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285 Power Affirmations Inspi... - Bill Marshall

285 Power Affirmations Inspi...Bill Marshall

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The Science of Getting Rich” is one of the books that inspired the movie “The Secret.” When I read the book four years ago, I decided that I would go through the book thought-by-thought and transform the ideas into first person, present t… more

285 Power Affirmations Inspired by “The Science of Getting Rich”
Bill Marshall
The Master Key System: A 24-... - Charles F. Haanel

The Master Key System: A 24-...Charles F. Haanel

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THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM is composed of 24 step-by- step chapters that teach you, in a direct manner, how to unlock the greater powers of your mind for success. This book can be read from cover to cover or readers can open to random pages for … more

The Master Key System: A 24-Step Guide to Using The Law of Attraction
Charles F. Haanel
Myriad World Publishers , English
The Law Of Attraction, How I... - Kristine Dior

The Law Of Attraction, How I...Kristine Dior

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Maybe You have watched the movie “Secret” or maybe You haven’t even Heard about “The Secret” just yet. Whatever the case might be for You, in this Newly launched Bestseller of The Law of Attraction as Volume 1 of this recent LOA Series, You… more

The Law Of Attraction, How It Works And What It Can Do For You (With Testimonials) (LOA)
Kristine Dior
White Rose , English
365 Hours - Max Sandford

365 HoursMax Sandford

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A beautiful young woman wishes to be swept off her feet and gets more than she bargained for in this darkly thrilling and extremely explicit tale of abduction, human trafficking and the power of sexual submission*. Held against her will, bo… more

365 Hours
Max Sandford
Alternatepress Limited , English
Diary of a Mistress: A Novel - Miasha

Diary of a Mistress: A NovelMiasha

What should a wife believe? The words of her husband or the diary of his mistress? From the author of Secret Society comes a tale of love and jealousy in which two women struggle to separate fact from fiction. Monica counts her blessings… more

Diary of a Mistress: A Novel
Touchstone , English
I Believe Weight Loss: The e... - Greg Zuffelato

I Believe Weight Loss: The e...Greg Zuffelato

This Book Is For Anyone Frustrated After Failing To Lose Weight And Confused About What To Do

In this easy-to-follow how-to guide you will get everything you need to reach your weight loss goals. You’ll learn how to:

Eat To Lose Weight F… more

I Believe Weight Loss: The easy-to-follow how-to guide to amazing, sustainable weight loss in just 4 weeks.
Greg Zuffelato
Lemma Press , English
Anal Amy's Adventures - Anal Amy

Anal Amy's AdventuresAnal Amy

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Real life of adventures of a sex blogger. Anal Amy is your average 20-something with a cubicle job, but an above average sex life. She loves sex and she loves blogging about it.In her first full-length eBook she’s compiled some of her favor… more

Anal Amy’s Adventures
Anal Amy
Top Secret Spy Fantasies (Es... - Holly Sinclair

Top Secret Spy Fantasies (Es...Holly Sinclair

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Top Secret Spy Fantasies is an up-close, erotic, behind the scenes peek into the sexy world of espionage role play that will have you wondering what is real and what is merely part of the game?

Dante knows what instructions she is getting … more

Top Secret Spy Fantasies (Espionage Erotica)
Holly Sinclair
The Everyday Romantic: 14 Da... - Tammie Clarke  Gibbs

The Everyday Romantic: 14 Da...Tammie Clarke Gibbs

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Take the 14 Day Challenge and Become an Everyday Romantic! The book itself doesn’t mention the 14 day challenge instead it’s a challenge to you from the author to encourage you to take a serious look at your relationship and take action to … more

The Everyday Romantic: 14 Days to a More Romantic You
Tammie Clarke Gibbs
Gibbs Publishing , English
The Secret and the Law of At... - Everardo Murias

The Secret and the Law of At...Everardo Murias

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It’s a book about the Secret and the Law of Attraction, how you can use their power to get what you desire in life

The Secret and the Law of Attraction: achieve all your goals by following very simple rules
Everardo Murias
Inner Circle - e master

Inner Circlee master

Join The Ranks Of A Unique ‘Secret Society’ Run By A Reclusive Multi-Millionaire Who Has Quietly Helped Tens Of Thousands Of Ordinary People Amass Great Wealth, Power & Freedom!”

Inner Circle
e master
A New You Life Changing Secr... - James T Bicharri

A New You Life Changing Secr...James T Bicharri

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This is the second part of this eBook series of seven parts. Each series looks at a secret that can turn your life around to a new you. In this series we give the second secret which empowers you with the secret key for having money we all … more

A New You Life Changing Secrets Series (Secret Two: Key for Having Money)
James T Bicharri
James T Bicharri , English
Open Her: Activate 7 Masculi... - Karen Brody

Open Her: Activate 7 Masculi...Karen Brody

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Open Her teaches a man how to embody 7 Masculine Archetypes to engage his woman in a deeper, more passionate dance of love. Each archetype brings a power and a gift, a secret key to his woman’s love and desire. Open Her will inspire a man … more

Open Her: Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love and Desire
Karen Brody
DreamStream Press , English
True Prosperity: How to Have... - Yehuda Berg

True Prosperity: How to Have...Yehuda Berg

Money is spiritual, not material, and its attainment involves utilizing a spiritual business plan the Universe has blueprinted for us. In True Prosperity, Yehuda Berg reveals the secret key to abundance: be the cause and not the effect in l… more

True Prosperity: How to Have Everything
Yehuda Berg
Kabbalah Publishing , English
Delicious Prime Rib Recipe f... - Wilshire Freddy Z

Delicious Prime Rib Recipe f...Wilshire Freddy Z

In this time saving eBook - which should take you less than 7 minutes to read - you will learn:The two most fatal mistakes that can destroy your beloved prime rib…make these mistakes and it is ‘GAME OVER’!!!How to avoid mistake number one…H… more

Delicious Prime Rib Recipe for Perfectionists!!!
Wilshire Freddy Z
Conspiracies and Secret Societies - Brad Steiger, Sherry Steiger

Conspiracies and Secret SocietiesBrad Steiger, Sherry Steiger

Startling allegations. Suppressed evidence. Missing witnesses. Assassinations. Cover-ups and threats. Documented connections to even deeper intrigue. Allusions to the New World Order. American history is replete with warnings of hidden plot… more

Conspiracies and Secret Societies
Brad Steiger, Sherry Steiger
Visible Ink Press , English
Demonstrate It: Unleashing H... - Troy Anthony Smith

Demonstrate It: Unleashing H...Troy Anthony Smith

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The gospel is not just about talking, but doing. Do you desire to demonstrate the kingdom of God the way that Jesus did it? The same power that Jesus moved in is available to us all. In Demonstrate It, you will discover how to activate the … more

Demonstrate It: Unleashing Healing, Signs, and Wonders
Troy Anthony Smith
Dunimus Media,LLC , English
Secrets to a Happy Marriage ... - Lucinda Love, Susie Starr

Secrets to a Happy Marriage ...Lucinda Love, Susie Starr

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Why Buy This Set?Because love and marriage can’t go on forever without some help, and you can’t do it on your own. This set will serve as your guide through your journey to happily ever after…for real.What’s Inside?Book 1: Online Dating Sec… more

Secrets to a Happy Marriage Boxed Set: Making Love Last Forever
Lucinda Love, Susie Starr
Slavegirl In Training - John Savage

Slavegirl In TrainingJohn Savage

Tanya was a young, innocent virgin.  She had no idea what was happening to her when her drunken father sold her to be taken away by the Secret Police and delivered to a wealthy tyrant.  She was told of her new role as a sex slave, and her t… more

Slavegirl In Training
John Savage
Strict Publishing International , English
Secret Society Extreme Pleasures - Jennifer Rosario, Luis Rosario

Secret Society Extreme PleasuresJennifer Rosario, Luis Rosario

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Secret Society Extreme PleasuresThe second installment from Secret Society, the critically acclaimed erotica title returns with many more thrilling stories, and amazing fantasies that take place in this secret world daily across the contine… more

Secret Society Extreme Pleasures
Jennifer Rosario, Luis Rosario