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My Anal Cowboy - Tasha  Temple

My Anal CowboyTasha Temple

Average wait: < 1h

Lily lives on a ranch with her wealthy and handsome husband, Ted. Her life is idyllic and their sex life is good. Except for the fact Ted keeps pressing her to have anal sex. Ted thinks she would like it but Lily can’t get over the idea it … more

My Anal Cowboy
Tasha Temple
Makai Publishing , English
BORN TO BE A DAUGHTER (TV FI... - Sandy Thomas


Average wait: N/A

BORN TO BE A DAUGHTERWhat would you do for money? Bill becomes a bride and makes his son, Ted become a daughter for a rich man that needs a “family!”Over 25 detailed illustrations by Puyal.Quote Board. In the Pink. TV FICTION CLASSICS #47. … more

Sandy Thomas
Sandy Thomas Advertising , English
Busted - Joy Cox

BustedJoy Cox

Average wait: N/A

Sexy Vice Cop Julie and her partner Ted hit the streets to protect the local hookers from a dangerous predator. Will Julie be able to lure Dangerous Dan back to her hotel room so Ted can bust him with pants down and wallet out?

Warning! Th… more

Joy Cox
Big Brother Bareback 3 (Tabo... - Selena Noire

Big Brother Bareback 3 (Tabo...Selena Noire

The third stand-alone installment in the series, Beth now finds herself in complete submission to her step-brother Ted, having relentlessly teased him in the past with her undeniably stunning body, Beth suddenly finds her world flipped arou… more

Big Brother Bareback 3 (Taboo/PI Breeding Erotica)
Selena Noire
Selena Noire , English


Average wait: N/A

PRETTY FOREVERJudd hoped he could return to college as a boy. Then his best friend, Ted came to visit and things became complicated. Illustrations by Puyal.Quote Board. In The Pink.CONTEMPORARY TV FICTION #73. 80 pages

Sandy Thomas
Sandy Thomas Advertising , English
The Munching Yak - David Jacks, Daniel  Morrow

The Munching YakDavid Jacks, Daniel Morrow

Average wait: N/A

Munch Crunch! It’s the Munching Yak.“That’s my answer,” said garbage man Ted. “I’m running out of space at the village dump. That Munching Yak would be the ideal answer!”

The Munching Yak
David Jacks, Daniel Morrow
Wolf-Hawk Writing , English
Big Brother Bareback 2 (Tabo... - Selena Noire

Big Brother Bareback 2 (Tabo...Selena Noire

Having relentlessly teased her big brother Ted in the past with her undeniably stunning body, Beth suddenly finds her world flipped around. Now she can do little but submit to him, overcome by his powerful influence…But how far is Beth re… more

Big Brother Bareback 2 (Taboo/PI Breeding Erotica)
Selena Noire
Selena Noire , English
The Bird of Nevermore - Jeff Ambrose

The Bird of NevermoreJeff Ambrose

A father and son go on an afternoon walk through the woods. It should be an innocent affair. But jealousy and resentment—twin monsters that rage within the father’s heart. But another monster lurks in the woods, too.

The Bird of Nevermore
Jeff Ambrose
Dark Elms Press , English
Telling Teddy (Dear Teddy: A... - JD Stockholm

Telling Teddy (Dear Teddy: A...JD Stockholm

Average wait: 17h

Mr. Ted holds the hand of his six-year-old friend as they share more of his deepest secrets. Poignant and bold, the boy’s courageous words are detailed and real. He takes you farther into his abusive life and broken mind as he survives the … more

Telling Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Journal Of A Boy Volume 2)
JD Stockholm
Sabre , English
Dear Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Jo... - JD Stockholm

Dear Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Jo...JD Stockholm

Average wait: < 1h

Little boy little boy, Curled in a ball. I know your secrets, I know them allI write in my journal as much as I can. I talk to Mr. Ted. He is my only friend. He understands when the bad man comes. He holds my hand when I have nightmares and… more

Dear Teddy (Dear Teddy: A Journal Of A Boy (Volume 1))
JD Stockholm
Sabre , English
Invisible Condom (A Naive No... - Kelsey Charisma

Invisible Condom (A Naive No...Kelsey Charisma

Average wait: N/A

Leah is a perfect blend of naive and gullible. Ted, has no problem convincing her he has invisible condoms, but getting to use it will take a little cunning.

Content Warning: this short story contains adult material with explicit sexual si… more

Invisible Condom (A Naive Novelette)
Kelsey Charisma
Neighbors Daughter - Morgan Taylor

Neighbors DaughterMorgan Taylor

Average wait: N/A

Neighbors Daughter- It was only a week since the new neighbors had moved in when Ted received a call from the young girl he saw with her mother. His wife gave them their number just in case they needed some help with anything. Ted wasn’t to… more

Neighbors Daughter
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor , English
Ted and Raymond's Sea Advent... - Rhonda Patton

Ted and Raymond's Sea Advent...Rhonda Patton

Average wait: N/A

Ted and Raymond adventure to the sea. They learn boat safety (wearing a life jacket) and they learn different fish in the ocean.

Ted and Raymond’s Sea Adventure: (Frog Books for children)
Rhonda Patton
Three Killer Stories - Michele Bardsley

Three Killer StoriesMichele Bardsley

Three killer short stories make for a blood good reads…

Diana, the Zombie: When Diana was killed by her drunk ex-husband, it was the only beginning of her problems … especially when her elderly neighbors decide to form a geriatric zomb… more

Three Killer Stories
Michele Bardsley
A Freeman Publication , English
Seducing Mom - Stella Hayne

Seducing MomStella Hayne

When Ted moves back home after college, he tries to make sure his stepmother Erin lives a little for a change.While preparing for a dinner with her identical twin sister, Ted and Erin escalate their flirting farther than they ever have befo… more

Seducing Mom
Stella Hayne
As You Are: Gay Romance Erotica - Hank Brooks

As You Are: Gay Romance EroticaHank Brooks

Average wait: N/A

Davey’s lover, Frankie, died 5 years ago but he couldn’t seem to get on with his life.

He even thinks about killing himself, but can’t do it for fear that he might be sent to hell and never see Frankie again. In mourning for his lost love,… more

As You Are: Gay Romance Erotica
Hank Brooks
BLVNP Incorporated , English
Swingers - Chelsea Lyle

SwingersChelsea Lyle

When Ted’s wife, Sondra, comes to him with an adult classified and the suggestion that they try swinging, he doesn’t know how to take it. He tentatively agrees, deciding to invite a couple over and let what happens, happen. Once he lays eye… more

Chelsea Lyle
Light of the Moon Publishing , English
Wolf's Vampire Date (paranor... - Stella Hayne

Wolf's Vampire Date (paranor...Stella Hayne

Average wait: N/A

WARNING: This 4600+ word erotic short story contains graphic consensual sex between a werewolf and vampire in human form and is intended mature audiences.––—Ted and Sarah have the same relationship problems as everyone else. Things are… more

Wolf’s Vampire Date (paranormal erotica, M/f)
Stella Hayne
Ted and Raymond's Christmas Tree - Rhonda Patton

Ted and Raymond's Christmas TreeRhonda Patton

It will be a positive Christmas Story filled with truth… You guessed it… Ted and Raymond’s Christmas Tree. It teaches the story of Jesus. Since Jesus is the reason for my talents I honor HIM with thie new book. A little bit about it. Te… more

Ted and Raymond’s Christmas Tree
Rhonda Patton
Husband Submits (Cuckold, MM... - Megan West

Husband Submits (Cuckold, MM...Megan West

Average wait: N/A

I make the rules around here and you abide by them. Got it?”

Nothing turns Stacey on more than dressing her husband, Ted, in leather, sticking him in the corner, and watching him whimper as she pleasures another man. But when her new sex… more

Husband Submits (Cuckold, MMF Threesome)
Megan West