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Into The Underground: Part I... - Orman West

Into The Underground: Part I...Orman West

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The year is 4152 and humanity and technology have evolved and devolved in tandem, forever and inexorably linked. In this futuristic world, humanity faces the harsh realities of an unforgiving society based on this link. The only force that … more

Into The Underground: Part I (Underground Rising Book 1)
Orman West
Rebirth at Eleusis: Unveilin... - James Bean

Rebirth at Eleusis: Unveilin...James Bean

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ORIGINS OF THE TAROT UNVEILED! Travel back thousands of years to find the origins of the mysterious 22 cards we call The Tarot, and discover the shrouded secrets that connect the cards to the sacred initiation rites at Eleusis. Follow the… more

Rebirth at Eleusis: Unveiling the Tarot Mysteries
James Bean
James Bean , English
Extinction - Mark Leney

ExtinctionMark Leney

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A science fiction, survival horror tale in which a group of survivors from an Underground train crash emerge into the outside world and find the world has been over run mysteriously, by dinosaurs. This is the story of how they adapt and sur… more

Mark Leney
Monsters of the Underground:... - Joseph Anderson

Monsters of the Underground:...Joseph Anderson

Monsters of the Underground is the fourth part of The Wizard and the Dragon story. It follows the story of Bryce, a boy who survived an attack on his village by a dragon. He finds a safe haven in a tower found in the forest near his former … more

Monsters of the Underground: Part Four of ‘The Wizard and the Dragon’
Joseph Anderson
Steal My Heart (A Romantic S... - Nikki Harper

Steal My Heart (A Romantic S...Nikki Harper

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What if you were asked to betray the only man you ever loved?

Kat Vasquez is the Underground’s number one thief, but she wants out. The only way they’ll let her go is if she agrees to pull one last job - steal the Angelica Diamond. The o… more

Steal My Heart (A Romantic Suspense Novella)
Nikki Harper
Precious Souls: The Loathing... - Diane Draper

Precious Souls: The Loathing...Diane Draper

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Trinia, a girl who loses and finds her way at every turn, no longer wants to be her alcoholic mother’s slave. When her family moves to a strange town, dark creatures known as Shadows begin to hunt her. Magic cannot be real. Yet as the darkn… more

Precious Souls: The Loathing Oblivion
Diane Draper
Authorhouse , English
The Stars Never Rise (The Mi... - Joey Ruff

The Stars Never Rise (The Mi...Joey Ruff

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Desperation can drive anyone to make a deal with the devil, but it takes a healthy dose of crazy to double-cross him.

It’s been a long few months for Jono Swyfft, wasting away in the Underground with his late daughter. When a brutal murder… more

The Stars Never Rise (The Midnight Defenders Book 2)
Joey Ruff
Adrian's Wrath [The Undergro... - Jenika Snow

Adrian's Wrath [The Undergro...Jenika Snow

[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] Brea Collins’s past keeps resurfacing no matter how hard she tries to outrun it. When she finally settles in a small town, working at a club to save enough for her final escape, she never exp… more

Adrian’s Wrath [The Underground 2] (Siren Publishing Allure)
Jenika Snow
Siren Publishing , English
Madness & Loss - Max Guernsey

Madness & LossMax Guernsey

In the distant future, an escaped mental patient (Calvin) finds an opening to a vast underground network of tunnels, caves, and subterranean structures known as “The Catacombs.” Injured and fleeing for his life, he has no choice but to ente… more

Madness & Loss
Max Guernsey
Max Guernsey, III , English
Black Fire 2 - Drusilla Mars

Black Fire 2Drusilla Mars

Average wait: 5d, 16h

Anissa, Zeus, Rancy and Lisa are back with a BANG. What started out as friends and a deal gone bad for Naima turned into an underground web of drugs, love, and deceit. Love holds little weight and trust will be broken.Will Anissa make it ou… more

Black Fire 2
Drusilla Mars
SBR Publications , English
Tortured for Christ - Richard Wurmbrand

Tortured for ChristRichard Wurmbrand

Average wait: 29d, 14h

One Man Who Dared to Stand UpMonths of solitary confinement, years of periodic physical torture, constant suffering from hunger and cold, the anguish of brainwashing and mental cruelty—these are the experiences of a Romanian pastor during … more

Tortured for Christ
Richard Wurmbrand
Living Sacrifice Book Company , English
Hellgate: London: Exodus: He... - Mel Odom

Hellgate: London: Exodus: He...Mel Odom

LONDON, 2038 The once-great city lies in ruins. A massive gash in the fabric of our reality roils against the horizon as it blends into a permanently darkened sky. The world as we know it has come to an end. Demons, the visions of our nig… more

Hellgate: London: Exodus: Hellgate: London
Mel Odom
Pocket Books , English
Selling Usability - John S. Rhodes

Selling UsabilityJohn S. Rhodes

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Here’s Why All Serious Usability Professionals Are Reading This Book Now” You no longer need to justify usability. Buy this book and learn how these underground tools allow you to easily sneak usability into any organization. These method… more

Selling Usability
John S. Rhodes
CreateSpace , English
The Master Wizard: Part Five... - Joseph Anderson

The Master Wizard: Part Five...Joseph Anderson

Years have passed since Bryce first became a wizard’s apprentice as a boy. He has struggled and triumphed over the challenges that have plagued him the tower. Now, after the shocking events of Monsters of the Underground, he finds himself a… more

The Master Wizard: Part Five of ‘The Wizard and the Dragon’
Joseph Anderson
Cycle 1: Unveiled (Chooser o... - R. Moses

Cycle 1: Unveiled (Chooser o...R. Moses

Locked in a cold war since the short memory of man, tensions are building to the point of no return between humans and the Metaiah. Humans have chafed under the shadow of the hovering armada for too long and are becoming openly rebellious t… more

Cycle 1: Unveiled (Chooser of the Slain)
R. Moses
Underground Church: Sermon Archive - David Moore

Underground Church: Sermon ArchiveDavid Moore

For over a decade Christian Underground Ministries has been nurturing the saints and reaching out to the lost. It began in the mid 1990’s as the Underground Church, one of the first Internet Churches. This book is an archive of the weekly s… more

Underground Church: Sermon Archive
David Moore
the underground press , English
Tinsel Tide - Chris Howard

Tinsel TideChris Howard

Average wait: N/A

TINSEL TIDE - A Short Tale of Boston, Officers of the Underground, and Murder The day doesn’t begin well for Brim Archer, who follows the world of mathematics and airships, and lives by himself in a lonely house in the middle of the Nahant … more

Tinsel Tide
Chris Howard
Lykeion Books , English
Looking For Trouble: K'Barth... - M T McGuire

Looking For Trouble: K'Barth...M T McGuire

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The Pan of Hamgee doesn’t believe in miracles but if he’s going to save K’Barth it looks as if he might need one.

He’s not quite as alone as he thought. The punters from The Parrot and Screwdriver are right behind him and he has rescued t… more

Looking For Trouble: K’Barthan Series: Part 4 (The K’Barthan Trilogy)
M T McGuire
Hamgee University Press , English
The Network - Karin Bishop

The NetworkKarin Bishop

There are underground networks that exist to help battered women escape abusive relationships. June Sandowski lives in fear of her husband and his criminal associates, until one horrific night when she must flee with her two sons. The famil… more

The Network
Karin Bishop
Sensual Ghosts - Alexandra Amalova

Sensual GhostsAlexandra Amalova

Average wait: N/A

For lovers of ghost stories and sharply written erotica, these nine stunning tales are heart-rending, inspiring and of course, sexually stimulating. The plots will haunt you, the characters will fascinate you, and the twists will confound y… more

Sensual Ghosts
Alexandra Amalova