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Guide to Tokyo - Euprintpress Publishing

Guide to TokyoEuprintpress Publishing

The bible of Tokyo includes all you need to prepare in advance and adore your city trip. It contains the most interesting sights, restaurants, shops and advises what to do when you are in Tokyo as well as some useful information about its n… more

Guide to Tokyo
Euprintpress Publishing
Tokyo Muslims present Protes... - Hussain Khan M. A. Tokyo

Tokyo Muslims present Protes...Hussain Khan M. A. Tokyo

Muslims in Tokyo demonstrated and presented documents against European Blasphemy in the form of our Prophet’s (PBUH) cartoons.

Tokyo Muslims present Protest Documents to Danish ambassador Against Prophet Cartoons
Hussain Khan M. A. Tokyo
My Tokyo Weekend: Best 3 Day... - Keita Shimbo

My Tokyo Weekend: Best 3 Day...Keita Shimbo

Average wait: N/A

Tokyo is busy, crowded and expensive!”

These might be the typical images of Tokyo and yes, they are true! However, Tokyo for me is delightful and relaxing as it is not just a business area and flavorless tourist resort. Beautiful gardens,… more

My Tokyo Weekend: Best 3 Day Guide from My 10 Years in Tokyo
Keita Shimbo
Secret Japanese Sex Clubs - Robert James

Secret Japanese Sex ClubsRobert James

Average wait: N/A

Take a short journey into the secretive world of Japanese “Happening Bars” – exclusive Japanese sex clubs hidden away in the heart of Tokyo. These clubs are not for the timid; anything goes behind these closed doors.
Broaden your mind wi… more

Secret Japanese Sex Clubs
Robert James
Barebacked Abroad - Best Fri... - Hugh Blackwood

Barebacked Abroad - Best Fri...Hugh Blackwood

WARNING! This story contains a hardcore shower scene so steamy you’ll be gasping for MORE! 18+ ONLY!

Horny and hormonal, Curtis desperately wants to ‘lose it’ on his first trip out of the country before starting college. Only problem is… more

Barebacked Abroad - Best Friend’s First Time (First Time Gay Erotica)
Hugh Blackwood
The Destruction of All Manki... - Haystack

The Destruction of All Manki...Haystack

With the completion of a shiny new tower in Tokyo, Liltech’s network covers the globe. What does this network’s completion mean for humanity?

The Destruction of All Mankind (Past Epilogue)
Hopeful Policy Meeting Artic... - Hayashida Riki

Hopeful Policy Meeting Artic...Hayashida Riki

林田力『希望のまち東京in東部6希望の政策を語り合う集い』は希望のまち東京in東部(Hope Town in Eastern Tokyo)が足立区と江東区で連続して開催した「希望の政策を語り合う集い」の記録である。表紙写真は江東区亀戸駅北口で撮影した。

希望の政策を語り合う集い・足立区 貧困ビジネス問題 江東区・空き家活用陳情報告 希望の政策を語り合う集い・江東区 希望の政策江東区版 希望の政策江東区版説明 希望のまち東京in東部振り返り会議 足立区集い案内 集い案内文 足… more

Hopeful Policy Meeting Articles about Hope Town in Eastern Tokyo (Japanese Edition)
Hayashida Riki
Hayashida Riki , Japanese
Sanshiro (Penguin Classics) - Natsume Soseki

Sanshiro (Penguin Classics)Natsume Soseki

One of Soseki’s most beloved works of fiction, the novel depicts the 23-year-old Sanshiro leaving the sleepy countryside for the first time in his life to experience the constantly moving ‘real world’ of Tokyo, its women and university. In … more

Sanshiro (Penguin Classics)
Natsume Soseki
Penguin , English
Demon Blade #4: Little Siste... - Brittany Dodson

Demon Blade #4: Little Siste...Brittany Dodson

Average wait: N/A

When the gang heads to Tokyo they run into a mysterious girl and discover a larger then life problem as a giant spirit of Loyalty is running amok through the city.

Demon Blade #4: Little Sister, Big Problems
Brittany Dodson
Imbria Arts , English
Zagat Tokyo Restaurants 2009... - Yamaguchi Yoji

Zagat Tokyo Restaurants 2009...Yamaguchi Yoji

This brand new guide includes Zagat’s signature ratings and reviews for over 400 restaurants in and around Tokyo.Based on the opinions of savvy diners, locals and tourists alike, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for any occasion. Als… more

Zagat Tokyo Restaurants 2009 (Zagat Survey: Tokyo Restaurants)
Yamaguchi Yoji
Zagat - A , English
Hope Rising - Jerry Olasakinju

Hope RisingJerry Olasakinju

Average wait: N/A

Having narrowly survived a family suicide pact, Chihiro Asada goes through a series of harrowing experiences that have shaped both her young life and future ambitions. Set in modern-day Tokyo,Hope Rising is a fascinating story of youthful c… more

Hope Rising
Jerry Olasakinju
Kingspears Books , English
Top 10 Tokyo - Stephen Mansfield

Top 10 TokyoStephen Mansfield

Whether you are traveling first class or on a limited budget, this Eyewitness Top 10 guide will lead you straight to the very best Tokyo has to offer. Dozens of Top 10 lists – from the Top 10 places to experience Japanese culture to the Top… more

Top 10 Tokyo
Stephen Mansfield
Dorling Kindersley US , English
The Secrets of Mariko: A Yea... - Elisabeth Bumiller

The Secrets of Mariko: A Yea...Elisabeth Bumiller

With Bumiller’s intimate, beautifully written portrait of a middle-class Tokyo housewife, readers finally penetrate the mysteries of the Japanese people to see how they differ from us, and how they are alike.From the Hardcover edition.

The Secrets of Mariko: A Year in the Life of a Japanese Woman and Her Family
Elisabeth Bumiller
Vintage , English
MAMA CHARI: Lost and found i... - Philip Cunningham

MAMA CHARI: Lost and found i...Philip Cunningham

Lost and found in Tokyo.

Life in labyrinthine Tokyo, the big mikan, is as much about losing oneself as finding oneself. Mama-chari records a personal journey as reflected in the saga of a shopping bike, lost and found over and over again.

MAMA CHARI: Lost and found in Tokyo.
Philip Cunningham
Blackberry Press , English
The Rat Bastards: Tough Guys... - Len Levinson

The Rat Bastards: Tough Guys...Len Levinson

The world is their war zone!The war’s never over for the battle-toughened Rat Bastards. From one jungle hell to another, they strike raw terror and drive razor-sharp bayonets into the heart of their enemies. Always in the thick of the fight… more

The Rat Bastards: Tough Guys Die Hard
Len Levinson
Premier Digital Publishing , English
J-Pop Love Song - Shiree McCarver

J-Pop Love SongShiree McCarver

In beautiful Tokyo, a city of cutting edge technology and centuries old traditions, a 41 year old African American author and a 24 year old rock star risk their careers and lives to expose long buried secrets, while finding a deep and power… more

J-Pop Love Song
Shiree McCarver
Parker Publishing llc , English
Making Music in Japan's Unde... - Jennifer Milioto Matsue

Making Music in Japan's Unde...Jennifer Milioto Matsue

Grounded in the fields of Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, Popular Music Studies, and Japanese Studies, this book explores the underground Tokyo hardcore scene, ultimately asking what play as resistance through performance of the scene tells … more

Making Music in Japan’s Underground: The Tokyo Hardcore Scene (East Asia: History, Politics, Sociology and Culture)
Jennifer Milioto Matsue
Routledge , English
An Cailín A Tháinig Chun Bhe... - Richárde

An Cailín A Tháinig Chun Bhe...Richárde

Cé mhéad a bhfuil do fiú anam? Miyuki, cailín ó Tóiceo, creideann is féidir é a cheannach ar an buachaill a aisling … Bhí spreag an scéal seo ag an finscéal Síneach Chan Chu.How much is your soul worth? Miyuki, a girl from Tokyo, believes… more

An Cailín A Tháinig Chun Bheith Ina Buaf: Miyuki Agus An Diabhal [The Money Frog: Miyuki and the Devil] [Irish Gaelic & English Edition]
Three Legged Toad Press , English
Tokyo in the Underbrush - Dan Ryan

Tokyo in the UnderbrushDan Ryan

In the late 1980s, a young American working in Tokyo was intrigued and saddened to discover that this gigantic, wealthy city had an underground population of homeless, dispossessed and chronically alcoholic. This book is a photographic chro… more

Tokyo in the Underbrush
Dan Ryan
Abiko Free Press , English
Colorful Harvest - Ponkotsu-Works

Colorful HarvestPonkotsu-Works

Ryosuke fled his family’s country vineyard to go to college in Tokyo after his lifelong crush turned him down cold! But what will happen when a trip back home bears juicy, surprising fruit? And how can one clumsy guy suddenly be so irresist… more

Colorful Harvest