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The Principle of Relevance - Stefania Lucchetti

The Principle of RelevanceStefania Lucchetti

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We revel in the Information Age. We love that all of our information can be mobile, global, available 24-7, and ready in various user-friendly formats. But we abhor the burden it has become, as many feel enslaved to their gadgets, obligated… more

The Principle of Relevance
Stefania Lucchetti
RT Publishing , English
Tinu's Traffic Tip #3 How to... - Tinu Abayomi-Paul

Tinu's Traffic Tip #3 How to...Tinu Abayomi-Paul

No, it’s not a competition to see who is the best at imitating sheep. Sorry. It’s a contest where a person is entered to win a sweepstakes or contest, in exchange for following a social presence account like those you’d find on Twitter or J… more

Tinu’s Traffic Tip #3 How to Enhance the Follow Contest Model To Grow Your Business (Tinu’s Traffic Tips)
Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Leveraged Promotion , English
Twitter Marketing Made Easy,... - Lynn Beck

Twitter Marketing Made Easy,...Lynn Beck

Discover How To Leverage The Free Marketing Power Of TwitterTwitter has quickly become the word on every marketers lips because of the amazing benefits you can tap into to grow your business. Simply put - make more money online with Twitter… more

Twitter Marketing Made Easy, The Best Twitter Marketing Kindle Book
Lynn Beck
Two-Fisted Tweets - James Hutchings

Two-Fisted TweetsJames Hutchings

Thirty mostly humorous stories, including science fiction, fantasy, horror and romance. Each story is less than 140 characters long (the length of a Twitter tweet).”Though short in length, Two-Fisted Tweets is long on creative wit and humor… more

Two-Fisted Tweets
James Hutchings
Opposition Movement Against ... - Hayashida Riki

Opposition Movement Against ...Hayashida Riki

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林田力『二子玉川ライズ反対運動13』は東京都世田谷区玉川の再開発・二子玉川ライズの住環境破壊や住民反対運動を取り上げたシリーズの一冊である。東急電鉄・東急不動産中心の再開発には多額の税金が使われるが、住民のためになる公共性はないと批判されている。逆に住民はビル風などで大きな被害を受けている。新たなマンション・ブランズ二子玉川による複合被害も懸念される。 再開発による住環境破壊は東急不動産が参加組合員となる予定の武蔵小杉の再開発(小杉町3丁目東地区第一種市街地再開発)も同じであ… more

Opposition Movement Against FUTAKOTAMAGAWA Rise 13 (Japanese Edition)
Hayashida Riki
Hayashida Riki , Japanese
Radiophobia is Hate Speech (... - Hayashida Riki

Radiophobia is Hate Speech (...Hayashida Riki

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林田力『放射脳カルトはヘイトスピーチ』は『放射脳カルトと貧困ビジネス』に引き続き、放射脳カルトの問題を取り上げた電子書籍である。福島や東日本を差別する放射脳カルトはヘイトスピーチである。ヘイトスピーチは社会問題になっている。ネット右翼らによる在日韓国朝鮮人へのヘイトスピーチは批判されるべきである。それは当然である。 しかし、左翼がネット右翼のヘイトスピーチを糾弾しながら、放射脳カルトのヘイトスピーチに頬かむりし、あまつさえ擁護するならばダブルスタンダードになる。ヘイトスピーチ… more

Radiophobia is Hate Speech (Japanese Edition)
Hayashida Riki
Hayashida Riki , Japanese
Blog & Tweet - How to Make a... - Kathy Lynn Hall

Blog & Tweet - How to Make a...Kathy Lynn Hall

This is a booklet that contains “secrets” and tips that will save you time and effort and get you on your way to being a blogging or tweeting superstar - or both. It’s a quick read, but you will come away with information you can really use… more

Blog & Tweet - How to Make a Splash Online
Kathy Lynn Hall
Twitter your Business (Small... - Lilach Bullock

Twitter your Business (Small...Lilach Bullock

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Twitter for business? Don’t be silly… Twitter’s just a huge time suck that doesn’t send me any traffic, any leads or generate any publicity… If this sounds like you,you’re the owner of a small business and you want some of the Twitter l… more

Twitter your Business (Small Business Success Book 2)
Lilach Bullock
Sarkemedia.com , English
TUIST EL TUIT  (poemas tuit)... - Mois Benarroch

TUIST EL TUIT (poemas tuit)...Mois Benarroch

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Una obra en proceso interminable, un libro de poemas que cambia sin parar, poemas escritos directamente al Twitter. Un Perpetum Poeticum Mobile.

El kindle será reactualizado para reflejar los nuevos poemas.


Me gusta como… more

TUIST EL TUIT (poemas tuit) (el libro que cambia, en cada momento cada lector tiene una versión diferente) (Spanish Edition)
Mois Benarroch
Marketing Con Twitter | Tu N... -

Marketing Con Twitter | Tu N...

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Tu Negocio Con Twitter En Piloto Automático Lo más importante para que seas reconocido como un verdadero twittero es que tus mensajes aporten valor. La gente quiere recibir información interesante y útil!

Es el valor del tiempo lo que hace… more

Marketing Con Twitter | Tu Negocio En Piloto Automático (Serie: “Sólo Marketing” nº 2) (Spanish Edition)
Daniel Rogers , Spanish
The Twitter Bible: For Teach... - James Potter

The Twitter Bible: For Teach...James Potter

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The Twitter Bible for Teachers and other Professionals will show you how to get started on Twitter and get the best and most time efficient use out of it.

Twitter is the biggest staff room in the world and the Twitter Bible will open the d… more

The Twitter Bible: For Teachers and other Professionals
James Potter
James Potter , English
How I Became Like...This - Robin Scott

How I Became Like...ThisRobin Scott

For those who have read my novels and Twitter feed. You all requested this, How I became the way I am. It involved a lot of sex, and a lot of people. I was not born this way, nor was I made this way by way of terrible parents, or a terrible… more

How I Became Like…This
Robin Scott
Tweet n trim - Twitter Diet ... - Rachel Adams

Tweet n trim - Twitter Diet ...Rachel Adams

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In conjunction with my book “My Story of How I Lost 20 Kilos in 30 Days”.I will show you how easy it is to achieve easy and quick weight loss and leverage the tools on your computer, to make it so much easier.In this book (Tweet n Trim - Tw… more

Tweet n trim - Twitter Diet (My Story of How I Lost 20 Kilos in 30 Days)
Rachel Adams
Password Incorrect (Geek Fic... - Nick Name

Password Incorrect (Geek Fic...Nick Name

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First volume of a collection of tech-fiction short stories. Designed to be a perfect mobile reading for geeks, who from time to time desperately need to recover from tech-related stress, the one which says hello when you don’t remember the … more

Password Incorrect (Geek Fiction Stories Vol. 1/2)
Nick Name
Piotr Kowalczyk , English
Twitter and WordPress: Multi... -

Twitter and WordPress: Multi...

There are hundreds of manuals about Twitter and how best to use it and no one agrees on what is best.-Here I am looking at how you can use this to improve andleverage your blogging efforts.-Plus, Twitter can be used for much more than that … more

Twitter and WordPress: Multiply the power of each to generate more traffic!
Twitter Me This - How Do You... -

Twitter Me This - How Do You...

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Twitter Me This - How Do You Use Twitter For Marketing & Making Money On The Internet
How to Make Money Marketing ... - Jamie Turner

How to Make Money Marketing ...Jamie Turner

Learn how to build your business, grow profits, and increase your customers—presented in a step-by-step formula.   Don’t be freaked out if you, your company, or your brand get negative comments on Twitter. It happens to the best of us. T… more

How to Make Money Marketing Your Small Business on Twitter
Jamie Turner
FT Press , English
From Being A Twit Too Twitte... - Jamie Lawernce

From Being A Twit Too Twitte...Jamie Lawernce

From Being A Twit Too Twitter Master22 pagesTwitter is used by all kinds of people – from private individuals who use it to keep track of their interests and follow people they know, through to celebrities who use it promote themselves and … more

From Being A Twit Too Twitter Master
Jamie Lawernce
The BITTER & The SWEET of TW... - Jay Squires

The BITTER & The SWEET of TW...Jay Squires

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A handy guide for the newcomer to comfortably navigate the Twitter waters, not only exploring ahead of time some of the reefs & riptides his skiff may encounter but also to point out a few safe harbors where he can linger a while, preparing… more

Jay Squires
Pocket Parallel Mind: 365 Da... - Aliyah Marr

Pocket Parallel Mind: 365 Da...Aliyah Marr

Pocket Parallel Mind is a book of inspirational quotes for creative thinkers and those who wish to creatively transform their lives. Based upon Twitter-like quips from the first book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity, Pocket Parallel Mi… more

Pocket Parallel Mind: 365 Days of Creative Inspiration in Your Pocket
Aliyah Marr