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Rough Terrain: Short Fiction - Bill Britt

Rough Terrain: Short FictionBill Britt

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Buddy, a raggedy mutt with amazing courage, will steal your heart as he puts his life on the line for the sake of a child. But the snake may have the last word…In Puddlin’ fo’ Mist’ah Dude, a privileged but naïve adolescent sees and experie… more

Rough Terrain: Short Fiction
Bill Britt
Trying Texas (City Chicks Book 3) - Tera Lynn Childs

Trying Texas (City Chicks Book 3)Tera Lynn Childs

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Every girl deserves a wild ride…

New Yorker Cassie Bishop has one goal: produce the pilot episode of Try It On to get back in her boss’s good graces. She can handle a month of the dusty Texas outback, filming the social train wreck as a … more

Trying Texas (City Chicks Book 3)
Tera Lynn Childs
Fearless Gypsy LLC , English
Peterson Field Guide to Bird... - Roger Tory Peterson

Peterson Field Guide to Bird...Roger Tory Peterson

Identifying a bird is just a tap away with the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Texas. Peterson’s art, conveying each bird’s essence, and the innovative Peterson Identification System, are all at the casual bird watcher’s disposal. 578 spec… more

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Texas (Peterson Field Guides)
Roger Tory Peterson
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
Claws - Dan Greenburg

ClawsDan Greenburg

When Cody is 14, he runs away from home, leaving behind his abusive mother, and flees across the country. He doesn’t stop until he hits Texas and the Sam Houston Tiger Ranch. Under the guidance of Sunny, the ranch’s owner, he cares for the … more

Dan Greenburg
Random House Books for Young Readers , English
Raised in the West - Brenda Lee

Raised in the WestBrenda Lee

A story of excitement, adventure and family life, in the 1800 hundreds. A story that will keep all readers interested, and anxious to hear what will happen next. Western Texas was full of unpredictable ups and downs; not to mention wild In… more

Raised in the West
Brenda Lee
AuthorHouse , English
Texas Gold - Liz Lee

Texas GoldLiz Lee

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He’s a millionaire developer looking for the next small town to turn into the perfect getaway for Metroplex movers and shakers. Serendipity, Texas is just the spot. She’s the small town rancher’s daughter determined to get in his way. When … more

Texas Gold
Liz Lee
Morgan's Point (Book One 1) - Kay D. Barnes

Morgan's Point (Book One 1)Kay D. Barnes

Secrets and deception abound in the small Texas town of Morgan’s Point.

Murder, motorcycles and family are all intertwined for Eve, who must learn to let go of her past and make a new life for herself.

Morgan’s Point (Book One 1)
Kay D. Barnes
Morgan's Point (Part  2 Book 1) - Kay D. Barnes

Morgan's Point (Part 2 Book 1)Kay D. Barnes

Events in Morgan’s Point, Texas lead to murder and lies. Eve asks for help and takes the first step to her new life.

Morgan’s Point (Part 2 Book 1)
Kay D. Barnes
Anxious Arabian (Horses A to... - Stephanie Lynn Pixley

Anxious Arabian (Horses A to...Stephanie Lynn Pixley

Age Range: 8 and upGrade Level: 3 and upRight after her grandma passes away, Kaci’s parents sell their ranch and all of the horses, ripping poor Kaci away from everything she’s ever known and loved. What’s a horse crazy girl without horses … more

Anxious Arabian (Horses A to Z Book 1)
Stephanie Lynn Pixley
The Lutheran Ladies Circle: ... - Kris Knorr, Barb Froman

The Lutheran Ladies Circle: ...Kris Knorr, Barb Froman

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              Where does an old lady sneak off to when she ditches her church group?If she's stubborn and peppery like Aunt Ula, she rides a train back to her secrets.Ula's looking for pieces of her past, and the trail began on a southe... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00IRJLYGA/#editorial-review">more</a>
The Lutheran Ladies Circle: Thanks for Leaving (The Lutheran Ladies’ Circle Book 3)
Kris Knorr, Barb Froman
Morning West Publishing , English
Speed Trap - Matthew Lett

Speed TrapMatthew Lett

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A lone Texas highway becomes a road to terror and horror for those who are stopped by a cop only wanting to do his job.A horror/suspense short story

Speed Trap
Matthew Lett
Books to Go Now , English


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Nine Texas women gather in a store loft to knit, but take a detour and begin making furry little rats, who take on the personalities of the makers. They magically come alive and escape the store on a moon-lit escapade to save a comrade rat… more

G. England Lowry
Me and Julia Reeds - Faith Turner

Me and Julia ReedsFaith Turner

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Titillating, provocative tale of how a curious, wayward little Texas boy, despite his traditional, conservative upbringing, becomes a transsexual escort and adult entertainer, making lots of money and living the fast life, only to lose it a… more

Me and Julia Reeds
Faith Turner
Faith Turner , English
Kissing Her Cowboy - Adele Downs

Kissing Her CowboyAdele Downs

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On a Texas ranch, and with the help of a stallion named Big Blue, an injured cowboy and a cop with a dark past learn to get back in the saddle and find joy—in each other’s arms.

Kissing Her Cowboy
Adele Downs
Boroughs Publishing Group , English
The Story of Haybaler: A Sag... - Bradly Jay Keller

The Story of Haybaler: A Sag...Bradly Jay Keller

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The Story of Haybaler, is a book about the lives of the Stiles family in hill country Texas. The author portrays the drama of individual lives as they unfold on life’s stage. There are many pearls of wisdom to be gained from chapter to chap… more

The Story of Haybaler: A Saga of Generations
Bradly Jay Keller
The Viralution - Don Kehlenbeck

The ViralutionDon Kehlenbeck

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A Mexican Cartel has unknowingly unleashed a deadly virus on an unsuspecting village. Thanks to drug runners, the viral infection quickly spreads to Texas where we follow the journey of Jessie, a normal college student and her friends as th… more

The Viralution
Don Kehlenbeck
Don Kehlenbeck , English
Texas and the Mexican war; a... - Nathaniel W. (Nathaniel Wrig...

Texas and the Mexican war; a...Nathaniel W. (Nathaniel Wrig...

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Texas and the Mexican war; a chronicle of the winning of the Southwest ([1921])

Texas and the Mexican war; a chronicle of the winning of the Southwest ([1921])
Nathaniel W. (Nathaniel Wright) Stephenson
Online Texas Holdem Secrets ... - F. Keith Johnson

Online Texas Holdem Secrets ...F. Keith Johnson

Texas holdem is by far the easiest and the bestpoker game for any beginner to learn. A texasholdem strategy can be learned in a matter ofminutes but understanding and obtaining a solidtexas holdem strategy that would help you win on aconsis… more

Online Texas Holdem Secrets Revealed! Cheat Your Online Poker Competition Out of Their Money Every Single Time!
F. Keith Johnson
Texas Wildflowers: Four-in-O... - Anita Higman

Texas Wildflowers: Four-in-O...Anita Higman

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Romance is in full bloom for four McBride sisters living in Texas. A jilted Rosy goes home to Galveston to nurture her broken heart. Will she find the courage to love again? Lily has just opened a Christian counseling business. Will an ecce… more

Texas Wildflowers: Four-in-One Collection (Romancing America)
Anita Higman
Barbour Books , English
Daddy Knows Best: A Raw, Unc... - Matt Gable

Daddy Knows Best: A Raw, Unc...Matt Gable

Re-edited January 20, 2012 My father was my best friend until I was 10 years old. Thereafter, he was my worst enemy. A tough-as-nails father who firmly enforces his old-fashioned ways, a mother who has little or no say, and a son with a pe… more

Daddy Knows Best: A Raw, Uncut True Story
Matt Gable
Matt Gable , English