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Natural solutions for your s... -

Natural solutions for your s...

Natural Ways to Stop Snoring will help you quit snoring sooner than you ever thought possible. This eBook will explain to you the many different and simple methods that you can try from the comfort of your own home. You won’t be made to … more

Natural solutions for your snoring nightmare
An Unusual Way to Stop Quitt... - Daniel Speraw

An Unusual Way to Stop Quitt...Daniel Speraw

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Although this book is designed to work on a wide range of resolutions, I have focused on the one, most abandoned resolution of all time: weight loss.


This book does not lay out another mira… more

An Unusual Way to Stop Quitting: and lose weight
Daniel Speraw
Daniel Speraw , English
Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty - James V. Bono, Richard D. Scott

Revision Total Knee ArthroplastyJames V. Bono, Richard D. Scott

Edited by two leading authorities in the field, this volume is a technique-oriented ‘how-to’ guide to an increasingly performed procedure, corrective surgery for the failed total knee arthroplasty. This book offers an in-depth, comprehensiv… more

Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty
James V. Bono, Richard D. Scott
Springer New York , English
Flames Maestro:  My Miracle Horse - Sandra McCollum

Flames Maestro: My Miracle HorseSandra McCollum

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The story of a purebred Arabian colt: the life threatening challenges he faced and overcame and the dedicated people who made it all possible.A broken leg is no longer an automatic death sentence for a horse. Read about one of the increas… more

Flames Maestro: My Miracle Horse
Sandra McCollum
Vitamin C: The Real Story - Steve Hickey

Vitamin C: The Real StorySteve Hickey

This book tells the story of how the controversy about vitamin C has grown and continues even as increasing evidence demonstrates the value of the orthomolecular approach. The story of vitamin C is an exciting journey into the workings of s… more

Vitamin C: The Real Story
Steve Hickey
ReadHowYouWant , English
Lose Weight Without Dieting ... - Dee Grace

Lose Weight Without Dieting ...Dee Grace

Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out, a Fat Flush That Will Literally Drop You 2-3 Dress Sizes Instantly, Without Diet, Pills, Exercise or Surgery…My Easy 2 Step Fat Loss System! A Natural, Safe Weight Loss Plan That Shows You How T… more

Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out - Lose With My 2-Step Fat Loss System!
Dee Grace
"Joint Replacement Surgery" - S. Mills

"Joint Replacement Surgery"S. Mills

Explains this increasingly common procedure, as well as tips for a successful recovery and possible complications after surgery.

Joint Replacement Surgery”
S. Mills
The Secrets of Penis Size -

The Secrets of Penis Size

Is the male penis surprisingly larger than that of all other primates? What causes ‘shrinkage’? What are ‘gym balls’ and ‘saddle balls’? What are ‘grower’ and ‘shower’ penises? Were small organs really idealized in Ancient Greek art? These … more

The Secrets of Penis Size
A Transgender Diary - Book S... - Melanie Anne Phillips

A Transgender Diary - Book S...Melanie Anne Phillips

Melanie’s epic 20 year autobiographical transsexual diary concludes in this volume (sixth in the series) as she contemplates and then undergoes radical facial feminization surgery in which the bones of her face are removed, reformed and rep… more

A Transgender Diary - Book Six: Transcendence (Transition, Transformation & Transcendence)
Melanie Anne Phillips
Storymind , English
Healthy in Body, Mind and Sp... - Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg

Healthy in Body, Mind and Sp...Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg

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General Themes and Subjects Relating to HealthBased on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. The Importance of Maintaining Good HealthProper Nutritional Routine and Leading a Healthful LifestyleRecuperating a… more

Healthy in Body, Mind and Spirit - Volume I
Rabbi Sholom B. Wineberg
Sichos In English , English
Sacred Heart Weight Loss Diet - Lonna Von Sellstrom

Sacred Heart Weight Loss DietLonna Von Sellstrom

The Sacred Heart Weight Loss Diet is a complete weight loss and management system, consisting of three phases: 1; a rapid weight loss regimen, 2; Continued weight loss reduction, and 3; Healthy weight maintenance. Over the last 40 years, on… more

Sacred Heart Weight Loss Diet
Lonna Von Sellstrom
Medical Bloopers 2015 Day-to... - Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC

Medical Bloopers 2015 Day-to...Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC

For example, when instructed to consume only clear liquids, one patient asked if vodka was acceptable. Another patient, when asked about an old surgical scar, could not recall what surgery he’d had, explaining, “I was asleep when they did i… more

Medical Bloopers 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar
Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC , English
All About Lasik Surgery: "Di... - Dextor Bullock

All About Lasik Surgery: "Di...Dextor Bullock

At last! There’s a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read guide that covers the entire Lasik eye process from pre-surgery consultations to what happens during the actual surgery to what to expect after the surgery. Get this ebook and you’ll learn:

All About Lasik Surgery: “Discover if Lasik Eye Surgery is Right for You ”
Dextor Bullock
How to Stop Your Snoring WIT... -

How to Stop Your Snoring WIT...

Snoring can literally keep two otherwise happy people from ever staying together.Some people think it’s funny, but try sleeping next to someone who lets out a sound only rivaled by a lawnmower at the foot of your bed. Not everyone can live … more

How to Stop Your Snoring WITHOUT Surgery!
Textbook of Facial Rejuvenat... -

Textbook of Facial Rejuvenat...

In recent years the demand for rejuvenating treatments for the face has grown dramatically for both men and women. Alongside that demand, a wide variety of treatments have evolved, and a combination of different treatments can often result … more

Textbook of Facial Rejuvenation: The Art of Minimally Invasive Combination Therapy
CRC Press , English
Essential Nursing Skills (Es... - Maggie Nicol, Carol Bavin, P...

Essential Nursing Skills (Es...Maggie Nicol, Carol Bavin, P...

As a nursing student you will have learnt lots of nursing theory and research - but how do you translate this into practice and apply it to the skills you need? Where do you start? What steps should be carried out and in what order? What sh… more

Essential Nursing Skills (Essential Skills for Nursing)
Maggie Nicol, Carol Bavin, Patricia Cronin, Karen Rawlings-Anderson, Elaine Cole, Janet Hunter
Mosby Ltd. , English


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ABSITE REVIEW: NUTRITION AND METABOLISMThis is a quick review for the ABSITE exam for surgery residents. This is a works in progress and new updates will be made weekly.

Teeth Whitening System: From... - VIPeBookClub.com

Teeth Whitening System: From...VIPeBookClub.com

The book presented to you is a comprehensive guide on various different teeth whitening procedures. From teeth whitening tooth pastes to teeth whitening chewing gums, lemons to strawberries, we have made a point to touch all the things even… more

Teeth Whitening System: From Yellow To Ivory White
VIPeBookClub.com , English
Surgical Pitfalls: Preventio... - Stephen R. T. Evans

Surgical Pitfalls: Preventio...Stephen R. T. Evans

This book provides a unique visual and comprehensive approach to intra-operative technical errors and covers identification, consequences, repair and prevention of those errors. Detailed analyses of all reported complications for more than … more

Surgical Pitfalls: Prevention and Management
Stephen R. T. Evans
Saunders , English
Complications in Ophthalmic ... -

Complications in Ophthalmic ...

This multi-contributed text intends to fill a void in ophthalmic literature by looking into eyelid and lacrimal surgery complications and their respective treatments. A broad range of ophthalmologists, including residents and general ophtha… more

Complications in Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
Springer , English