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Visionary Portrait, Episode ... - Paul Krombel

Visionary Portrait, Episode ...Paul Krombel

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This is an episode of the book Visionary Portrait. It’s a Erotic, Suspense, Drama, Adventure, Humorous, and an all rounded great experience for you to read over and over again. This first book will pull you into the adventure of a lifetime…. more

Visionary Portrait, Episode #1, Black Diamond Bridge
Paul Krombel
Paul Krombel , English
Blood Moons (The Blood Book 1) - Alianne Donnelly

Blood Moons (The Blood Book 1)Alianne Donnelly

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How far does moral obligation stretch? When Dara called in a murder she witnessed, she knew she’d end up taking the fall. It’s not as if she could say she only saw it in her mind. But life in prison can’t be that bad, can it? Turns out it’s… more

Blood Moons (The Blood Book 1)
Alianne Donnelly
Liquid Silver Books , English
Auto Mechanic - Drive Lines ... - TSD Training

Auto Mechanic - Drive Lines ...TSD Training

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Drive Lines, Axles and Suspension SystemsThe Drive Lines, Axles, and Suspension Systems course is designed to teach the knowledge necessary to develop the skills for servicing and maintaining drive lines, axles, and suspension systems. Info… more

Auto Mechanic - Drive Lines Axles and Suspension Systems (Mechanics and Hydraulics)
TSD Training
TSD Training , English
The Man Who Knew Too Much - G. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton

The Man Who Knew Too MuchG. K. (Gilbert Keith) Chesterton

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Man Who Knew Too Much
G. K.(Gilbert Keith) Chesterton
Public Domain Books , English
Storywheel Collection - Volume II - Giri Vijayakumar

Storywheel Collection - Volume IIGiri Vijayakumar

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This is the second collection of short stories by Giri Vijayakumar from Storywheel. Just like Volume I of this collection, this book also has many short stories covering a variety of genres ranging from Suspense and Mystery to Science Ficti… more

Storywheel Collection - Volume II
Giri Vijayakumar
Giri Vijayakumar , English
Strange Kin and other Short Stories - Clark Graham

Strange Kin and other Short StoriesClark Graham

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Something for everyone, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense and Fantasy.

Strange Kin A boy grows up knowing he’s different, but does not know why. One day he gets a visit by someone claiming to be his father, His father is not the loving ki… more

Strange Kin and other Short Stories
Clark Graham
Slave Again - Alana Terry

Slave AgainAlana Terry

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She traded in her prison uniform for shackles of a different kind.

After escaping a North Korean prison camp, Mee-Kyong is hustled over the border and sold into the Chinese underworld. She vows to survive, but sheer determination and willp… more

Slave Again
Alana Terry
Writing Basics (3): A beginn... - CPG Writing Services

Writing Basics (3): A beginn...CPG Writing Services

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Writing Basics: A beginner’s guide on how to write mystery, thriller & suspense booksAre you looking to cash in on the very profitable “Mystery, Thriller & Suspense” genre/niche? Do you have dreams of writing a bestselling mystery novel som… more

Writing Basics (3): A beginner’s guide on how to write mystery, thriller & suspense books (Writing Skills)
CPG Writing Services
Cabo Publishing Group , English
Darkness Falls Over Joppy Hill - Latasha Rose

Darkness Falls Over Joppy HillLatasha Rose

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Nyeima Daughtry is an around the way girl who’s use to living the city life and doing normal teenage things. Spring break of her 12th grade year her Aunt sends her to help out a family friend (Shelby Fuller) who lives in a three story house… more

Darkness Falls Over Joppy Hill
Latasha Rose
Urban Street Publishing , English
Dark Beginnings, The Beginni... - Christine Dougherty

Dark Beginnings, The Beginni...Christine Dougherty

This book contains the First Chapters of Six Novels of Paranormal, Suspense, and Horror. Faith, CreationFaith was three the first time her twin sister died. The second time, she was ten. Discover the paradox of Faith. Book One in the Faith … more

Dark Beginnings, The Beginnings of Six Novels
Christine Dougherty
Always at the Top - Suspensf... - Eleanor Beeson

Always at the Top - Suspensf...Eleanor Beeson

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Suspense radio show originally starring Anne Baxter in this drama featuring ruthless and catty female executives. A very wild and crazy plot!

Always at the Top - Suspensful Radio Script
Eleanor Beeson
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
Run Through the Jungle (Jere... - G.F. Gustav

Run Through the Jungle (Jere...G.F. Gustav

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Genre: Fiction, Suspense, SHTF, Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, TEOTWAWKI

Thirty-six hours have elapsed since the power died and most everything with it. It has been said that society is ever nine meals from chaos. True, perhaps, were humans … more

Run Through the Jungle (Jeremy’s Run Book 3)
G.F. Gustav
G&E Books , English
A TALE OF TWO NOVELLA'S (Mir... - Denesha Sheree

A TALE OF TWO NOVELLA'S (Mir...Denesha Sheree

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The Novella Queen hits you with two jaw dropping tales “Mirror’s Mirror” and “Damon’s Die-Nasty”. Where envy and greed leads to crime and passion. Where lust and hidden fantasies change your mates life. Where inviting the wrong person in yo… more

A TALE OF TWO NOVELLA’S (Mirror’s Mirror& Damon’s Die-Nasty) Suspense-Paranormal
Denesha Sheree
Mystery Scene #76, Fall 2002... - Trish MacGregor

Mystery Scene #76, Fall 2002...Trish MacGregor

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Mystery Scene #76, Fall 2002: “Great Man of Mystery: Ed’s Heart of Gold” (Mystery Scene Magazine Book 18)
Trish MacGregor
KBS Communications , English
Nick Of Time - T. A. Chase

Nick Of TimeT. A. Chase

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Gryphon’s in trouble. Captured and tortured by humans, the ancient vampire is dying. The humans gave him enough blood to continue his torture, but not enough to heal or free himself. He’s on the brink of death when a meal is tossed into his… more

Nick Of Time
T. A. Chase
Amber Quill Press, LLC , English
Whispering Hills (Whispering... - Taryn Browning

Whispering Hills (Whispering...Taryn Browning

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Life and death, love and hate, friends and enemies…For as long as she can remember, seventeen-year-old Alexis Forbes can hear the thoughts of others. Most recently, she is disturbed by the dark, unfamiliar voice of a frightening killer: c… more

Whispering Hills (Whispering Hills, #1)
Taryn Browning
Dropping My Shorts - Donald Wells

Dropping My ShortsDonald Wells

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By DONALD WELLS the author of the TAKEN! Series & The REYNOLDS FAMILY SAGAFour short tales of Romance, Suspense, Horror and Thrills. Competition - When you’ve arranged to have your wife killed, it’s not a good time for a cop to visit—or … more

Dropping My Shorts
Donald Wells
Year Zero Publishing , English
If You Miss the Train I'm On - Grace Willetts

If You Miss the Train I'm OnGrace Willetts

As Greg struggles after losing his wife in a car accident, he discovers among her final effects well-kept secrets that throw their shared history and relationship into question. Who was she? Which part of her life was the real one? Here beg… more

If You Miss the Train I’m On
Grace Willetts
StoneGarden.net Publishing , English
The Concoction Series - Urban Novelist Eureka

The Concoction SeriesUrban Novelist Eureka

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Concoction finds the love of her life, after her less than perfect child hood and a horrible mother who chose prostitution as a way of life made Concoction the lost soul she was, that was until Sa’ron ‘Siren’ Ferguson stepped into her life … more

The Concoction Series
Urban Novelist Eureka
Fight for Her #3: MMA New Ad... - JJ Knight

Fight for Her #3: MMA New Ad...JJ Knight

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The continuing series from bestselling romantic suspense author JJ Knight

They took her.

I can’t believe it.

Striker and his thug fighter friends kidnapped Maddie.

I don’t know how, or when, or where, but there will be vengeance.

And t… more

Fight for Her #3: MMA New Adult Contemporary Romantic Suspense
JJ Knight