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Dariel, a romance of Surrey ... - Richard Doddridge Blackmore

Dariel, a romance of Surrey ...Richard Doddridge Blackmore

Excerpt:A NIGHTINGALEIf any man came to me, and said, ” You are going to tell your tale, good sir, without knowing how to liandle it,” I should look at him first with some surprise, and anger at his interference, yet in a very few minutes, … more

Dariel, a romance of Surrey [Illustrated]
Richard Doddridge Blackmore
The Judas Cross: Murder,Sex ... - Malcolm Blair-Robinson

The Judas Cross: Murder,Sex ...Malcolm Blair-Robinson

A tiny English village slumbers on the Surrey/Sussex borders, but the pastoral exterior hides a number of nightmare secrets. The return of a young man after a long absence stirs memories of the horrific murder of his mother and uncle years … more

The Judas Cross: Murder,Sex and Dark Secrets
Malcolm Blair-Robinson
Ginger the Gangster Cat (Gin... - Frank Kusy

Ginger the Gangster Cat (Gin...Frank Kusy

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Ginger returns from the dead - to carry out the most cunning cat crime of the century. In Barcelona.

“Perfect to read to children of any age…and then sneak away and finish it yourself.”

“Ginger is laugh out loud funny. Deserves to do for … more

Ginger the Gangster Cat (Ginger the Cat Book 1)
Frank Kusy
Grinning Bandit Books , English
The Money Drop - Lucinda  Powers

The Money DropLucinda Powers

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Erotic Fiction, an exciting tale of sex and blackmail in a contemporary setting, set in London and Surrey.

The Money Drop
Lucinda Powers
The registers of the parish ... - Wandsworth England parish, J...

The registers of the parish ...Wandsworth England parish, J...

The registers of the parish of Wandsworth in the county of Surrey. (1603-1787). 580 Pages

The registers of the parish of Wandsworth in the county of Surrey. (1603-1787)
Wandsworth England parish, John Travis Squire
On The Ninth Day (Southhill ... - Jenny Gill

On The Ninth Day (Southhill ...Jenny Gill

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You know how you have a day when nothing you do goes right? The traffic holds you up, makes you late for work, you snag your tights then you get caught in the rain? ‘Just one of those days’ you say.

Well for Annie, a struggling single… more

On The Ninth Day (Southhill Sagas Book 7)
Jenny Gill
The Four Feathers - A. E. W. Mason

The Four FeathersA. E. W. Mason

Lieutenant Sutch was the first of General Feversham’s guests to reach Broad Place. He arrived about five o’clock on an afternoon of sunshine in mid June, and the old red-brick house, lodged on a southern slope of the Surrey hills, was glowi… more

The Four Feathers
A. E. W. Mason
South London - Sir Walter Besant

South LondonSir Walter Besant

I propose to call the series of chapters which are to follow by the general name of ‘South London.’ Like their predecessors on ‘London’ and ‘Westminster,’ they will not attempt, or pretend, to present a continuous history of this region—or,… more

South London
Sir Walter Besant
Revival Year Sermons (Expand... - C. H.  Spurgeon

Revival Year Sermons (Expand...C. H. Spurgeon

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Preached in the Surrey Gardens Music Hall 1859. “These are the doctrines which the Holy Ghost will revive in the midst of the land when He worketh mightily-redemption, regeneration, remission.”Table of ContentsThe Story of God’s Mighty Acts… more

Revival Year Sermons (Expanded Edition)
C. H. Spurgeon
Monergism Books , English
Toilers of Babylon: A Novel - B. L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon

Toilers of Babylon: A NovelB. L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon

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Toilers of Babylon: A NovelThe horse was very old, the caravan very dilapidated. As it was dragged slowly along the country roads it shook and creaked and wheezed, protesting, as it were, that it had performed its duty in life and that its … more

Toilers of Babylon: A Novel
B. L.(Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon
The Puzzle Box (The Adventur... - John Sinclair

The Puzzle Box (The Adventur...John Sinclair

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Prospero and Platty are two original characters who live in a large old oak tree in the Surrey woods. Their names and genders (Prospero is male and Platty is female) are their only distinguishing features. So as characters, they are ageless… more

The Puzzle Box (The Adventures of Prospero & Platty Book 1)
John Sinclair
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The War of the Worlds  ( ill... - Herbert George Wells

The War of the Worlds ( ill...Herbert George Wells

This Ebook is a special illustrated version of the timeless claissic- The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, first published in 1898. It is the first-person narrative of the adventures of an unnamed protagonist and… more

The War of the Worlds ( illustrated )
Herbert George Wells
Serial Rapists: Violating th... - Alistair Hill

Serial Rapists: Violating th...Alistair Hill

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This eBook looks at four serial rapists whose victims have an average age of eighty. It examines how they carry out their crimes, what they actually do to their victims (with no holds barred) and what ha… more

Serial Rapists: Violating the Elderly
Alistair Hill
Book Treasury , English
Dark Lord: A Fiend in Need - Jamie Thomson

Dark Lord: A Fiend in NeedJamie Thomson

Sooz, a 13 yr old girl from Surrey has become the Dark Mistress of Dirk’s otherworldly kingdom, the Darklands. Thanks to the Ring of Power given to her by Dirk, his minions recognize her as their ruler. Sooz immediately sets about redecorat… more

Dark Lord: A Fiend in Need
Jamie Thomson
Orchard Books , English


[My father’s autobiographical recollections, given in the present chapter, were written for his children,—and written without any thought that they would ever be published. To many this may seem an impossibility; but those who knew my fath… more

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF CHARLES DARWIN From The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin
The Time Machine (Annotated) - H. G. (Herbert George) Wells

The Time Machine (Annotated)H. G. (Herbert George) Wells

The Time Machine is a science fiction novella by H. G. Wells, published in 1895 and later adapted into two feature films of the same name, as well as two television versions, and a large number of comic book adaptations.The book’s protagoni… more

The Time Machine (Annotated)
H. G.(Herbert George) Wells
Herb of Grace (Annotated) - ROSA NOUCHETTE CAREY

Herb of Grace (Annotated)ROSA NOUCHETTE CAREY

From boyhood Malcolm Herrick had been a lover of the picturesque. In secret he prided himself on possessing the artistic faculty, and yet, except in the nursery, he had never drawn a line, or later on spoilt canvas and daubed himself in oil… more

Herb of Grace (Annotated)
opor_book , English
Hedley: A Twentieth Century ... - Robert Brock

Hedley: A Twentieth Century ...Robert Brock

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Hedley Charles Brock (1894-1981) was an ordinary working man who lived through two world wars and the ups and downs of life in the twentieth century. This short book tells his story in the words of his son and grandson through his childhood… more

Hedley: A Twentieth Century Life Story (Ordinary Life Stories Book 1)
Robert Brock
The Broken Halo - Florence L. Barclay

The Broken HaloFlorence L. Barclay

This Christian romance volume was published in 1913. All formatting errors have been corrected.Some excerpts from the book:A Sunday morning in Surrey loveliest of English counties; a sunny, breezy day, early in June.All nature browsed in p… more

The Broken Halo
Florence L. Barclay
Books and Authors Curious Fa... - Anonymous

Books and Authors Curious Fa...Anonymous

The MS. Diary, or Kalendarium, of the celebrated John Evelyn lay among the family papers at Wotton, in Surrey, from the period of his death, in 1706, until their rare interest and value were discovered in the following singular manner. ”

Books and Authors Curious Facts and Characteristic Sketches