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Chapter 14: The Soul Chaser - Studio Kawaii

Chapter 14: The Soul ChaserStudio Kawaii

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The fight between The Lost Tears, The Master and The Guardian continues!

Chapter 14: The Soul Chaser
Studio Kawaii
MangaMagazine , English
The High Priest and the Idol... - Jane Fletcher

The High Priest and the Idol...Jane Fletcher

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Jemeryl and Tevi’s relationship is put to the test when the Guardian sends Jemeryl on a mission that lands her not only in harm’s way, but also back into the sights of a previous lover. The Protectorate of Lyremouth promises liberty for all… more

The High Priest and the Idol (Lyremouth Chronicles Book 4)
Jane Fletcher
Bold Strokes Books , English
Pull (Sanctuary Book 1) - Amanda Miga

Pull (Sanctuary Book 1)Amanda Miga

1 rating
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The Guardian of hybrids, Red, carries the great burden of watching over his kind and seeing to their development as these humans discover they have supernatural abilities, but Red is finding it more difficult since he’s broken a law that ha… more

Pull (Sanctuary Book 1)
Amanda Miga
Amanda miga , English
Chapter 12: The Soul Chaser - Studio Kawaii

Chapter 12: The Soul ChaserStudio Kawaii

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The Guardian of Souls discovers a couple of interesting leads to guide The Master of Ceremonies a step closer to his goal… but soon they will discover they are not alone…

Chapter 12: The Soul Chaser
Studio Kawaii
MangaMagazine , English
The Meaning of Things - A.C. Grayling

The Meaning of ThingsA.C. Grayling

The unconsidered life is not worth living Socrates. Thinking about life, what it means and what it holds in store does not have to be a despondent experience, but rather can be enlightening and uplifting. A life truly worth living is on… more

The Meaning of Things
A.C. Grayling
Phoenix , English
THE KITAB-I-AQDAS - Baha'u'llah


In 1953 Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, included as one of the goals of his Ten Year Plan the preparation of a Synopsis and Codification of the Laws and Ordinances of the Kitab-i-Aqdas as an essential prelude to its transl… more

Beyond the Veil Anthology - ... - J. Michael Radcliffe

Beyond the Veil Anthology - ...J. Michael Radcliffe

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Beyond the Veil Anthology is a collection of three short stories based on characters from ‘The Guardian’s Apprentice.’ In addition to the short stories, it also contains descriptions and histories of the creatures, characters, places and i… more

Beyond the Veil Anthology - the world of The Guardian’s Apprentice
J. Michael Radcliffe
Helga Returns (A James and S... - Wendy Nystrom

Helga Returns (A James and S...Wendy Nystrom

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James’ second adventure begins with a footprint. He once again calls out to his Icelandic magical friends, Syvok and Matthias, to discover what it means. He will find Helga, the troll who left the footprint.James follows Helga to Yamas, the… more

Helga Returns (A James and Syvok Adventure)
Wendy Nystrom
Anchor Group , English
The Wicked - Stacey Kennedy

The WickedStacey Kennedy

Thirsty vampires are only the beginning of trouble―magic, love and danger at every turn.Nexi Jones knows two things—being half Guardian is tough—being half Witch is simply problematic. With her Guardian duties put on hold, she begins the … more

The Wicked
Stacey Kennedy
Liquid Silver Books , English
The Collision (Guardian's Realm) - Crystal Kauffman

The Collision (Guardian's Realm)Crystal Kauffman

Series: Guardian’s Realm; Previous Book: The CombatGenre: Vampire Paranormal Menage Balin Renforth has served the Guardians loyally for six hundred years, protecting innocents from vampire scum like Fitch Galloway. But he cannot deny the na… more

The Collision (Guardian’s Realm)
Crystal Kauffman
Loose Id LLC , English
The Guardian's Heir (The Gua... - T.R. Raven

The Guardian's Heir (The Gua...T.R. Raven

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The final book in the Guardian Trilogy is here!Claire and her vampire Guardian Nikoli anticipate a bright future ahead of them, but their past is only a step behind. What should be the happiest time of their lives swiftly turns into a night… more

The Guardian’s Heir (The Guardian Trilogy, Book 3- YA paranormal romance)
T.R. Raven
The Unholy Convent Prepares - Douglas Hensley

The Unholy Convent PreparesDouglas Hensley

A person possessed at the very moment of their death shall rise from the grave to walk the path of evil. For twenty-two years Saint Ann’s Convent had remained vacant, its first floor doors and windows boarded up so that no living, human bei… more

The Unholy Convent Prepares
Douglas Hensley
lulu.com , English
Lament of Arii: Part II - Ta... - A. E. Mableson

Lament of Arii: Part II - Ta...A. E. Mableson

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Gault’s ambition to dominate Island World threatens the protective net of the Covenant. As Gault’s plan to replace the Quest of the Covenant comes to fruition, Aron despairs that he cannot train his young nephew to become the Guardian To s… more

Lament of Arii: Part II - Tale of Tarque
A. E. Mableson
Mossy Feet Book , English
Denial (The Zagzagel Diaries) - Bryl R. Tyne

Denial (The Zagzagel Diaries)Bryl R. Tyne

The guardian angel Zagzagel returns to save another of his charges, this time a young woman selling herself on the streets instead of saving herself for love. This is Book 2 of The Zagzagel Diaries series.

Denial (The Zagzagel Diaries)
Bryl R. Tyne
Untreed Reads Publishing , English
INITIATION (The Iscarions) - Axiom

INITIATION (The Iscarions)Axiom

Welcome to the Iscarions - a sect where women learn to find total sexual freedom at the hands of their masters, and the masters can be VERY dominant.Initiation and graduation rites are hard rites to sexually endure for the young girls, but … more

INITIATION (The Iscarions)
Fiction4All , English
Spanking Tails X - Maren Smith

Spanking Tails XMaren Smith

The final book in the series is here! Whether for pleasure or punishment or just plain just because, get ready for a red-hot romp with ten young ladies on the verge of discovering you can never be too old to go OTK. Spinsters and matchmaker… more

Spanking Tails X
Maren Smith
A Red Hot Romance Spanking Novel , English
Wisdom of the Guardian - Dr. Joy S. Pedersen

Wisdom of the GuardianDr. Joy S. Pedersen

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Are you interested in how angels hear and answer your prayers? Thenlisten to the words of Archangel Michael as he communicates hismessages to you through Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, a licensed spiritual healer.Through automatic writing, Pedersen h… more

Wisdom of the Guardian
Dr. Joy S. Pedersen
Express Success Publishing , English
The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic) - Suzanne Embree

The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic)Suzanne Embree

She is the Sabol, and yet she has no memory her past or her place in the world she awakens to, no idea how she is to go about the destiny that awaits her and fulfill the prophesy. Shakir is the Guardian of the Sabol, last of his line in a g… more

The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic)
Suzanne Embree
New Concepts Publishing , English
Confessions of a Subprime Le... - Richard Bitner

Confessions of a Subprime Le...Richard Bitner

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Former subprime lender Richard Bitner once worked in an industry that started out helping disadvantaged customers but collapsed due to greed, lack of financial control and willful ignorance. In Confessions of a Subprime Lender: An Insider’s… more

Confessions of a Subprime Lender: An Insider’s Tale of Greed, Fraud, and Ignorance
Richard Bitner
Wiley , English
Gwithyas:  Door to the Void - Isha Crowe

Gwithyas: Door to the VoidIsha Crowe

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Zircon Gwithyas is destined to be the Guardian of the Door to the Void. Or so his parents tell him. Zircon has different plans. His goal is to be a normal teenager, preferably with a pretty girlfriend. For a nerd with glasses as thick as ja… more

Gwithyas: Door to the Void
Isha Crowe