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The Garden Guy - Dave Owens

The Garden GuyDave Owens

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A Seasonal Guide to Organic Gardening in the Desert Southwest. The Garden Guy is jam packed with great gardening ideas that work especially well in the Desert Southwest. This book is broken down by months, in an easy-to-read, handy organic … more

The Garden Guy
Dave Owens
Poco Verde Landscape, Inc , English
Southern Haunts: Spirits Tha... -

Southern Haunts: Spirits Tha...

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From the shadowed realms of the paranormal comes 16 chilling tales that dwell in the South and Southwest. Resurrected in your very hands are stories that will make you laugh, ponder, and shiver as the reader is introduced to spirits that a… more

Southern Haunts: Spirits That Walk Among Us
Seventh Star Press , English
Fabulous Threads: Five Croch... - Elizabeth Gormley

Fabulous Threads: Five Croch...Elizabeth Gormley

Get ready for Summer with these 5 fun crochet patterns!Matching Cuff and Skinny Scarf: The crocheted skinny scarf is 7 ft. (84 inches) long and 1 1/4 inches wide. All four color combinations are included in the instructions - inspired by my… more

Fabulous Threads: Five Crochet Patterns: Matching Skinny Scarf and Cuff, Three Barefoot Sandals (Life in Small Spaces Crochet Series)
Elizabeth Gormley
Life in Small Spaces , English
Madigan - R Howard Trembly

MadiganR Howard Trembly

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The man they call Madigan—a rough retired Cavalry officer—finds himself drawn into an intriguing but dangerous game of Cat and Mouse with a formidable gang of outlaws searching for the hidden Aztec gold of Montezuma in the old Southwest. … more

R Howard Trembly
Creative Arts Book Company , English
The Social Construction of C... -

The Social Construction of C...

The Social Construction of Communities draws on archaeological research in the Southwest to examine how communities are created through social interaction. The archaeological record of the Southwest is important for its precise dating, exce… more

The Social Construction of Communities: Agency, Structure, and Identity in the Prehispanic Southwest (Archaeology in Society)
AltaMira Press , English
Southwest Airlines (Corporat... - Chris Lauer

Southwest Airlines (Corporat...Chris Lauer

Southwest Airlines turns in-depth interviews with the company’s leaders, managers, employees, and passengers into a powerful case study of this highly successful, game-changing business. Ranging from the early days of the company to the pre… more

Southwest Airlines (Corporations That Changed the World)
Chris Lauer
Greenwood , English
Southwest Louisiana Home-Coo... - Elizabeth  Austin

Southwest Louisiana Home-Coo...Elizabeth Austin

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This is Voume 2 of Southwest Louisiana Home-Cooking. There are over 25 recipes that are made from scratch, and have been handed down from generation to generation. Volume 2 is all about Seafood. Flounder, Red Snapper, Trout, Shrimp, Oyste… more

Southwest Louisiana Home-Cooking Volume 2 Seafood
Elizabeth Austin
Elizabeth Austin , English
Southwest Louisiana Home-Coo... - Elizabeth Austin

Southwest Louisiana Home-Coo...Elizabeth Austin

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This is Volume 4 of the Southwest Louisiana Home-Cooking recipe books. There are over 50 recipes from cooks and bakers, handed down for generations and put all together in one book of Egg dishes, cheese dishes and bread recipes. Do you li… more

Southwest Louisiana Home-Cooking Volume 4 Eggs, Cheese, Breads
Elizabeth Austin
Elizabeth Austin , English
The Dog in Me - Garvin David

The Dog in MeGarvin David

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The Dog in Me” contains some works that are only intended for mature audiences!!! We recommended that only readers over 18-years-old enjoy this book.“The Dog in Me” is the breakout written collection of one of Southwest Florida’s mos… more

The Dog in Me
Garvin David
RainwaterBooks , English
Star Trails Navajo: A Differ... - Don Childrey

Star Trails Navajo: A Differ...Don Childrey

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STAR TRAILS Navajo offers you a different way to look at the night sky, through Native American eyes.

The Dine, or Navajo people of the American Southwest, have their own set of star figures and legends to describe the sparkling lights we … more

Star Trails Navajo: A Different Way To Look At The Night Sky
Don Childrey
DTC Publishing , English
The Plateaus Trilogy - Doc Knoll

The Plateaus TrilogyDoc Knoll

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The Plateaus TrilogyBy Doc KnollAbout the trilogy:The trilogy is simply about a father and thirteen year old son. It is also about situations beyond their control that can and will influence their lives. Therefore the title Sudden Changes d… more

The Plateaus Trilogy
Doc Knoll
Doc Knoll , English
Barstow: A Post-Apocalyptic Western - G.P. Grewal

Barstow: A Post-Apocalyptic WesternG.P. Grewal

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I sat who knows where with the rain falling down, completely drenched, my boots buried in the mud. ”Save the last bullet for yourself,” someone once told me. I couldn’t remember who. It was a long time ago, back when I was young, back befor… more

Barstow: A Post-Apocalyptic Western
G.P. Grewal
Southwest Virginia Genealogy... - Charles Osborne Jr., Wayne  ...

Southwest Virginia Genealogy...Charles Osborne Jr., Wayne ...

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This is the alphabetical listing of the Southwest Virginia Genealogy series. This volume is for the last names beginning with the letter A.I am going to finish this series first and will come back to the other series. The other series will … more

Southwest Virginia Genealogy Letter A
Charles Osborne Jr., Wayne McConnell
Kermit Charles Osborne Jr. , English
Southwest Virginia Genealogy... - Charles Osborne

Southwest Virginia Genealogy...Charles Osborne

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Southwest Virginia Genealogy Letter B is the second volume in the letter series for the Southwest Virginia Genealogy series.There are hundreds of names beginning with the letter B in this volume.More letters coming.

Southwest Virginia Genealogy Letter B
Charles Osborne
Charles Osborne Jr. , English
Personal Narrative of James ... - Win Blevins, James Ohio Pattie

Personal Narrative of James ...Win Blevins, James Ohio Pattie

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This is the autobiography of a man who traveled through early California and the Southwest in the 1800’s. How did we find the story of James O. Pattie? Through a remarkable stroke of luck.

An anonymous traveler passed through Cincinnati … more

Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie (Mountain Man Classics)
Win Blevins, James Ohio Pattie
Win Blevins , English
Sunbelt Ryders - Perfect Tim... - Cris Hendrix

Sunbelt Ryders - Perfect Tim...Cris Hendrix

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It’s a quiet, peaceful day in the American Southwest. The desert wind lies still as not even a critter has made a move for hours.. Perfect time for a jam!Set in the Sergio Leone styled landscape of the Southern USA desert, this fully illust… more

Sunbelt Ryders - Perfect Time For A Jam!
Cris Hendrix
Unbridled Cowboy - Joseph B. Fussell

Unbridled CowboyJoseph B. Fussell

Unbridled Cowboy is a riveting firsthand account of a defiant hell-raiser in the wild and tumultuous American Southwest in the late 1800s.

Unbridled Cowboy
Joseph B. Fussell
Truman State University Press , English
Sam Houston and the American... - BookRags

Sam Houston and the American...BookRags

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The Sam Houston and the American Southwest lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. Inside you’ll find 30 Daily Lessons, 20 Fun Activities, 180 Multiple Choice Questions, 60 Short Essay Questio… more

Sam Houston and the American Southwest by Randolph B. Campbell Lesson Plans
Desert Baths - Darcy Pattison

Desert BathsDarcy Pattison

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Watch the vulture bask in the morning sun, the roadrunner kick up a cloud of dust, the javelina wallow, and the bobcat give her cub a licking with a rough tongue in Desert Baths. As the sun travels across the sky, learn how twelve different… more

Desert Baths
Darcy Pattison
Sylvan Dell Publishing , English
The Final Mile - Jay Lamborn

The Final MileJay Lamborn

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A man out for his evening run in Southwest Florida encounters something he didn’t expect and finds himself in a race for his life.

The Final Mile is a short story and an excellent way to kill time on your commute … if you’re not driving…. more

The Final Mile
Jay Lamborn