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Three of a KindMatthew Iden

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Three of a Kind is a micro-anthology of three original tales featuring dirty motives, relentless ambitions, and a lop-sided view of the world.In “The Killer,” an elderly widow finds the inner strength to protect the last thing she loves fro… more

Three of a Kind
Matthew Iden

5 Short Sex Stories For Kink...Jordan Taylor

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5 Short Sex Stories For Kinky CouplesHere is an excerpt from the book “A Party of Three”“Scott stepped aside and turned to me. He put her hand behind my neck and pulled my mouth to his. He kissed me long and hard. When the kiss ended, he li… more

5 Short Sex Stories For Kinky Couples
Jordan Taylor
Erotic Voices , English


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It was supposed to be a wonderful and relaxing cruise, and if it turned out that she hooked up with a handsome man, then all the better. She had no idea, though, that this cruise was special and she would indeed be hooking up with a handsom… more

THE ENTERTAINMENT IN BALLROOM THREE: A Rough and Reluctant Gangbang (Traumatic Transit)
Veronica Halstead
Naughty Daydreams Press , English

Fallen AngelsJudith Post

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              1st Enoch/Voronika novel:Enoch should have let Caleb join Lucifer.  Instead, he'd wrestled Caleb to the ground and held him there until the rebellion was over.  He'd saved his friend from the pit, but he couldn't save him ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B0079MLWSQ/#editorial-review">more</a>
Fallen Angels
Judith Post
Judith Post , English

The Three Musketeers (Oxford...Alexandre Dumas (père)

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The Three Musketeers (1844) is one of the most famous historical novels ever written. It is also one of the world’s greatest historical adventure stories, and its heroes have become symbols for the spirit of youth, daring, and comradeship. … more

The Three Musketeers (Oxford World’s Classics)
Alexandre Dumas (père)
Oxford University Press, UK , English

Three Fugitives (Six Stones ...Nat Howler

Orren has spent his life in a swine barn, under the thumb of his cruel and selfish half-brother, Lord Berthus. But when his best friend and mentor dies, Orren finds out he is destined for more. Stealing a magical gwell stone that Berthus tr… more

Three Fugitives (Six Stones Trilogy)
Nat Howler
Tate Publishing , English

Through Glass Episode Three ...Rebecca Ethington

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Episode Three in the Through Glass Novella Series

I thought I had lost everything when I watched the monster fly away, taking with it the only thing that mattered. I knew I was alone when I took the life of the monster, the monster with… more

Through Glass Episode Three (Through Glass Novella Series)
Rebecca Ethington
Imdalind Press , English

The land of upside downYuval Fradkin

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Children fantasy book, for age 4-85,In a land not far yet not nearby,Two high mountains reach up to the sky.An emerald plain lies stretched in between,Three hills and on one, a bee can be seen.On the other two, like a jeweled crown, Nestles… more

The land of upside down
Yuval Fradkin

Three to TangoAlisa Easton

Allison wants to give her husband an anniversary gift that he will never forget. When she offers to fulfill his fantasies by inviting an attractive woman to spend the night with them, Jeremy can’t say no. Better yet, this could be the spark… more

Three to Tango
Alisa Easton

Secrets of the CastleR.W. Farley

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Ever dream of owning a castle?Everyone in the town of Three Castles has for hundreds of years. Just shine a light from the tower and the castle is yours the law says. But getting inside a sealed castle without using force is a mystery not e… more

Secrets of the Castle
R.W. Farley

The Three Planeteers For AllEdmonda Hamilton

Undercover and on the run, hunted by their own organisation, the Three Planeteers. With half the Solar System in the grip of a tyrannical dictator, can three brave women retrieve the genius woman they need to break his grip? To do so, it se… more

The Three Planeteers For All
Edmonda Hamilton

Mad About You (boxed set of ...Stephanie Bond

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MAD ABOUT YOU is a boxed set of three beloved romances to make you love…laugh…and sigh.This boxed set contains the following full-length books by Stephanie Bond:LICENSE TO THRILL (a romantic mystery) She’s between a rock and a hard body… more

Mad About You (boxed set of beloved romances)
Stephanie Bond
NeedtoRead Books , English

Three ShortsMatthew Iden

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Three Shorts is a micro-anthology of three original tales featuring dirty motives, relentless ambitions, and a lop-sided view of the world.A group of Mafia wiseguys sweat it out as they wait to hear who’s snitched on them in “Up a Rung”; a … more

Three Shorts
Matthew Iden

one bad twelveMatthew Iden

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ONE BAD TWELVE is the master collection of the stories found in Three Shorts, Three the Hard Way, Three on a Match, and Three of a Kind as well as a short story unique to this volume, “Sixteen Steps”.Thirteen tales had to be bribed, shoved,… more

one bad twelve
Matthew Iden

Resettlement in the Three Go...Yan TAN

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The construction of the Three Gorges dam in China involves the relocation of more than 1.2 million people over 17 years. This resettlement project has special demographic, social, economic and political characteristics, and has profound inf… more

Resettlement in the Three Gorges Project
Hong Kong University Press , English

The Phoenix GuardsSteven Brust

Khaavren of the House of Tiassa is a son of landless nobility, possessor of a good sword and “tolerably well-acquainted with its use.” Along with three loyal friends, he enthusiastically seeks out danger and excitement. But in a realm renow… more

The Phoenix Guards
Steven Brust
Orb Books , English

Stone Dreams (Chest of Souls)Michelle Erickson

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Talon and his men have been training for seven years, but there is one competition they can’t train for. Stone Dreams is an invitation-only nightmare Nez will arrange with one goal in mind: death of all competitors. There’s a good chance… more

Stone Dreams (Chest of Souls)
Michelle Erickson

The Shadow of the PastF. E. Mills Young

The Shadow of the Past by F. E. Mills Young. Enjoy some of this boo as following:-Chapter One.On the strip of yellow sand in the curve of the wall which separates the beach at Three Anchor Bay from the roadway above it two men sat playing c… more

The Shadow of the Past
F. E. Mills Young

The Borgias (Celebrated Crimes)Alexandre Dumas

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The House of Borgia which gained notoriety in Italian ecclesiastical and political affairs during the 15th and 16th century became famous for their unscrupulous behavior and many scandalous controversies that they were associated with durin… more

The Borgias (Celebrated Crimes)
Alexandre Dumas
Digireads.com , English

Three Wise MenLaura Ricker, Jan Romes, Nan...

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Three Wise Men - A Christmas Anthology! Meet Alex, Nick, and Evan - incredible men who need to wise up to find love! Alex is a hero right off the bat but his story contains a surprise that will have you grabbing a box of tissues. Nick is an… more

Three Wise Men
Laura Ricker, Jan Romes, Nancy Ricker
Jan Romes , English