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Explaining (Leverhulme Prima... - Dr George A Brown, George Br...

Explaining (Leverhulme Prima...Dr George A Brown, George Br...

Explaining shows what explanation is and what it aims to do. It explores the various strategies open to teachers and by a combination of activities and discussion points it helps them to build up a repertoire of techniques suitable for vari… more

Explaining (Leverhulme Primary Project Classroom Skills Series)
Dr George A Brown, George Brown, Ted Wragg
Routledge , English
Critical Pedagogy and Teache... -

Critical Pedagogy and Teache...

The chapters in this edited collection make it clear that critical teacher educators are aware of neoliberalism and its profound impact on public schools and university-based teacher preparation programs. They know the deleterious effects o… more

Critical Pedagogy and Teacher Education in the Neoliberal Era: Small Openings (Explorations of Educational Purpose)
Springer , English
Sh'ma on Innovative Jewish L... - Judd Kruger Livingston, Jona...

Sh'ma on Innovative Jewish L...Judd Kruger Livingston, Jona...

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Most would agree that we’re on the cusp of a new landscape of Jewish learning. Since few are happy with the status quo, we are approaching a time of great opportunity — the door wide open for reinvention, experimentation, and imagination. T… more

Sh’ma on Innovative Jewish Learning (Sh’ma Journal: Independent Thinking on Contemporary Judaism Book 41)
Judd Kruger Livingston, Jonathan S. Woocher, Stephen Hazan Arnoff, Jennifer Glaser, Kim Hirsh, Charlie Schwartz, Russel Neis, Lisa D. Grant
Sh’ma Institute , English
Benched (Orca Currents) - Cristy Watson

Benched (Orca Currents)Cristy Watson

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When Cody and his friends accept a challenge from a local gang to steal a park bench, their main concern is keeping themselves on the gang’s good side. Cody learns that the stolen bench had been dedicated to the father of the English teache… more

Benched (Orca Currents)
Cristy Watson
Orca Book Publishers , English
Life Promises for Leaders: I... - Zig Ziglar, Dwight "Ike" Reighard

Life Promises for Leaders: I...Zig Ziglar, Dwight "Ike" Reighard

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Leadership is leadership, no matter where you go or what you do. Yet sometimes life can be difficult, and even the most seasoned leaders can find themselves in need of encouragement.In Life Promises for Leaders, motivational teacher and tra… more

Life Promises for Leaders: Inspirational Scriptures and Devotional Thoughts
Zig Ziglar, Dwight “Ike” Reighard
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. , English
Elements of Structural and S... - Douglas Houghton Campbell

Elements of Structural and S...Douglas Houghton Campbell

The rapid advances made in the science of botany within the last few years necessitate changes in the text books in use as well as in methods of teaching. Having, in his own experience as a teacher, felt the need of a book different from an… more

Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany
Douglas Houghton Campbell
The English Teacher 2nd Edition (1) - Guy Herman

The English Teacher 2nd Edition (1)Guy Herman

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The English Teacher peeks behind the curtain of the alchemy of parents, teachers, leaders and friends who indelibly imprint the hearts and souls of our children. The English Teacher, an old fashioned, made for family novel and film tells th… more

The English Teacher 2nd Edition (1)
Guy Herman
Sextant Pocket Press , English
Elements of Structural and S... - Douglas Houghton Campbell

Elements of Structural and S...Douglas Houghton Campbell

The rapid advances made in the science of botany within the last few years necessitate changes in the text books in use as well as in methods of teaching. Having, in his own experience as a teacher, felt the need of a book different from an… more

Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany
Douglas Houghton Campbell
Supernatural Learning: 8th G... - J.R. Murdock

Supernatural Learning: 8th G...J.R. Murdock

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Collecting the first three books of the Supernatural Learning series, this book contains:My Teacher is a Zombie (1)My Teacher is a Werewolf (2)My Teacher is a Vampire (3)This sees our main characters through 8th grade as they must contend w… more

Supernatural Learning: 8th Grade Omnibus
J.R. Murdock
OGAD Publishing , English
Arithmetic and Number Sense:... - Robby "Zero Angel" Richardson

Arithmetic and Number Sense:...Robby "Zero Angel" Richardson

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Arithmetic and Number Sense is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to arithmetic that will be expanded upon throughout Zero Angel’s Mathematics. Although considered “basic” by some many people struggle with this, or worse, believe t… more

Arithmetic and Number Sense: The ‘Basics’ of Math We Are Never Taught (Zero Angel’s Mathematics Book 1)
Robby “Zero Angel” Richardson
Apocalypse Designs , English
The Men on Grand Street - Mykola Dementiuk

The Men on Grand StreetMykola Dementiuk

All students need teachers, someone to nurture and guide them as they grow up in their turbulent years. But what does a tough, NYC kid need that he already doesn’t have? Perhaps a little love would be a benefit for both of them, teacher and… more

The Men on Grand Street
Mykola Dementiuk
Noble Romance Publishing , English
First Favorite Classics, Sol... -

First Favorite Classics, Sol...

For elementary through early intermediate students, these books contain a variety of favorite pieces from the four stylistic periods of piano repertoire, with skillfully composed second keyboard parts for teacher/parent or more advanced stu… more

First Favorite Classics, Solo Book 1 (Alfred Masterwork Editions)
Alfred Music , English
Sixteen Plus (An Erotic Tale... - Peter  Kirby

Sixteen Plus (An Erotic Tale...Peter Kirby

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This is the story of a sixteen year old student and how his relationship with his young female teacher develops and they both get their first experiences of the opposite sex. For him it is the chance to turn his fantasies into reality and f… more

Sixteen Plus (An Erotic Tale Book 1)
Peter Kirby
Peter Kirby , English
Changing Times In Teacher Ed... - Marvin F. Wideen, Peter P. Grimmett

Changing Times In Teacher Ed...Marvin F. Wideen, Peter P. Grimmett

Pressures for reform in teacher education have begun to take on the same sense of urgency as school reform. Those faculties of education who have been strong advocates for change in the schools now find themselves the subject of similar pre… more

Changing Times In Teacher Education: Restructuring Or Reconceptualising?
Marvin F. Wideen, Peter P. Grimmett
Routledge , English
Writing Year-End Teacher Imp... - Cornelius L. Barker, Claudet...

Writing Year-End Teacher Imp...Cornelius L. Barker, Claudet...

This edition features a comprehensive annual performance review package, added case studies, 65 revised proficiency categories, an interactive CD-ROM, vocabulary aids, and a sample improvement plan.

Writing Year-End Teacher Improvement Plans-Right Now!!: The Principal’s Time-Saving Reference Guide
Cornelius L. Barker, Claudette J. Searchwell
Corwin , English
Listen to ME!: Skills to Use... - Katherine Binley

Listen to ME!: Skills to Use...Katherine Binley

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Are you at your wits end because your child won’t listen to anything you tell them? Do you find yourself pulling your hair out with frustration trying to get them to listen? Then, this book is exactly what you need! Do you find yourself ye… more

Listen to ME!: Skills to Use NOW to Get Your Kids to Listen.
Katherine Binley
Floating Through Midnight (S... - Douglas T. Vale

Floating Through Midnight (S...Douglas T. Vale

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A woman wakes up one day with a beard. A newborn man digs himself out of the dirt from which he grew. A teacher discovers tattoos growing under his skin. These are some of the spellbinding, fantastic short stories included in this collec… more

Floating Through Midnight (Selected Short Fiction of Douglas T. Vale #1) (The Selected Short Fiction of Douglas T. Vale)
Douglas T. Vale
Riding and Driving for Women - Belle Beach

Riding and Driving for WomenBelle Beach

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THIS book does not pretend to be an exhaustive treatise on the subject of horsewomanship. It is offered merely as a collection of the most important points gleaned in my career as a horse-lover and professional horsewoman. While from experi… more

Riding and Driving for Women
Belle Beach
Tales to Harm Your Mind - David A. Woodbury

Tales to Harm Your MindDavid A. Woodbury

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Eight whimsically morbid short stories about childhood antics and mysterious events set mostly in bygone times and told with humor and taste: Petey, a small boy, disappears from sight in front of a crowd of witnesses – a magic trick gone wr… more

Tales to Harm Your Mind
David A. Woodbury
DamnYankee LLC , English
The Warning - Tarian Green

The WarningTarian Green

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Student artist Rosie had the perfect life living with Spencer until he is unexpectedly murdered and she is compelled to hunt for his killer. Soon the young woman realises she is at the centre of a dangerous mystery. Then another close frien… more

The Warning
Tarian Green