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She Walks in Darkness - Evangeline Walton

She Walks in DarknessEvangeline Walton

Beneath the beautiful estates of Tuscany lies another world, twisting labyrinths of catacombs, temples, and tombs filled with lost wonders of the ancient world. Treasures of ancient royal lines lie untouched, watched over by the unblinking … more

She Walks in Darkness
Evangeline Walton
Tachyon Publications , English
Spirit of Tuscany: a short story - Helen Osterman

Spirit of Tuscany: a short storyHelen Osterman

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A young woman, whose husband has just left her, spends time in a Tuscan villa and has a life changing experience. She meets a stranger who helps her to find the real meaning of life. Amid the flowers, mountains and valleys of Tuscany, she r… more

Spirit of Tuscany: a short story
Helen Osterman
Helen Macie Osterman , English
Siena & Southern Tuscany: In... - Rebecca Ford

Siena & Southern Tuscany: In...Rebecca Ford

Footprintfocus Siena and Southern Tuscany is the only dedicated guide available covering this popular Italian destination. Features an Essentials section with practical tips to help plan a trip, detailed information on attractions and compr… more

Siena & Southern Tuscany: Includes San Gimignano, Chianti, Montepulciano & Pienza (Footprint Focus)
Rebecca Ford
Footprint Focus , English
Roadside songs of Tuscany pt.1 - John Ruskin

Roadside songs of Tuscany pt.1John Ruskin

Roadside songs of Tuscany pt.1

Roadside songs of Tuscany pt.1
John Ruskin
A Room with a View: The Wild... - Coco Rousseau, E.M. Forster

A Room with a View: The Wild...Coco Rousseau, E.M. Forster

His fingers hungered. George’s heart pounded within the confines of his chest. The young woman bedazzled him like no other. Her beauty allured him, compelled him to act upon impulse. He wanted her. The touch of her soft lips against his, to… more

A Room with a View: The Wild and Wanton Edition (Crimson Romance)
Coco Rousseau, E.M. Forster
Crimson Romance , English
The Essential Maurice Hewlet... - Maurice Hewlett

The Essential Maurice Hewlet...Maurice Hewlett

Earthwork Out Of TuscanyThe Fool ErrantThe Forest LoversGudrid the FairIn a Green ShadeThe Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-NayLore of ProserpineRest HarrowThe Village Wife’s LamentHelen Redeemed and Other Poems

The Essential Maurice Hewlett Collection
Maurice Hewlett
Memories of Tuscany (Photo G... - Massimo Barzini

Memories of Tuscany (Photo G...Massimo Barzini

A collection of photographs taken from my journey around Tuscany. This book is a photo gallery of the most impressive ones taken on that journey. Order your copy and enjoy all the breath taking views without stepping outside of your home!

Memories of Tuscany (Photo Gallery) (Memories of Italy (Photo Gallery) Book 1)
Massimo Barzini
The Pit: A Gothic Short Tale - Duncan Ryan

The Pit: A Gothic Short TaleDuncan Ryan

A fictional historical account of the supernatural events surrounding a remote estate in the Italian region of Tuscany. Written as a traditional Gothic short story, it tells the horrifying tale of the haunted villages ruled from this ancien… more

The Pit: A Gothic Short Tale
Duncan Ryan
Not Juliet: Addicted To Love... - Ella Medler

Not Juliet: Addicted To Love...Ella Medler

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This novella is intended for mature audiences only. Wordcount 40,000 (180 pages approx).

Riella Smith, an unconventional Romany Princess, travels to Tuscany on the trail of her father’s challenger, to delay him and prevent unnecessary bloo… more

Not Juliet: Addicted To Love Romance Collection
Ella Medler
Ella Medler , English
Lazar's Darkness (Jack Lazar... - Kevin Sterling

Lazar's Darkness (Jack Lazar...Kevin Sterling

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Action and Suspense Have Never Been So SexyReaders say the Jack Lazar Series “is like James Bond Meets Fifty Shades of Grey”In this fifth, sexy, edge-of-your-seat thriller, one of Jack’s closest friends is getting married at a villa in Tusc… more

Lazar’s Darkness (Jack Lazar Series Book 5)
Kevin Sterling
Arriving in Magic: Poems by ... - Adrian G R Scott

Arriving in Magic: Poems by ...Adrian G R Scott

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This second collection charts a three-year period in the author’s life beginning right after publication of ‘The Call of the Unwritten’ and into his six-month sabbatical in early 2011 - when he unearthed a new way of looking at his life. … more

Arriving in Magic: Poems by Adrian G R Scott
Adrian G R Scott
AuthorHouse , English
To See You No More - Janet Butler

To See You No MoreJanet Butler

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The poems in “To see you no more” deal with loss in all its manifestations, from a lover’s lament to a widow surrounded, yet, by melancholy memories. These poems are an imaginative investigation of the heart, dealing with both a sweet resig… more

To See You No More
Janet Butler
Punkin House , English
Into Eternity (The Medici Sa... - Navarra Knight

Into Eternity (The Medici Sa...Navarra Knight

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When Lyssandria Barron goes to Tuscany on holiday, she never thought she would meet the man of her dreams…but dark secrets and forbidden passions would keep the star-crossed lovers apart. Follow their journey through the heart of Italy an… more

Into Eternity (The Medici Saga Book 1)
Navarra Knight
Gourmet Gluten-Free Slow Coo... - Olivia Simms

Gourmet Gluten-Free Slow Coo...Olivia Simms

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Get yourself and your loved ones prepared for beautiful gluten-free ingredients slow-cooked to perfection. And by slow cooking we mean utilizing your kitchen’s time-saving prince - the humble but grand slow cooker.

Creating gourmet gluten-… more

Gourmet Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook Delicious & Healthy Recipes For The Whole Family
Olivia Simms
How to Cook Italian Soups, P... - Cheryl Tancreti Campbell

How to Cook Italian Soups, P...Cheryl Tancreti Campbell

Why do we find Italian cooking so enjoyable? It’s because the combination of fresh pristine ingredients, prepared with a sensible flare are the unmistakable characteristic of cooking Italian and that makes for the best recipes and very sati… more

How to Cook Italian Soups, Polenta and Risotto (Easy and Delicious Italian Recipe Collection)
Cheryl Tancreti Campbell
4 winds of Change , English
The Classic Works of Edward Hutton - Edward Hutton

The Classic Works of Edward HuttonEdward Hutton

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England of My Heart—SpringFlorence and Northern Tuscany with Genoa Ravenna, A Study

The Classic Works of Edward Hutton
Edward Hutton
The Towers of Tuscany - Carol M. Cram

The Towers of TuscanyCarol M. Cram

Sofia is trained in secret as a painter in her father’s workshop during a time when women did not paint openly. She loves her work, but her restless spirit leads her to betray her extraordinary gifts to marry a man who comes to despise her … more

The Towers of Tuscany
Carol M. Cram
Lake Union Publishing , English
Why Baby Boomers Suck! (No O... - Finley Harrison

Why Baby Boomers Suck! (No O...Finley Harrison

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The Baby Boomers have ruled the world for the last few decades and boy have they done a number on it! They were a generation that started out with so much promise but ended up jsut giving us a few funny TV shows and lots of little plates wi… more

Why Baby Boomers Suck! (No Offense Mom)
Finley Harrison
LoBraü Books , English
Taking Tuscany: A Novel - Renee Riva

Taking Tuscany: A NovelRenee Riva

A. J. Degulio loved the idea of a visit to the Old Country—until her family decided to stay.Now it’s 1972 and she’s turning fourteen in a crumbling castle on a hill in Tuscany, wishing she were back in Idaho with her beloved dog, Sailor. In… more

Taking Tuscany: A Novel
Renee Riva
David C. Cook , English
Old Florence and modern Tuscany - Janet Ross

Old Florence and modern TuscanyJanet Ross

Old Florence and modern Tuscany

Old Florence and modern Tuscany
Janet Ross