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Coders (Gamers #3)Thomas K. Carpenter

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When Gabby infiltrates the Southlands, reality becomes a dangerous game.Desperate to reach Zaela before war erupts, Gabby takes a chance that puts her life in peril. She asks the Coders to send her into the Southlands as a spy, a request s… more

Coders (Gamers #3)
Thomas K. Carpenter
Black Moon Books , English

Spies of the Civil War: The ...Howard Brinkley

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Spires! Treason! Conspiracy! The American Civil War? Civil War spying had all the ingredients of a modern spy movie—just replaces gadgets with Saber’s and Colt’s.This book looks at the incredible history of espionage in the Civil War. With… more

Spies of the Civil War: The History of Espionage In the Civil War
Howard Brinkley
BookCaps Study Guides , English

Heart's CompassDextrousleftie

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In Regency England, a government agent goes looking for a spy who is selling secrets to the French. Is it the handsome Welsh smuggler? And if it is, what will he do when he falls in love with that same captain? Will he follow his head or hi… more

Heart’s Compass

Moonspun Magic (Magic Trilogy)Catherine Coulter

To save a young woman from his villainous brother, a retired spy marries her-and that’s just the beginning of their adventures together.To save a young woman from his villainous brother, a retired spy marries her-and that’s just the beginni… more

Moonspun Magic (Magic Trilogy)
Catherine Coulter
Signet , English

Dishwash Theory and other de...Rob Godfrey

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These twenty essays have been written over the last decade. They cover a mix of subjects across the arts, politics, science and history, everything from a theory of the mind to vice and disease in the Victorian age to the assassination of a… more

Dishwash Theory and other deviations
Rob Godfrey

The Classic Works of Natalie...Natalie Sumner Lincoln

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The Lost Despatch The Red Seal I Spy

The Classic Works of Natalie Sumner Lincoln
Natalie Sumner Lincoln

Enemy of KorganD.A. Boulter

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Enemy of Korgan. SF novel;109,000 words (approx 312 pages).He was prospector, smuggler and spy. And then things became complicated. What can a man of honour do when he finds himself working for both sides?When Lorne witnesses the ambush of … more

Enemy of Korgan
D.A. Boulter


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A crime story set in a picturesque English cottage community involving an obsessive hunt for a former Nazi spy and several murders, one of them performed in full view of hundreds of people!

Bill Wenham

The Transformation (Sisterho...Korin Bridges

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Estaban, Isabella and their extended family finally arrive home, alive if not a little worse for wear. They are looking forward to finally being able to relax and get back to their lives. Unfortunately, fate had other things in store for th… more

The Transformation (Sisterhood of Secrets)
Korin Bridges
Createspace , English

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy!Jason Pinter

It all started on a day like any other.(Now I gotta deal with this guy) The sun rose. I had waffles for breakfast. I caught my dad SCRATCHING HIS BUTT. Itwas a rerun of pretty much every day of my life. But late that night, EVERYTHING CHANGmore

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy!
Jason Pinter
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky , English

This Man Is Mine (Gay Romance)Richard Stone

This is a love story, a spy story, a war story, here boy meets boy, they fall in love, then war seperates them, a spy tries to kill one of them, and a war strives to keep love from ever blooming, will it, can it? Take a moment to fall in lo… more

This Man Is Mine (Gay Romance)
Richard Stone

Games For Travelling - The P...Malik Flachs

Table Of ContentsThe Classic Car Bingo Travel GamePlaying Nintendo Games When TravelingCheckers, A Travel Game for All AgesFun Car Travel Games for PreschoolersGo Fish, A Travel Game for AllI Spy: A Classic Travel GameScrabble: The Perfect … more

Games For Travelling - The Perfect Travel Games - Helping To Pass The Time On Those Long Journeys
Malik Flachs

India's Spy AgenciesSunil S Parihar

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An insight story of India’s intelligence agencies and the spy world.

India’s Spy Agencies
Sunil S Parihar
Manas Publications, Delhi , English

Six Naughty Nights (Love in ...Serenity Woods

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Six nights to remember, six days to forgive… Love in Reverse, Book 2 Esther is grateful for the strong arms that saved her and her young son from an earthquake. But she wishes their rescuer was someone else. Anyone other than the man who… more

Six Naughty Nights (Love in Reverse)
Serenity Woods
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English

The TeabagsSaurabh Sawhney

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A spy, a chase, a technological marvel, a short story with a neat little twist !

The Teabags
Saurabh Sawhney
Saurabh Sawhney , English

Red AlertJohnny Tomadachi

Fraud, identity theft, and scams. This is a common sense approach to protecting yourself against fraud, identity theft, and scams. Learning how to manage your personal credit information and discarding your old records that contain your per… more

Red Alert
Johnny Tomadachi

You´re Never Too OldFiona Pitt-Kethley

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Novel about a retired spy going back on one last mission

You´re Never Too Old
Fiona Pitt-Kethley

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatc...Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin

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Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatchable is a children’s book written for young readers grades three through five.

Come along with Hairy Squatchmore on a top-secret mission packed with fun and adventure! Hairy is a squatch who loves pretending he… more

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatchable (The Adventures of Hairy Squatchmore)
Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin

The Secret of ShadowsNeil Donaldson

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When Jack tries to find the murderer of his daughter. He will stop at nothing to find the truth, not even abandoning his job as a spy, killing innocent people, or disregard life, but when the truth is closer than he thinks what will he do t… more

The Secret of Shadows
Neil Donaldson