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Teen Nympho Spy (Jaimes Bond... - Eon Phlegming  [pen name]

Teen Nympho Spy (Jaimes Bond...Eon Phlegming [pen name]

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Hot-blooded Dera finds her high school reputation ruined after a wild teenage party, and she struggles to find a way forward with her life. She visits some psychologists, and later ends up working as a spy in the big city. An exciting esp… more

Teen Nympho Spy (Jaimes Bond, 007 1/2, Ribald Tales Book 4)
Eon Phlegming [pen name]
The Parafaith War - L. E. Modesitt Jr.

The Parafaith WarL. E. Modesitt Jr.

Some bad ideas go back a long way and this one goes all the way back to the original home planet: Someone’s god told them they had a right to more territory—so they figure they can take what they want by divine right. In the far future amo… more

The Parafaith War
L. E. Modesitt Jr.
Tor Science Fiction , English
Villipede Double Feature 1 - Damir Salkovic, Rob Oxley

Villipede Double Feature 1Damir Salkovic, Rob Oxley

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Villipede Publications’ first Double Feature, in electronic version only, featuring Damir Salkovic’s “The Black Ziggurat” and Rob Oxley’s “Cyborg Pajamas”. Salkovic’s story offers an alternative glimpse of post-cold war revelation, as Russi… more

Villipede Double Feature 1
Damir Salkovic, Rob Oxley
Villipede Publications , English
In A Little Corner Sly (A Ro... - Kameron Scott

In A Little Corner Sly (A Ro...Kameron Scott

In A Little Corner Sly is the 3rd episode in The Spyder and the Spy romantic suspense short story series.Sensuality Rating: HOTChristine and Phillip have been tasked with tracking down a packet of sensitive material. They have a plan to re… more

In A Little Corner Sly (A Romantic Suspense Short Story) The Spyder and the Spy: Episode 3
Kameron Scott
Kameron Scott Romances , English
The Transformation (Sisterho... - Korin Bridges

The Transformation (Sisterho...Korin Bridges

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Estaban, Isabella and their extended family finally arrive home, alive if not a little worse for wear. They are looking forward to finally being able to relax and get back to their lives. Unfortunately, fate had other things in store for th… more

The Transformation (Sisterhood of Secrets Book 3)
Korin Bridges
Createspace , English
Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy! - Jason Pinter

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy!Jason Pinter

It all started on a day like any other.(Now I gotta deal with this guy) The sun rose. I had waffles for breakfast. I caught my dad SCRATCHING HIS BUTT. Itwas a rerun of pretty much every day of my life. But late that night, EVERYTHING CHANGmore

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy!
Jason Pinter
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky , English
Dragon's Mistress (Saurellia... - Joanna Wylde

Dragon's Mistress (Saurellia...Joanna Wylde

This book takes place within the Saurellian Federation series but can be read on its ownDani is a pleasure worker, not a spy. But when her Guild calls on her to infiltrate Lord Drake Van’hot’s palace, she’s willing to do whatever it takes t… more

Dragon’s Mistress (Saurellian Federation)
Joanna Wylde
Ellora’s Cave , English
The Classic Works of Natalie... - Natalie Sumner Lincoln

The Classic Works of Natalie...Natalie Sumner Lincoln

The Lost Despatch The Red Seal I Spy

The Classic Works of Natalie Sumner Lincoln
Natalie Sumner Lincoln
His Target - Haley Vek

His TargetHaley Vek

Average wait: N/A

Kayla isn’t like the rest of her friends. She’s full-figured, curvy, shy and less outgoing. She also has a boring office job. One night at a bar, things change when a mysterious man slips her a suspicious envelope. The man turns out to be a… more

His Target
Haley Vek
Haley Vek , English
Games For Travelling - The P... - Malik Flachs

Games For Travelling - The P...Malik Flachs

Table Of ContentsThe Classic Car Bingo Travel GamePlaying Nintendo Games When TravelingCheckers, A Travel Game for All AgesFun Car Travel Games for PreschoolersGo Fish, A Travel Game for AllI Spy: A Classic Travel GameScrabble: The Perfect … more

Games For Travelling - The Perfect Travel Games - Helping To Pass The Time On Those Long Journeys
Malik Flachs
Billy's Treasure - Annalisa Lenhoff

Billy's TreasureAnnalisa Lenhoff

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Billy is your typical little boy who enjoys spying on his family. One day he discovers a treasure map under the staircase while on a secret spy mission. Who the map was from and where it leads will excite you, and capture your heart. This i… more

Billy’s Treasure
Annalisa Lenhoff
India's Spy Agencies - Sunil S Parihar

India's Spy AgenciesSunil S Parihar

Average wait: N/A

An insight story of India’s intelligence agencies and the spy world.

India’s Spy Agencies
Sunil S Parihar
Manas Publications, Delhi , English
Archangel Lost - Brian Taylor

Archangel LostBrian Taylor

Average wait: N/A

Terror in a world of espionage as a spy becomes a serial killer.

Archangel Lost
Brian Taylor
Now and Forever - Morris George

Now and ForeverMorris George

Average wait: N/A

He works for the Government as a field agent, a spy, and an assassin. His targets are the terrorists that threaten the homeland. He accomplished what very few could have done.

Now and Forever
Morris George
Infinity Publishing , English
Spy Fighting: Tactical Prepa... - Daniel Marques

Spy Fighting: Tactical Prepa...Daniel Marques

Average wait: N/A

Many movies have popularized some of the most famous martial arts in modern days, but are they really related to real life survival when it comes to espionage? A spy fights for survival in the quickest way he can and, for this reason, strat… more

Spy Fighting: Tactical Preparation and Dirty Fighting
Daniel Marques
The Classic Works of Prentis... - Prentiss Ingraham

The Classic Works of Prentis...Prentiss Ingraham

Average wait: N/A

Buffalo Bill’s Spy Trailer - The Stranger in Camp Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood

The Classic Works of Prentiss Ingraham
Prentiss Ingraham
Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatc... - Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatc...Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin

Average wait: N/A

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatchable is a children’s book written for young readers grades three through five.

Come along with Hairy Squatchmore on a top-secret mission packed with fun and adventure! Hairy is a squatch who loves pretending he… more

Spysquatch: Mission Unsquatchable (The Adventures of Hairy Squatchmore Book 1)
Sherry W. Martin, R. Redman Martin
You´re Never Too Old - Fiona Pitt-Kethley

You´re Never Too OldFiona Pitt-Kethley

Average wait: N/A

Novel about a retired spy going back on one last mission

You´re Never Too Old
Fiona Pitt-Kethley
Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats Up - H. I. Larry

Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats UpH. I. Larry

Even super boy spies have to learn their awesome spying skills somewhere! First readers can now follow Zac Power as he trains for his missions! Zac is off to Spy Camp to survive in the outdoors. Can he get across the desert in time?

Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats Up
H. I. Larry
Hardie Grant Egmont , English