study of the plain style tradition in … more

Unnoticed in the Casual Light of Day: Phillip Larkin and the Plain Style (Studies in Major Literary Authors)
Tijana Stojkovic
Routledge , English
Matinee Coat, Hat and Bootee... - Cottage Craft

Matinee Coat, Hat and Bootee...Cottage Craft

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UK TerminologySkill Level: 2 - Fairly easySize: Instructions given to fit a 19” (48cm) chestMaterials Required: Size 8 (4mm) Knitting Needles, Size 10 (3 ¼mm) Knitting Needles, Baby Double Knitting Wool 150g, 2 metres of 1cm narrow Ribbon, … more

Matinee Coat, Hat and Bootees Set, Knitting Pattern #0901
Cottage Craft
Cottage Craft Patterns , English
Jack-o'-lantern House - Francena H. Arnold

Jack-o'-lantern HouseFrancena H. Arnold

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Kathy is sent to the country for her junior year of high school while her parents are in England. Though she quickly adapts to her new surroundings, Kathy is sorely disappointed in the rude, sulky boy who also lives at her cousins’ house. I… more

Jack-o’-lantern House
Francena H. Arnold
Moody Publishers , English
The Further Adventures of Ro... - Daniel Dafoe

The Further Adventures of Ro...Daniel Dafoe

An excerpt from: CHAPTER I—REVISITS ISLAND That homely proverb, used on so many occasions in England, viz. “That what is bred in the bone will not go out of the flesh,” was never more verified than in the story of my Life.  Any one would t… more

The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Dafoe
Bunny Books, Ink. , English
The Fairy Godmothers and Oth... - Mrs. Alfred Gatty

The Fairy Godmothers and Oth...Mrs. Alfred Gatty

In one of the beautiful bays on the coast of Fairy Land, a party of Fairies was assembled on a lovely evening in July. There are many beautiful bays on the coast of England, and there is one especially, my dear little readers, which you and… more

The Fairy Godmothers and Other Tales
Mrs. Alfred Gatty
Remaking the Classics: Liter... - Amanda Wrigley, Christopher ...

Remaking the Classics: Liter...Amanda Wrigley, Christopher ...

This important collection of essays both contributes to the expanding field of classical reception studies and seeks to extend it. Focusing on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Britain, it looks at a range of different genres (epic, novel, … more

Remaking the Classics: Literature, Genre and Media in Britain 1800-2000
Amanda Wrigley, Christopher Stray, Deborah Roberts, Elizabeth Vandiver, Leanne Hunnings, Lorna Hardwick, Ruth Hazel, Sheila Murnaghan, Stephen Harrison
Bloomsbury Academic , English
Edgehill: The Battle Reinterpreted - Christopher Scott

Edgehill: The Battle ReinterpretedChristopher Scott

This paperback edition of this seminal new study of a key battle of the Civil Wars re-examines one of England’s most mysterious battlefields at Edgehill, and it combines the work of three outstanding military historians. Each is an expert i… more

Edgehill: The Battle Reinterpreted
Christopher Scott
Pen and Sword Military , English
Anglo-Saxon Monsters: A Thir... - S. A. Swaffington

Anglo-Saxon Monsters: A Thir...S. A. Swaffington

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From the author of ‘Offa: Rise of the Englisc Warrior’ and ‘Hengist & Horsa: The Scourge of the Gods’.

Taken from his notes, S. A. Swaffington, an expert on Old English culture, gives us a short, fun, easy to read gui… more

Anglo-Saxon Monsters: A Thirty Minute Read
S. A. Swaffington
Ramblers Short Walks in the ... - Collins Maps

Ramblers Short Walks in the ...Collins Maps

A brand new range of practical e Guide books endorsed by the Ramblers. All content downloaded to device making maps and text available at all times. 20 walks are included and use clear maps to show the route plus easy to follow walk descrip… more

Ramblers Short Walks in the Lake District (Collins Ramblers Short Walks)
Collins Maps
Collins , English
Religion, Identity and Confl... - Stewart J. Brown, Frances Kn...

Religion, Identity and Confl...Stewart J. Brown, Frances Kn...

The British state between the mid-seventeenth century to the early twentieth century was essentially a Christian state, in which Christianity permeated all aspects of society. This book brings together a distinguished team of authors who ex… more

Religion, Identity and Conflict in Britain: From the Restoration to the Twentieth Century
Stewart J. Brown, Frances Knight, John Morgan-Guy
Ashgate , English
Emily's Wish (Fountain of Lo... - Mia Blackwood

Emily's Wish (Fountain of Lo...Mia Blackwood

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After inheriting her uncle’s land and title, Emily moved to England, happy to be starting over. When she found a strange fountain on her property, she made a wish for love. Edward, recently home from the Napoleonic War, spends time walking … more

Emily’s Wish (Fountain of Love Book 13)
Mia Blackwood
Mia Blackwood , English
British Weights and Measures... - Charles Moore  Watson

British Weights and Measures...Charles Moore Watson

British weights and measures as described in the laws of England from Anglo-Saxon times (1910)

British Weights and Measures as Described in the Laws of England from Anglo-Saxon Times
Charles Moore Watson
Ancient Celtic Myth, Magic, ... - Jonathan Klemens, FSA Scot

Ancient Celtic Myth, Magic, ...Jonathan Klemens, FSA Scot

Essay on ancient Celtic medicine and myth with emphasis on the Druids in Britain. Discussion of herbs, trees, ansd sacred animals used by shamans.

Ancient Celtic Myth, Magic, and Medicine
Jonathan Klemens, FSA Scot
BookRix GmbH & Co. KG , English
Waterfoot or The Dream Ship - Cynthia Stockley

Waterfoot or The Dream ShipCynthia Stockley

Wanderfoot” is published in England under the title of “The Dream Ship”“O Beauty, I have wandered far;Peace, I have suffered seeking thee:Life, I have sought to see thy star,That other men might see. And after wandering nights and days,A g… more

Waterfoot or The Dream Ship
Cynthia Stockley