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Liza! - W. Somerset Maugham, Thomas ...

Liza!W. Somerset Maugham, Thomas ...

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Liza Kemp is an 18-year-old factory worker and the youngest of 13 children, now living alone with her aging and incompetent mother. Very popular with all the residents—both young and old—of Vere Street, Lambeth, she cannot really make up he… more

W. Somerset Maugham, Thomas M. Kelly
Thomas M. Kelly , English
Save yer pennies, kids. (Mix... - Thomas M. Kelly

Save yer pennies, kids. (Mix...Thomas M. Kelly

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Save yer pennies, kids. Yer in fer another adventure.”This is part of the story of the life and times of Jubal “Tom Mix” McCabe.  Jubal is a happy-go-lucky, wanna-be cowboy movie star.  As a youngster he was a “little Tom Mix”, cleaning ou… more

Save yer pennies, kids. (Mixville: The Life and times of Jubal “Tom Mix” McCabe)
Thomas M. Kelly
Thistle Dew Publishing , English
Frankie and Johnny Were Schw... - Thomas M.  Kelly

Frankie and Johnny Were Schw...Thomas M. Kelly

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The play “Frankie and Johnny Were Schweethawts”,by Thomas M. Kelly, © 2001This play takes place in any river town with hazy harlot haunts, honkytonks, hook-shops and hotels.The set is the interior of a local speakeasy… next to a hotel doo… more

Frankie and Johnny Were Schweethawts
Thomas M. Kelly
Thomas M. kelly , English
Ole' Gimlet Eye - Thomas M. Kelly

Ole' Gimlet EyeThomas M. Kelly

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Smedley Darlington Butler was born in West Chester, PA on July 30, 1881. Over his father’s objections, but with the help of his mother, at the age of 16 he left home and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He was commissioned a Seco… more

Ole’ Gimlet Eye
Thomas M. Kelly
Thistle Dew Publishing , English