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A Time to HealSeye Oke

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Two worlds collide in a heated battle between past and future. Chidi must decide between his love for his wife Tori and his call to duty to save his kindred when a civil war threatens to destroy his home. Will this threefold cord stand the… more

A Time to Heal
Seye Oke
WestBow , English

A Summer Girl (Contemporary ...Sandy Thomas

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A SUMMER GIRL”I had such wonderful dreams!” Tory is forced to spend his summer vacation with his cousin as a girl! Quote Board. In The Pink. Many color Illustrations. CONTEMPORARY TV FICTION #35. 78 pagesExcerpt:These were delicate, lovely … more

A Summer Girl (Contemporary TV Fiction)
Sandy Thomas
Sandy Thomas Advertising , English

Marital FantasiesJoseph Tea

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Ric is celebrating his 32nd birthday with his wife Tori when a conversation about fantasies goes a tad further than either of them had expected.Excerpt; “What were we talking about again?” Ric asked after they had calmed down. He wiped … more

Marital Fantasies
Joseph Tea
Joseph Tea , English

SanctuaryJess Anastasi

For four hundred years, angels have been at war with demons while humans fight both, trying to survive. As the conflict destroys world after world, there is a race to terra-form planets for colonization before humankind is wiped out altoget… more

Jess Anastasi
Noble Romance Publishing, LLC , English

Candy StripedMelissa Grace

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Frustrated in her search for a job that can tantalize her selective tastes, Zephyr searches NYC in hopes of finding something deliciously unique to captivate her attention. When she is slammed into the storefront window of an unconventional… more

Candy Striped
Melissa Grace
Melissa Grace , English

Blue Jackson: A Science Fict...Elizabeth Brown

What happens when a ten-year old girl is abused but also endowed with special powers? Blue Jackson knows more than most people, but she will never tell. The only one who knows she can talk is her brother, Tory, who is developmentally disab… more

Blue Jackson: A Science Fiction Thriller
Elizabeth Brown

Clear As MudAllison Merritt

Torie and Ryan have been battling over the pit at MudFest for three years. Every year his team, the Earth Movers, beats her team, the Mud Moppets. Sure, tug-of-war is for fun and to benefit their respective charities, but just once she’d li… more

Clear As Mud
Allison Merritt

Kidnapped at the Midnight Su...Lisa Hall Deckert

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Things are looking up for Denali’s team at the Midnight Sun soccer tournament, but their talented guest player, Tori, has a secret.  When Tori is kidnapped, Denali’s focus shifts from reaching the winner’s bracket to saving her new friend b… more

Kidnapped at the Midnight Sun (Denali Hawthorne Mysteries)
Lisa Hall Deckert

Intimate FriendsAshley James

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Two friends, Tory and Kim, have been friends for years. They know everything about each other, except for one secret. Tory has a feeling that her best friend may be hiding a secret crush on her. She shakes it off, believing she may be conf… more

Intimate Friends
Ashley James
Caran Books , English

Forever and Always - Book 2 ...Sandy Weis

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The saga of Sloan and Tory continues. They had thought their troubles were over when the last of the Pierce brothers was killed. Now it seems to be starting all over again. Sloan is terrified that they are coming through her to get to Tory…. more

Forever and Always - Book 2 (Bad Boys of Country Music 2)
Sandy Weis

Misconceptions (It's Complicated)Erika Land

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An unexpected tragedy causes Laila to weave a web of heartbreak, betrayal, and deception, with three women, all of whom fall have fallen deeply in love with her. Laila’s dilemma explores how, in the blink of an eye, jealousy and doubt can c… more

Misconceptions (It’s Complicated)
Erika Land

Capernaum (Book 1, Part 1)DJ. Wallace

An ancient prophecy begins to unfold for the people of Capernaum when a small ship from space arrives carrying four visitors. A sudden attack on the village from those who serve the fallen Apollyon becomes the catalyst quickly uniting many … more

Capernaum (Book 1, Part 1)
DJ. Wallace

That's How I Roll: A Novel (...Andrew Vachss

Andrew Vachss, the master of hard-boiled fiction, returns with a deeply revealing new novel about an assassin whose love forced him to kill his own conscience.Esau Till’s race is almost run. After pleading guilty to a series of homicides, h… more

That’s How I Roll: A Novel (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)
Andrew Vachss
Vintage , English

Kitten Obedience Training - ...Ron Parker

One year ago, out of the blue, I received a telephone call from friends caring for a brand-new mother cat, a stray feline taken in for care who then escaped out the door for only one, obviously eventful, night. So now there were four new li… more

Kitten Obedience Training - The Wrapper
Ron Parker
Ron Parker , English

Sizzling Erotic BundleJoseph Tea

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A collection of erotic short stories by Joseph Tea.In Marital Fantasies, Ric is celebrating his 32nd birthday with his wife Tori when a sexual discussion goes a bit further than either of them had expected.In Sibling Sizzle, Brad is celebra… more

Sizzling Erotic Bundle
Joseph Tea
Joseph Tea , English

Torn (Torn, Twisted & Tangled)Gavin ML Fletcher

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Genre: Gay; Coming of Age; Erotic Romance; African AmericanLength: 25,000 words; 69 print pages; NovellaSeries: Torn, Tangled & Twisted, #1SYNOPSISWhat happens when love, faith and desire collide in the body of a young man trying to find hi… more

Torn (Torn, Twisted & Tangled)
Gavin ML Fletcher
Black Queer Radical Books , English

Hunted IntensityRebecca Airies

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A story set in the same world as the Primal Attraction series.Stranded at a cabin on the mountain by a fierce storm, Tori Cha’Nesat doesn’t expect to meet a gorgeous but apparently intoxicated shifter. Tyson’s amorous attentions leave her w… more

Hunted Intensity
Rebecca Airies
Ellora’s Cave , English

An Unrequited CrushSamantha Herman

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In high school Tori Chase had the biggest crush on Jake Sommers. Just when she thought they might have a chance together, he humiliated and made a joke of her.Fifteen years later, she is assigned to help defend a new client accused of embe… more

An Unrequited Crush
Samantha Herman

Never the SameDiana S. Craver

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They walk away from the wreckage of an airplane, but their hearts and lives will never be the same. When fashion buyer Kimberly Collins and high school senior Tori Moorhead escape a burning plane, both women make radical decisions that inte… more

Never the Same
Diana S. Craver
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English

Mysterious MelodyJames Zanak

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Trapped alone, strange noises on the edge of hearing, and a phantom melody that appears whenever he plays. Why is this happening? Is he going crazy, or is he held there against his will by some invisible force. Whatever it is he can’t deal … more

Mysterious Melody
James Zanak