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Hidden Agency (Spy Romance) - Heather Chase

Hidden Agency (Spy Romance)Heather Chase

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For the past year, Cameron has felt heartsick, but has no idea why. Any time that she tries to remember something from more than a year ago, her brain ignites with pain.By a twist of fate, two secret agents suddenly appear in Cameron’s life… more

Hidden Agency (Spy Romance)
Heather Chase
Heather Chase , English
Mind Games - Ceri Clark

Mind GamesCeri Clark

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There is a spy on board. On a search for a planet of psychics, the Armageddon has arrived at Carello.A short story (Flash Fiction) of 1,614 words.

Mind Games
Ceri Clark
Ceri Clark , English
Spy Fighting: Tactical Prepa... - Daniel Marques

Spy Fighting: Tactical Prepa...Daniel Marques

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Many movies have popularized some of the most famous martial arts in modern days, but are they really related to real life survival when it comes to espionage? A spy fights for survival in the quickest way he can and, for this reason, strat… more

Spy Fighting: Tactical Preparation and Dirty Fighting
Daniel Marques
Out Where the Sun Always Shines - Danielle Williams

Out Where the Sun Always ShinesDanielle Williams

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Don Juan never died, did he?”“No … he went to hell.”This is a story about a spy who fell in love with a girl who didn’t love him back. Or did she?In one final act of devotion, the spy will cross a continent, wrestle his memories, and d… more

Out Where the Sun Always Shines
Danielle Williams
Athena’s Desk , English
Fight To The Finish (The Spe... - Shannon Greenland

Fight To The Finish (The Spe...Shannon Greenland

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[The Specialists, book 5. An award winning spy series.)When someone close to TL disappears, The Specialists pull out all the stops. GiGi is brought into another mission along with Bruiser and Mystic. This time it’s a fight to the end where … more

Fight To The Finish (The Specialists)
Shannon Greenland
Cat o' Nine - Renee Adams, Mark Turton

Cat o' NineRenee Adams, Mark Turton

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Kyan is the infamous Cat o’ Nine, a spy, thief, and assassin for Nybaaz, the vampire kingpin of Gorkath. Her name is only spoken in hushed whispers in the alleys and streets, and her quarry never manages to escape. But when Kyan’s best frie… more

Cat o’ Nine
Renee Adams, Mark Turton
Sidekick - Milly Reeve, Juliette Davies

SidekickMilly Reeve, Juliette Davies

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Tweenage fiction. Written by kids, for kids.When Roxxi is forced to pair up with a dork for a school project, she thinks her reputation is ruined. But while working on the project, Roxxi finds herself part of a spy investigation, returning … more

Milly Reeve, Juliette Davies
The Sleeper Awakes - Eilis Flynn

The Sleeper AwakesEilis Flynn

Average wait: N/A

Blush: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic). Have you ever had a dream so vivid you didn’t know if you were awake or asleep?Terminally ill Cat Deveney wakes up after an earthquake in a place and time she does not recog… more

The Sleeper Awakes
Eilis Flynn
Ellora’s Cave , English
Spy Pups: Treasure Quest: Tr... - Andrew Cope

Spy Pups: Treasure Quest: Tr...Andrew Cope

Our favourite canine secret agent Lara has two brand-new puppies! And they’re ready for an adventure at Aunt Aggie’s smuggler’s cottage, with its creaky floorboards and dark hidden tunnels … Especially when there’s an ancient castle nea… more

Spy Pups: Treasure Quest: Treasure Quest
Andrew Cope
Puffin , English
The Assassin Dominic Monroe - Davin Colten

The Assassin Dominic MonroeDavin Colten

Average wait: N/A

After witnessing the brutal death of an informant, a young woman is swept into a deadly realm of espionage and adventure after she follows a stranger up the stairs one night at a party, and from that moment forth, her world as she knew it, … more

The Assassin Dominic Monroe
Davin Colten
iUniverse , English
The Spy Who Spanked Me - Doreen DeSalvo

The Spy Who Spanked MeDoreen DeSalvo

Average wait: N/A

Genre: BDSM Erotic HistoricalPickpocket Tasha picked the wrong man to follow. After she witnesses an assassination, the sexy killer ties her to his bed. Marcus wants answers — who is she? Why was she following him? To his surprise, his pre… more

The Spy Who Spanked Me
Doreen DeSalvo
Loose Id LLC , English
Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats Up - H. I. Larry

Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats UpH. I. Larry

Even super boy spies have to learn their awesome spying skills somewhere! First readers can now follow Zac Power as he trains for his missions! Zac is off to Spy Camp to survive in the outdoors. Can he get across the desert in time?

Zac Power Spy Camp: Zac Heats Up
H. I. Larry
Hardie Grant Egmont , English
Emily the Strange: Dark Times - Rob Reger, Jessica Gruner

Emily the Strange: Dark TimesRob Reger, Jessica Gruner

Emily’s uniquely strange homeschool syllabus includes:1. Time Travel 1012. Advanced Spy Photography3. Bonnet Basics 4. Great Aunts Through the Ages5. Intro to Germ Theory6. Care and Feeding of ‘Squito Fish7. Fundamentals of Black Rock 8. Sp… more

Emily the Strange: Dark Times
Rob Reger, Jessica Gruner
HarperCollins , English
April - Mackey Chandler

AprilMackey Chandler

1 rating

April is an exceptional young lady and something of a snoop. She finds herself involved with intrigues that stretch her abilities after a chance run in with a spy. There is a terrible danger she and her friends and family will lose the only… more

Mackey Chandler
The Adventures of A Gay Spy ... - Allen Cross

The Adventures of A Gay Spy ...Allen Cross

This the story of a spy who battles the enemy during war. The individual just so happens to be gay. This stroy is mild compared to most but telling for the time and gives fair account of what it might have been like to be a spy during the W… more

The Adventures of A Gay Spy (Gay Spies)
Allen Cross
Imperfect Weapon (Espion Series) - A B Potts

Imperfect Weapon (Espion Series)A B Potts

Average wait: N/A

The universe contains an infinite diversity of sentient life forms. The Sallows intend to rectify this. Genocide is their business, slaughter and mass destruction their entertainment. Constantly engineering and evolving their vast army of a… more

Imperfect Weapon (Espion Series)
A B Potts
ABP Technology , English
This Man Is Mine (Gay Romance) - Richard Stone

This Man Is Mine (Gay Romance)Richard Stone

This is a love story, a spy story, a war story, here boy meets boy, they fall in love, then war seperates them, a spy tries to kill one of them, and a war strives to keep love from ever blooming, will it, can it? Take a moment to fall in lo… more

This Man Is Mine (Gay Romance)
Richard Stone
My Crazy Cousin Courtney - Judi Miller

My Crazy Cousin CourtneyJudi Miller

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Cathy doesn’t know what to expect when she goes to pick up Cousin Courtney at the airport.Then she sees her - a strawberry blond decked out in heart-shaped sunglasses, day-glo lavender tights and a hot pink t-shirt that says, “Kiss Me Quick… more

My Crazy Cousin Courtney
Judi Miller
WoolysWagon ePublishing , English
Six Naughty Nights (Love in ... - Serenity Woods

Six Naughty Nights (Love in ...Serenity Woods

Average wait: N/A

Six nights to remember, six days to forgive… Love in Reverse, Book 2 Esther is grateful for the strong arms that saved her and her young son from an earthquake. But she wishes their rescuer was someone else. Anyone other than the man who… more

Six Naughty Nights (Love in Reverse)
Serenity Woods
Samhain Publishing, Ltd. , English