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Beyond Agile: Tales of Conti... - Maritza van den Heuvel, Joan...

Beyond Agile: Tales of Conti...Maritza van den Heuvel, Joan...

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Beyond Agile provides a broad but strong foundation for agile practices, but it doesn’t stop there. After grounding us in solid theory, Beyond Agile takes us beyond the typical business book, diving deep into the ongoing practices of real t… more

Beyond Agile: Tales of Continuous Improvement
Maritza van den Heuvel, Joanne Ho, Jim Benson
Modus Cooperandi Press , English
Inside the Hurricane - Adam Knight

Inside the HurricaneAdam Knight

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Th is is the true story of one boy’s struggle to survive the rage and violence of an alcoholic father and then later in childhood, his hatefuland sadistic stepmother. Left behind at the age of four by his mother, he is shuttled from one fo… more

Inside the Hurricane
Adam Knight
iUniverse , English
Agile or Plan-Driven: What's... - Troy Norman

Agile or Plan-Driven: What's...Troy Norman

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Plan-driven and agile methods are completely different. They simply can’t be combined because one forces you to do all of your planning up front and stick to it. The other requires you change as you go. So what makes one better than the o… more

Agile or Plan-Driven: What’s Best for Software Development?
Troy Norman
Best Practices of Spell Design - Jeremy Kubica

Best Practices of Spell DesignJeremy Kubica

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A tale of programming and software best practices from the Computational Fairy Tales universe.In all his years as a wizard, Marcus has never seen a spell cause this much damage. When Hannaldous’s sloppy attempt at a shield spell accidentall… more

Best Practices of Spell Design
Jeremy Kubica
Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen ... - Scott Rosenberg

Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen ...Scott Rosenberg

Their story takes us through a maze of dead ends and exhilarating breakthroughs as they and their colleagues wrestle not only with the abstraction of code but with the unpredictability of human behavior, especially their own. Along the way,… more

Dreaming in Code: Two Dozen Programmers, Three Years, 4,732 Bugs, and One Quest for Transcendent Software
Scott Rosenberg
Crown , English
Rocks Into Gold - a biztech parable - Clarke Ching

Rocks Into Gold - a biztech parableClarke Ching

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Bob Billington has a problem: he’s about to lose his job because the economy has taken a sudden nose-dive taking the big project he is working on with it. Bob, a natural-born problem-solver, starts asking questions - the first being “What d… more

Rocks Into Gold - a biztech parable
Clarke Ching
Clarke Ching , English
No Degree, No Problem - Josh Kemp

No Degree, No ProblemJosh Kemp

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Your roadmap to get hired as a software developer in 8 months.

No Degree, No Problem
Josh Kemp
A Quick Guide to Scrum - Paul Klipp

A Quick Guide to ScrumPaul Klipp

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This is a short ebook designed to introduce the concepts and terminology involved in the Scrum approach to agile software development.

A Quick Guide to Scrum
Paul Klipp
The Black Book of Agile Proj... - Srikant Chellappa

The Black Book of Agile Proj...Srikant Chellappa

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This book describes the eMids approach to the Agile methodology of software development, and details some of our experiences during the Agile Journey working over a dozen successful and some not so successful projects. These experiences and… more

The Black Book of Agile Project Delivery with Distributed Teams
Srikant Chellappa
eMids Technologies , English
Antipatterns: Identification... - Phillip A. Laplante, Colin J. Neill

Antipatterns: Identification...Phillip A. Laplante, Colin J. Neill

AntiPatterns: Identification, Refactoring, and Management catalogs 48 bad management practices and environments common to software development, IT, and other organizations. The authors cover antipatterns of management, along with environmen… more

Antipatterns: Identification, Refactoring, and Management (Auerbach Series on Applied Software Engineering)
Phillip A. Laplante, Colin J. Neill
Auerbach Publications , English
Laravel Testing Decoded - Jeffrey Way

Laravel Testing DecodedJeffrey Way

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I’ve seen it way too many times. As your application grows, so does your sloppy, untested codebase. Before long, you begin to drown, as your ability to manually test the application becomes unrealistic, or even impossible! It’s at these spe… more

Laravel Testing Decoded
Jeffrey Way
Jeffrey Way , English
On Crosswords: Thoughts, Stu... - T. Campbell

On Crosswords: Thoughts, Stu...T. Campbell

On Crosswords covers three major, interrelated topics: crossword history, kinds of crosswords and how crosswords relate to everything else. “Everything else” includes a breathtaking range of topics: marriage proposals, national politics, so… more

On Crosswords: Thoughts, Studies, Facts and Snark About a 100-Year-Old Pastime
T. Campbell
Koehler Books , English
The Opinionated Software Dev... - Shawn Wildermuth

The Opinionated Software Dev...Shawn Wildermuth

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In the past several decades in software development, I’ve engineered an odd career that has taught me a lot about. In this book, I want to talk about that history and share what I’ve learned. The book will include:

  • My Story
  • Skills
  • T… more
The Opinionated Software Developer: What Twenty-Five Years of Slinging Code Has Taught Me
Shawn Wildermuth
Peer Participation and Softw... - David R. Booth

Peer Participation and Softw...David R. Booth

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Firefox, a free Web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation, is used by an estimated 270 million people worldwide. To maintain and improve the Firefox browser, Mozilla depends not only on its team of professional programmers and manager… more

Peer Participation and Software: What Mozilla Has to Teach Government (The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning)
David R. Booth
The MIT Press , English
Cloud Computing for Programmers - Daniele Casal

Cloud Computing for ProgrammersDaniele Casal

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Want to stay competitive in an ever-changing market? Be in demand? Be respected by your peers and by management? Influence decisions in your team? Boost your salary? Nail that dream job and build a remarkable career in software development… more

Cloud Computing for Programmers
Daniele Casal
Managing Software Developmen... - Neal Whitten

Managing Software Developmen...Neal Whitten

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Practical, comprehensive—a complete, no-nonsense guide to better project management…This no-nonsense troubleshooting guide was written for frontline managers who want results, not rhetoric. Short on theory and long on practical, hands-on… more

Managing Software Development Projects: Formula for Success
Neal Whitten
Wiley , English
Issues in Managing Software ... - Samuel Menaker

Issues in Managing Software ...Samuel Menaker

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This article identifies the issues common to most software organizations. New software development firms and groups are eager to get their products quickly to market. Even small successes and few customers make these companies grow at a fas… more

Issues in Managing Software Development
Samuel Menaker
Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli , English
Managing Software Developmen... - Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli

Managing Software Developmen...Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli

New software firms and groups are eager to get their products to market. Even small successes and few customers make these companies grow in size. Resources are usually tight, processes are light, lots of code is written for demos and new p… more

Managing Software Development (Third Edition)
Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli
Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli , English
Managing Software Development - Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli

Managing Software DevelopmentSamuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli

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New software firms and groups are eager to get their products to market. Even small successes and few customers make these companies grow in size. Resources are usually tight, processes are light, lots of code is written for demos and new p… more

Managing Software Development
Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli
Samuel Menaker, Sheetal Guttigoli , English
Elementary Logic: For Softwa... - Robert Lover

Elementary Logic: For Softwa...Robert Lover

The ability to reason correctly is critical to most aspects of computer science and to software development in particular. This book teaches readers how to better reason about software development, to communicate reasoning, to distinguish b… more

Elementary Logic: For Software Development
Robert Lover
Springer , English