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This Is Music Now- From The ... - Patrick Taylor

This Is Music Now- From The ...Patrick Taylor

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This is music now provides raw and uncut advice, guidance and direction on how to be successful in the music industry. His While Mr. Taylor does not guarantee that everyone will be successful in the music business, but this book will open … more

This Is Music Now- From The Demo To The Limo: The Music Business Uncut
Patrick Taylor
BookBaby , English
Kidwinks;) The Comedy of Parenting - Michelle Kunz

Kidwinks;) The Comedy of ParentingMichelle Kunz

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This book contains more than 90 fun kid-raising stories covering the trials of potty training, wise kid quips you won’t ever forget and some very embarrassing moments in parenting. Dizzy DogsWhen my daughter Taylor was about four we were wa… more

Kidwinks;) The Comedy of Parenting
Michelle Kunz
Seed to Salad , English
Ms. Taylor's Big Secret (Ms.... - Aimee Seoul

Ms. Taylor's Big Secret (Ms....Aimee Seoul

Average wait: < 1h

My parents are so over protective. They sent me back east to go to college at an all-girls school and still won’t let me live in the dorms. Instead, they rented a room for me from some lady named Ms. Taylor. What they don’t know is that Ms…. more

Ms. Taylor’s Big Secret (Ms. Taylor’s Boarding House Book 1)
Aimee Seoul
Red Heels Press , English
Single, Unemployed and (almo... - Leigh Taylor

Single, Unemployed and (almo...Leigh Taylor

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Forfeiting a career to be a stay-at-home mom, Taylor spent twenty-two years supporting her husband’s career and corporate moves, homeschooling her children and putting family first. After finally walking away from a verbally abusive marriag… more

Single, Unemployed and (almost) Homeless: 21 Potential Pitfalls for Women Who Divorce After Being Stay-At-Home Moms for Over 20 Years
Leigh Taylor
Adoxography Books , English
Scratches on the Surface - Aaron Smibert

Scratches on the SurfaceAaron Smibert

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When Derek is brutally bashed and left for dead by Taylor’s friends, Taylor is guilt-stricken and returns, alone, to help him. After leaving a reluctant Derek in the hands of his father, a well-respected doctor, Taylor finds himself at a lo… more

Scratches on the Surface
Aaron Smibert
My Oral Skills (Taboo Threes... - Jayden Lane

My Oral Skills (Taboo Threes...Jayden Lane

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He began panting and it seemed like he was going to cum. But, as I noticed it, I lifted my saliva and tear covered face from Rich’s cock and told him “Not yet.””

The Open House series focuses on Lily, a senior year in college, who is li… more

My Oral Skills (Taboo Threesome Erotica) (The Open House Book 2)
Jayden Lane
Jayden Lane , English
Taylor A Tale of Seduction Part 2 - Elizabeth Thorn

Taylor A Tale of Seduction Part 2Elizabeth Thorn

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What do you do when the man you want is your mother’s new boyfriend? You try to seduce him of course! What do you do when he ignores you? You put on the pressure! Nineteen year old Taylor, gorgeous and only too aware of it, and Dan, an attr… more

Taylor A Tale of Seduction Part 2
Elizabeth Thorn
Taylor A Tale of Seduction Part 1 - Elizabeth Thorn

Taylor A Tale of Seduction Part 1Elizabeth Thorn

Average wait: N/A

What do you do when the man you want is your mother’s new boyfriend? You try to seduce him of course! What do you do when he ignores you? You put on the pressure! Nineteen year old Taylor, gorgeous and only too aware of it, and Dan, an attr… more

Taylor A Tale of Seduction Part 1
Elizabeth Thorn
The Sitter and the Shifter (... - Ginny Gates

The Sitter and the Shifter (...Ginny Gates

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My name is Alix, and I’ve been a sitter for the Taylors for years. As a BBW and younger woman, I’ve been hot for Mr. Taylor, an older man, only in my fantasies. Until now. Tonight, I get the surprise of my life when my relationship with Mr…. more

The Sitter and the Shifter (BBW Werewolf Forbidden Erotica)
Ginny Gates
Ginny Gates Books , English
Smoking Cessation Therapy (W... - Karla Sweet

Smoking Cessation Therapy (W...Karla Sweet

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My best friend Taylor wasn’t happy about my smoking, and it was strange one day when he made an offhand comment. He told me I’d either quit of he’d fuck the habit out of me. I don’t know if I thought he was joking or what, but I told him … more

Smoking Cessation Therapy (When Taylor Decided I Needed to Quit): A Rough Sex Erotica Story
Karla Sweet
RW Futures Erotica , English
Sophie's Sweet Surprise (Swe... - L.J. Anderson

Sophie's Sweet Surprise (Swe...L.J. Anderson

Sophie’s Sweet Surprise (Sweet Temptations #2)For the last few weeks, Sophie and Mr. Taylor have been doing their best to keep their forbidden relationship a secret. With Prom approaching, Sophie is under more pressure than ever to keep up… more

Sophie’s Sweet Surprise (Sweet Temptations #2)
L.J. Anderson
Mayhem Erotica , English
Entangled - Lex Valentine

EntangledLex Valentine

2 ratings
Average wait: 2d, 21h

Daren has been in love with his best friend Taylor for five years. One rainy night, Taylor turns up soaking wet on Daren’s doorstep with a confession hovering on his lips. The confession changes both their lives.

Lex Valentine
Ms. Taylor's Big Black Boyfr... - Aimee Seoul

Ms. Taylor's Big Black Boyfr...Aimee Seoul

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Not only does Ms. Taylor have a big secret, she had a big black boyfriend too. When class was cancelled, I came back to the boarding house to surprise Ms. Taylor with some afternoon delight, but instead I find her getting it from her boyfri… more

Ms. Taylor’s Big Black Boyfriend (Ms. Taylor’s Boarding House Book 2)
Aimee Seoul
Red Heels Press , English
Maggy's Waggy Tail - C.J. Cutayne

Maggy's Waggy TailC.J. Cutayne

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What do you do when a puppy knocks on your door and your heart? You let her in, of course. And life for the Taylor family hasn’t been the same since. Follow Maggy and her tail as she finds trouble at every wag. From the park, to school, an… more

Maggy’s Waggy Tail
C.J. Cutayne
Blue Moose Publishing Group , English
His Kiss - Debra A. Soles

His KissDebra A. Soles

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What happens when you find yourself falling in lo…lust with your best friend? Amber’s best friend Taylor had been cheated on and dumped by Janet, the woman he loved. When Janet came back Taylor lied and said he had moved on. Proving it he k… more

His Kiss
Debra A. Soles
New Concepts Publishing , English
Love Swept: The First Bloodline - Crystal G. Smith

Love Swept: The First BloodlineCrystal G. Smith

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Taylor and Liz have now changed. They are vampires, like their lovers. With this comes something more: a face from the past, long thought lost forever, is reunited with the sisters to make their family whole again. Yet in this time of joy, … more

Love Swept: The First Bloodline
Crystal G. Smith
Crystal G. Smith , English
Too Big For Nancy (Wild Chil... - Jo D. Smith

Too Big For Nancy (Wild Chil...Jo D. Smith

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Nancy has a problem. Her boyfriend, Billy, is cheating on her. When she walks out, she only has one place to turn, Taylor. Nancy left his house on rocky terms, so she isn’t too thrilled about accepting his help, or so she thinks. He’s got s… more

Too Big For Nancy (Wild Child Book 5)
Jo D. Smith
The Soul Of Hattie Taylor - Scott Stancell-Condron

The Soul Of Hattie TaylorScott Stancell-Condron

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The American Century serves as the back drop for The Soul of Hattie Taylor . The actions of past generations, family legends and rivalries cloud the current reality. Taylor Alexander searches for truth, family and closure. His grandmother, … more

The Soul Of Hattie Taylor
Scott Stancell-Condron
The Twins: Submitting to the... - Marqus White

The Twins: Submitting to the...Marqus White

Average wait: N/A

After replying to a too-good-to-be-true ad on a local personals site, things go much differently for Ryan than he originally expected. He meets two girls, Megan and Taylor. Will they help him have the time of his life, or are they looking… more

The Twins: Submitting to the Ultimate Humiliation
Marqus White
Marqus White , English
Line Of Trust (BWWM Interrac... - J A Fielding

Line Of Trust (BWWM Interrac...J A Fielding

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Mark, a long term admirer of Desiree, has proposed to her. However, Desiree is in a long-term committed relationship to Taylor.

How will Taylor feel about this proposal; a proposal which has come from a man he already feels insecure about?… more

Line Of Trust (BWWM Interracial Romance Book 5)
J A Fielding