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The Viper in Tulum - Leah Cutter

The Viper in TulumLeah Cutter

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Shadows plague Zane. They tease him, take away his sight, hide him from all others. Time and alcohol cloud Zane’s senses as well. Yet, Zane still hides things from the shadows, even after decades of waiting. Important things. Today, Zane ca… more

The Viper in Tulum
Leah Cutter
Knotted Road Press , English
The Shadow Wars - Leah Cutter

The Shadow WarsLeah Cutter

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The shadows are here… Five dynamic stories from the clans, telling the beginning of the shadows and beyond. Stories included: “The Third Raven” “Shadows’ Door” “Prophesy in Shadows” “The Tiger’s Shadow” “The Viper in Tulum” Plus, the firs… more

The Shadow Wars
Leah Cutter
Knotted Road Press , English
Cursed Hearts (The Guardian ... - Amy Blankenship

Cursed Hearts (The Guardian ...Amy Blankenship

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The guardian brothers are very possessive immortals when it comes to protecting Kyoko from Hyakuhei, from demons, even from herself. But when does it go too far? If the brothers knew they had to kill each other just to be near her, would th… more

Cursed Hearts (The Guardian Heart Crystal)
Amy Blankenship
Create Space , English
Cure (The Guardian Chronicle... - JT Whitman

Cure (The Guardian Chronicle...JT Whitman

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After being attacked by a demon, Katrina lies in the hospital unconscious. Michael sets out to find a CURE. But obtaining this cure is easier said than done. He must go through three trials that will test his character and strength. And he … more

Cure (The Guardian Chronicles: Michael #5)
JT Whitman
Savage Books , English
Power (The Guardian Chronicl... - JT Whitman

Power (The Guardian Chronicl...JT Whitman

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The Duchess has achieved her ascension and nothing with will stop her conquest. Michael readies for battle, but she has obtained POWER that he has never faced and can’t possibly beat. This time, he’s going to need an ally.

Also Available … more

Power (The Guardian Chronicles: Michael #7)
JT Whitman
Savage Books , English
Cure (The Guardian Chronicles #5) - JT Whitman

Cure (The Guardian Chronicles #5)JT Whitman

After being attacked by a demon, Katrina lies in the hospital unconscious. Michael sets out to find a CURE. But obtaining this cure is easier said than done. He must go through three trials that will test his character and strength. And he … more

Cure (The Guardian Chronicles #5)
JT Whitman
Savage Books , English
Covenant Breakers (The Coven... - Lynn Landes

Covenant Breakers (The Coven...Lynn Landes

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Warrior, Immortal, Angel

“The Heavens are corrupted, the Covenant is broken! Angels are falling, and I am close!” he whispers. My orders were to protect the Keeper, not fall for her. If I fail darkness will cover the earth and no one will … more

Covenant Breakers (The Covenant Series)
Lynn Landes
Lynn Landes , English
Katrina (The Guardian Chroni... - JT Whitman

Katrina (The Guardian Chroni...JT Whitman

Things have been quiet since the attack on Belmont High, but Shari hasn’t given up on wanting the Guardian dead. But he’s the not only want she wants dead. Michael has allowed KATRINA to fight by his side, but believes she must end her secr… more

Katrina (The Guardian Chronicles: Michael #12)
JT Whitman
Savage Books , English
Guardian Cats and the Lost B... - Rahma Krambo

Guardian Cats and the Lost B...Rahma Krambo

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Cicero, the old library cat is more than he seems — an elder Guardian charged with protecting an ancient book of power. Buried in a secret chamber, the book is a magnet for attracting the wrong kind of attention. Painfully aware his days a… more

Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria
Rahma Krambo
Reflected Light Books , English
Arrival (Education Of A Fae) - Isabella Silverwood

Arrival (Education Of A Fae)Isabella Silverwood

Arrival In The Human World Is Is Harder Than You’d Think. Blind. Gasping. The air throbbed with pressure from a great wind that whistled against the sail as the ship tipped over waves. Her stomach lurched, head pounding. She… more

Arrival (Education Of A Fae)
Isabella Silverwood
I. Silverwood , English
The Beast of Macon Hollow (T... - T. Harrelson

The Beast of Macon Hollow (T...T. Harrelson

Second Edition! Fate brought Will Shepard to the isolated town of his ancestors where he’s thrust into a life and death struggle with a legendary creature known as the Beast. With help from his sister, two new friends, and a kindly mentor, … more

The Beast of Macon Hollow (The Guardian Stones Trilogy Book 1)
T. Harrelson
The Classic Works of Walter Pater - Walter Pater

The Classic Works of Walter PaterWalter Pater

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Essays from ‘The Guardian’ Appreciations, with an Essay on Style Miscellaneous Studies: A Series of Essays Marius the Epicurean, Volume Two The Renaissance - Studies in Art and Poetry The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry Imaginary Por… more

The Classic Works of Walter Pater
Walter Pater
Spanking Tails X - Maren Smith

Spanking Tails XMaren Smith

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The final book in the series is here! Whether for pleasure or punishment or just plain just because, get ready for a red-hot romp with ten young ladies on the verge of discovering you can never be too old to go OTK. Spinsters and matchmaker… more

Spanking Tails X
Maren Smith
A Red Hot Romance Spanking Novel , English
Chapter 14: The Soul Chaser - Studio Kawaii

Chapter 14: The Soul ChaserStudio Kawaii

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The fight between The Lost Tears, The Master and The Guardian continues!

Chapter 14: The Soul Chaser
Studio Kawaii
MangaMagazine , English
The Evil Convent - Douglas Hensley

The Evil ConventDouglas Hensley

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For many years the Convent had remained vacant, its first floor doors and windows boarded up and locked down so that no living, human being could cross over its threshold and discover its terrible secret. Through the maze of long corridors … more

The Evil Convent
Douglas Hensley
My Name is Legion (Guardians... - Gail Roarke

My Name is Legion (Guardians...Gail Roarke

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She has a lover. She has a secret. She can’t keep both.Camille’s lover, Daniel, sits alone in a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day evening. Stood up. Again.She loves him, but she can’t shirk her responsibilities to the Guardians. As the … more

My Name is Legion (Guardians Book 1)
Gail Roarke
Gelastic Press , English
The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic) - Suzanne Embree

The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic)Suzanne Embree

She is the Sabol, and yet she has no memory her past or her place in the world she awakens to, no idea how she is to go about the destiny that awaits her and fulfill the prophesy. Shakir is the Guardian of the Sabol, last of his line in a g… more

The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic)
Suzanne Embree
New Concepts Publishing , English
Gwithyas:  Door to the Void - Isha Crowe

Gwithyas: Door to the VoidIsha Crowe

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Zircon Gwithyas is destined to be the Guardian of the Door to the Void. Or so his parents tell him. Zircon has different plans. His goal is to be a normal teenager, preferably with a pretty girlfriend. For a nerd with glasses as thick as ja… more

Gwithyas: Door to the Void
Isha Crowe
Confessions of a Subprime Le... - Richard Bitner

Confessions of a Subprime Le...Richard Bitner

Average wait: N/A

Former subprime lender Richard Bitner once worked in an industry that started out helping disadvantaged customers but collapsed due to greed, lack of financial control and willful ignorance. In Confessions of a Subprime Lender: An Insider’s… more

Confessions of a Subprime Lender: An Insider’s Tale of Greed, Fraud, and Ignorance
Richard Bitner
Wiley , English
Bitter Ashes (The Angelic Va... - Shera R. Robison

Bitter Ashes (The Angelic Va...Shera R. Robison

Eva has finally settled into her new life. She has friends that are loyal and understanding, she is in love and she just figured out how to survive being the only Angelus Vampiric in existence. But, as Eva soon discovers, things aren’t alwa… more

Bitter Ashes (The Angelic Vampire Series)
Shera R. Robison