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The Flight (Bedtime Stories ... - Jewell  T.S.

The Flight (Bedtime Stories ...Jewell T.S.

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~The Flight~ Don’t miss the second book in the ‘Get to Sleep!’ Series, The Island! # 1 The Flight: Journey with a little bird as she takes a thrilling flight high up in the clear blue skies. Will she make it to the other side of town in tim… more

The Flight (Bedtime Stories for Everyone!) (The Sleep Prompt Book 1)
Jewell T.S.
Jewell-One , English
The Island (The Sleep Prompt... - Jewell T.S.

The Island (The Sleep Prompt...Jewell T.S.

~The Island, the second book in the new Get to Sleep! series from Author, Jewell T.S.

Book #2 The Island: Journey with a stranded adventurer as they explore a beautiful, deserted tropical island. Traveling through this lovely paradise … more

The Island (The Sleep Prompt Book 2)
Jewell T.S.
Jewell-One , English


These two famous and treasured Aesop’s fables are wonderful stories to tell your children or grandchildren. Or have your Text-to-Speech audio feature read it for you.

Terrence Novak
Speed Editing with Text-to-S... - Sam Peterson

Speed Editing with Text-to-S...Sam Peterson

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This is a short tutorial about how to use text-to-speech Chrome browser extensions to speed up your daily editing process, make self-editing more efficient, and to act as a makeshift beta reader. It’s only about 2,300 words long, but might … more

Speed Editing with Text-to-Speech (Non-Fiction Shouldn’t Be Boring Book 1)
Sam Peterson
Somewhat Secretive Society of Independent Authors , English
Green Pea Dip (Easy Reader R... - A.L. Truslow

Green Pea Dip (Easy Reader R...A.L. Truslow

This is a recipe for a delicious fake guacamole that uses green peas instead of avocados and which needs no cooking or heating. It is my personal’ favorite to date.

My intent with this series is to have a format that new readers or people … more

Green Pea Dip (Easy Reader Recipes Book 7)
A.L. Truslow
Special Critters Publishing , English
Gospel of Matthew - English ... - Saint Matthew, Holy Spirit

Gospel of Matthew - English ...Saint Matthew, Holy Spirit

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Here’s what you will get for $1.99 — (1) A primarily formal translation of the Gospel of Matthew, based on a Greek text that was independently compiled using the principles of Equitable Eclecticism. Hundreds of translatable textual variant… more

Gospel of Matthew - English Equitable Eclectic Text with Notes [Annotated]
Saint Matthew, Holy Spirit
Baby's first black and white book - Richard Kristensen

Baby's first black and white bookRichard Kristensen

Younger babies respond best to simple black and white pictures and patterns, and this book is specially designed with babies’ early needs in mind. The book has 10 pages of high-contrast pictures for baby to look at with you. One picture per… more

Baby’s first black and white book
Richard Kristensen
The 4-Hour Wisdom: Secret Gu... - Dr. E.G. Hubbard

The 4-Hour Wisdom: Secret Gu...Dr. E.G. Hubbard

CONTENTS”The supreme prayer of my heart is not to be learned, rich, famous, powerful, or “good,” but simply to be radiant. I desire to radiate health, cheerfulness, calm courage and good will. I wish to live without hate, whim, jealousy, en… more

The 4-Hour Wisdom: Secret Guide to Finding Love, Happiness and Spirituality in Life (Special Kindle Edition with Interactive Table of Contents and Built in Audiobook Features) ((Four Hour Wisdom))
Dr. E.G. Hubbard
Life Wisdom Press , English
The Gospel of Matthew - The Holy Spirit, Matthew the...

The Gospel of MatthewThe Holy Spirit, Matthew the...

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The Gospel of Matthew (The Equitable Eclectic Text in English). This translation is based on a Greek base-text independently compiled using the principles of Equitable Eclecticism. The readings of the best representatives of the Byzantine, … more

The Gospel of Matthew
The Holy Spirit, Matthew the Apostle
The Essential Midrash (Speci... - Yahweh

The Essential Midrash (Speci...Yahweh

OVERVIEW:”Precious in the sight of the Lord is the Aggadah, as explained in the Midrashim”The Midrashim are ancient Rabbinical expositions of Holy Writ. The term Midrash (of which Midrashim is the plural form) occurs twice in the Hebrew Bib… more

The Essential Midrash (Special Kindle Enabled Edition) An Introduction for Beginners (Judaism Belief and Teachings Library)
World Spiritual Classics Press , English
ALIEN ANDROID - Mestral Adeona, Mitchil Bechet

ALIEN ANDROIDMestral Adeona, Mitchil Bechet

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Hidden deep within the Oort Cloud region of space, about ¼ of the way from Proxima Centauri and our Sun - a biomechanical species of aliens, have set up telescope observatories, to spy on the earth and all its inhabitants.

    The y-8... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B007JI9EBW/#editorial-review">more</a>
Mestral Adeona, Mitchil Bechet
Gamma Centaurus 4.142 , English
Kindle Fire HDX Guidebook: G... - Jennifer Mason

Kindle Fire HDX Guidebook: G...Jennifer Mason

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From when you first open the box until you’re a pro, the Kindle Fire HDX Guidebook examines the device’s basic functions, new and exciting features, … more

Kindle Fire HDX Guidebook: Getting Started, Tips & Tricks, and Finding Free Apps & Books
Jennifer Mason
The Lost Heroes of Olympus: ... - Patrick Collumb

The Lost Heroes of Olympus: ...Patrick Collumb

DESCRIPTION:The action and the drama continues in this captivating and highly imaginative volume of adventure stories involving Odysseus, the cyclops, the sirens and many other favorite classical fantasy and mythological characters. A true… more

The Lost Heroes of Olympus: The Odyssey of the Hero’s Return (Special Kindle Enabled Features) With DirectLink(tm) Technology (Childrens Award Winning Lost Hero Fantasy and Myths)
Patrick Collumb
Children’s Fantasy Press , English
One Year Bible World English... -

One Year Bible World English...

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This is a One Year Bible of the World English Version of my One Year Bible. The reason I call it a one year Bible is because it divides the Bible into 366 portions (leap years added) so a person can start reading this Bible from the beginni… more

One Year Bible World English Version
Russell Sherrard , English
The Curious Case of Benjamin... - F Scott Fitzgerald

The Curious Case of Benjamin...F Scott Fitzgerald

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The classic short story presented with period art specially formatted for the Kindle.

Benjamin Button’ was first published in Colliers Magazine on May 27, 1922. It was subsequently anthologized in Fitzgerald’s book ‘Tales of the Jazz Age… more

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Illustrated)
F Scott Fitzgerald
The Disabled Deserve to Read... - Bufo Calvin

The Disabled Deserve to Read...Bufo Calvin

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This article looks at the issues surrounding the text-to-speech feature in Amazon’s Kindle 2. It provides a brief history, overview, and links to materials relevant to the topic.The author’s proceeds will go towards purchasing Kindles to do… more

The Disabled Deserve to Read: The Controversy Over the Amazon Kindle’s Voice (revised)
Bufo Calvin
Bufo Calvin , English
One Year Bible King James Version -

One Year Bible King James Version

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This is a One Year Bible of the King James Version. The reason I call it a one year Bible is because it divides the Bible into 366 portions (leap years added) so a person can start reading this Bible from the beginning and spend just 15 min… more

One Year Bible King James Version
Russell Sherrard , English
The Essential Buddhism (Spec... -

The Essential Buddhism (Spec...

OVERVIEW:The aim of this volume is to provide an introduction to the essentials of Buddhism by by bringing together a selection of its beautiful sentiments, and lofty maxims, and particularly including some of those which inculcate mercy to… more

The Essential Buddhism (Special Kindle Enabled Edition) An Introduction for Beginners ((Buddhism Belief and Teachings Library))
The World Spiritual Classics Press , English
LARGE PRINT EDITION The Trag... - Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain

LARGE PRINT EDITION The Trag...Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain

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BOOK DETAILS:This handsomely produced volume contains Mark Twain’s original unabridged version of The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson as well as the complete text of the “Author’s Note to Those Extraordinary Twins”. A searching critique of rac… more

LARGE PRINT EDITION The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson / The Tragedy of Puddinghead Wilson (Cambridge World Classics) Special Kindle Enabled Features (Large Print Unabridged Mark Twain)
Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain
Cambridge World Classics , English
Kindle Fire HD Owner's Manua... - Katrina Abiasi

Kindle Fire HD Owner's Manua...Katrina Abiasi

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Kindle Fire HD Owner’s Manual is a complete guide for Kindle Fire HD owners to learn how to operate their new device. The vast majority of users aren’t unlocking the full potential of this amazing device! By learning the tips, tricks, and… more

Kindle Fire HD Owner’s Manual: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Kindle Fire HD (Updated November 2014)
Katrina Abiasi