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The Classic Works of Prentis... - Prentiss Ingraham

The Classic Works of Prentis...Prentiss Ingraham

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Buffalo Bill’s Spy Trailer - The Stranger in Camp Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood

The Classic Works of Prentiss Ingraham
Prentiss Ingraham
The Spy Game - J.D. Holiday

The Spy GameJ.D. Holiday

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The Spy Game, written and illustrated by J.D. Holiday

Eddie would love to have a puppy to play with. A puppy would pull on a rope, catch a ball and lick your face. But his Uncle brings Eddie an older dog named after a famous spy. What … more

The Spy Game
J.D. Holiday
Book Garden Publishing , English
The End of Light (The Protec... - Emily Ann Ward

The End of Light (The Protec...Emily Ann Ward

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Two and a half years after the events of Fire and Light, an elder of the shape changers comes to Shyra with life-changing news. She’s had a vision, and in it, Sashe and Sierra break the curse the Protectors set on their family — by becoming… more

The End of Light (The Protectors Prequels)
Emily Ann Ward
CATS: Yackety-yak (CATS: The... - Lilly Freeman

CATS: Yackety-yak (CATS: The...Lilly Freeman

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Cats. They chatter. They gab and prattle. They flap their gums and generally just spout off. They think you don’t know what they’re saying. But you do, don’t you, reader? Let’s spy on ‘um.

CATS: Yackety-yak (CATS: The Series Book 7)
Lilly Freeman
Fireworks on the 4th (McSwai... - CR HIATT

Fireworks on the 4th (McSwai...CR HIATT

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★★New Release SANCTIONED KILL (A Kyra Ray Novel)★★ is out now as part of The Hot Box - 8 Sizzling Hot Thrillers with bestselling authors David Leadbeater, John Paul Davis, Steven Bannister, Andy Lucas, Karen Perkins, CK Raggio, and Mike Wel… more

Fireworks on the 4th (McSwain & Beck Book 2)
CR HIATT , English
Cat o' Nine - Renee Adams, Mark Turton

Cat o' NineRenee Adams, Mark Turton

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Kyan is the infamous Cat o’ Nine, a spy, thief, and assassin for Nybaaz, the vampire kingpin of Gorkath. Her name is only spoken in hushed whispers in the alleys and streets, and her quarry never manages to escape. But when Kyan’s best frie… more

Cat o’ Nine
Renee Adams, Mark Turton
Fight To The Finish (The Spe... - Shannon Greenland

Fight To The Finish (The Spe...Shannon Greenland

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[The Specialists, book 5. An award winning spy series.)When someone close to TL disappears, The Specialists pull out all the stops. GiGi is brought into another mission along with Bruiser and Mystic. This time it’s a fight to the end where … more

Fight To The Finish (The Specialists Book 5)
Shannon Greenland
Sidekick - Milly Reeve, Juliette Davies

SidekickMilly Reeve, Juliette Davies

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Tweenage fiction. Written by kids, for kids.When Roxxi is forced to pair up with a dork for a school project, she thinks her reputation is ruined. But while working on the project, Roxxi finds herself part of a spy investigation, returning … more

Milly Reeve, Juliette Davies
The Teabags - Saurabh Sawhney

The TeabagsSaurabh Sawhney

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A spy, a chase, a technological marvel, a short story with a neat little twist !

The Teabags
Saurabh Sawhney
Saurabh Sawhney , English
Land of Dreams (Gay Fairy Tales) - Allen Cross

Land of Dreams (Gay Fairy Tales)Allen Cross

These are Fairy Tales, Gay Fairy Tales you never heard as a child. These are the adult fairy tales that cause the mind to ask, why have I never heard of these? Most of the tales are soft spoken, but packed with love, sex and adventure. Thes… more

Land of Dreams (Gay Fairy Tales)
Allen Cross
The Bravest Woman in the Tow... - Nancy Radke

The Bravest Woman in the Tow...Nancy Radke

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She smuggled guns and clothes. He wore a Yankee uniform, but acted as a spy. What would happen if they got caught?

The Bravest Woman in the Town (The Traherns western novellas #9)
Nancy Radke
Bedrock Distribution LLC , English
Infinity Ring Book 6: Behind... - Jennifer A. Nielsen

Infinity Ring Book 6: Behind...Jennifer A. Nielsen

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Fix the past. Save the future.Dak, Sera, and Riq involve themselves in one of the most bizarre spy missions in history … and the outcome of World War II hangs in the balance.

Infinity Ring Book 6: Behind Enemy Lines
Jennifer A. Nielsen
Scholastic Inc. , English
How You're Not Funny: Collec... - Kennedy Weible

How You're Not Funny: Collec...Kennedy Weible

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A childless couple sleeps in on Judgment Day; a family tries to cope with the loss of a patriarch and attempted stand-up comedy; obedience school for a new pet leads to obesity and a funeral; a spy as a roommate makes dating difficult. In … more

How You’re Not Funny: Collected Stories
Kennedy Weible
East South 792 , English
Shadow the Great Mouse Catch... - Sharlene Alexander

Shadow the Great Mouse Catch...Sharlene Alexander

Follow Shadow the cat on an exciting journey as he uses his spy gadgets to catch a clever mouse that is hiding in the castle. However, when it seems that Shadow has finally caught this mouse, he is faced with a new challenge… Well, you’ll… more

Shadow the Great Mouse Catcher (A Great Book for 4-8 Year Olds!)
Sharlene Alexander
Spy Pups: Treasure Quest: Tr... - Andrew Cope

Spy Pups: Treasure Quest: Tr...Andrew Cope

Our favourite canine secret agent Lara has two brand-new puppies! And they’re ready for an adventure at Aunt Aggie’s smuggler’s cottage, with its creaky floorboards and dark hidden tunnels … Especially when there’s an ancient castle nea… more

Spy Pups: Treasure Quest: Treasure Quest
Andrew Cope
Puffin , English
How to Con Your Kid - David Borgenicht, James Grace

How to Con Your KidDavid Borgenicht, James Grace

The Book Your Children Don’t Want You to Read   This revised and updated edition of How to Con Your Kid is the most useful (and sneakiest) parenting manual you’ll ever purchase. Here are hundreds of tips, techniques, and simple scams for ge… more

How to Con Your Kid
David Borgenicht, James Grace
Quirk Books , English
The Sapphire Chronicles (Bro... - Sophie Lace

The Sapphire Chronicles (Bro...Sophie Lace

Romance/EspionageIn the Sapphire Chronicles, a spy trying to leave a life of espionage behind, is drawn back into dangerous territory, while torn between the man she wants and the man she needs. In this sexy espionage thriller, when the mar… more

The Sapphire Chronicles (Broken Lair)
Sophie Lace
Love-Love Publishing , English
Silent Warfare: Understandin... - Abram N. Shulsky, Gary J. Schmitt

Silent Warfare: Understandin...Abram N. Shulsky, Gary J. Schmitt

This revised edition of the classic guide Silent Warfare accounts for recent earth-shaking world events — the breakup of the Soviet empire, for example — and for the most recent laws and thinking on the new dimensions of intelligence. It … more

Silent Warfare: Understanding the World of Intelligence, 3d Edition
Abram N. Shulsky, Gary J. Schmitt
Potomac Books Inc. , English
The Assassin Dominic Monroe - Davin Colten

The Assassin Dominic MonroeDavin Colten

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After witnessing the brutal death of an informant, a young woman is swept into a deadly realm of espionage and adventure after she follows a stranger up the stairs one night at a party, and from that moment forth, her world as she knew it, … more

The Assassin Dominic Monroe
Davin Colten
iUniverse , English