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Chapter 12: The Soul Chaser - Studio Kawaii

Chapter 12: The Soul ChaserStudio Kawaii

The Guardian of Souls discovers a couple of interesting leads to guide The Master of Ceremonies a step closer to his goal… but soon they will discover they are not alone…

Chapter 12: The Soul Chaser
Studio Kawaii
MangaMagazine , English
The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic) - Suzanne Embree

The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic)Suzanne Embree

She is the Sabol, and yet she has no memory her past or her place in the world she awakens to, no idea how she is to go about the destiny that awaits her and fulfill the prophesy. Shakir is the Guardian of the Sabol, last of his line in a g… more

The Awakening of Hope (Kinetic)
Suzanne Embree
New Concepts Publishing , English
The Viper in Tulum - Leah Cutter

The Viper in TulumLeah Cutter

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Shadows plague Zane. They tease him, take away his sight, hide him from all others. Time and alcohol cloud Zane’s senses as well. Yet, Zane still hides things from the shadows, even after decades of waiting. Important things. Today, Zane ca… more

The Viper in Tulum
Leah Cutter
Knotted Road Press , English
Quest for Redemption (The Gu... - Monica Neal

Quest for Redemption (The Gu...Monica Neal

Once a Guardian, Katrina has fallen because of the darkness in her heart. Now, she wants redemption. There is only one way for her to redeem herself and that is by fighting evil until her last breath.

Spinning out of The Guardian Chronicle… more

Quest for Redemption (The Guardian Chronicles: Katrina #1)
Monica Neal
Savage Books , English
Bound (The Guardians Book 1) - M.J. Stevens

Bound (The Guardians Book 1)M.J. Stevens

Average wait: N/A

‘No good deed ever goes unpunished, Mellea…’

Mellea Wendorn hasn’t exactly had a normal life. Misfortune seems to follow her, and her family, wherever she goes. However, when Mellea stops to assist a mysterious young man suddenly her prio… more

Bound (The Guardians Book 1)
M.J. Stevens
The Guardians - Alexander Amani

The GuardiansAlexander Amani

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The Guardians is a children’s book that has adult appeal due to its positive recurring themes centered on: veracity, courage, wisdom and compassion. The story is centered around five natural predators that join forces to serve others around… more

The Guardians
Alexander Amani
AuthorHouse , English
The Blood Wish - Timothy Dunn

The Blood WishTimothy Dunn

The Blood Wish is a fast paced story of a man who makes a desperate attempt to cling to life. His wish is granted, but he soon finds out he has entered a world of evil and monstrous deeds. Frank is his name, and it’s the cursed life of the … more

The Blood Wish
Timothy Dunn
T.J.D. , English
The Return of King Yula (The... - Jason Diaz

The Return of King Yula (The...Jason Diaz

Average wait: N/A

After becoming the Guardian of Earth, Sencho continues on his journey to reach his full potential. Little does he know, as he is growing in strength, so too is an old rival of Master Yangyin’s. It is not long before Sencho must come to the … more

The Return of King Yula (The Lost Art Book 2)
Jason Diaz
Jason Diaz , English
Fall of the Guardian - Kathryn Dunnett

Fall of the GuardianKathryn Dunnett

Average wait: N/A

The Stones of Life. The heart of the world and the essence of all living things. For thousands of years the Guardian had protected them, but no longer. Waiting since the beginning of time, an accident unleashed at the moment of creation, th… more

Fall of the Guardian
Kathryn Dunnett
The Classic Works of Walter Pater - Walter Pater

The Classic Works of Walter PaterWalter Pater

Average wait: N/A

Essays from ‘The Guardian’ Appreciations, with an Essay on Style Miscellaneous Studies: A Series of Essays Marius the Epicurean, Volume Two The Renaissance - Studies in Art and Poetry The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry Imaginary Por… more

The Classic Works of Walter Pater
Walter Pater
The Twelfth - Debbie Rose Jacobs

The TwelfthDebbie Rose Jacobs

The battle between good and evil has always been a threat but none more deadly then Celine. She viciously stalks the twelve a band of brothers that had been sent to push her into her own evil realm. As centuries follow she finds her way bac… more

The Twelfth
Debbie Rose Jacobs
Debbie Jacobs , English
Six Little Deaths - Marion Husband

Six Little DeathsMarion Husband

A collection of short stories by the author of The Boy I Love. ‘Husband’s writing is notable for an understated yet intense sympathy for the movements of the heart. Impressive.’ The Guardian

Six Little Deaths
Marion Husband
Ragged Blackbird Books , English
The Guardian (Realm of Shado... - Linda McNabb

The Guardian (Realm of Shado...Linda McNabb

Average wait: N/A

In a world where wizards, shadows and dragons once roamed the lands… They may yet come again!

After centuries of peace, heroic battles and creatures of the night have long since faded into myth and fireside tales. Only Eagan, The Guardia… more

The Guardian (Realm of Shadows Book 1)
Linda McNabb
Southern Star Publishing , English
The Shadow Wars - Leah Cutter

The Shadow WarsLeah Cutter

Average wait: N/A

The shadows are here… Five dynamic stories from the clans, telling the beginning of the shadows and beyond. Stories included: “The Third Raven” “Shadows’ Door” “Prophesy in Shadows” “The Tiger’s Shadow” “The Viper in Tulum” Plus, the firs… more

The Shadow Wars
Leah Cutter
Knotted Road Press , English
The Guardian's Heir (The Gua... - T.R. Raven

The Guardian's Heir (The Gua...T.R. Raven

Average wait: N/A

The final book in the Guardian Trilogy is here!Claire and her vampire Guardian Nikoli anticipate a bright future ahead of them, but their past is only a step behind. What should be the happiest time of their lives swiftly turns into a night… more

The Guardian’s Heir (The Guardian Trilogy, Book 3- YA paranormal romance)
T.R. Raven
Chapter 14: The Soul Chaser - Studio Kawaii

Chapter 14: The Soul ChaserStudio Kawaii

The fight between The Lost Tears, The Master and The Guardian continues!

Chapter 14: The Soul Chaser
Studio Kawaii
MangaMagazine , English
Cure (The Guardian Chronicle... - JT Whitman

Cure (The Guardian Chronicle...JT Whitman

After being attacked by a demon, Katrina lies in the hospital unconscious. Michael sets out to find a CURE. But obtaining this cure is easier said than done. He must go through three trials that will test his character and strength. And he … more

Cure (The Guardian Chronicles: Michael #5)
JT Whitman
Savage Books , English
The Evil Convent - Douglas Hensley

The Evil ConventDouglas Hensley

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For many years the Convent had remained vacant, its first floor doors and windows boarded up and locked down so that no living, human being could cross over its threshold and discover its terrible secret. Through the maze of long corridors … more

The Evil Convent
Douglas Hensley
archurain - joseph allison

archurainjoseph allison

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The Dragons heart has just been stole. The breath of life is now in the hands of the Evil Sorcerer Clasperon, the one who would rule the world forever. The Guardian, who failed to the protect the heart now must suffer in this new world. til… more

joseph allison
joseph j allison , English
Confessions of a Subprime Le... - Richard Bitner

Confessions of a Subprime Le...Richard Bitner

Average wait: N/A

Former subprime lender Richard Bitner once worked in an industry that started out helping disadvantaged customers but collapsed due to greed, lack of financial control and willful ignorance. In Confessions of a Subprime Lender: An Insider’s… more

Confessions of a Subprime Lender: An Insider’s Tale of Greed, Fraud, and Ignorance
Richard Bitner
Wiley , English