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Syria: Picture Book (Educati...Planet Collection

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Are you interested in expanding your child’s vocabulary?As a part of the updated Planet Collection, “SYRIA” offers facts, descriptions and thought inspiring questions alongside amazing photographs of Syria. Toddlers and babies will love loo… more

Syria: Picture Book (Educational Children’s Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection)
Planet Collection
Planet Collection , English

The Man in the Black Top HatJu Ephraime

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When Syria Warrington came home one afternoon to find an old black top hat on her front step, being a lover of all things old, she did not hesitate to take it in to her home. But bringing this top hat into her home, unknowingly exposed her … more

The Man in the Black Top Hat
Ju Ephraime
Envision Business & Computer School Publishing , English

A Wasted Decade: Human Right...Human Rights Watch

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This 35-page report reviews al-Asad’s human rights record in five key areas: repression of political and human rights activism; restrictions on freedom of expression; torture; treatment of the Kurds; and Syria’s legacy of enforced disappear… more

A Wasted Decade: Human Rights in Syria during Bashar al-Asad’s First Ten Years in Power
Human Rights Watch

Syria, the Desert & the Sown...Gertrude Lowthian Bell

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Syria, the desert & the sown : with a map ([1919])

Syria, the Desert & the Sown: With a Map
Gertrude Lowthian Bell

De Dea Syria (The Syrian Goddess)Lucian of Samosata

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To the student of oriental religions the Dea Syria is brimful of interest. It describes the cult and worship of the goddess of Northern Syria, Atargatis, at her sacred city, Hierapolis, now Mumbij. The time when Lucian wrote would be the mi… more

De Dea Syria (The Syrian Goddess)
Lucian of Samosata
Library of Alexandria , English

America the BeautifulM.A. McClure

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Abu Muzahim is a British telecommunications executive working in Syria. While heading home for his son’s graduation, he is mistakenly identified by American troops as a wanted terrorist. Extraordinary rendition ensues, leaving his loved one… more

America the Beautiful
M.A. McClure

Where do I live? er, well Sy...Angela Formby

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Marrying a foreigner and living in his country means major adjustments. Can you deal with his family? How much do you rely on your friends? Do you share all your problems or keep them to yourself? This is a book about women married to Arabs… more

Where do I live? er, well Syria actually
Angela Formby

Miracles and Manifestations ...Jeff Doles

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GOD HAS ALWAYS DONE MIRACLES IN HIS CHURCH ~ AND STILL DOES! The Holy Spirit has never left the Church and neither have His supernatural gifts and manifestations. They have been available in every century — from the days of the Apostolic F… more

Miracles and Manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the History of the Church
Jeff Doles
Walking Barefoot Ministries , English

Syria's Seduction 2: Naughty...Starla Cole

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Hot characters to spend your nights with.” Long and Short Reviews”An excellent job of blending romance, character development, and hot sex — with a strong plot.” The Darker Side of Romance”A continuing hot read — one story leads to the n… more

Syria’s Seduction 2: Naughty Santa (The Boudoir Sessions)
Starla Cole
Rev It Up Press , English



Gaston Maspero
Sirinan Saelor , English

Syria's Seduction #5: The Ex...Starla Cole

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The FINAL SEGMENT of Syria’s Seduction is finally here!

Syria is at a crossroads. Her on again, off again, long-distance love affair with Tyson, her Santa stripper, has gotten more complicated after a client uses Tyson’s phone to send her … more

Syria’s Seduction #5: The Exhibitionist (The Boudoir Sessions)
Starla Cole
Rev It Up Press , English

Where God Happens: Discoveri...Rowan Williams

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Theplace “where God happens,” according to Rowan Williams’s striking newreading of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, is betweeneach other.It’s a truth that we of the twenty-first century most urgently need to learn inorder to heal the experie… more

Where God Happens: Discovering Christ in One Another
Rowan Williams
Shambhala Publications , English

Universal history Americanised David Ramsay

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contribute to determine the fate of nations, and to fix their places in the general system of human affairs. The Mediterranean was one of the principal means of promoting the civilization of ancient Europe. From its shores, the arts and sc… more

Universal history Americanised
David Ramsay

Syria's Seduction 4: Goddess...Starla Cole

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              Part four of Syria's Seduction can be read as a standalone book or as part of the collection of stories from the Boudoir Sessions.When Syria decides to learn the art of Japanese rope bondage for her boyfriend Tyson, she ha... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00AWJ87ZY/#editorial-review">more</a>
Syria’s Seduction 4: Goddess of Bondage (The Boudoir Sessions)
Starla Cole
Rev It Up Press , English

Strategos: Rise of the Golde...Gordon Doherty

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Stay strong, Haga, for the Golden Heart will rise in the west. At dawn, he will wear the guise of a lion hunter. At noon, he will march to the east as if to conquer the sun itself. At dusk, you will stand with him in the final battle, like … more

Strategos: Rise of the Golden Heart (Strategos 2)
Gordon Doherty
www.gordondoherty.co.uk , English

Queen Of Peace Reflections f...Margo Snyder

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Queen Of Peace Reflections for Peace in SyriaPope Francis on PEACE and True FaithSaint Josemaria Looking for AngelsMIR PEACEOUR LADY MEDJUGORELooking for Angels~Immaculate Heart of the Queen of Peace`”Do You Really Love Me?”

Queen Of Peace Reflections for Peace in Syria Looking for Angels
Margo Snyder
M.M.Snyder , English

The Ship in the DesertJoaquin Miller

PREFACE.With deep reverence I inscribe these lines, my dear parents, to you. Isee you now, away beyond the seas, beyond the lands where the sun goesdown in the Pacific like some great ship of fire, resting still on thegreen hills, watching … more

The Ship in the Desert
Joaquin Miller
WDS Publishing , English

Religion and State in Syria ...Thomas Pierret

While Syria has been dominated since the 1960s by a determinedly secular regime, the 2011 uprising has raised many questions about the role of Islam in the country’s politics. This book demonstrates that with the eradication of the Muslim B… more

Religion and State in Syria (Cambridge Middle East Studies, 41)
Thomas Pierret
Cambridge University Press , English

Arab Nationalism in the Twen...Adeed Dawisha

Like a great dynasty that falls to ruin and is eventually remembered more for its faults than its feats, Arab nationalism is remembered mostly for its humiliating rout in the 1967 Six Day War, for inter-Arab divisions, and for words and act… more

Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century: From Triumph to Despair
Adeed Dawisha
Princeton University Press , English

Red Moon RisingPeter Goodgame

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The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” (Joel 2:31) How does the Apocalypse actually begin? What will cause the Creator of the universe to intervene in the affa… more

Red Moon Rising
Peter Goodgame
Xulon Press , English