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The Little Big Things: Leadership - Tom Peters, Vook

The Little Big Things: LeadershipTom Peters, Vook

Tom’s new book, The Little BIG Things, is a compendium of 163 ways to pursue excellence—with tips ranging from the blatantly obvious, “Show Up! (It’s a Start.)” and “It’s All About … the Quality of the Workforce,” to the wildly counterint… more

The Little Big Things: Leadership
Tom Peters, Vook
Vook , English
The Little Big Things: Enterprise - Tom Peters, Vook

The Little Big Things: EnterpriseTom Peters, Vook

Tom’s new book, The Little BIG Things, is a compendium of 163 ways to pursue excellence—with tips ranging from the blatantly obvious, “Show Up! (It’s a Start.)” and “It’s All About … the Quality of the Workforce,” to the wildly counterint… more

The Little Big Things: Enterprise
Tom Peters, Vook
Vook , English
The Little Big Things: Strategy - Tom Peters, Vook

The Little Big Things: StrategyTom Peters, Vook

Tom’s new book, The Little BIG Things, is a compendium of 163 ways to pursue excellence—with tips ranging from the blatantly obvious, “Show Up! (It’s a Start.)” and “It’s All About … the Quality of the Workforce,” to the wildly counterint… more

The Little Big Things: Strategy
Tom Peters, Vook
Vook , English
SCREWED In More Ways Than One - G B Davies

SCREWED In More Ways Than OneG B Davies

Jane Simpson is a self-made billionairess, a supremely powerful woman who built her father’s transport and logistics company up from ten trucks to a huge Global Empire with several companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. You would … more

SCREWED In More Ways Than One
G B Davies
GB Davies , English
Teacher's Favorite (Taboo erotica) - Alexx Andria

Teacher's Favorite (Taboo erotica)Alexx Andria

Average wait: N/A

Serena is an insatiable little teenage slut who has set her sights on her stepdad! Now that she’s in college, she’s decided it’s time to educate her scholarly stepfather in the fine art of sex.***Enjoy a teaser taste!Dr. Tom was such a butt… more

Teacher’s Favorite (Taboo erotica)
Alexx Andria
Alexx Andria , English
Beast Quest #20: Amulet of A... - Adam Blade

Beast Quest #20: Amulet of A...Adam Blade

Average wait: N/A

Fight the Beasts. Fear the magic!Equinus the Spirit Horse crashes through the forests of the Forbidden Land, stealing the life force of other creatures. Tom must dodge the Ghost Beast’s flying hooves and take the fragment of Amulet that Equ… more

Beast Quest #20: Amulet of Avantia: Equinus the Spirit Horse
Adam Blade
Scholastic Paperbacks , English
The Magic Pants - Paul Bernard

The Magic PantsPaul Bernard

Average wait: N/A

The Magic Pants is the story about a homeless orphan boy named Tom who is very poor. When Tom found the magic pants and money in the pockets of the pants, this made Tom very happy. Tom gave money to help other homeless people.”

The Magic Pants
Paul Bernard
AuthorHouse , English
A Hijacked Life - Scott Reeves

A Hijacked LifeScott Reeves

Average wait: N/A

In this touching novel, Perdida Solace is a lonely elderly woman living a life of isolation and despair. Her older sons are too busy with their own lives to have much of anything to do with her. And now her youngest son, her sole source of … more

A Hijacked Life
Scott Reeves
Aether Wind , English
The Birds of Anna Mall Kingdom - John Robert McCauley

The Birds of Anna Mall KingdomJohn Robert McCauley

Average wait: N/A

The book is structured around the life of Jake, a teenage boy, whose mother is hospitalized, and has to stay with his Uncle Tom for a few days. The first section of “The Birds of Anna Mall Kingdom” is the story of young Jake getting acquai… more

The Birds of Anna Mall Kingdom
John Robert McCauley
John Robert McCauley , English
Roadside Cross (A Short Story) - Sam Weller

Roadside Cross (A Short Story)Sam Weller

Average wait: N/A

Every year, on the same night in November, a bouquet of flowers, a vintage bottle of wine, and a handwritten note appear next to a small wooden cross on the side of a lonely country highway. Year after year, it’s the same offering at the sa… more

Roadside Cross (A Short Story)
Sam Weller
StoryFront , English
Death of Life - F. C. Blair

Death of LifeF. C. Blair

Man—the most abhorrent thing in existence.

And our hero is the epitome of how disgusting Earth’s most hideous inhabitants can become. Tom is such a black being, such a black abomination. Nevertheless, he is a being that deserves to have i… more

Death of Life
F. C. Blair
Blair Publishing , English
There's a Zebra at my Front Door! - John C. Atkinson

There's a Zebra at my Front Door!John C. Atkinson

Average wait: N/A

A friendly zebra named Stripes arrives at Tom’s front door with a little problem. Tom says, “When I need to think, sometimes I like to go for a walk.” Stripes says, “That sounds like a good idea.” While walking together, Tom and the zebra … more

There’s a Zebra at my Front Door!
John C. Atkinson
Windward Books International , English
Passion Undiminished - Shaun Putaine

Passion UndiminishedShaun Putaine

Average wait: N/A

Lisa is the most beautiful and intriguing woman Tom has ever seen. He knows he has to overcome his shyness and ask her out. As Tom and Lisa get to know one another, and begin to develop strong feelings for each other, he realizes he must te… more

Passion Undiminished
Shaun Putaine
Shackled Love Stories , English
The Surprise Foursome: A Gro... - Bree Farsight

The Surprise Foursome: A Gro...Bree Farsight

Average wait: N/A

When I agreed to be the second girl in a threesome with Cindy and her boyfriend, Tom, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew I would have my first lesbian sex experience and that was nerve-wracking enough. Who in the world could have… more

The Surprise Foursome: A Group Sex Erotica Story
Bree Farsight
Hot Days and Scorching Nights Erotica , English
The Destiny Stone (Young Adu... - Rod Dean

The Destiny Stone (Young Adu...Rod Dean

Average wait: N/A

A note from the Author: This novella started life as a book for the young reader, in that the main character is a 14 year old boy. Therefore, there is no foul language, no gratuitous violence, and no explicitly adult content. Boring? I sinc… more

The Destiny Stone (Young Adult Readers)
Rod Dean
Rod Dean , English
Tom's Slave Menage (Tom's Sl... - Tom Spencer

Tom's Slave Menage (Tom's Sl...Tom Spencer

Average wait: N/A

An arousing erotic novel - with generous dollops of humour thrown in - that doubles as a “How To” book on getting the relationship pattern you want. You’ve fantasised about living with two women at once – and then you’ve dreamt the nightmar… more

Tom’s Slave Menage (Tom’s Slave Stories Book 1)
Tom Spencer
Beales Corner - Andy Frazier

Beales CornerAndy Frazier

Average wait: N/A

Beales Corner tells a compelling story of a young man growing up through the second world war in Bewdley, a lovely town in the heart of the West Midlands. The book actually follows two stories, that of old Jim during the war and of Tom, his… more

Beales Corner
Andy Frazier
Find Me, Keep Me - Norah C. Peters

Find Me, Keep MeNorah C. Peters

Average wait: N/A

Please note - this is a 5,000 word/20 page short story.Waiting for her flight, Helen bumps into a handsome guy, Tom. They both feel a strong connection with each other but in the rush to catch flights they fail to swap phone numbers.Tom doe… more

Find Me, Keep Me
Norah C. Peters
When Gods Fail III: Resurrection - Nelson Lowhim

When Gods Fail III: ResurrectionNelson Lowhim

Average wait: N/A

The only friend Tom ever had is murdered. And the emptiness of the land has not been filled by the new commune. Tom struggles to move away from his past and find peace. But all he finds is that he’s good at killing. And he does just that, a… more

When Gods Fail III: Resurrection
Nelson Lowhim
Eiso Publishing , English
Carnal Magic - Christine McKay

Carnal MagicChristine McKay

Elaine didn’t think she would ever find a man she wanted as much as late fiancé Tom. But her spell to bring Tom back to life backfires, conjuring instead a handsome stranger who calls himself Ell and insists that Elaine really seeks passion… more

Carnal Magic
Christine McKay
Spice Briefs , English