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Benched (Orca Currents) - Cristy Watson

Benched (Orca Currents)Cristy Watson

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When Cody and his friends accept a challenge from a local gang to steal a park bench, their main concern is keeping themselves on the gang’s good side. Cody learns that the stolen bench had been dedicated to the father of the English teache… more

Benched (Orca Currents)
Cristy Watson
Orca Book Publishers , English
Writing Year-End Teacher Imp... - Cornelius L. Barker, Claudet...

Writing Year-End Teacher Imp...Cornelius L. Barker, Claudet...

This edition features a comprehensive annual performance review package, added case studies, 65 revised proficiency categories, an interactive CD-ROM, vocabulary aids, and a sample improvement plan.

Writing Year-End Teacher Improvement Plans-Right Now!!: The Principal’s Time-Saving Reference Guide
Cornelius L. Barker, Claudette J. Searchwell
Corwin , English
Verbal Fractions (Verbal Mat... - Michael Levin, Charan Langton

Verbal Fractions (Verbal Mat...Michael Levin, Charan Langton

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Fractions are the first major stumbling block children experience in school. If they do not master Fractions, they are liable to develop a permanent dislike for math. With this book, you can help your child become a whiz at Fractions, learn… more

Verbal Fractions (Verbal Math Lesson Book 4)
Michael Levin, Charan Langton
Mountcastle Company , English
Expository Thoughts on the G... - J.C.  Ryle

Expository Thoughts on the G...J.C. Ryle

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This edition is fully formatted and linked for easy navigation from book to chapter to verse. This is the only version you’ll ever need.This is a collection of some of the greatest and most poignant expository thoughts on the 4 Gospel… more

Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: The Four Volume Set [Fully Linked and Optimized]
J.C. Ryle
Primediaelaunch eLaunch , English
Pearlcasting: A love story - Lynn Matheson

Pearlcasting: A love storyLynn Matheson

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ADULT CONTENT Reviews: “exceptional romance book” “vividly rich writing style” “engrossing” “dynamic and almost life-like” “raw writing skills” “kept me eagerly flipping to the next page” “this story took a curveball twist that I simply did… more

Pearlcasting: A love story
Lynn Matheson
Lynn Matheson , English
All-in-One Graphic Arts Less... - Patty Ann

All-in-One Graphic Arts Less...Patty Ann

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Graphic Arts Teachers if you need a straight forward, beginning Graphic Arts lesson plan, this it is!

This book is packed with easy yet challenging assignment ideas for high school or college students. Structured assignments in page, publi… more

All-in-One Graphic Arts Lesson Plans (Career Corner)
Patty Ann
Patty Ann , English
The Living Sword - Pemry Janes

The Living SwordPemry Janes

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Eurik was found adrift by the san, and raised by them. While he read much about the outside world, he never considered leaving home. Not until his teacher revealed what he had inherited from his parents. A Living Sword, a sentient blade of … more

The Living Sword
Pemry Janes
To Sir, With Lust (Girls' Club) - Polly J Adams

To Sir, With Lust (Girls' Club)Polly J Adams

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Going back to school to talk to her daughter’s teachers triggered all kinds of memories for Karen. It made her feel like a teenager again. And it brought back the fantasies, the teenage crushes on some of the teachers.But what do you do whe… more

To Sir, With Lust (Girls’ Club)
Polly J Adams
James Grieve Press , English
Collective Improvisation in ... - Linda Farr Darling, Gaalen E...

Collective Improvisation in ...Linda Farr Darling, Gaalen E...

This is the story of a teacher education initiative. The project A Community of Inquiry in Teacher Education (CITE) has aimed to transform learning to teach from an experience based on the acquisition of skills to one centred on the cultiva… more

Collective Improvisation in a Teacher Education Community: 4 (Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices)
Linda Farr Darling, Gaalen Erickson, Anthony Clarke
Springer Netherlands , English
Education for Values: Morals... -

Education for Values: Morals...

This book provides an essential resource of ideas, issues and current practice for all those with an interest in this area of education.

Education for Values: Morals, Ethics and Citizenship in Contemporary Teaching
Routledge , English
Terrell's Mystic Flute - Billy Davis

Terrell's Mystic FluteBilly Davis

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Terrell has problems. He lives in a small old apartment. His mother has to work so hard he hardly gets to see her. His English teacher keeps blaming him for things. Two bullies seem to be able to get away with making his life miserable. Ani… more

Terrell’s Mystic Flute
Billy Davis
Billy B Davis , English
American History - Teacher - James Stobaugh

American History - TeacherJames Stobaugh

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This convenient teacher’s guide is all a parent or teacher needs to easily grade the 10th grade student assignments for American History: Observations & Assessments from Early Settlement to Today. Assignments with answers, learning objectiv… more

American History - Teacher
James Stobaugh
Master Books , English
Maybe (Maybe Not) - Robert Fulghum

Maybe (Maybe Not)Robert Fulghum

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERI once began a list of the contradictory notions I hold:Look before you leap.He who hesitates is lost.Two heads are better than one.If you want something done right, do it yourself.Nothing ventured, nothing gain… more

Maybe (Maybe Not)
Robert Fulghum
Ballantine Books , English
Reframing the Path to School... -

Reframing the Path to School...

The best leaders use multiple frames to view common challenges and to solve the most difficult problems. A series of dialogues between a novice and a master teacher and between a new and a seasoned principal demonstrate how framing—and then… more

Reframing the Path to School Leadership
Corwin , English
Collected Papers on Analytic... -  Carl Gustav Jung

Collected Papers on Analytic... Carl Gustav Jung

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(…)”the mental condition of Marie X., a thirteen year old schoolgirl. Marie had been expelled from school because she had been instrumental in originating an ugly rumour, spreading gossip about her class-teacher. The punishment hit the ch… more

Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology - Chapter IV A Contribution to the Psychology of Rumour
Carl Gustav Jung
Famous & Fun Classics, Book ... - Carol Matz

Famous & Fun Classics, Book ...Carol Matz

Famous & Fun: Classics, Book 1 offers a wonderful introduction to the timeless masterpieces of the great composers. Featuring arrangements of themes from symphonic, operatic and keyboard literature, these works have been carefully selected … more

Famous & Fun Classics, Book 1 (Piano Series)
Carol Matz
Alfred Music , English
Pleasing Professor Blake: A ... - Codie Jones

Pleasing Professor Blake: A ...Codie Jones

Eighteen year old student Kallie is rule-breaker and a drama-magnet. She takes great joy in manipulating men; flirting with them until they practically eat from the palm of her hand. But she bites off more than she can chew when it comes to… more

Pleasing Professor Blake: A Domination Erotica Short
Codie Jones
Honey Pot Productions , English
Visions for Teacher Educator... -

Visions for Teacher Educator...

This book seeks to not only articulate a vision for the profession through Standards for Teacher Educators but also provide a historical perspective of and explore the issues surrounding these standards. To accomplish this, the book establi… more

Visions for Teacher Educators: Perspectives on the Association of Teacher Educators’ Standards
R&L Education , English
Read Russian in Just 90 Minutes - Sergei Belov

Read Russian in Just 90 MinutesSergei Belov

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Read Russian in Just 90 Minutes!” will get you reading Russian…fast.Created by an expert teacher in Russian, it will take you through the different letters that there are as well as how they fit together. And also the culture of the Russ… more

Read Russian in Just 90 Minutes
Sergei Belov
Tramp Stamp - Jasmine Dayne

Tramp StampJasmine Dayne

When Kayla gets a surprise ride from her old teacher, she can’t help but show off her new tattoo. Her brazen behavior leads her to be the only woman in a house full of partying men, and into a group sexual encounter that shows a “Tramp Stam… more

Tramp Stamp
Jasmine Dayne