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Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats Up - H. I. Larry

Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats UpH. I. Larry

Even super boy spies have to learn their awesome spying skills somewhere! First readers can now follow Zac Power as he trains for his missions! Zac is off to Spy Camp to survive in the outdoors. Can he get across the desert in time?

Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats Up
H. I. Larry
Hardie Grant Egmont , English
Civil War Brides Starter Set... - Tracey Jane Jackson

Civil War Brides Starter Set...Tracey Jane Jackson

Average wait: N/A

Is love timeless? Does only one true love exist for each person? Can the course of history be changed in order to save a future generation?

Enjoy the first three books in the Civil War Brides Series:

The Bride Price The Bride Found The Br… more

Civil War Brides Starter Set Books 1-3 (Civil War Brides Series)
Tracey Jane Jackson
The Classic Works of Natalie... - Natalie Sumner Lincoln

The Classic Works of Natalie...Natalie Sumner Lincoln

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The Lost Despatch The Red Seal I Spy

The Classic Works of Natalie Sumner Lincoln
Natalie Sumner Lincoln
The Daredevil - Maria Thompson Daviess

The DaredevilMaria Thompson Daviess

Was there ever a woman who did not very greatly desire for herself, at long moments, the doublet and hose of a man, perhaps also his sword, as well as his attitude in the viewing of life? I think not. To a very small number of those ladies … more

The Daredevil
Maria Thompson Daviess
The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Orczy

The Scarlet PimpernelBaroness Orczy

ENDURING LITERATURE ILLUMINATEDBY PRACTICAL SCHOLARSHIPEACH ENRICHED CLASSIC EDITION INCLUDES:• A concise introduction that gives readers important background information• A chronology of the author’s life and work• A timeline of significan… more

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Baroness Orczy
LeClue22 , English
The Swiss, The Spy, and The ... - J. Wilmeaux

The Swiss, The Spy, and The ...J. Wilmeaux

Light fetish erotica, exploring the experience from both perspectives. Draped with elements of a spy thriller, Thomas finds himself captured by Rachel. Can he keep his secrets from her?

The Swiss, The Spy, and The Senses (The Finder of Secrets)
J. Wilmeaux
Teen Nympho Spy (Jaimes Bond... - Eon Phlegming  [pen name]

Teen Nympho Spy (Jaimes Bond...Eon Phlegming [pen name]

Average wait: N/A

Hot-blooded Dera finds her high school reputation ruined after a wild teenage party, and she struggles to find a way forward with her life. She visits some psychologists, and later ends up working as a spy in the big city. An exciting esp… more

Teen Nympho Spy (Jaimes Bond, 007 1/2, Ribald Tales)
Eon Phlegming [pen name]
Heart's Compass - Dextrousleftie

Heart's CompassDextrousleftie

Average wait: N/A

In Regency England, a government agent goes looking for a spy who is selling secrets to the French. Is it the handsome Welsh smuggler? And if it is, what will he do when he falls in love with that same captain? Will he follow his head or hi… more

Heart’s Compass
Practical Lock Picking: A Ph... - Deviant Ollam

Practical Lock Picking: A Ph...Deviant Ollam

For the first time, Deviant Ollam, one of the security industry’s best-known lockpicking teachers, has assembled an instructional manual geared specifically toward penetration testers. Unlike other texts on the subject (which tend to be eit… more

Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide
Deviant Ollam
Syngress , English
Warchild - Karin Lowachee

WarchildKarin Lowachee

When Jos’ parents are killed in an attack on their trading ship, the boy is kidnapped by the attackers and then escapes - only to fall into the alien hands of humanity’s greatest enemies. He is soon coerced into becoming a spy against the h… more

Karin Lowachee
Aspect , English
Villipede Double Feature 1 - Damir Salkovic, Rob Oxley

Villipede Double Feature 1Damir Salkovic, Rob Oxley

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Villipede Publications’ first Double Feature, in electronic version only, featuring Damir Salkovic’s “The Black Ziggurat” and Rob Oxley’s “Cyborg Pajamas”. Salkovic’s story offers an alternative glimpse of post-cold war revelation, as Russi… more

Villipede Double Feature 1
Damir Salkovic, Rob Oxley
Villipede Publications , English
The Game (Sex, Lies & Spies) - Gennita Low

The Game (Sex, Lies & Spies)Gennita Low

Average wait: N/A

A SPY SERIAL EPISODEShe left him three years ago. He’d never forgotten her. Now, in the middle of a mission, she showed up again and he’s trapped in another game with her. What is she up to this time?He was her love before everything blew u… more

The Game (Sex, Lies & Spies)
Gennita Low
GLOW World , English
Stepmom's Large Melons - Nelly Cummings

Stepmom's Large MelonsNelly Cummings

Jason’s stepmom has really, really big tits. He loves to look at them, spy on her when she undresses and jerk off thinking about them when he is home from college. This day he hears a slip from her bathroom while father is out of town and g… more

Stepmom’s Large Melons
Nelly Cummings
Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy! - Jason Pinter

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy!Jason Pinter

It all started on a day like any other.(Now I gotta deal with this guy) The sun rose. I had waffles for breakfast. I caught my dad SCRATCHING HIS BUTT. Itwas a rerun of pretty much every day of my life. But late that night, EVERYTHING CHANGmore

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy!
Jason Pinter
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky , English
Archangel Lost - Brian Taylor

Archangel LostBrian Taylor

Average wait: N/A

Terror in a world of espionage as a spy becomes a serial killer.

Archangel Lost
Brian Taylor
Karma (Spy Stories Book 2) - Charles Martin

Karma (Spy Stories Book 2)Charles Martin

Average wait: N/A

Fiction. This action adventure book consists of four stories is the Spy Stories series. This book has no expletives, explicit sexual situations or obsenities. There is, however, death and killing; so this book needs to be read by mature … more

Karma (Spy Stories Book 2)
Charles Martin
Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatc... - Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatc...Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin

Average wait: N/A

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatchable is a children’s book written for young readers grades three through five.

Come along with Hairy Squatchmore on a top-secret mission packed with fun and adventure! Hairy is a squatch who loves pretending he… more

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatchable (The Adventures of Hairy Squatchmore)
Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin
Sex With A Spy - Chantal Brownell

Sex With A SpyChantal Brownell

Sex With A SpyCarol was completely naked. Her nipples were erect. She looked so beautiful. I was starting to have another erection and I felt like fucking her again.The window suddenly shattered and Carol fell to the floor. There was blood … more

Sex With A Spy
Chantal Brownell
Tom Swift and the Visitor fr... - Victor Appleton

Tom Swift and the Visitor fr...Victor Appleton

Young inventor Tom Swift is at it again in this exciting, classic adventure. Join the brilliant young engineer and his friends Mary Newton and Ned Nestor in Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X!An excerpt from Tom Swift and the Visitor f… more

Tom Swift and the Visitor from Planet X ($.99 Popular Classics)
Victor Appleton