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The Guardian Destroyer (The ...Branden Hansen

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The Guardian Destroyer. That is what he has been called in times long since past, his coming foretold centuries ago, the golden eyes, a telltale sign of his arrival. And the world has waited. Now an evil suspended in time has broken free of… more

The Guardian Destroyer (The Ascension Series)
Branden Hansen

Fanning Her Flames (Island G...Lacey Thorn

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Second in the Island Guardians series.Farrah follows the call of flames. The power of fire is strong in her and hard to contain. Her time of claiming is approaching and she fears the ones who plan to claim her. Running from home in search o… more

Fanning Her Flames (Island Guardians, Book Two)
Lacey Thorn
Ellora’s Cave , English

The Shadow WarsLeah Cutter

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The shadows are here… Five dynamic stories from the clans, telling the beginning of the shadows and beyond. Stories included: “The Third Raven” “Shadows’ Door” “Prophesy in Shadows” “The Tiger’s Shadow” “The Viper in Tulum” Plus, the firs… more

The Shadow Wars
Leah Cutter
Knotted Road Press , English

The Viper in TulumLeah Cutter

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Shadows plague Zane. They tease him, take away his sight, hide him from all others. Time and alcohol cloud Zane’s senses as well. Yet, Zane still hides things from the shadows, even after decades of waiting. Important things. Today, Zane ca… more

The Viper in Tulum
Leah Cutter
Knotted Road Press , English

The Guardian (Book 1 of Real...Linda McNabb

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In a world where wizards, shadows and dragons once roamed the lands… They may yet come again!

After centuries of peace, heroic battles and creatures of the night have long since faded into myth and fireside tales. Only Eagan, The Guardia… more

The Guardian (Book 1 of Realm of Shadows)
Linda McNabb
Southern Star Publishing , English

The Classic Works of Walter PaterWalter Pater

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Essays from ‘The Guardian’ Appreciations, with an Essay on Style Miscellaneous Studies: A Series of Essays Marius the Epicurean, Volume Two The Renaissance - Studies in Art and Poetry The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry Imaginary Por… more

The Classic Works of Walter Pater
Walter Pater

Cursed Hearts (The Guardian ...Amy Blankenship

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The guardian brothers are very possessive immortals when it comes to protecting Kyoko from Hyakuhei, from demons, even from herself. But when does it go too far? If the brothers knew they had to kill each other just to be near her, would th… more

Cursed Hearts (The Guardian Heart Crystal Series)
Amy Blankenship
Create Space , English

Helga Returns (A James and S...Wendy Nystrom

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James’ second adventure begins with a footprint. He once again calls out to his Icelandic magical friends, Syvok and Matthias, to discover what it means. He will find Helga, the troll who left the footprint.James follows Helga to Yamas, the… more

Helga Returns (A James and Syvok Adventure)
Wendy Nystrom
Anchor Group , English

The Evil ConventDouglas Hensley

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For many years the Convent had remained vacant, its first floor doors and windows boarded up and locked down so that no living, human being could cross over its threshold and discover its terrible secret. Through the maze of long corridors … more

The Evil Convent
Douglas Hensley

Six Little DeathsMarion Husband

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A collection of short stories by the author of The Boy I Love. ‘Husband’s writing is notable for an understated yet intense sympathy for the movements of the heart. Impressive.’ The Guardian

Six Little Deaths
Marion Husband
Ragged Blackbird Books , English

The Rise of the Guardian (Th...Jennifer Ogden

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NEWLY EDITED EDITION Join the Guardian and the creatures of Whispering Pines as they battle the evil Boldwyn to save their home. They find out the significances of the gem and why they must be destroyed. By the end they battle will be ove… more

The Rise of the Guardian (The Guardian Series)
Jennifer Ogden

Covenant Breakers (The Coven...Lynn Landes

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Elina is a human caught in the middle of a war between the Shadow and the Light. One side seeks to destroy her and the other longs to possess her. She struggles against her feelings for the Guardian Angel Malach, but the Covenant must not b… more

Covenant Breakers (The Covenant Series)
Lynn Landes
Lynn Landes , English

Arrival (Education Of A Fae)Isabella Silverwood

Arrival In The Human World Is Is Harder Than You’d Think. Blind. Gasping. The air throbbed with pressure from a great wind that whistled against the sail as the ship tipped over waves. Her stomach lurched, head pounding. She… more

Arrival (Education Of A Fae)
Isabella Silverwood
I. Silverwood , English

The Partners / The Guardians...Stevie Woods

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The Heliotrope is a club run by two vampires, in a world that knows about their existence. The Partners: Rick, a young human, visits the Heliotrope because he’s curious about the accepted arrangement between vampires and humans where vampir… more

The Partners / The Guardians (Gay Erotic Romance) (Binary Stars)
Stevie Woods
Phaze Books , English

The Meaning of ThingsA.C. Grayling

The unconsidered life is not worth living Socrates. Thinking about life, what it means and what it holds in store does not have to be a despondent experience, but rather can be enlightening and uplifting. A life truly worth living is on… more

The Meaning of Things
A.C. Grayling
Phoenix , English

INITIATION (The Iscarions)Axiom

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Welcome to the Iscarions - a sect where women learn to find total sexual freedom at the hands of their masters, and the masters can be VERY dominant.Initiation and graduation rites are hard rites to sexually endure for the young girls, but … more

INITIATION (The Iscarions)
Fiction4All , English

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?Veronique Jarry

Guardian angels are our own personal bodyguards and best friends: they protect us from harm, are there for us in times of need, and can imbue us with certain talents and skills. Extensive research into sacred texts reveals that there are se… more

Who Is Your Guardian Angel?
Veronique Jarry
Grand Central Publishing , English

The High Priest and the Idol...Jane Fletcher

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Jemeryl and Tevi’s relationship is put to the test when the Guardian sends Jemeryl on a mission that lands her not only in harm’s way, but also back into the sights of a previous lover. The Protectorate of Lyremouth promises liberty for all… more

The High Priest and the Idol (Lyremouth Chronicles)
Jane Fletcher
Bold Strokes Books , English

The GuardiansAlexander Amani

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The Guardians is a children’s book that has adult appeal due to its positive recurring themes centered on: veracity, courage, wisdom and compassion. The story is centered around five natural predators that join forces to serve others around… more

The Guardians
Alexander Amani
AuthorHouse , English

Harness (Terran Times)Viola Grace

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Alfreda has become used to the constant pressure of her harness, keeping her in a basic bipedal form and helping her back into her Terran shape. When she learns that her mixed blood makes the shapeshifter in her far stronger than the human,… more

Harness (Terran Times)
Viola Grace
eXtasy Books , English