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The Condition (Beyond His Co... - Lord  Koga

The Condition (Beyond His Co...Lord Koga

Dr. Tessa had never heard or seen any man come into her ER with such a Large and hard condition. Thankfully, it was the dead of night and no one would notice her assisting the young male stud with working out his as well as her issues with… more

The Condition (Beyond His Control Erotic Series Book 2)
Lord Koga
Veenstra Publishing , English
Dominating The Alien Prisoner - Cora Adel

Dominating The Alien PrisonerCora Adel

Average wait: N/A

Interrogator Tessa has never failed at getting the information she needs, and when the Federation finally captures an enemy alien prisoner, she’s sent in to extract any info she can. There’s just one catch: this alien is tough and none of h… more

Dominating The Alien Prisoner
Cora Adel
Cora Adel , English
A Reaper Made - Liz Long

A Reaper MadeLiz Long

Average wait: N/A

Grace had finally gotten used to her new afterlife as a “Made” – a Reaper who used to be human. When Made Reapers and souls begin disappearing, however, Grace and her mentor Tully suspect demons. Grace’s worst fears are confirmed when her l… more

A Reaper Made
Liz Long
Tessa's Escape to Athena's Ground - Brianna Salera

Tessa's Escape to Athena's GroundBrianna Salera

Average wait: N/A

Tessa is too young to be an emotional and sexual has-been. She married her only boyfriend and when he died making love to another woman, Tessa’s world was shattered. Tessa was still lost three years, one rape, one suicide attempt and severa… more

Tessa’s Escape to Athena’s Ground
Brianna Salera
Family Blood Ties Set - 3 in 1 - Dale Mayer

Family Blood Ties Set - 3 in 1Dale Mayer

Average wait: N/A

This is a collection of the first three books in the series. This is not the whole series. Each book ends in a cliffhanger.

Vampire in Denial Vampire in Distress Vampire in Design

Vampire in Denial Blood doesn’t just make her who she is….. more

Family Blood Ties Set - 3 in 1
Dale Mayer
Valley Publishing , English
Pixified (Lil' Genie Series Book 2) - Sheryl Winters

Pixified (Lil' Genie Series Book 2)Sheryl Winters

Average wait: N/A

Happily mated Tiger shifter, Fhina has the Purr-fect life with her no-longer-cursed Wolf shifter husband and their brand new babies. So, why is it that life suddenly took a turn for the weird for her favorite cousin Tessa? And why did Fhina… more

Pixified (Lil’ Genie Series Book 2)
Sheryl Winters
Roane Publishing , English
New Love (Love Series Book 2) - MJ Fields

New Love (Love Series Book 2)MJ Fields

New Adult, College Romance. In book two of the “Love” series, Tessa and Lucas have decided it best to be friends. But is it possible when they share a love as deep as theirs? Follow Luke as he tries to be the man he realized he wanted to be… more

New Love (Love Series Book 2)
MJ Fields
MJ Fields , English
A Sister's Forgiveness (Wome... - Anna Schmidt

A Sister's Forgiveness (Wome...Anna Schmidt

Average wait: N/A

Could you forgive someone who killed your child? Jeannie must, to preserve her family. Sisters Emma and Jeannie are best friends, and so are their teenage daughters Sadie and Tessa. But when a tragic accident results in Tess’s death—and Sad… more

A Sister’s Forgiveness (Women of Pinecraft Book 2)
Anna Schmidt
Barbour Books , English
Father Mallory's School Girl - Sam Wrights

Father Mallory's School GirlSam Wrights

Average wait: N/A

A Priest’s struggle with his desire for his student, Tessa boils over into several steamy encounters!

Father Mallory’s School Girl
Sam Wrights
Frictionfictions , English
Running to the Sun (Conjure ... - Cyn Bagley

Running to the Sun (Conjure ...Cyn Bagley

This ebook is the second part of the Conjure Man trilogy. The seed-bearers, Tessa, Marie, and Rosa need to find each other so that they can heal the rift from another dimension. But, Tessa and Marie are kidnapped by demon-filled Luce. And R… more

Running to the Sun (Conjure Man Book 2)
Cyn Bagley
Hear Him Cry - Rachel Beam

Hear Him CryRachel Beam

58-year-old Henry, a remorseful man who lives mainly in his head, has just been reunited with Tessa, the daughter of his estranged best friend. Tessa has just been abandoned in a strange city by the last man she was able to trust. Each ess… more

Hear Him Cry
Rachel Beam
Solstice Publishing , English
Love Notes: A continuance of... - MJ Fields

Love Notes: A continuance of...MJ Fields

For the readers of the Love series, Wrapped series, the Burning Souls series and Love you Anyways. A continuation of Lucas and Tessa’s story, in Lucas Links POV. In Love Notes, Lucas and Tessa’s rekindled love has never been stronger. Alth… more

Love Notes: A continuance of the Love, Wrapped, and Burning Souls series
MJ Fields
MJ Fields , English


Average wait: N/A

When Tessa insists on tagging along with her husband George and his two friends on the annual “Guys” camping trip, the guys are not too happy about it. That is until the two friends start to picture Tessa who is a really hot wife in a biki… more

WEEKEND WITH MY HUSBAND’S FRIENDS (A Slutty Wife erotica story) (Horny Housewives)
Naughty Daydreams Press , English
The Stranger and Tessa Jones... - Christine Rimmer

The Stranger and Tessa Jones...Christine Rimmer

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Tessa wasn’t taking nonsense from any man. But how could she turn away this injured stranger who’d stumbled onto her property in the middle of a blizzard? A man who didn’t know who he was or how he’d end… more

The Stranger and Tessa Jones (Bravo Family series Book 23)
Christine Rimmer
Silhouette Special Edition , English
Run to You Part Six: Sixth Sense - Clara Kensie

Run to You Part Six: Sixth SenseClara Kensie

Part Six in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…To save Tessa’s brother and sister, she and Tristan must deceive the entire town. But if t… more

Run to You Part Six: Sixth Sense
Clara Kensie
Harlequin Teen , English
Quarantine - Janine Ashbless

QuarantineJanine Ashbless

Tessa and Lee might work together in a high security biohazard lab, but they just can’t stand each other. Then a potential exposure incident means they’re thrown together into a quarantine room for 23 days. Just the two of them, all alone, … more

Janine Ashbless
Ravenous Romance , English
Run to You Part Five: Fifth Touch - Clara Kensie

Run to You Part Five: Fifth TouchClara Kensie

Part Five in the riveting romantic thriller about a family on the run from a deadly past and a first love that will transcend secrets, lies and danger…Tessa’s nightmares feel all too real, and the hope of getting her family back together ha… more

Run to You Part Five: Fifth Touch
Clara Kensie
Harlequin Teen , English
Vampire in Crisis (Family Bl... - Dale Mayer

Vampire in Crisis (Family Bl...Dale Mayer

This is the 8th book in the popular Family Blood Ties series and continues the saga of Tessa and Cody as they battle both humans and vampires alike. This book ends in a cliffhanger the same as the other books in the series.Tessa’s world exp… more

Vampire in Crisis (Family Blood Ties Book 8)
Dale Mayer
Valley Publishing , English
Anybody Can Get It (G Street... - Cachet

Anybody Can Get It (G Street...Cachet

A Short Story”James and Tessa met in high school, fell in love and soon married. Together they birthed three beautiful children with plans to raise them in a loving home. Everything is perfect, until one disastrous morning when Tessa recei… more

Anybody Can Get It (G Street Chronicles Presents)
G Street Chronicles , English
The Thing about Elves (Santa... - Lynn Crain

The Thing about Elves (Santa...Lynn Crain

Average wait: N/A

It’s been two years since Angie’s friend, Tessa, got married to Jedrick and introduced her to his brother, Ardan. From the moment, she saw him she knew he was the man for her. There’s only one problem…he’s elf…an elf who swears human and el… more

The Thing about Elves (Santa’s Elves Book 2)
Lynn Crain