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Managing a Nonprofit Organiz... - Thomas Wolf

Managing a Nonprofit Organiz...Thomas Wolf

Since this classic work was originally published in 1984, there have been major shifts in the nonprofit world — the growth of more profit-oriented ventures, the overhaul of accounting rules, new partnerships, and an emphasis on customer-or… more

Managing a Nonprofit Organization in the Twenty-First Century
Thomas Wolf
Free Press , English
You Can Go Home Again - Shooter3704

You Can Go Home AgainShooter3704

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“Are we going to do it?” she asked me breathlessly.Shooter steps away from his usual genre with this one. This is a love story. It’s an erotic story. It is thriller. It’s an adventure yarn. But it’s not interracial. Are you kidding me?It do… more

You Can Go Home Again
Fiction4All , English
Velo de Amor (Spanish Edition) - K. Lyn

Velo de Amor (Spanish Edition)K. Lyn

¿Se ha preguntado sobre el que se escapó? ¿Hay alguien en tu pasado que usted piensa que puede haber sido el único? La retrospección es 20/20, o algo así dice el refrán. Esta es una historia agridulce de un amor. Una pareja de jóvenes se re… more

Velo de Amor (Spanish Edition)
K. Lyn
Beau to Beau Books; Beau to Belle (m/f) Stories , Spanish
The Punishment Pawn - Robert F. Slatzer

The Punishment PawnRobert F. Slatzer

The Punishment Pawn is the story of a young woman trying desperately to find out where she belongs. She knows, in Thomas Wolfe’s words, that “You Can’t Go Home Again.” At the same time, it frequently seems that she can’t possibly stay where… more

The Punishment Pawn
Robert F. Slatzer
Disruptive Publishing, Inc. , English
The Web and The Root (Harper... - Thomas Wolfe

The Web and The Root (Harper...Thomas Wolfe

Shortly before his death at a tragically young age, author Thomas Wolfe presented his editor with an epic masterwork that was subsequently published as three separate novels: You Can’t Go Home Again, The Hills Beyond, and The Web and the Ro… more

The Web and The Root (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)
Thomas Wolfe
HarperCollins e-books , English
El niño perdido y otros rela... - Thomas Wolfe

El niño perdido y otros rela...Thomas Wolfe

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Tres relatos inéditos en castellano y dos sólo recientemente traducidos por primera vez —aunque en versiones distintas a las aquí contenidas— conforman este volumen de narraciones de indudable unidad temática de Thomas Wolfe, escritor cuya … more

El niño perdido y otros relatos (Spanish Edition)
Thomas Wolfe
Tajamar , Spanish
You Can't Go Home Again - Thomas Wolfe

You Can't Go Home AgainThomas Wolfe

With an Introduction by Gail Godwin A twentieth-century classic, Thomas Wolfe’s magnificent novel is both the story of a young writer longing to make his mark upon the world and a sweeping portrait of America and Europe from the Great Depre… more

You Can’t Go Home Again
Thomas Wolfe
Scribner , English
Thomas Wolfe: Look Homeward,... - Forest Balderson

Thomas Wolfe: Look Homeward,...Forest Balderson

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This modern novel essay is number five of The Modern American Novel Book of Essays by Forest Balderson. Largely autobiographical, Look Homeward, Angel is a sprawling book by Modernist Author Thomas Wolfe about Eugene Gant, a young boy who l… more

Thomas Wolfe: Look Homeward, Angel- An Essay
Forest Balderson
Blackmailed Into Sin - Peter Jensen

Blackmailed Into SinPeter Jensen

Married to a rising young business executive, Joan Caruthers has her own lower class view of the world, her own moral standards and her own theories on what makes life interesting. This is a richly sensual book and Joan’s fatal flaw is sexu… more

Blackmailed Into Sin
Peter Jensen
Disruptive Publishing, Inc. , English
Thomas Wolfe: Memoir of a Fr... - Robert Raynolds

Thomas Wolfe: Memoir of a Fr...Robert Raynolds

This is a story that no one else could tell. It tells how Thomas Wolfe and Robert Raynolds happened to meet, how they became friends, and how their friendship grew, survived a crisis, and continued until the death of Thomas Wolfe.”We met in… more

Thomas Wolfe: Memoir of a Friendship
Robert Raynolds
University of Texas Press , English
Pat Conroy: A Critical Compa... - Landon C. Burns

Pat Conroy: A Critical Compa...Landon C. Burns

No one who has read Pat Conroy’s novels of family wounds and healing can fail to be moved by their emotional appeal. But Conroy is also a major contemporary American novelist who follows in the tradition of Southern fiction established by W… more

Pat Conroy: A Critical Companion (Critical Companions to Popular Contemporary Writers)
Landon C. Burns
Greenwood , English
Astral - Eric Kasten

AstralEric Kasten

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When Thomas Wolfe’s ship, the Astral, is sunk off the coast of Spain, he is thrust into an unpredictable world of military espionage. After rescue, he falls in love with a fisherman’s daughter, Maria. A crazy Nazi, El Gato Malo, takes his l… more

Eric Kasten
Kasten Publishing , English
Zoe: A Story of Eternal Blis... - D.L. Stalnaker

Zoe: A Story of Eternal Blis...D.L. Stalnaker

You Can’t Go Home Again. That was more than the name of a book written by Thomas Wolfe in the life of Zoe Zimmerman. Zoe was twenty years old when she was in a horrific car wreck and died. She visited heaven but was told she that she wasn’t… more

Zoe: A Story of Eternal Bliss (Women of God: Book 4)
D.L. Stalnaker
Kardee’s Angel Publishing , English
A Short History of the Novel... - James Levin

A Short History of the Novel...James Levin

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This survey of the novel in England and the United States covers the period from the 1720’s until the early twenty first century. It is meant to highlight the works generally considered by literary critics as the most important as well as … more

A Short History of the Novel in England and the USA
James Levin
James Levin , English
Hart's Heart - Michelle Hoppe

Hart's HeartMichelle Hoppe

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High atop a rocky crag and tail, on the far side of Summit Ridge, shrouded in mist and hidden from the eyes of modern man, Castle Hart blends into the surrounding woods. Like King Arthur before him, loyal and brave knights protect Lord Hart… more

Hart’s Heart
Michelle Hoppe
Liquid Silver Books , English
Shell Game - Ray Mast

Shell GameRay Mast

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Alfie “The Cork” Corcorani is always on the lookout for new ways to increase his mob family’s power and wealth.

When he learns that his Southside Chicago drug dealer, “Shine”, has been moving more product, he ups his percent of the take. … more

Shell Game
Ray Mast
Ray Mast , English
Charleston Kisses - Terry Ward Tucker

Charleston KissesTerry Ward Tucker

Terry Ward Tucker does it again. The main characters who pucker up for Charleston Kisses deliver a one-two punch disguised as a French kiss. Her plot confirms a Southern suspicion: that “family” and “dysfunction” in the same phrase is redun… more

Charleston Kisses
Terry Ward Tucker
Capulet Publishing , English
Look Homeward, Angel - Thomas Wolfe

Look Homeward, AngelThomas Wolfe

The stunning, classic coming-of-age novel written by one of America’s foremost Southern writers A legendary author on par with William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor, Thomas Wolfe published Look Homeward, Angel, his first novel, about a y… more

Look Homeward, Angel
Thomas Wolfe
Scribner , English
Managing a Nonprofit Organiz... - Thomas Wolf

Managing a Nonprofit Organiz...Thomas Wolf

MANAGING A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION has been an essential resource for nonprofit administrators, managers, and business professors since 1984. It is a classic in its field. But much has changed since it was last updated in 1999, as the United… more

Managing a Nonprofit Organization: Updated Twenty-First-Century Edition
Thomas Wolf
Free Press , English
To the End of the War: Unpub... - James Jones

To the End of the War: Unpub...James Jones

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Never-before-published fiction by one of the finest war authors of the twentieth centuryIn 1943, a young soldier named James Jones returned from the Pacific, lightly wounded and psychologically tormented by the horrors of Guadalcanal. When … more

To the End of the War: Unpublished Fiction
James Jones
Open Road Media , English