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Room 345 - Diana Muiruri

Room 345Diana Muiruri

A surgeon learns the patient she’s operating on almost killed her sister. Her one chance at revenge lies in her hands

Room 345
Diana Muiruri
Diana M. Mwamunga , English
The Blue Wall - Richard Washburn Child

The Blue WallRichard Washburn Child

As I write, here in my surgeon’s study, I ask myself that question. What’s behind it? My neighbors? Then what do I know—really know—of them? After all, this wall which rises beyond my desk, the wall against which my glass case of instrume… more

The Blue Wall
Richard Washburn Child
Valentino's Pregnancy Bombshell - Amy Andrews

Valentino's Pregnancy BombshellAmy Andrews

One danceWhen Paige buttons up her silk bridesmaid dress she feels beautiful for the first time in years—giving her the courage to take deliciously dangerous Valentino Lombardi’s hand on the dance floor.One kissPaige spends one incredible n… more

Valentino’s Pregnancy Bombshell
Amy Andrews
Harlequin Medical Romance , English
BLOOD - Ron L. Davis

BLOODRon L. Davis

Average wait: N/A

A fast paced action packed thriller filled with suspense; a successful surgeon and loving brother, will do anything to capture the men who destroyed his sister’s life, even using his skill as a surgeon to butcher his enemies; not for the sq… more

Ron L. Davis
Ron L. Davis , English
The Clansman - Thomas Dixon

The ClansmanThomas Dixon

The fair girl who was playing a banjo and singing to the wounded soldiers suddenly stopped, and, turning to the surgeon, whispered:”What’s that?”“It sounds like a mob–-“With a common impulse they moved to the open window of the hospital a… more

The Clansman
Thomas Dixon
A Bone in the Throat - Steven Ramirez

A Bone in the ThroatSteven Ramirez

Average wait: N/A

Mercer has made a good living conning the elderly out of their homes all over the country.Then one of his victims commits suicide.Now Mercer finds himself trapped in a house with a talented surgeon looking for revenge. How far will this mad… more

A Bone in the Throat
Steven Ramirez
Steven Ramirez , English
The Monster Maker and other stories - W. C. Morrow

The Monster Maker and other storiesW. C. Morrow

A young man of refined appearance, but evidently suffering great mental distress, presented himself one morning at the residence of a singular old man, who was known as a surgeon of remarkable skill. The house was a queer and primitive bric… more

The Monster Maker and other stories
W. C. Morrow
WDS Publishing , English
Passing Gallstones Naturally... - David Smith

Passing Gallstones Naturally...David Smith

Ever thought you could “pass gallstones?” Well, you can! And it’s easier than you may have thought.Why make your surgeon richer? You probably don’t need to get gallbladder surgery. In fact, you might be able to keep your gallbladder if you … more

Passing Gallstones Naturally: Vitamins and Herbs That Pass Gallstones (The Gallstone Elimination Series)
David Smith
Time Lottery (The Time Lotte... - Nancy Moser

Time Lottery (The Time Lotte...Nancy Moser

Average wait: N/A

A chance to go back into your past and make a different choice. Would you do it? Follow the journey of a surgeon, a socialite, and a homeless man as they win the annual Time Lottery and totally immerse themselves in their pasts, exploring w… more

Time Lottery (The Time Lottery Series Book 1)
Nancy Moser
Livingstone Books , English
Heroines in Trouble: At the ... - N.E. Talbott

Heroines in Trouble: At the ...N.E. Talbott

Average wait: N/A

WARNING: FOR ADULTS ONLY! Contains scenes of explicit sex that some readers may find offensive.

Captured by the sinister super villain The Surgeon, the crime fighting Nightbird discovers dark, erotic delights.

Contains: Bondage, Dominatio… more

Heroines in Trouble: At the Mercy of the Sinister Surgeon
N.E. Talbott
HiT Publishing , English
The Works of Alan E. Nourse ... - Alan E. Nourse

The Works of Alan E. Nourse ...Alan E. Nourse

Average wait: N/A

Illustrated with 10 unique illustrations.CircusThe Coffin CureThe Dark DoorGold in the SkyImage of the GodsLetter of the LawThe LinkMeeting of the BoardMy Friend BobbyThe Native SoilAn Ounce of CurePRoblemSecond SightStar Surgeon

The Works of Alan E. Nourse (14 books) [Illustrated]
Alan E. Nourse
The Red Country Trilogy - J.P. Lantern

The Red Country TrilogyJ.P. Lantern

Average wait: N/A

A surgeon, his wife, and their Martian guide become embroiled in a vicious love triangle when they search for a solution to an unsolvable problem; two brothers are pursued by the very literal demons of their past when they set off to find t… more

The Red Country Trilogy
J.P. Lantern
J.P. Lantern Books , English
Tissue Approximation in Endo... - Alfred Cuschieri, Zoltan Zsabo

Tissue Approximation in Endo...Alfred Cuschieri, Zoltan Zsabo

The emphasis throughout the text is to provide clear and practical step-by-step guidance to the many knot and suturing techniques in the surgeon’s armamentarium Each stage of the various knots and procedures described is illustrated by clea… more

Tissue Approximation in Endoscopic Surgery: Suturing & Knotting (Isis Medical Media)
Alfred Cuschieri, Zoltan Zsabo
CRC Press , English
Darklings - Ray Garton

DarklingsRay Garton

The Emergency Room is no stranger to death, but not like this. Normally, a death serves as a final ending. Now, as a parasite straight out of Hell slithers from of the body of a serial killer, death has only begun its terrifying, grisly ram… more

Ray Garton
E-Reads , English
Danger! and Other Stories - Arthur Conan Doyle

Danger! and Other StoriesArthur Conan Doyle

Stories include:Danger!One Crowded HourA Point of ViewThe Fall of Lord BarrymoreThe Horror of the HeightsBorrowed ScenesSurgeon of Gaster FellHow It HappenedThe Prisoner’s DefenceThree of Them

Danger! and Other Stories
Arthur Conan Doyle
DD Books , English
Life Support Dang Near Kille... - LaRae Parry

Life Support Dang Near Kille...LaRae Parry

Average wait: N/A

The author shares her horrific true story in hopes that readers can learn from her mistake—never surrender your own judgment for that of another’s. Going against a premonition telling her she was too sick for surgery, instead of trusting h… more

Life Support Dang Near Killed Me: Beware the Greedy Surgeon
LaRae Parry
Wooden Writes Publishing , English
Gold in the Sky; and Others - Alan Nourse

Gold in the Sky; and OthersAlan Nourse

Gold in the SkyStar SurgeonThe Dark DoorLetter of the LawSecond SightThe Link

Gold in the Sky; and Others
Alan Nourse
Sex Slave of a Stranger (Fro... - That Woman!

Sex Slave of a Stranger (Fro...That Woman!

Average wait: N/A

Sex Slave to a Stranger is an explicit story about a successful female surgeon’s secret life of sexual servitude.Sally is a popular surgeon; well respected, financially secure, with a seemingly perfect life. But her private life is a disast… more

Sex Slave of a Stranger (From Top Surgeon to Trashbag SLUT)
That Woman!
Tantalus Press , English
THE WITCH'S LADDER: Book 1 (... - Dana E. Donovan

THE WITCH'S LADDER: Book 1 (...Dana E. Donovan

1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

New 2013 Edition

Book One in the Detective Marcella Witch’s Series: A group of talented individuals proficient in the psychic academia of clairvoyance, mental telepathy and bilocation, work together to understand life’s most unusua… more

THE WITCH’S LADDER: Book 1 (Detective Marcella Witch’s Series)
Dana E. Donovan
Fractures: 1 (Master Techniq... - Donald Wiss

Fractures: 1 (Master Techniq...Donald Wiss

Completely updated for its Third Edition, Fractures, the acclaimed Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery volume presents the most advanced, successful surgical techniques for fractures of the upper extremity, lower extremity, pelvis, and… more

Fractures: 1 (Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery)
Donald Wiss
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins , English