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Tweet Treats: The Most Hilar... - Andrew Campbell

Tweet Treats: The Most Hilar...Andrew Campbell

WITH THIS BOOK, YOU REALLY AREIN FOR A TWEET!’ Titter at Twitter with this collection of witty Tweets!With only 140 characters available, its not just hard to know what to write, its also hard to fit it all in!With this hilarious book of … more

Tweet Treats: The Most Hilarious Twitter Tweets Ever!
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell , English
No More Illegal Herb (Japane... - Hayashida Riki

No More Illegal Herb (Japane...Hayashida Riki

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林田力『脱法ハーブにNO』は社会問題になっている脱法ハーブ(脱法ドラッグ、違法ハーブ、違法ドラッグ、違法薬物)の害悪を取り上げたノンフィクションである。脱法ハーブと同じように社会悪になっているB-CASカード不正も取り上げている。脱法ハーブが有害であることは真実である。脱法ハーブは吸引者の自己責任では済まされない。脱法ハーブ吸引者による危険運転など社会に害悪を及ぼしている。脱法ハーブを放置することの害悪は自分の頭でイメージすることができる。『ヴェニスの商人』ではないが、金貨三… more

No More Illegal Herb (Japanese Edition)
Hayashida Riki
Hayashida Riki , Japanese
Total Tweet Blueprint: The S... - Michael Sherriff

Total Tweet Blueprint: The S...Michael Sherriff

Twitter Marketing That Doesn’t Suck !

The secret Twitter blueprint that earns you a full time income in just 15 minutes a day using Twitter.

For far too long people have been using Twitter in a way that it just wasn’t designed to be used … more

Total Tweet Blueprint: The Secret Twitter Blueprint That Earns You a Full Time Income in Just 15 Minutes a Day
Michael Sherriff
XS Media UK , English
Cowards are Great! - Lorqi Blinks

Cowards are Great!Lorqi Blinks

I can’t find the Gaelic crusher,” fumed Raymondetta. “Where have you put it?”I am uneasy. I have begun to consider even the wringing of hands carnal. A fine frass of crumbled Twitter hashtags frosts the kitchen table, and as I raise my fin… more

Cowards are Great!
Lorqi Blinks
Sad Press , English
Increase Traffic With Twitte... - Mike Paetzold

Increase Traffic With Twitte...Mike Paetzold

Unleash the power of Twitter and WordPress to multiply your traffic!Discover the tools and tips to maximize your traffic from these two great tools Increase your blog readers Use Twitter to know what content your readers are craving* Leve… more

Increase Traffic With Twitter And Wordpress (Ebooks For Business)
Mike Paetzold
Ebooks For Life , English
A Whisper From Your Soul - A. Drayton Boylston

A Whisper From Your SoulA. Drayton Boylston

A Whisper From Your Soul (WhisperFromYourSoul.com)…hear what really needs to be heard. We all need to heed the messages from our Souls. With all the hustle and bustle in our lives, this quiet (yet oh-so-vital) voice needs to be truly hear… more

A Whisper From Your Soul
A. Drayton Boylston
Rescue Institute Publishing , English
An Oral Exam, Part 2 - Robin Scott

An Oral Exam, Part 2Robin Scott

Another day was done. I was a simple graduate student, a first year seeking a Master’s degree straight out of under-grad. I was teaching my first grouping of classes. These classes were a joke for all, the students, the teachers – everyone…. more

An Oral Exam, Part 2
Robin Scott
Hayashida Riki Business Book... - Hayashida Riki

Hayashida Riki Business Book...Hayashida Riki

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『名ばかり管理職』 ここにも世代間格差『名ばかり管理職』 経済 『見える化で社員の力を引き出すタイムマネジメント』 『大不況!!年収120万円時代を生きる』 『躍進 日本オラクル―全社最適化戦略』 『資本主義最終章の始まり 大恐慌2009~2010』 ビジネス 『急に売れ始めるにはワケがある』爆発的な流行のメカニズム 『新規事業がうまくいかない理由』 『会社を筋肉質に変える!ローコスト・オペレーション』 … more

Hayashida Riki Business Book Reviews (Japanese Edition)
Hayashida Riki
Hayashida Riki , Japanese
Hayashida Riki Political Art... - Hayashida Riki

Hayashida Riki Political Art...Hayashida Riki

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国家戦略特区と江東区 江東・足立・葛飾区議会でのブラック企業議論 江東区議会・平成26年第2回定例会 東京五輪会場見直しと江東区 江東区越中島トラック騒音問題 統一候補擁立の前提 4つの課題 細川護煕勝手連総括と1.13東京連絡会 脱原発知事を実現する会総括と現実認識 変えるな9条!葛飾憲法集会・集団的自衛権学習会 ジャーナリスト講… more

Hayashida Riki Political Articles (Japanese Edition)
Hayashida Riki
Hayashida Riki , Japanese
Web Marketing - Twitter Traf... - Lai Tom

Web Marketing - Twitter Traf...Lai Tom

Before you set up your account, let’s go over a few of the ways that you can use Twitter as a blogger: 1. Getting traffic to your blog posts - With a simple post to Twitter, you can have lots of readers come to your blog. Even though blog… more

Web Marketing - Twitter Traffic Magic - How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Blog Traffic - Ways Twitter Can Help Jumpstart Your Blog Traffic!
Lai Tom
Underground Twitter Secret M... - Dean Shainin

Underground Twitter Secret M...Dean Shainin

Here are just a few of the powerful benefits you will discover using Underground Secret Twitter Manifesto Exposed How Can Twitter Help Expand My Business and How Does Twitter Work For Making Money Online?Red Flags You Need To Consider Immed… more

Underground Twitter Secret Manifesto
Dean Shainin
How to Make Money with Email... - R. Scott Corbett

How to Make Money with Email...R. Scott Corbett

Why you need to do serious email marketing–plus practical tips and steps for getting powerful business results from email, fast!   Press “send,” make money. Is it really that easy? Before I show you how to use email to reach more prospect… more

How to Make Money with Email Marketing (FT Press Delivers Marketing Shorts)
R. Scott Corbett
FT Press , English
101 Funny Tweets! - Karen Powers

101 Funny Tweets!Karen Powers

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101 Funny Tweets:If you own a Twitter account and you want to put a smile on the faces of your followers by your regular updates and tweets, then you have to make sure that you are aware of a few tweets that are sure to make them laugh. Lau… more

101 Funny Tweets!
Karen Powers
Bow Ties: A Practical Guide ... - Mark Davids

Bow Ties: A Practical Guide ...Mark Davids

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Get Ready For The Bow Tie Revolution! Everything You Need To Know About Bow Ties Today

Everyone is talking about bow ties lately – men’s fashion blogs around the world are promoting them, they are being featured on the most popular TV show… more

Bow Ties: A Practical Guide (Men’s Style Series Book 2)
Mark Davids
The Early To Rise Experience... - Andy Traub

The Early To Rise Experience...Andy Traub

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FREE Kindle version when you buy the print edition w/ KindleMatch Program!EXTRAS WITH EVERY PURCHASE: After purchasing the book open it and follow the directions inside to receive access to the full audio version as well as daily email enco… more

The Early To Rise Experience: Learn To Rise Early in 30 Days (Early To Rise Series Book 1)
Andy Traub
Take Permission Media Press , English
How To Automate Your Twitter... - Emily Green

How To Automate Your Twitter...Emily Green

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How To Automate Your Twitter Marketing will show you step by step what you need to do to automate your Twitter audience building and marketing. Tired of manually building your following or simply don’t have the time. Take a look inside and … more

How To Automate Your Twitter Marketing
Emily Green
How to Set Up A Twitter Account - Stephanie Smith

How to Set Up A Twitter AccountStephanie Smith

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Need to set up a Twitter account but not sure how to do so? This pamphlet will walk you through setting up an account, making a nice profile page, and your first tweet.

How to Set Up A Twitter Account
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D. , English
The 10 Commandments for Auth... - Social Caffeine

The 10 Commandments for Auth...Social Caffeine

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You know Twitter’s got potential as a place to promote your books. And you’ve built up a small following: 100 or 1,000 people.But now you’ve got questions: How can you keep track of the constant stream of updates? What should you post tweet… more

The 10 Commandments for Authors on Twitter (Social Caffeine)
Social Caffeine
REV Media Marketing , English
Help my dog's on Twitter (Th... - Harry Spaniel, Heather Nesbitt

Help my dog's on Twitter (Th...Harry Spaniel, Heather Nesbitt

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My name is Harry I am an English Springer Spaniel and I am vewy vewy handsome BOL (bark out loud) I live wiv my hoomans and my sisfur Maggie and I wuv dem vewy much. You will have noticed dat dogs have der own language when typing. To help … more

Help my dog’s on Twitter (The ramblings of Harry The Spaniel Book 1)
Harry Spaniel, Heather Nesbitt
The Dark Side of The Mind - Book 3 - D.C. Henio

The Dark Side of The Mind - Book 3D.C. Henio

Book 3 of the Dark Side of The Mind series. Includes “Into The Darkness” A couple is hunted by an ancient supernatural force that lives in the darkness of night. “The Long Road Home” A man struggles to get home in time for his son’s birthda… more

The Dark Side of The Mind - Book 3
D.C. Henio