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Stalin: The Murderous Career... - Nigel Cawthorne

Stalin: The Murderous Career...Nigel Cawthorne

This is popular history about one of the most feared men in history, a man who is still venerated in much of his homeland and who played such a large part in shaping the political landscape of the modern world. Up to sixty million people pe… more

Stalin: The Murderous Career of the Red Tsar
Nigel Cawthorne
Arcturus Publishing , English
Troika To Utopia Part 2 : A ... - Louis A. Coppola

Troika To Utopia Part 2 : A ...Louis A. Coppola

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Troika is a docu-drama about the Russian revolution, the romance of freedom, and the eternal dream of utopia. Between Stalin and Mau over a hundred million people have died in the name of communism. Where is the good in that?

Louis A. Coppola
Authorhouse , English
Troika To Utopia: A Docu-dra... - Louis A. Coppola

Troika To Utopia: A Docu-dra...Louis A. Coppola

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Troika is a docu-drama about the Russian revolution, the romance of freedom, and the eternal dream of utopia. Between Stalin and Mau over a hundred million people have died in the name of communisim. Where is the good in that?

Troika To Utopia: A Docu-drama in Three-Quarter Time
Louis A. Coppola
AuthorHouse , English
A Hero's Daughter: A Novel - Andrei Makine

A Hero's Daughter: A NovelAndrei Makine

A novel showing the lasting and devastating effects of Stalin’s brutal reign of terror.

A Hero’s Daughter: A Novel
Andrei Makine
Arcade Publishing , English
Sofiya (Pathways to Revenge Book 2) - Leo Salter

Sofiya (Pathways to Revenge Book 2)Leo Salter

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This is a story about survival.It is about surviving the Russian Revolution and the Red Terror in the 1920s and about not being one of the many millions who died in the purges of the 1930s. It is about surviving in a country ruled by Stalin… more

Sofiya (Pathways to Revenge Book 2)
Leo Salter
Leo Salter , English
What Would Churchill Do? - B... - Stuart Finlay

What Would Churchill Do? - B...Stuart Finlay

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The book translates the way Churchill successfully managed some of the events of WWII into a modern business context, enabling readers to learn from one of the greatest men in history and apply his skills to the business world of the 21st C… more

What Would Churchill Do? - Business Advice from the Man Who Saved the World
Stuart Finlay
Manor Publishing , English
Access to History: Stalin's ... - Michael Lynch

Access to History: Stalin's ...Michael Lynch

The Access to History series is the most popular and trusted series for AS and A level history students. The new editions combine all the strengths of this well-loved series with a new design and features that allow all students access to t… more

Access to History: Stalin’s Russia 1924-53 [Fourth Edition]
Michael Lynch
Hodder Education , English
The Secret File of Joseph St... - Roman Brackman

The Secret File of Joseph St...Roman Brackman

This account of Stalin’s life begins with his early years, the family breakup caused by the suspicion that the boy was the result of an adulterous affair, the abuse by his father and the growth of the traumatized boy into criminal, spy, and… more

The Secret File of Joseph Stalin: A Hidden Life
Roman Brackman
Routledge , English
The Whisperers: Private Life... - Orlando Figes

The Whisperers: Private Life...Orlando Figes

From the award-winning author of A People’s Tragedy and Natasha’s Dance, a landmark account of what private life was like for Russians in the worst years of Soviet repressionThere have been many accounts of the public aspects of Stalin’s di… more

The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia
Orlando Figes
Metropolitan Books , English
Breaking Down the Wall of Silence - Miller

Breaking Down the Wall of SilenceMiller

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Breaking Down the Wall of Silence
Basic Books , English
Biografia Politica de Stalin... - A Anonimo

Biografia Politica de Stalin...A Anonimo

El joven Stalin   En unos apuntes de viaje, escritos a finales de siglo pasado, Máximo Gorki describe así la pequeña ciudad de Gori: ”No se trata de un gran centro, parece uno de los muchos pueblos rusos; en el medio de la villa surge una a… more

Biografia Politica de Stalin (Spanish Edition)
A Anonimo
Roberto Gutierrez , Spanish
Phantasmagoria - Leon Steelgrave

PhantasmagoriaLeon Steelgrave

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“The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic.” Joseph Stalin.Phantasmagoria: twelve twisting tales set across space, time and reality. Enter a dreamscape where the shadow is often mistaken for the substance and… more

Leon Steelgrave
Trotskyism or Leninism? - Joseph Stalin

Trotskyism or Leninism?Joseph Stalin

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Comrades, after Kamenev’s comprehensive report there is little left for me to say. I shall therefore confine myself to exposing certain legends that are being spread by Trotsky and his supporters about the October uprising, about Trotsky’s… more

Trotskyism or Leninism?
Joseph Stalin
Prism Key Press , English
Wartime Missions of Harry L.... - Matthew B. Wills

Wartime Missions of Harry L....Matthew B. Wills

Wartime Missions of Harry L.Hopkins describes two missions to see Churchill and two missions to seeStalin.  There are two unique features ofthis book.  It highlights the close,personal relationship between Hopkins and Churchill, which all … more

Wartime Missions of Harry L. Hopkins
Matthew B. Wills
AuthorHouse , English
Stalin's Barber - Paul M. Levitt

Stalin's BarberPaul M. Levitt

Avraham Bahar leaves debt-ridden and depressed Albania to seek a better life in, ironically, Stalinist Russia. A professional barber, he curries favor with the Communist regime, ultimately being invited to become Stalin’s personal barber at… more

Stalin’s Barber
Paul M. Levitt
Taylor Trade Publishing , English
Demon Slayer - Aaron Pery

Demon SlayerAaron Pery

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As time passed after the demise of Hitler, Stalin, and their hordes of criminal killers of millions of innocent people, the flood of a multitude of rabid murderers that were sent to Hell as punishment for their sins began to diminish to bar… more

Demon Slayer
Aaron Pery
Aaron Pery , English
The Chronicles of Zeria: Ter... - Michael Rice

The Chronicles of Zeria: Ter...Michael Rice

Joseph Stalin once said “Death solves all problems, no man – no problem.” And while he was probably not the best person to be asking about the ethics of murder, he did make a good point. If someone is a problem for you, you kill them, or hi… more

The Chronicles of Zeria: Terminales Mortalita
Michael Rice
Michael Rice , English
Stalin and the Soviet Union ... - Stephen J. Lee

Stalin and the Soviet Union ...Stephen J. Lee

Stalin and the Soviet Union offers new interpretations of recently uncovered archives examining the Soviet leader’s domestic and foreign policy. It covers core topics such as: * Stalin’s rise to power the economy society culture the Col… more

Stalin and the Soviet Union (Questions and Analysis in History)
Stephen J. Lee
Routledge , English
Life of Admiral of the Fleet... - Michael Simpson

Life of Admiral of the Fleet...Michael Simpson

Cunningham was the best-known and most celebrated British admiral of the Second World War. He held one of the two major fleet commands between 1939 and 1942, and in 1942-43, he was Allied naval commander for the great amphibious operations … more

Life of Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Cunningham: A Twentieth Century Naval Leader (Cass Series: Naval Policy and History)
Michael Simpson
Routledge , English
Stalin (Profiles In Power) - Hiroaki Kuromiya

Stalin (Profiles In Power)Hiroaki Kuromiya

This profile looks at how Stalin, despite being regarded as intellectually inferior by his rivals, managed to rise to power and rule the largest country in the world, achievieving divine-like status as a dictator.Through recently uncovered … more

Stalin (Profiles In Power)
Hiroaki Kuromiya
Routledge , English